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Jeff Bogle @OWTK Philadelphia, PA

Dad, writer, traveler, picture taker, decent human, music lover, football/soccer obsessive & @setpiecemenu Buffalo. [he/him]

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Another #dad2summit in 2020!?!?! to soak up freelancing tips from @OWTK who writes for @parentsmagazine @readersdigest @FamilyVacation & elsew…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleHow do you determine value for your freelance work? @OWTK recommends having a dollar per hour price in mind based o…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleWho's excited for @LEGOLANDNewYork !!?? Opens on July 4!! #dad2summit Bogle talking about Become A Freelance Entrepreneur. @dad2summit #dad2summit @OWTK
Retweeted by Jeff BogleAnother gem from @OWTK- Be human. Don't hand a card out and pitch. "People being people" is what matters. Talk to t…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleTwo captains meet, only one can survive! @acjlist #legolanddad #dad2summit @LEGOLANDNewYork @LEGOLANDFlorida
Retweeted by Jeff BogleHappy to be back @mo_washingtondc for the 9th annual @dad2summit. Here's the pen from @acjlist's room, as we hear r… this fella is impressive. Thanks for kicking off the 2020 @dad2summit, @willjawando! Can't wait to read your bo… ya soon, gentlemen & ladies. #dad2summit
10 Best #Cruise Ship Family Cabins: | via @OWTK
Retweeted by Jeff BogleHey fellas... . . . . . . . It's #dad2summit day!!! @dad2summitSo fucking tired of this fool
Retweeted by Jeff BogleOmg fuck yes @ewarren #lfg
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@PaulWegnerNC @AwayDaysFutbol That's...gorgeousA one night stay thehotelumd en route to the @dad2summit in D.C. #TheHotelatUMD #TheHotelUMD #TheHotel #dad2summit note: Here's your comprehensive list of all the Friday afternoon Roundtables at Dad 2.020! #dad2summit
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@JoelGratcyk @SingaporeAir Yep @shuggilippo @SingaporeAir I know! Where's Huckle Cat when you need him. @shuggilippo @SingaporeAir Nope @shuggilippo @SingaporeAir I tried last week too. Same bizarre uncheckable checkbox @shuggilippo @SingaporeAir I should've typed box instead of button in my original tweet. It cannot be checked, like… @shuggilippo @SingaporeAir I know, I can't. That's the problem. @asthejoeflies @SingaporeAir Yeah I should've typed box instead of button. Tried in another browser too. So bizarre. @shuggilippo @SingaporeAir It won't let me which I wrote in the tweet @asthejoeflies @SingaporeAir Yeah I wrote that in the tweet. It will not allow me to click the checkboxHey @SingaporeAir, I'm trying to pick and pay for my seats. All the info is filled in but I cannot click on the but… Bernie Sanders is offering is better than what @ewarren is offering. It’s all emotion with Bernie supporter…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @DadScribe @dad2summit @JasonFalls @MomScribe Indeed it is, CG! And wow, that's rad!It was three years ago, on a @SouthwestAir taking off for San Diego to @dad2 Summit that I was reminded how high th…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @therookiedad @dad2summit Ummmm...OMG I LOVE that the @dad2summit is having a 'How To Mentor Your Kid's Influencer Career' discussion. Because that's… people have and continue to remark on my good fortune in life. And broadly speaking, they are all right in say…’s going to kill us all.
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @dadofdivas @dad2summit Wait, what question was this answering? #Dad2Summit
13 Best Vacations for Teens 2020: | via @OWTK
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle"don't you dare close your eyes!"
Today I went to Shen Yun, was very confused, and then read this piece. I feel awful that I contributed to this orga…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @centsiblelife W T actual F !It's an absolute thrill to be in @parentsmagazine Magazine again! In the March '20 issue, I've got the places you'v…
America 2020: traitors writing foreign policy, racists writing immigration policy, thieves writing economic policy,…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleIn case you needed a reminder for how dire these days are, Sonia Sotomayor -- A SITTING SUPREME COURT JUSTICE -- so…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @Mom101 That's been my dream pairing the whooooooole time!! @therookiedad @dad2summit @mrdougfrench Well done!
@therookiedad @dad2summit @mrdougfrench I'm not saying that my entire presentation is a soccer analogy. But I'm also not not saying that.All trimmed up for @dad2summit 2020 in D.C. next week! Come to my Freelance Entrepreneur roundtable on Friday to se… myself a belated birthday present of @Fever_USA’s Candlelight Beethoven. It was magnificent! I don’t know wh…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleElizabeth Warren is electable. Elizabeth Warren is electable. Elizabeth Warren is electable. Elizabeth Warren is el…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleGo away with your "Elizabeth Warren was too angry" takes. First of all, of course she's angry—and for good reason.…
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LEGOLAND Resorts is returning to Dad 2.0 with another interactive experience, and great news about its…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleSo. Fucking. Tired. large ships to small ships, it's a great year for Alaska cruises. I share 10 over on @FamilyVacation Critic…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleStruggling to plan a family vacation with your teens? @OWTK has you covered with 13 ideas in @familyvacation, inclu…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleWe have been nice. We have been empathetic. We’ve been told to smile. We’ve been smarter a lot of the time. Most of…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleCalling all 5-8 grade #YoungScientists! Share your big idea for the chance to work one-on-one with a @3M Scientist…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleFrom Cheyenne to Krakow and Brooklyn NYC to Bergen Norway, and even on the high seas with @DisneyCruise, here's a g…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @CheyenneWY I really, really do!
The 2020 Guide to the Best Vacations for Teens via @OWTK
Retweeted by Jeff BogleMaybe if we change Liz Warren’s name to Hillary’s emails the media will stop ignoring her.
Retweeted by Jeff BogleThe misogyny woven through the primary conversation on this website is fucking insane. If you need to relieve you…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleFrom Cheyenne to Krakow and Brooklyn NYC to Bergen Norway, and even on the high seas with @DisneyCruise, here's a g… Best #Alaska Cruises for Families 2020: | via @AdventuresByDad
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Trying again... Anyone? Bueller? passport required! 7 Best All-Inclusive Family Resorts in #PuertoRico:
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle#PresidentWarren is electable. Pass it on.
Retweeted by Jeff BogleHey people who have cruised with kids: please tell me about the best cabin(s) your family has ever stayed in. Which…
We're ready for dinos! #jurassicworldlivetour! Come see dinosaurs @jwlivetour today at Wells Fargo Center! New York City friends: you're up next for goin… in action! Don’t miss your chance to see #JurassicWorldLiveTour. Coming to a city near you.…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleBought the tickets last night, so my love and I will officially be bringing our matching "Something Like This" tatt…
Admire so much about Norwich City. Passionate loyalty of their fans. Aspirational style of play. Investment in Yout…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @PetersCDad @parentsmagazine @Dadcation @therookiedad Thanks man!🤨... where is this energy from UEFA and FIFA when It comes to dealing with racism?
Retweeted by Jeff BogleIn @parentsmagazine again! Check out the March issue for stellar (if I do say so myself) picks for traveling with o…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @VincentAOKeefe @parentsmagazine @Dadcation @therookiedad Thank you!
In @parentsmagazine again! Check out the March issue for stellar (if I do say so myself) picks for traveling with o… was a half-baked, 7am parallel between @dad2summit and @CheyenneWY...but I stand by it!
GOP parent: How do I explain Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband to my kids? Normal parent: How do I explain Trump,…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleParents, I have a new piece on @mcsweeneys today to help you get ready for Valentine's Day! #ValentinesDay
Retweeted by Jeff BogleAs I watch our idiot president mock a political rival for his looks while displaying faux macho alpha male tough gu…
Retweeted by Jeff BogleThirty hours ago news breaks that all four prosecutors in the Roger Stone case suddenly quit because Bill Barr inte…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle#sponsored Suicide is the second leading cause of death among persons aged 10 to 19 years according to the Centers…
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Hey animal lovers, please consider making a donation to my daughter's @BrandywineSPCA Walk for Paws fundraiser page… stakes of the 2020 election are NOT ambiguous. This isn't about choosing between the "lesser of two evils." T…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle3 days with 3 children in San Francisco
Retweeted by Jeff BogleThanks to @CityDadsGroup for publishing this piece about my dad and the lessons he taught #parenting #dad
Retweeted by Jeff BogleThis is fantastically written, definitive & very important stuff from @MiguelDelaney about the destruction of footb…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @sleepingonedge The question is do I wrap up my assignments first or wrap myself in a warm tortilla straightaway? @HossmanAtHome @aknott21 He's the best.Excited to have a new story on @humanparts. This is a ghost story...kind of. @Medium #parenting
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @sleepingonedge ...a burrito. I'm now a burrito. @setpiecemenu Listening now while waking up. Congratulations to the new Buffalo!End Facebook.’s time to #ImpeachBarrNow
Retweeted by Jeff BogleWhomst Among Us Let The Dogs Out
Retweeted by Jeff BogleWant to introduce your kids to some Black superheroes? Here’s a starter list:
Retweeted by Jeff BogleI just used 'conjecture' in an email (and appropriately, at that) and I've never felt more grown up.
Episode 20 of the podcast is live! @owtk reports in from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and @mrdougfrench is home! At his desk!…
Retweeted by Jeff Bogle @Mom101 Whaaaaatttt???!!!
Learning to Parent Alone. My new piece for @TriadMomsOnMain #dadlife #parenting
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