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Joined Twitter 7/29/19 ?????????????????? ayo what the fuck did i just stumble acrossI made a guide on resetting and cleaning your potentiometers to get rid of analog stick drift and random stick inpu…
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Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁streaming again lol, and neighthynne_ on yt for vids
@QuarkBird need this expeditiouslytwo melee docs before one brawl doc lol @PacaroniCheese nah bro sucks for them, i want to play spiderman
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 was released on this day in North America, 22 years ago (1998)
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁ps5 and a nice monitor @EphemerAnguis ive always wanted to know the lore behind this picture, like who is that kid, why does his room look… @CuthbertThunder why do you think inkling is a bit over pac? @Smashveteran66 yo @EphemerAnguis im scaredCap Pikachu!
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁 @EphemerAnguis nah bro youre genuinely good looking and im tryna say you could literally get that @P0w0ggers swazz drawings?????? LETS GOOOOOOOOO @EphemerAnguis u and literally anyone bro go get thatSoft cheeks
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁 @NyctoAceGoated yes @NyctoAceGoated :(i made this sound like itll take a few months, itll probably take me like two yearsalso im still doing japanese lol, im actually getting pretty decent at it. once i finish duolingo ill do wanikani for kanji then ig im done? @PulseOkay yes :3 @Kitsu289 @Hideki_Naganuma dm? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆgonna do some homework for a bit, ama for when i get back @_ImAlwaysTired @PulseOkay ok bet, ill draw my bird when i get to my moms cuz i probably should @_ImAlwaysTired @PulseOkay when we seeing the sona @PulseOkay @_ImAlwaysTired i do @PulseOkay @_ImAlwaysTired then what do i wear 😭 @_ImAlwaysTired @PulseOkay i dont think i would ever do that one, im not comfortable enough with my chest plus im not skinny lmao @KovuSnake @PulseOkay @_ImAlwaysTired ye why not @PulseOkay @_ImAlwaysTired its a shame i only wear jeans and a sweatshirt @PulseOkay @_ImAlwaysTired the left 2 for sure and maybe far right but just not close right @_ImAlwaysTired i might wear this honestly, lowkey tempted towe're all about that they/them fashion ✨
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Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁pac is my son :) @lizardlogan1 oh wait instead of idk its usually a gapple @lizardlogan1 sword torches/shield, torches if i have shield in offhand vice versa pick axe shovel food idk blocks water bucketstill no shiny snivy im close to giving up but i wont @ddee_ssbu u tilt does not belong there no way @IsthatSwazz_SSB yoshis <3
@KovuSnake @online_criminaI @BuyMeALamp @NWOH_iN10T @Shyxstr not better than squirtle but ivy is indeed better than zardRT if you're a furry and don't wanna fuck animals
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁i want to make a minecraft skin but im really bad at this @IceyRat charge fruit and go crazy @_Kobayashi62 joined to monkey noises is streaming drawing in a furry discord and i want to join to watch but im lowkey scared @Dom_ssb those ganon clips???? you need to calm the fuck down @Cherry_ssb @Lucky38ssb general bad person lol, cheated on his bf like a few weeks into dating him (why??? who know… @KippSSBU what the fuckSuper Smash Bros. Melee is a 20-year-old Nintendo game with a huge cult following; it's considered one of the best…
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁 @PulseOkay @froggboy_ then simply be quiet @froggboy_ nah its not worth it, didnt have all that much and now its raining so i want to fish @PulseOkay @froggboy_ have you ever played java mc @froggboy_ @froggboy_ they are on top of me basically im just gonna join and do something idkat a heart and a half inside a bastion with two hoglins on my right, a brute behind me, and a piglin on my left wha… @wakeup_dp issues waitsmp live! heres stream links: and yt link where videos will be uplo… @_ImAlwaysTired what furry are you simping over now
@pinchesdibujos uhhh a char from mystery sungeon lol, maybe sceptile or wigglytuff @Lucky38ssb @Shino_Draws its ok bro he did 10% @FormaDeMomo king shit @PulseOkay cuz they all gay asf @EphemerAnguis kass botw @BluChicken2 thats me with fox lmfaoPlaying lame shouldn’t be allowed in a competitive game
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁 @ScrubQuotesX LMFAOi switched my ign to owldrax for a bit on mc, but someone took Draxonis and now im mad lol @froggboy_ sent an invite @froggboy_ i beg, i have another person and i want to 1v2 peopleyo who wants to play a minigame on my realm like rn
Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁gen 1 tier list with friends, good for most part (pokemon behind watermark are slowpoke, gengar, and cubone) @Miss_BAM_gg congrats!!! super happy for you :)beaconators is so fun lmfao @CMighty3 πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @GusBus6Volt pac because tramp and hydrant simply exist @hobart_tm avoid/always hit hydrant or expect me to approach when in the leadlmfao @CuthbertThunder 5??? why is this a question ion want someone who is dull asf even if they look good @IsthatSwazz_SSB is it me
@ProbablyJut yes??birdbirdbirdbirdbirdbird @wowser_ @SavedYouAClickV factsss @SavedYouAClickV aight i cant be mad at this clickbait titlebored during class time to make overpowered builds for the beaconators minigame in minecraft realmsMy wife found a free Among Us game for students on a teacher website. As a game designer, I was mad disappointed wh…
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Retweeted by Draxonis 🍁 @NyctoAceGoated wait what whylmfao @KaidaSaida looks short, might watch it πŸ‘€ @KaidaSaida ? @KaidaSaida whats this?