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Oxfam is a vibrant global movement of people who won't live with the injustice of poverty.

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@MayaD33534999 Hi there Maya, please do seek assistance from your local police to look into this as they will be ab… @thatdeangirl That is wonderful! I will make sure to pass your feedback on to the superstore team, they will be gla… @thatdeangirl @skarey_parsnips Thanks for making the trip down and for your support! 💚💚💚 - Zee @Longhouses1 Not a problem, we are happy to help! Enjoy your evening. Thanks - Zee @sazinthedon Many of our supporters have organised swap shops for clothes and books, they have donated pre-loved it… @sazinthedon Hi there Sazzle, thank you for your interest! You are more than welcome to get involved in anyway that… @Longhouses1 If you are interested in finding out if more Oxfam shops might sell small sets of assorted coins you a… @Longhouses1 Thank you for your support! It is possible that it might be a local initiative, each shop has their ow… @EmmaBassom Please could you kindly send us a DM with the details of the shop or alternatively you are more than we… @EmmaBassom Hi there Emma, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am terribly sorry that you have had a ba… @FredBikeLondon Thank you so much for your kind words Fred! We want everyone to enjoy their Christmas this year as… @andylong Thank you for the support Andy and @GoodeKnyghte! 💚💚💚 Thanks - Zee @PardeepUppal11 Hi Pardeep, it's great to hear that you want to get involved! You could have a clear out of your cl…
@EastbournePol Wow, what a lovely story of the community coming together! 😊Truly heartwarming. 💚 Nothing like a cup… @HanaJWard Great to have you with us Hana! 💚💚💚 - Zee @EviFoxx Don't feel too guilty because you are helping us to fight poverty and reach so many communities all over t… @badappletheatre Thank you for your support of #GreenChristmas! There are loads of ways you can make more environme… @m_sherrington Hi Matthew! Thank you for sharing these! #greenchristmas 💚 - Freddy @DalbidEU Thank you for sharing this and encouraging others to think about the less fortunate, together with suppor…
In the region of Garu, northern #Ghana, the climate crisis has left fields bare and families hungry. But this…
Retweeted by OxfamLooking for something different to give this #Christmas? Here’s a quick gift guide full of beautiful, sustainable a… up sustainable clothing lovers because #LoveNotLandfill is taking place in #London this weekend with clothing… @LadyBelshaw Love this scarf Alison! Wool & cashmere for a fiver?!!! Bargain!!! Thank you for shopping with us and… @diana_laffin Thanks for sharing Diana! 💚 Have you found anything yourself? - Bex @TLane0120 It's brilliant to have you on the Oxfam marathon team Tom! 🏃🙌 Best of luck with the training and fundraising! 💚 - Bex @lexymc20 Hi Alex, I'm sorry to say our online order forms are having a technical glitch at the moment. I can send…
@HamtonMary You can send us a partnership request to apply for funding. Please see our website for more information… @HamtonMary We are unable to assist you financially via this fundraising page. We only use our limited resources to… @HamtonMary Hi Mary. Thank you for your enquiry about obtaining funding from Oxfam. We appreciate the time and effo… @MisterFirth Good luck - you'll smash it!!🏃🏃. Thanks for your support - it's great to have you as part of #TeamOxfam! 😊 - Milly @abbybeall That's right Abby! Great to see that you have heard about our scheme! Bras and other clothes get sent an… @helen_e_nelson We're so glad you enjoyed visiting! Thanks for your support 💚💚 - Milly @LHoughStewart @OxfamScotland @trustconf @antozappulla Well it is a great stat! We must do more to reduce inequalit… out how solar powered solutions are transforming the lives of farming families on the front-line of the…
@dickydrew Hi Richard, I'm sorry that you felt your feedback was not handled appropriately. You can share this dire… @TimGStevens It's great to have your support Tim! Hopefully Oxfam will continue to fly the flag for second hand boo… @dickydrew Hi Richard, if you feel an item has been priced incorrectly, please do feel free to politely let the sho… @DavidIEdwards Thank you for your solidarity and support David! 💚 - Bex @OthelloFloof Thanks so much for sharing - it's wonderful to hear you've purchased our Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift… @hannahgrace0120 Hi Hannah! It's great that your Uni have been looking at #BehindTheBarcodes! Lidl need to take act… @nangle_it Thanks for sharing! Fairtrade chocolate is especially good as a stocking filler, and ethical too! 🎅💚Thanks - Bex @Wiweck Thanks for sharing, Vivek! We hope you are as excited for a #greenchristmas as we are! 🎄🎄🎅
@andrewdebieux Hi Andrew, we're very conscious of our use of plastic in shops. Our new ethical products are made fr… @cheekysuds Hello! It is wonderful to hear you are keen to volunteer with us! You can either pop in to your local s… @Sam65804660 Thank you Sam, much appreciated. I will pass this on to the collections team - Soph @thriftybookish1 That's so good to hear Lucy! We hope to have you on board with us! 😊💚 - Freddy @Jelliottcoleman Great to hear Joseph! See you again soon! 😊 - FreddyCould you help sprinkle a little festive sparkle in our shops this #Christmas? 🌟 From wintry window dressing, to he… @Sam65804660 Morning Sam, thank you for letting us know, I will inform the collections team who will arrange to col… @RachelCDailey Very autumnal Rachel! 🍁💚 Thanks for shopping with Oxfam! - Bex
@ladydebbieanne Thanks so much for being a part of Oxjam 2019! 🙌 So much good has been raised for Oxfam and we're s… @IanBeestin I would have loved to have been there to see! 😃 - BexMeet Bekki. Bekki lives in the region of Garu, northern Ghana, where farming families are hit hardest by the… @LyonTupman They look great Will! Never know what you might find on a charity shop browse! 😃 Thanks - Bex @thriftybookish1 Thanks Lucy! Have you thought about volunteering for Oxfam at Christmas? 🎄💚 - BexWhat. A. Year. 2019 has seen powerful #climate action like never before. So as the festive season approaches, here’… @JPTheSongwriter Fantastic JP! Glad the event was a success! 😃🎵 - Bex @IanBeestin Hi Ian, what a fantastic amount raised to support Oxfam's vital work! 🙌 Fantastic to hear that the gig… @FengHoFashion Thanks for your support Feng! 💚 - Bex @GretaLovesM I'll keep a look out for a copy for myself! - BexYou probably already know that Oxfam Shops are great places to buy unique gifts, but you might be surprised to lear…
Just in photos from the emergency preparations for #CycloneBulbul in Cox’s Bazaar in #Bangladesh. The powerful… @hill13_graham Fantastic Graham! Such good quality and perfect for the winter! ❄😃 Thanks so much for shopping at Oxfam💚 - Bex @GretaLovesM Fantastic find Sally-Anne! 📚😃 Thanks again for supporting our work by shopping online! 💚 - Bex @SimonMillson Hope it goes well Simon! Thanks so much for your support for Oxfam! 💚🎵 - Bex @dannysioux Best of luck for the event Dan! Thanks so much for your support for Oxfam! 💚 - Bex @fawcett_tina Looking great Tina!🍍🙌 Thanks so much for promoting equality in #BehindTheBarcodes 💚 -Bex @thismightbezach Great finds there Zach! 😃 Thanks so much for shopping at Oxfam! 💚 - BexPRESS RELEASE: Tidal surge risk as #CycloneBulbul nears India and Bangladesh – Oxfam prepares to respond
Retweeted by OxfamCyclone Bulbul: Bangladesh evacuates thousands ahead of storm
Retweeted by Oxfam @viccracknell Some great items there Vic! Had you had a rifle through them yourself - any favourites? 💚 - Bex @DavidIEdwards Thanks for your support! What a good excuse for a pint or two! 🍻💚 - Bex @PomonaIsland This is an extra good excuse for a pint! 🍻 Thanks so much for supporting Oxfam! 💚 - Bex @Jelliottcoleman That's so generous Joseph! 💚 Thanks so much for supporting your local Oxfam! Perhaps a chance for… @PimlicoProofer You can't say no to a bargain like that! 📚😆 Thanks so much for helping our in your local Oxfam! 💚 - Bex @totalgeography Thanks so much for using our education resources! Teaching children about climate change and how to… Garu, northern #Ghana, supporters like you have helped farming families stay strong in the face of the… @freddles Hi there! Sorry to hear you're having trouble ordering tags. I can order some for you - you can DM me wit… @CraigShawSulli1 Some great products here Craig! The sheep Christmas card is a particular favourite! 😃 Hope it goes well! 💚 - BexLooking to give a different kind of gift this #Christmas? 🎁Spend time #Volunteering with amazing people at the hear… to the region of Garu, in northern Ghana, where an inspiring community are starting to win the fight agains…
@SQUAWKBrewingCo That is brilliant! Thank you so much for supporting Oxfam and helping us to fight against poverty! 💚💚💚 - ZeeThanks so much to the amazing @OxfamDidsbury shop volunteers who have joined forces together with @SQUAWKBrewingCo fruit & veg have toured the UK and more than 15,000 have signed the petition. After we visited @LidlGB’s HQ, th…
Retweeted by Oxfam @Christo31565438 Thanks for your support Chris! 💚 What's been your best buy so far? 😃 - Bex @novelnovel Thank you so much for your support @novel! 💚💚💚 - Zee @CantNicholas Hi Nick, you can download a copy here: - Soph @CityHeightsEACT Very exciting, and well deserved! 💚 - Soph @jesshigham_ They are spectacular aren't they Jess?? 😍 Have any other items caught your eye while browsing our onli… @freedom_fabric Thank you so much for engaging in such an important initiative 💚💚💚 - Zee @wotthefork That's great to hear! Emergency aid is a big part of our work and sadly it is an ever increasing challe… @CityofLdnSchool Thank you for visiting the Bicester Warehouse! 😊 - SophIn the region of Garu, northern #Ghana, the climate crisis has left fields bare and families hungry. But this…
4 years of attacks by all parties to the war in #Yemen have killed over 12,000 civilians. While these unlawful atta… @ElaineCross72 Hi Elaine. Thank you very much for the information. There has been a problem with some of our web fo… @wotthefork Hi there! Thanks so much for your support! What part of our work were you particularly inspired by? 💚 - Bex @GretaLovesM Thank you for shopping with us and for doing your bit to help us to fight poverty worldwide. 💚 Looks l… @annekizzle Hope it goes well!! Have a good one! Thank you for raising money for Oxfam and helping us to fight pove… @BSI_jobs Thank you so much for choosing Oxfam to give up some of your time and volunteer! You have helped us to ra… @LesleyBurnett1 Hello, we have a limited number of hard copies that we can send out if the downloadable version isn…