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"Lee" for short. I prefer not to be gendered. Publications: @uncannymagazine, @clarkesworld, @escapepodcast, @readvisions @newmodality &c

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@louisevanswrite @TaniaWalker Eël @EllenKushner @rkirstein I love these books so much! Pining away for #5.So who's ready to get hooked on @rkirstein 's STEERSWOMAN series? Strong women, complex characters, plenty of adve…
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Penny's is affordable and has good sales and he's not going to spend a bunch of money on work clothes.
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that incredibly specific feeling where you have a story that is _so close_ to an anthology theme but is just a bit…
@TaniaWalker I never read the EU, but I play a ton of the old Star Wars role-playing game. If I ever get a chance t…
@Vylar_Kaftan Dear Ms. Kaftan, Please find attached my submission to your twitter feed, [story name]. It is [word… @Nicole_Cliffe welcome back!I didn't expect this, but apparently I need to join the bandwagon of stating: I am a female author, writing a fant…
Retweeted by P H Lee @priyachandscifi thank you for saying it. @wnwagner @priyachandscifi I would offer but everything I bake here has to be gluten-free... and gf + vegan is probably too sad. @wnwagner @priyachandscifi they may deliver in COVID-times.
this is a very good story btw. "This story about two nice foxes that don't eat me, auk!"
Retweeted by P H Lee @priyachandscifi (it also describes kill la kill which, while not my favorite, is very good.) @priyachandscifi revolutionary girl utena.Whenever Lee sends me a story draft I ask them where it is on the Downer Scale. Most of the time I know it's going…
Retweeted by P H Leejuvenile delinquent refuses to abide by the spirit of the school dress code is now available! * PDF & ePub bundle available now. * Print-on-Demand pending. * Limited print run soon; ~…
Retweeted by P H Lee @scribblesassin Thank you ^-^ @priyachandscifi same! @s_meems I'm sorry you're dealing with BS critiques. To be clear, maybe there's a problem with the story that they… @s_meems entirely to toot my own horn: (similarly, omelas has no dialogue other than the n… @ClowderofTwo @fantasymagazine Congratulations!
This is an extremely valid question! Disability rights advocates are hoping to see advances in supported decision-m…
Retweeted by P H Lee @Sydkick oh dogsMermaids Monthly A magazine about mermaid stuff @MermaidsMonthly is a kickstarter created by @omgjulia
Retweeted by P H Lee @s_meems unfortunately the onion's been going down the path of resentment and racism for a while. @intelligentwat >_<HOLY WOW.
Retweeted by P H Leeplease send neil your happy stories to counterbalance the complete downers that i relentlessly inflict on him. @sloanesloane yay! @louisevanswrite ostrich egggggggsmany thanks to all the copy editors.I really only have the dimmest grasp of capitalization rules.cinnabarine
@TeatimeTrading @bgzimmer @nytimes @GretchenAMcC @NYT_first_said hah hah only joking. @BenCKinney yeah i'm 100% committed at this point.The National Park Service has a very important PSA
Retweeted by P H Lee @ThaiSibir yeah, _my_ mandarin is still bad in dreams but my mind knows how to narrate for _other dream people_ who… @ThaiSibir (ironically my dreaming mind has way better chinese than my waking mind these days.) @ThaiSibir most dreams 100% english some dreams 90% chinese 10% english used to dream 100% chinese most of the tim… think that this is a notable failure of imagination for people from liberal-democratic cultures. We imagine that…
@YJTHECAT yeah that sounds par for the course and awful. @YJTHECAT so i'm not really familiar with the modern slash fandom for chinese serials at all. but is there any unde…
Any other nonbinary folk out here over 60? I have received some heart-shattering news you may be able to help me de…
Retweeted by P H LeeLook, these are stressful times for everyone, and Group Bathing And Loud Singing is what gets me through it. @BeijingPalmer the crown really struggles between its twin mandates of 1) being propaganda for the monarchy 2) port…
Eisenhower's never-issued speech accepting full responsibility for a failure on D-Day deserves to be one of the gre…
Retweeted by P H Lee @intelligentwat i don't know if 'run for your life' by the beatles counts but but it freaks me the fuck out every t… @louisevanswrite @Catrambo thank you. (i was like "i'm pretty sure they're the fsb now but...") @Catrambo KGB?
Hey writing people. How do you handle eligibility posts when you have two stories coming out in December that you…
digital photography: the hot new thing is mirrorless cameras vampires: fucking finally! @TaniaWalker Woo!I don't want to make art that's "necessary" I want to make art that's "good" and/or "horny"
Retweeted by P H Lee @TaniaWalker It's both more sympathetic and less white-washed than I imagined it would be. They make it clear just…'m disappointed by some of their choices (I would have liked to see more time to Gibraltar or The Troubles, at lea… Anderson is really impressive as Margaret Thatcher in this season of The Crown.
In addition to getting the bonus issue this week, did you know you can get a whole year of @MermaidsMonthly for onl…
Retweeted by P H Leelegitimately a good incentive for me to finish 1-2 mermaid adjacent stories i've had on the burner for a's happening!!!! @TaniaWalker Apparently they're fans at least of the early seasons. The later seasons I do wonder about. @ozyfrantz I mean, no, objectively, a lot of people don't know that.I'm so bad at Nanowrimo that I don't work on novels during the month of November to avoid jinxing myself.
@ClowderofTwo get some protein in there and you're fine.egg tart!
@thetzechun @sloanesloane @seanpphillips Love "A Map to the Sun" so much.
@TaniaWalker I love your dog. An incredibly photogenic beastie. @yilinwriter I recognize that street! (I did have to double check to make sure it was where I thought it was.) Great place for a bookstore. @catsprobably Brilliant.OMFG
Retweeted by P H LeeMel Baggs: all people have rights and values, no matter what kind of support that they need #ASANGala
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@louisevanswrite I wish I could remember which radical feminist philosopher talked about male rape survivors are ge… kept seeing advice that the first paragraph should grab the reader and I had this medical cadaver and, uh... An… @headphones_zoe I have started to make it a policy to never reply to birthday facebook messages. There are too many! I can't do it.
@Catrambo @staceyabrams I love it so much. Barbara Boxer wrote thrillers which I also love.the episode of murder she wrote i'm watching tonight is called 'alma murder' because you cannot possibly parody mur… @GretchenAMcC (I am from rural northern California and I've lived... almost everywhere.) @GretchenAMcC I would definitely usually use the phrase "having a few people over" but "some" is fine as well. rel… @ThaiSibir the genre of "my girlfriend has a creative hobby that she's good at and puts a lot of time and energy in…
@TaniaWalker tsked. @TaniaWalker i tend to turn it over and over and try to make it work the way it's written instead.headcanon: the Tamarian language is in fact perfectly normal and everything claimed about it is just the result of…
Retweeted by P H Lee @TaniaWalker Congratulations! So many residencies.
There are writers who manage to write despite having friends and family that are unsupportive or actively malicious… am thinking today, as I do often, about how incredibly lucky I am to have friends, family, peers, classmates, and… @tharkibo Yeah. I, at least, am perfectly willing to talk to someone who wants to step up and apologize and ask ho… case you missed it during the weekend's excitement, I have a new story about vampires, drugs, and abused teens u…
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Retweeted by P H LeeStatement by President-elect Biden on Pfizer's vaccine progress:
Retweeted by P H Leei think i'm about to cry.holy shit. episode of murder she wrote is so house husband / stay at home dad positive and i love it. @intelligentwat yeah. me too.If you want to thank those on the Navajo Nation who helped turn Arizona blue - while being among one of the worst h…
Retweeted by P H Lee @NotLasers I would love to see Dr. Doom's congratulatory note: "TRULY YOU HAVE SEIZED POWER AND SHOWN YOURSELF WOR… @BeijingPalmer fucking hell.Anyway, Frost's Boy is coming out in @LightspeedMag in January and while it's not about "should we absolve evil men…