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helping the community with RAIDS 🥚 NESTS🍃CLUSTERS🐾,💯 COORDS AND INFO📚Pokémon GO,✨🛡ELITE SHINY HUNTERS🛡✨

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@Coolsanch Wow congratulations I’m glad you got it @Coolsanch Sorry it was midnight for me..I’ll help today @ShinyAddic Hopefully I’ll get some in the other accounts,funny thing is I got both in the same account (5 raids)✨Pokémon Go Coin Package Giveaway✨I’ll Will be giving away 5200 Pokémon Go Coins. Please Follow, Like & RT for your…
Retweeted by ✨Oz 💯✨ @ShinyAddic Most definitely participating 😅 @ShinyAddic I have T and R so far both from free pass @TrancosoDiogo Yeah Alts are always better than main,From yesterday one down using free raid pass in 7 accounts,like I’m not spending money doing Unown raids when most likely… main today
@rRyno8376 @koecoh @GaganGulati333 @EXRaidLeader @IceColdMystic @BPost222 @BrandyShemal2 Yes i caught one yesterdayHope you guys have a great day..sending lots of shiny vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
@Reclaimer_9 Missed it @JonaWolf73 I decided not to spend money on unowns,created 5 accounts and doing daily raids of themFree raid pass @FunGeekZ It gets released on Friday,can’t give away something I don’t have yet @HMFR0STYGRAVES I think the incense was only cause of the “play from home” Gofest @HMFR0STYGRAVES 400 raids so Niantic can add em in the next Safari zone or Gofest in the wild @IceColdMystic How many raids ?
@BrandyShemal2 @MinorTxtFixes @Smarty2442 @Jakerstrike777 @ThruMeSheShines I always thought he was around 19 years old 😂 he’s grown @MinorTxtFixes @BrandyShemal2 @Smarty2442 @Jakerstrike777 @ThruMeSheShines You look like a movie actor @lass420 Thanks again and same for you.. 🙌🏽 @lass420 ThanksMagikarp 💯 CP235 32.705609,-117.062997Magikarp 💯 CP235 42.279293,-83.434965Magikarp 💯 CP235 30.030458,-95.505026Magikarp 💯 CP243 ✨ 44.983347,-93.196337Magikarp 💯 CP251 ✨ 41.766172,-69.985136Magikarp 💯 CP243 41.656982,-70.919245Magikarp 💯 CP251 ✨ 41.594518,-70.909771Magikarp 💯 CP235 39.061001,-104.828270Magikarp 💯 CP235 42.202288,-83.156064Magikarp 💯 CP235 -25.179915,-57.469842Magikarp 💯 CP239 ✨ 13.764602,-89.04626627.989125,-82.691585Magikarp 💯 CP219 @AputPuyu2 Congratulations 🤩 @kadiraras88 Wow so happy you got the shundoMagikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ 41.640905,-70.279106Magikarp 💯 CP227 ✨ -11.566460,-77.269026Magikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ -6.782301,-79.834620 @rocksmewtwo Congratulations 🤩 @GaganGulati333 Wow congratulations 🤩Magikarp 💯 CP227 ✨ 29.401253,-98.486004Magikarp 💯 CP235 29.997861,-95.578097Magikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ 29.564242,-98.658898 @JulianTruji_ Wow congratulations 🤩 @leijaughn Wow level 30 🤩Magikarp 💯 CP219 29.759089,-95.361611 @BeWaRe67421 Wow congratulations and that’s a Level 30Magikarp 💯 CP219 ✨ 36.113136,-97.059633Magikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ -3.097659,-60.057703 @RajeshDM USAMagikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ 41.846826,-87.809412Magikarp 💯 CP227 ✨ 29.579020,-95.763271Magikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ 28.596369,-81.324857I’m posting Magikarp above level 28 @TeamVALOR_id Congratulations 🤩Magikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ 35.857984,-86.367810Magikarp 💯 CP227 ✨ 42.258400,-88.353264Magikarp 💯 Sx/sx CP219 ✨ 43.622787,-84.229897Magikarp 💯 CP227 ✨ 27.879946,-82.806619 @wendysukmajaya Congratulations 🤩Magikarp 💯 CP219 27.225422,-80.385220Magikarp 💯 CP219 ✨ 39.949140,-75.164707Magikarp 💯 CP219 ✨ 27.918779,-82.732902Magikarp 💯 CP227 ✨ 41.100467,-73.919678Magikarp 💯 CP227 ✨ -25.491178,-49.278400Magikarp 💯 Cp235 -30.037700,-51.237946Magikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ 44.252654,-76.527034Magikarp 💯 CP235 ✨ 43.687866,-85.480941Magikarp 💯 CP239 ✨ -40.566484,-73.153354 @tvjflo Still available @vissshhhuuuu @Reclaimer_9 And Lucario has Shadow ball which is super effective on Deoxys @BrandyShemal2 @Smarty2442 @Jakerstrike777 @ThruMeSheShines Fock it then lol @connor62804 It’s going to take years for that since Niantic is all about money,I’m sure most likely is not happening✨Magikarp✨Community day weather boosted ☔️ get that extra stardust -41.298014,174.775005 advice for Deoxy, only raid until you get the shiny.Deoxys normal forme is bad for Battle league and you can’t t… ☔ here! Boosted 562 stardust per catch! 😍 -41.2841205, 174.762048
Retweeted by ✨Oz 💯✨10 Raids 🙌
@Churrow0608 Dm meFirst time I see this’s the plan,Hunting shiny Deoxys on main and Unowns on Alts(free pass) @Sn3ak3r_Fr3ak3r @Kelven91 I’m still hoping this is an edit,doubt someone caught a shiny Staryu this quick @FLWvideos @ameeakshay1993 I wasn’t talking about you,I apologize for the misunderstanding..I would name this perso… @ameeakshay1993 @FLWvideos Better than the other one that does edits(the “famous one”) @BrandyShemal2 @Smarty2442 @Jakerstrike777 @ThruMeSheShines I’m shy @ShinyLover4 @Reclaimer_9 Rank 8 but the bots are annoying,I’m 💯 sure Niantic uses bots @Reclaimer_9 Most of the people use Deoxys and Skarmory, which Lucario can knock out with Shadow ball for Deoxys an… @Reclaimer_9 I’m using Lucario,Azumarill and Venasaur @11bnb11 @AarifMonu @DaddieChente It was a big drama for sure,I still remember @11bnb11 @AarifMonu You’re right they’re scums for that,I never got banned @mreeves1610 Yeah @AarifMonu Pogo++ was known for being safer than any other app,something Ipogo lacks onIs pogo++ back? You can dm me if you have more info,don’t need to share it on the commentsDeino spawns are amazing @brayona99 @NeludiaOficial Es muy sencillo descargarlo y crear una cuenta,no entiendo por que la gente se complica… @TheEricLozada YesI see some confusion going on about getting Bouffalant. You won’t get it from 7km eggs from Gifts sent from NYC and… @IceColdMystic Weird looking Gible