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look at this baby-ass bitch

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@carterhambley @abowlofserio did u ghostwrite this @hxc_clam Me
@rissamindi I forgot moodle existed @jazz_onmycouch omg :') @GEMINlSDONTCRY omg new @ nice!!!do you keep track of the location of your families' footsteps in the house or are you normal @abowlofserio He don't miss @abowlofserio GET HIS ASS @RCafolla He's italian you dipshit @AndrewsNotFunny Balloon guy (everyone shits on him) vs Jan (universally beloved) @AndrewsNotFunny recycling is good for the environmentvirgin balloon guy vs chad jan hakon erichsenOmg I did not realize that I left my roommate's voice in the vid lmaokubrick staring at anyone in my vicinity without a mask @jaaahhnn if i did that i would simply be too powerfulit's poggers babes @bovquet @AcabEmily hiiiiiiiii @YuckyTom @CapriCornyCait @DavidAstinWalsh I've been saying this for years omgcorgi loaf corgi loaf corgi loaf @bocxtop I thought you were 5'5" @pant_leg I like having second dinner if I accidentally eat dinner too early
@stayathomehoe You remind me of Ciara O'Doherty!! She's a YouTuber @twothickscoops They taste like ketchup I like emCan't believe Harper Lee milkshake ducked Atticus @carterhambley bad plumber @CaguamaPapi112 “No hay peor enemigo de un inmigrante que otro inmigrante que tienen papeles y se cree gringo”
Retweeted by hootie @sean5G I know we haven't met yet but I feel a kinship already @OwlFWGKTA I don’t want to think at all, wish I was a mollusk
Retweeted by hootieis there any italian american whose family DIDN'T get screwed by the mafia at one point in their ancestry? @ihatethiskid I would like to see it @parallelbark maintaining class structureswe have never had a good president they've all been terrible. we live in a failed state. @juxtin__ This makes me so angryIn high school I used to want to be part of the Intelligentsia, the Intellectuals Who Think About Problems. Now tha… malcolm gladwell... @fakebeckaccount @deep_beige 😞 @deep_beige Simone? Really? @BigTucsonDad I work in education and the amount of money that schools have to cut is absolutely going to affect th… @_21Average_ 🥺🥺 @_21Average_ 🧢 @abowlofserio Make mecalzones are quesadillas @heavybretting Nice
Latinos make 50k and turn republican
Retweeted by hootiehey @miamiuniversity i'm interested as an alumnus what you are doing to protect international students in the event… the last two hours wondering why i'm in such a terrible mood then realizing it's because i haven't eaten anything yet @sean5G That's Kate rightlonk lmaoposted new clothes on my depop :-) lonk in bio ✨ 15% off all swimwear @BChickenfry queenWisconsin billboards be like “abortion bad” “sex store” “Culver’s” “cheese store”
Retweeted by hootie @ValterSkarsgar Love it @skull_screaming @crocodilethumbs The river is toxic tho... @crocodilethumbs @AndrewsNotFunny see replies, dm if u need @crocodilethumbs It genuinely sucks so much dude @crocodilethumbs As someone who worked in waco for 6+ months: They have 3 things in Waco: 1. The Dr. Pepper museum… @AndrewsNotFunny @crocodilethumbs Oh my god do I have some fun info for you @scoobert420 ur freckles 🥺 ur face 🥺🥺 @abowlofserio @kmorigz @TrophyUncle @sean5G we're not friends 😷vouch! michael is rly funny and it is worth followin this Italian man
Retweeted by hootieVOUCH @caithuls My dms are full of owl pictures which makes me very happy @dietglossier Yessss Kennedy curse niche interests are horology, the L history, the Kennedy family, and sea glass. @scoobert420 Cutie @sunflowerbby__ @abowlofserio @sarahlugor HAHAHAstill don't know what a himbo is. in my head i think of a hippo.quote this with 4 photos of you during quarantine that all hold very different energy @charlidamelio Yes queen @2Saddington Oh no no norapidly losing hope
Retweeted by hootie @abowlofserio This is good @crissymilazzo @leyawn @conor_tripler There's actually a restaurant in waco texas called alpha omega @UkiMiawz Thank you so much!! I will try that @amandashooooow Omg ty @UkiMiawz Roots look fine, no slime from what I can tell
Issa-me! Beyoncé! I-a singa the halo! The love-a issa right-a on top-a!
Retweeted by hootie@ green thumb twitter please help me why are the tomato leaves turning yellow and why does my basil + purple basil… @abowlofserio Brolashing out at your divorced parents by fucking their new partnersjust had such a good sneeze my whole body tingled @FrickinDelanie I love f1 so this gives me an extra laugh like thank u for posting I am absolutely tickled pink rn
Retweeted by hootie @FrickinDelanie bruhtbt a cuando me estaba haciendo un burrito y perdí mi tortilla por 20 min 🤦🏽‍♀️ JAJAJ
Retweeted by hootieelon musk: 420 69 ha ha i'm a p*dophile @heavybretting Does the tent have indoor plumbing and running water
tying a single ravioli to an old fishing rod, sitting on the roof of olive garden and trying to catch my next girlfriend
Retweeted by hootie @buggirl I'm so happy I got a necklace!! I'm in love with it already @kaiteasley I admire your strength ❤️ @quitlarri fuck my football shaped eyethere should be mandatory vasectomies for men until they are ready to have a child with someonethis account is a mia khalifa stan account i knew nothing about her until quarantine and now i'll fight anyone who… YOU'RE a little piss babyToday is one of the few days I slept in. It’s been a fun and exhausting week. Here are some of my results over t…
Retweeted by hootiedoes anyone want to quarantine in a lovely log cabin in wyoming with me and pickle vegetables and make jam? @mbertweets I had vegan indo-chinese for breakfast haha