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Oy C @OyinkanSxo On The Way To The Show

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All I can see is so many notes 😭I could never be this kid 🤣 would’ve jumped out of the car crying. Ross has songs for days but why are ppl acting like Chainz hasn’t been replying with huge hits?? Talking about… vibe. Man I always have 2chainz songs on repeat for ages.Young papi, champagne, they know the face they know the name.Big amount was Not a feature. @VvadaA_ zero!But I really want to sleep, Swizz and Tim pls help us with making this thing earlier, or something.People really thought Ross was going to beat him hands down and Chainz is coming back with jams every round.Is this babe a licensed masseuse? #Verzuz2Chainz's songs going up for me.Claiming to be stans of the guy, and everytime I know I would do a better job than them, as a non stan.Lol!! Rick Ross picking his own tracks brings me so much joy because everytime someone has repped him on NS10v10 they've been terrible!Good Drank* really was my fav song.Pharrell production, you can't lose. That's my fav thing about Feds watchin'Why did they only play a few seconds of Rich as fuck?Everytime I've slept instead of watching Verzuz it's been a great decision!! @subomioo oops same, just tuned in.
Alicia Keys ain't say one goddamn word about how only singers should sing while James Charles was bussing out them…
Retweeted by Oy CA lot of good music dropping tomorrow chile, I’m not ready.🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 #ZimbabweanLivesMatter
Retweeted by Oy CManny mua too. Who tf are these so called beauty influencers? What exactly have they done to call themselves gateke… Walker - Clear EP.It’s really disgusting that this little boy even had the audacity to subtweet Alicia Keys in the first place.Managed to gain clout in the beauty world and thinks he can police black women in the same industry. I’m fed up of the bs!The james Charles character can go to hell. Why does he think he has a say in what anybody does?😍 ig party loading! men today grew up expecting to enjoy the benefits of patriarchy at the peak of their lives. But the women the…
Retweeted by Oy C @LordGundus The zola story, she went with a coworker to Florida and it turned into an insane story, the tweets are… @FaridahAR_ Yessss, can’t wait to watch itLol now you guys know how to say ‘n word’ good T minus?Formation @bellabiceps 😭😭 lawd!! @egbesc0 It’s meant to be August here 😭Can’t believe this is one of the twins 🤣🤣🤣 he was just a baby the other day. Attitudeee 👏🏾 @Thee7thhause Not Steven universe in black is king... @__NMA92 Ngl @__NMA92 Roughhhh, that’s all. Ain’t shit sweet out here. @bellabiceps Those were my fav moments cos Joseline used to drag him for dear life every episode. Half ratings, hal… @bellabiceps lmao dkm! same, stand by it cos the man went through worse on lhhatl so 🤷‍♀️. Well, hopefully he'll le… @bellabiceps Lmao he now blocked me too! 😹😹 I really don’t feel bad for him because he has moved mad on so many wom… @MatthewACherry Can’t stop thinking about Water, Otherside, Mood 4eva, My power and Find your way back. @bellabiceps No neck zino? Cos...
That’s my baby Caroline, you divine.Don’t care what Tammy says. She’s cancelled’t mind me, just trying to get over @UmbrellaAcad s2 finale 🥵🥶Compensating for your feelinsss, and you you know the feelinUmbrella academy, bust my brainnnnRobert Sheehan is such an annoying actor lol but SO GREAT!Ben ❤️ @Foli23 hilarious! @AYvonneO 🤣🤣🤣Petition: Increase funding for research into Endometriosis and PCOS. please never again ok? The visuals can stay though, just on mute. @twigsupdates If they don’t get tf!! Lmao what is this??????
Retweeted by Oy CLawd assist me with this one. This 645ar yout is singing at chipmunk frequency and for what? Greenleaf episode, wooo. The one we've been waiting for.Zora is a terrible cousin (and friend) to Sophia. #GreenleafWe’re really in the upside down. @GoonerTwin Well done Olu, all the best for your next job.3 years management experience & a year heading up my own sub-team. Thankfully I've got a 3 month notice period to f…
Retweeted by Oy CJust incase any recruiters with digital marketing placements are on the TL, I've handed in my notice at work so I'm…
Retweeted by Oy CPink Sweats is that dude! So so talented! Reminiscing on his concert in London and it was a great night. He really… - @iamluckydaye’re not lying hearing what has happened in Beirut!!! Im so sorry 💔💔💔Mannnn I’m sending so many prayers and condolences but I…
Retweeted by Oy C @VvadaA_ I raise you Diego!I need more time to listen to more music. I will find it.Talib is an Expired Clown. Good riddance to this good for nothing useless excuse of a person. 🤢 phenomenal actor. single night I see the word Laycon on my tl lawd 🤣 I’m tired because I don’t understand. Took me a while to u… to @KidFury! 🖤 And his praise of @SheaCoulee too 🤎🖤 @ThisIsTheRead is back BAYBEE!
Jackie x10! It’s the Glisteningggg for me! 🤎🤣🚨SA & Amapiano Music Lovers!🔊 2020 Sounds Of Africa: Amapiano Edition | Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, Samthing Sow…
Retweeted by Oy C @wande_ @shilegee 🤣🤣🤣Human nature sample. Pharrell production. Everything 💕 @LordGundus Worth it! Best rewatch of lockdown.Orson Hodge was a trash husband from day 1. I’m ready for him to get Tf asap.Just realised Tom is 2 years younger than Lynette and the last 5 seasons just made sense.say_it_right_nelly_furtado_timbaland.mp3Fire! this wahala again. I was just getting over the ending of S1!! is still the GOAT announcement video, nothing will ever come close 🐐
Retweeted by Oy C @Snr_Hugo_Alves He sounds just like him smh lol @HausUrban @__MJDr
Retweeted by Oy CThis 6ix9ine lite @JamalyTamaly @prettyjoyful08 @crissles Colty 🤣🤣🤣
The Boys are too disorganised for me.Anyone watching The Boys, do you find yourself rooting for the superheroes? Cos I am. (Except A Train, The Deep, Homelander, oops).Ofcourse a complete clown would say this. ❤️ experience the first (and last) time I tried a bayang!! Lmao’s bangs were always on point though music period for me.'s R&B is probably the reason I'm a hopeless romantic lol.
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