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Marshall Hughes @ozmarshall Melbourne Australia

Strategy and project management for #logistics and #freight #technology @passeldelivery #ecommerce #sameday #lastmiledelivery

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*UPDATE* It is at 79 women who have come forward. Here's a story that went up through @smh this afternoon
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Retweeted by Marshall Hughes @ToshGreenslade I think it's endearing, and would give people who feel self-conscious a little bit of support. #WearADamnMaskApparently, this album is so good I'm annoying my wife by foot-tapping too hard in our shared #WFH office. Serious… @sarahcpr
@KellyEKennedyTV @wallerABC7 Goodness me. I'm an Australian and I knew that. @Glaven1994 @migga This is starting to look like all the strategic war computer games I played in the 90s. Once th… @NathanRayner6 Need more testing! @NathanRayner6 I hear what you are saying, but we're very close to Casey where everyone has the Rona. Also, a lot…
Bonus points for using #Everest from #PAWPatrol And grats on a quick turnaround. #cooperforpresident of a $1652 fine, Victorians caught breaching the #lockdown should have to go and apologise to 1652 people f…
Good, simple, clear advice. There is no doubt. #WearAMask #COVID19Vic #StayAtHome anyone who utilises the @COVID_Australia account on a daily basis, they have a paypal account (in the bio). If…
Retweeted by Marshall Hughes @PrimeVideoAUNZ Enjoyed it. Fascinating seeing them not laugh, and then the mental and physical exhaustion set in. Great concept. @migga @abcnews Happy to wait until later in the day if that means better data and more information about what's happening next.
@PostalHubPod @cmroberson06 @Post_and_Parcel "developed by the Drone Delivery Group, a UK drone industry initiative… about spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on logistics technology? You should be. Or, you c… @atrupar The plan is to kill another 130k people @JennaCairney1 @themercurycomau Good luck getting an @AFL team now, Tassie.
. @HamillHimself Mr.Hamill, I think you’d like this hilarious meme 🤣💖💖 #WearAMaskPlease
Retweeted by Marshall Hughes @heyhey @MatJovanovic Please don't. Please don't build bloatware. Please just be great at simple email. Please… @the_l3mming @DoctorKarl Surely once in 8 billion years, right?To the next generation and little ones following my foot steps.. #LoveWins
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@brunobbouchet I'm not falling for your inverted pyramid clickbait shit this time and giving you any engagement on… @BradHazzard @NSWHealth You seem pretty proud of this. No "regretfully", or "hopefully temporary"? Thanks for your support. @EFCFinals You forget that Essendon is current AFL Lightning Premiers.6 months into #covid19australia and #CovidVic still doesn't have a roaming microphone in the press conferences.… to break out the #rainbows and #teddybears, #Melbourne. #melbournelockdown #WeCanDoIt
@atrupar With all respect, no we fucking are not. Do Personally, my heart goes out to Americans trying to navigate… @slpng_giants_oz @Channel9 @TheTodayShow My tweet did not age well @slpng_giants_oz @Channel9 @TheTodayShow The bigger the outrage, the more likely @Channel9 is to continue promoting…
“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm." Melb… @migga Just stayin at home. Waitin for the government to remember we're all in this together. @viccccgame @COVID_Australia @covidliveau
@VicBergerIV @jonvoight I just watched this in grey scale because my phone has gone into wind down mode. Too surreal.I thought I'd start sharing what I've learned over the last 25 years or so. May I proudly present the Logistics Te… 2020, México says, “They’re not sending us their best people.”
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@LorraineBranna2 As a middle-aged, middle-class, white man, I'd just like to apologise for the actions of these f**… can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Marshall HughesPatrick Stewart reads a sonnet each day. It's a magical 2-minute pause in an otherwise hectic world. This is one… @SirPatStew thankyou
@HamillHimself Fair to say this is not one of the 6 million forms of communication #C3PO is fluent in.Maybe we could put a small levy on the people who earn $1100 a day so the government can keep #JobSeeker at $1100 a… @OneBandwagonFan @10NewsFirstMelb I thought you could call a teammate back if you catch the chair. #poisonchair #poisoncoffeeWe take coffee seriously in Melbourne. Some gold in the comments. For those not familiar with the brand, Gloria…
The #science I'm most interested in right now is #cloning @jacindaardern so we can all have a world leader. #STEM @Melbourne We visited Daylesford a couple of weeks ago. Plenty of social distancing, oodles of hand sanitizer and… @OneBandwagonFan Probably depends if the dinosaurs were liberal or conservative.My radical solution to smartphone addiction. If this works, I'll make it a new @coachdotme habit… can't tell if the way Australian states are treating each other right now is a failure of Federation or a success… @realDonaldTrump I can feel it coming in the air tonight. Live from @WhiteHouse , here's actual footage of…
Maybe we'd be better off investing in making the world a richer and safer place? #auspol #foreignaid Australia to… @TheRickWilson He's definitely better informed than the people who are likely to vote for him. @RonniSalt Warehouses don't have checkouts. @PostalHubPod Will have to start by teaching my kids what stamps are for, first. @rwillingham @abcmelbourne They're just stocking up on flour, toilet paper, and sugar before they release the numbers.
@sunriseon7 @DanielAndrewsMP @JennyMikakos Maybe you could go to a press conference and ask them some questions there? @JefferyLakes @jasminecrowe I was just joining in the celebration. I make no other points.FUCK YEAH KAREN’S GOT A BOYFRIEND
Retweeted by Marshall Hughes @existentialfish @atrupar How do people keep a straight face when being talked at by this guy?
@jasminecrowe And founded by an #Australian !! Paying my $99 for Thanks @jasonfried and @basecamp @COVID_Australia Didn't see the bad tweet, but I appreciate your work.
@essendonfc Hurley just taking a breather for the last 5 or 6 minutes seems like an error of judgement @essendonfc Watching Harry Potter.#129days @realDonaldTrump @btckr Does anyone know what the annual government advertising spend with Murdoch media is? I would expect this am… my little toe into crowdsourced startup investing. Suitably, with socks! You're invited to check out the…
@ccadelago You are such beautiful people! Detroit is such a musical city thought you'd like to meet two up and com… @87_htebazile @ccadelago I have a very good friend in Ann Arbor, plus I love good music, good food, nice people, and cars! @philipdalidakis @FIFAWWC @MCG @FFA @TheMatildas Is this even up for discussion? 86,000 turned out for the World C… and #fiverr buster has launched @Esqueuezme @ccadelago @thehenryford @detroitzoo I went to @thehenryford as well! Had a chauffeur drive in a genu… @ccadelago Australian here, but I can tell you that one of the highlights of a recent trip to the US was Detroit, a… @atrupar this poor man is so victimised If only he was in a position of power and authority and responsibility and… @ErikLipkin This is known
@MyFirstCousin He made good money when fuel was cheap, and passed on the high costs of expensive fuel to the consum… you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary Actually, I didn't. But Twitter reminded me.… aren't allowed to go to "footy" in NSW. This has changed no one's plans at all. @katestarbird Is this another @sarahcpr skit, because I thought the @realDonaldTrump material was funnier.
BLM protest organisers (mostly Aboriginal women) would have community transmission cases down to zero by now if we…
Retweeted by Marshall Hughes @MikeCarlton01 Who?Oh, it's worth a shot. #RefundTheABC!
Retweeted by Marshall Hughes @Yarra32 @blu_boys @COVID_Australia We can't stop people from going to work when they feel slightly unwell. - yes,… @Yarra32 @blu_boys @COVID_Australia According to the experts, community transmission is happening in family gatheri…
@blu_boys @COVID_Australia 1 - Which protestors? 2 - Why aren't other states seeing the same spike? 3 - There is… my trial of @jasonfried interesting already to see the decision to Trash v Archiv… @COVID_Australia The lid should be off in Victoria, but a few people decided to ignore the medical advice. Conside… @1rarebird61 @JSegor Well said. @brunobbouchet This post was created by a human with no tastebuds. Issues such as this are not to be mocked, pleas… @MatthewJBrown19 @essendonfc I was going to say this positively negatively must be some Trump level shit. #perfectstorm @Footspeed8 @essendonfc I'm okay with a 12 day break to rest up before flogging the blues. @alisoncroggon @kmillerheidke If my 7 year old handed this work in, I'd expect the teacher to tell her to try a little harder next timeStay for the fall @OneBandwagonFan Your Inbox is everyone else's to do list! @OneBandwagonFan @jaydimonte @OneBandwagonFan Gmail has a lot to answer for with the snooze function. Snoozing emails is like borr… @OneBandwagonFan Sorry not sorry for shameless self-promotion. Inbox Zero coaching. Try free for a week with MARSH… @Jack76266884 @COVID_Australia We've successfully protected the most vulnerable members of our community.