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@GeraldCrack Looking forward to this game bruv. @amegahola Nakai nuumo @BarbaraNtumy I would try my case laziness is part of it. @akwasitagoe Hahaha this summary should be made into a billboard. @amegahola Doing everything minimally. @BarbaraNtumy I know I am a lost case in that regard. @faith_mwanyolo You know I am here for you right @aquartey_ Oh you mean the bald head nice. @BarbaraNtumy That is where my problem lies, I can't cook anything to save myself. So it's eating out all the time which becomes tiring. @kobebigs @ofoegbukelechi How did you pass out on the way I am interested in this story. @anguahA Don't worry I would take my L like that. @ofoegbukelechi I beg me self the soul wants to climb but the body can't climb not even Bruce Lee can help me. @amegahola Giving up one is not an option right now. @aquartey_ Who is everybody's? @BarbaraNtumy Hahaha I know it's difficult in Ghana. @kobebigs @ofoegbukelechi You can climb just put your mind to it. @aquartey_ Is that what your bald head needed. @BarbaraNtumy Please from now onwards I am no more vegetarian, I can't allow people to shade me like this. @Brizzy__gh Chaley I felt it in my soul.This hit me so badly. @FremaAmoabeng she is a #Ghanaian artist! She specialises in landscape acrylic paintings, through a combinatio…
Retweeted by Justice Okai-Allotey @mentsey @amegahola @isaac_ahli @cindy_blog How would I know? HahahaAre you coming for the #YearOfReturn in Ghana? Do you know the place to be this December is Ghana? If you answer "…
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About my performance over the weekend. #BlownGH #FantanaArmy
Retweeted by Justice Okai-Allotey @sadiqabdulaiabu Thank you so much! You’ve always supported me! #HAPPYTOBLEED Campaign ⚔️👑❤️
Retweeted by Justice Okai-Allotey @kobbykatalist @ElormBeenie The campaign is @ProjectRhed #RhedCampaign instead of Rheed campaign in my previous tweet.In 2019 women are stilling being shamed for menstruating and you wonder if some people really have sense in the fir… @bougiefeminist I am hoping so too, I can't stand people looking at me funny for wearing dark glasses in a room.Dear Cis People Who Put Your Pronouns On Your ‘Hello My Name Is’ Nametags by @MrSexsmith @bougiefeminist I just woke up with something like I boil on my eyelids. I don't know what caused it visiting the eye clinic soon.As the year draws to an end, we understand that you might need more hands to complete your project. We have curated…
Retweeted by Justice Okai-Allotey @annertey_ @aquartey_ I am XL I need one too.WOMEN are 51% of the population but 70% of the poor and 83% of single parents doing 66% of the work producing 50%…
Retweeted by Justice Okai-AlloteyA new week and I wake up with my eyes all swollen. #Monday @amegahola Of course you were. @JayBlaq_ Hahaha @JayBlaq_ Then deal with the consequences. @amegahola I knew we would beat you and you were lucky to get a draw. @JayBlaq_ Nobody told you to look. @amegahola I was never for once nervous. @kwakudgh Hahaha
@Brizzy__gh Yooo we are up by one oh.Manchester United please do it for me. @radjoa Please stop. @Ibn_Chikidee @ManUtd Waaa look let's wait for full time then. @radjoa Madam choose your side don't support us. @Ibn_Chikidee @ManUtd How are you feeling now sia? @djpizaro Chaley I shock for them self. @ofoegbukelechi @amakav Okay @Nana_Poley When pull up like a bad bitch what do you expect? @Kay__Ara Hahaha @Kay__Ara @Nana_Poley Was not having what really? @Paicydebzie You just a problem man.
So now dier you go alone wow. @Ibn_Chikidee Yo it will go down smoothly @Paicydebzie Hahaha @Paicydebzie You hungry dude, eat some vegetables you would feel less salty mf. @Ibn_Chikidee Like swimming pool make he go swim for inside erh. @Paicydebzie That you are being a jerk right now. @Ibn_Chikidee @djpizaro Eeii so you too they attack me for no reason yeah. @djpizaro What is it saw it on a friends story? @PureAkan Nanso abeyefua n3 hadwen @joeappiah4 Oh yeah very bad. @Kofi_Ba_bone Chaley where can we find such people. @Paicydebzie Yo he thinks he is the Gee man. @Paicydebzie F you man nobody got pains stating facts.
@BarbaraNtumy Oh yeah @Paicydebzie Le professor someone telling me to ask sensible questions ayekooo.Can I hear a loud amen from the back. @GeraldCrack Lol @GeraldCrack Just acknowledge his tongue game chaley.Accra Floods 2.0. This is Asylum Down oh. #AccraFloods @Paicydebzie @djpizaro Why you vex, who vex you? Sia banku @Paicydebzie @djpizaro Yes professor I won't do it again. @Paicydebzie @djpizaro Kwasia who be the special kid. @djpizaro so we can't ask questions anymore. @akwasitagoe Oh yeah abrabo mu nsem bebree @NanaSirOsei I have watched like 5 movies from them on Netflix and never regretted.This reaction video is all you need to smile this morning. The key is "Don't Cheat".
@Ibn_Chikidee Ah anokwa paaa @djpizaro This one is it true story or you telling as a story. @Sugahunyicetea I agree fully to your comments above its totally rape. @JayBlaq_ Definitely @JayBlaq_ Of course a lot of idiots are guilty of that shit. @JayBlaq_ Drugging people and wanting to have sex with them is so old school chaley.Men are trash chaley!!! This behaviour of drugging people and having your way with them is so old school. Don't g… @JayBlaq_ Men are trash chaley.So excited for the month of November on #CitiTrends! Join us as we celebrate Technology entrepreneurs in Ghana doin…
Retweeted by Justice Okai-Allotey @akwasitagoe You really get stories. @bougiefeminist @Bridget_Otoo Yayyy waiting @Kuukuwa_ I am shocked at the stories I am hearing my SA visa experience was totally different. I was going for a c… a single beat on God’s green earth goes harder than Jay Dee’s “Alampain”. None.
Retweeted by Justice Okai-Allotey @aquartey_ Please I am not lying here. @Nana_Poley Yes have they forgotten we go way back anaaa. @Nana_Poley @1tedbaker @ItsRoms @Akua_Golda @aquartey_ LolThis shouldn't be possible, @KingJames.
Retweeted by Justice Okai-Allotey @bougiefeminist @Bridget_Otoo Please put me on that coffee too my nerves are just killing me a lot. @krmaher @Wikimedia @janeenuzzell Happy Birthday @janeenuzzell do have a great day. @Nana_Poley @1tedbaker @ItsRoms @Akua_Golda @aquartey_ Hahahaha this just took me by surprise. @aquartey_ would def… @Nana_Poley Oh I see how hmmm.
Calling all young innovators and changmakers in #Tamale, aged 14-24 years old. #UNICEF's Generation Unlimited is he…
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