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Music💓please check out The Great Samples Playlist link 😽 🔗 | PM MSc grad 👩🏾‍🎓 | feminist always

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My daughter asked if her friend could come over and play and the first thing the girl did when she got in here was…
Retweeted by Oy CStockholm syndrome 😂
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As if you tell your guys the same, abeg! and my friends waiting on each other to get married
Retweeted by Oy CBulshiting is trolling right? gbas gbos in my last RT.are you only voting conservative because mum and dad told you to?🤔
Retweeted by Oy CWHAT TO KNOW ABOUT NIGERIAS SOCIAL MEDIA BILL. Please repost and anyone that has the know how on how to move forwa…
Retweeted by Oy CI’ve missed Plastique sha @Toby_maj
@wande_ My life everyday. to all the grammed you gon’ neglect this? you was just a hot mess, you can call Tyrone, you ain’t gots to lie Craig.Got diamonds on my neck, got diamonds on my records.Stupid fat bitch, I’m crying @VvadaA_ Yes smhhh @VvadaA_ Like how could they even allow him to hold a knife in all seriousness for more than a second. (Still the funniest ending tho)still extremely relevant today
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Retweeted by Oy CThat idiotic nsg member that was going in on dark skin girls can go to hell.Honestly my thoughts when things like this happen at work. Some people don’t know how to behave. A mess! this week is the biggest cap. Tuesday and I’m already exhausted.I be in relationships like... 😢
Retweeted by Oy CMy favs, London and Summer.
Wow am I a joke
Retweeted by Oy CIts crazy how you get so accustomed to pain and discomfort that when you reach a peaceful place in your life, you d…
Retweeted by Oy CIn a relationship and faithful to a nigga so wack, now why you wanna go and do that love huh?How did Ghana score such a massive own goal with all the progressive things happening in their country 😂
Retweeted by Oy CLmfaooo, girl! @Antooooo__ All I can see is TREYWAY! @AshAtabansi If I have more than 1 (ok 2) it starts getting worse. a major destress sesh. But 2 more weeks of this shit and japa japaaa.These days making a to do list doesn’t do shit for me cos I know these tasks still won’t get completed. What else c… still don’t grab cruise on twitter yesterday. FORGET.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣’s fucking treyway can relate dawg song hit different now cos of cuhhhhhh into the sky, falling into each other.The egos on some bouncers actually amaze me. You're guarding the door to a rave not the fucking chamber of secrets.
Retweeted by Oy C @SimplyAyo I know right. Hate gym woes. @Toby_maj Honestly, how could that even happen at an actual event?! 🤕🤣🤣🤣😩😩Loool what is happening’ve been sent! @SimplyAyo I -
This conversation on Black Feminism/Womanism, and Intersectionality is so tired and the Internet is Free.99 man. St…
Retweeted by Oy C @_adetola I see it too @MaakaO_ You’re welcome 😘 @MaakaO_ No it’s on Spotify too 😊😊 @Foli23 Cuhhhhhhhh, never knewwww 😩😩i wanna say this publicly, even though i told him this. but at some point in your life you must experience an…
Retweeted by Oy CBig fan of this guy @JWarnerOfficial a longer week when I’m waiting for an album to drop. H.i.t.h soon come. @kachiee_w Of all shows o.2. Lmao how @wande_ We hail*sigh* RIP Juice Wrld.Omggg??!! Juice Wrld??And tbh it’s not even a bad movie after all 🤣I’m absolutely done!!! @_toluuu Nah but your tweet has helped me so I won’t waste my time lmao.Still dealing with this movie and I can’t believe myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ramsey Noah putting me through it cos I want to know how this ends @_toluuu Damn!!Cardi B in a strip club is trending in Nigeria. Everyone is commending her on how she's having a good time. No on…
Retweeted by Oy C @Foli23 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Cuhhhhhhhhhhh so many popular actors in this shii but they haven’t helped much. I’m really done with this film loool.Another Goat tweet: Owerri to Calvary.👇🏾 did Sola Sobowale.Ireti Doyle just showed up in the movie, so more incentive to keep watching but I just don’t know wtf is going on with Ramsey Noah🤣🤣🤣Netflix and nollywood, this is what my life has come to on a Saturday night. This film Crazy People is probably not… @abdulfasinro LmaoO.T. Genasis - Never Knew (Official Video) > can’t believe this.Good Man superlove sha, other songs dey @VvadaA_ Light him up energy.
I love Zoe Kravitz 🤷🏾‍♀️, I been minding my bidness.’t wait 🙌🏾🤣🤣🤣😭’t give a fuck who see (nigga d e f, bought to throw grenades). Keep a ghetto freak and she like a sage, natural… gave us an album full of bops and I thank her for that!A MF BOP @wande_ @NBCThisisUs Netflix only pls ✌🏾So l’m going to finish Final Space season 2 then I’m going to be sad again (love this show a lot). Really need a ne…🤣🤣🤣 deserve a lazy sat/sun. Going to especially hate Monday rolling back around again.Still trying to figure out what Stretch you out is about, but that’s my summer appreciation for the day. Tune in an… - so fuck love, baby what’s love? Remember that love is a losing game. Fuck love, I mean what’s love? Remember t… - Nobody else but you, nobody else could make this move, nobody else had a clue. (Sidenote:👆🏾this song is produc… - if 1 more nigga come around these parts, talking that shit hmm! Put it on my grave nigga, imma throw a fit hey! I... love. you. boy. masculine & feminine energies fighting for the spotlight
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