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Almost every tech device stands out in a home like an ugly black box. And those that prioritize design often don’… is also highly contagious. reign of the fancy phone is over."Internet blackouts are increasing not only in places that have traditionally reported shutdowns, but other states…
Photos, in other words, confirm what has been lost or even help us find it. But sometimes they can’t. scooters aren’t in your city yet, get ready. unfortunate names to malicious attacks, running a database is difficult. And that’s even before you have to…“The artists on wikiHow really are people all over the globe. Probably the only place you won’t find some sort of w…👮‍♀️📱🔓"Screen time" might a myth.’s some truth to Google’s claim that phasing out the user agent will help protect privacy, but Google may not…"At 3x speed, the audio entered an aural uncanny-valley, too fast to be considered human, but slow enough at points… was reportedly $1 million per month. and Facebook filters use what’s known in A.I. research as face detection, localization, and segmentation. companies are nearly ready to push smart toilets to market and even more scientists are researching the po…’s more to adapters than meets the eye. tried listening to podcasts at 3x and broke my brain."There’s a new class of devices emerging that could shake things up — and I’d say it’s about time." — @maffstephens
Every engineer, scientist, developer, designer, coder, and member of hundreds of other professions can trace their… the tenure of Silicon Valley’s most famous fraud is little more than a footnote, its former space repurpose…“What Every Engineer and Coder Owes to Apollo 8” by @jdaghe
Retweeted by OneZeroInvisible Skater In 2020 I keep looping! #animation #loop #stopmotion #skateboard #invisbleman #vans #chessboard
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Retweeted by OneZero𝘿 𝙊 𝙉 𝙂 𝙇 𝙀 𝙎 Read here:🚽🔍 vision is incredibly valuable to Facebook, and Pokémon, Disney princesses, and ‘Friends’ characters help u… don't want to hear another CEO say they practice radical transparency until they can top the man who promotes his…
Retweeted by OneZero“We just wanted to see what would happen when we collected as many urine samples as we could tolerate"
Retweeted by OneZero“Nobody wants to think about their stool. They just want to do their business and go about their day.” (via @ozm)
Retweeted by OneZero"When I see a connector I feel a little frisson of excitement."‘Podfasters’ listen to their favorite pods at 1.5x, even 2x speed. But how fast is too fast? about it: a clinical interaction usually involves a soft voice, personal attention, the tap of a pen on a cli…
Retweeted by OneZeroMedical role play is one of the most popular forms of ASMR videos. Why? (via @elemental) the year of our lord 2020 i have spent roughly 20000 minutes on instagram face filters (my favorite: what taco b…
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Retweeted by OneZeroFashion Statement. - #gif #art #everyday #aftereffects #loop #visuals #animation #vjloop #vj
Retweeted by OneZeroworld-making cookie cutter
Retweeted by OneZeroHas @Amazon grown complacent with the Kindle e-reader? #Eink #epaper #ereaders #Amazon
Retweeted by OneZeroKindle competition is coming soon. The author typed this article on a Boox Note2 with a Bluetooth keyboard @OZM
Retweeted by OneZeroMore than any other event in the last 50 years, the Apollo 8 mission and its success changed the public opinion of… much, much more important than you think
Retweeted by OneZero @corinnepurtill visited the old Theranos headquarters, a place that now, as she perfectly puts it, represents "the…
Retweeted by OneZerodang this piece from @corinnepurtill is great Here’s What Happened to the Theranos Headquarters
Retweeted by OneZeroif you have 11 minutes and want to read about dongles, does @ozm have the story for you
Retweeted by OneZeroThere’s some satisfying irony here.,
Retweeted by OneZeroImagine a Fitbit - but for your poop. Here's @drewcostley's foray into a weird future where human waste is solid (m…
Retweeted by OneZeroHow Instagram turned computer vision tech into a viral selfie platform. to the Dongle by @Simon_Pitt in @OZM
Retweeted by OneZeroI wanted @steverousseau to become a super-listener and achieve speeds of 10x but he couldn’t even do 3x. Sad. I Tr…
Retweeted by OneZeroRather than being a money-getting game, dongles let you get more from your existing products, writes @Simon_Pitt.… is doing incredible work, i hope more people pay attention to it
Retweeted by OneZeroLone Disc. | #GIF | #DAILY | #C4D |
Retweeted by OneZero#everyday GRIMM SHROOMS
Retweeted by OneZero for a future where you can learn if you have a health condition just from peeing or pooping? No? I'm not sur…
Retweeted by OneZeroI am ready
Retweeted by OneZeroSmart toilets may soon track disease, sleep patterns, and drug use. morning! i have new Bad Idea in @ozm today. i tried training my brain to listen to podcasts on fast forward. i…
Retweeted by OneZero @steverousseau "Podfasters" listen to their favorite pods at 1.5x, even 2x speed. But how fast is too fast? you train yourself to listen to a podcast at 2.5x or even 3x? lack of groundbreaking new features may be one reason phone sales declined in 2019 and consumers started keepin… shutdowns affect life in all quarters, including education, health care, and business. The economic impa… consumer genetics platforms such as Ancestry and 23andMe, bone marrow registries exist within a space that is… might go without saying, but this clock cannot tick forever. warn that the Kashmir shutdown is part of a trend of protest suppression that is rapidly gaining momentum a…"Super-expensive high-end phones still have their place, but they’ve become increasingly, well, boring." —…’ve surely seen them; you may even be one yourself.
A controversy around old Sonos devices is a reminder that software updates can be a death sentence. people can justify spending $300 on a bit of extra camera zoom. controversy around old Sonos devices is a reminder that software updates can be a death sentence. (via @ozm)
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Retweeted by OneZeroIndia has become the internet shutdown capital of the world, having imposed the blockade 373 times since 2012 and a…’s @ozm EIC Damon Beres on @cheddar, breaking down Sonos's announcement that it will no longer offer software u… discussed this story on @cheddar today:
Retweeted by OneZero"Nuance" | New colorful animation 💙 made with #Blender #Octane edition.
Retweeted by OneZeroDispersion - 200123
Retweeted by OneZero"Without software updates, the products will not keep up with an evolving ecosystem of music streaming services and… Now I'm getting served ads like this. Thanks, @lemonsand! Thanks, @ozm!
Retweeted by OneZeroSo many ppl have been making this argument, but the data that shows that millennials can't afford homes is not spec…
Retweeted by OneZero1/ Americans aren't the only ones following Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: If the Senate votes to acquit the pre…
Retweeted by OneZeroSlightly shoddy karaoke covers can make you millions - only on YouTube (by @ItsJackNeedham)
Retweeted by OneZeroOur latest story on @MediumFFWD comes from @ItsJackNeedham and it's a wild one. A London-based company is making si…
Retweeted by OneZeroMy first piece for @MediumFFWD was inspired by a simple question: can you earn obscene amounts of money with only a…
Retweeted by OneZeroWhen the ringtones market died, Chris Michael was left with re-recorded versions of thousands of songs. “We had a…"India has become the internet shutdown capital of the world, having imposed the blockade 373 times since 2012 and…
Retweeted by OneZero“Every day, I’d see these men, women, and youngsters, traveling for 10 to 12 hours — only for a few minutes of inte…
Retweeted by OneZeroStochastic variation on the GANfield model gives the garfields an unsettling frenetic energy #StyleGAN
Retweeted by OneZeroWorking Hard - Daily Quillustration, painted and animated in VR using Quill. Check out the Virtual Animation Grou…
Retweeted by OneZeroIt is simply not possible to reclaim and reuse every bit of material from electronics: To even approach sustainabil…
Retweeted by OneZero⚡️ “Millennials love real estate apps because they’ll never own a home” 🏡😟 the face of economic instability and personal financial insecurity, what are the things that most young people s… fairly recently, manufacturers could rely on their most innovative, most expensive phones to also be their mo… around the world are increasingly using internet shutdowns to oppress minorities and muzzle dissent. Gr…
Retweeted by OneZeroThe ongoing internet shutdown in Kashmir has passed 170 days, the longest ever in a democracy. @cpuja says it's not…
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