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Who gone check me boo...? 🇬🇭 🇬🇧 #GpsBehindClosedDoors regular and winner of #Pointless @channel5_tv

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Props to Mariah Carey who even after being insulted by the Grammys by only receiving 5 awards out of 34 nominations…
Retweeted by PaaPeople seem to be hated when they are real but loved when they are fake 👀
Thanks for this, ruined my holiday
Retweeted by PaaLegendary scene 😂 one: My mom at 3 am: #RHONJ
Retweeted by PaaGirl: Have you been sleeping with my dad? #AuntyBoots :
Retweeted by PaaI can’t I just fainted
@DonStrapzy_ Choongerz wouldn’t suit any other chick but mixed race 😍Somethings never change...... 🦋@MariahCarey
Retweeted by PaaNobody talks about Eve giving it up on the first day but when I do... @SaintMiMiCarey Oh damn the pussy bout to close in a minuteSo how many times you sleep with him? Aunts Boots:
Retweeted by PaaFalling asleep on the train is something I’ve never done. Until this morning 😔
Name a better duo
Retweeted by PaaMy daughter (22) was sexually-harassed by a man on a late train from London last night. He the picked wrong woman.…
Retweeted by PaaI want to be a Mariah Carey that needs 3 men to help me down the stairs. Iconic
Retweeted by PaaWhen your daughter wants to do a #highnotechallenge
Retweeted by Paa😂😂😂😂😂😂 long did that Be Kind stuff last? Was anyone timing it?
Retweeted by PaaI don't know why everyone complains about petrol being so dear at £1.40 a litre. It's £15 for a litre of Vodka!You’re.
Retweeted by PaaI can’t cope 😍 was in the bathroom when a friend sent me an XXX video. I played it but there was no sound. I increased the volu…
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@manlykmatty Booze lolMuch! Had a lovely sleep thank you c and Ian went Sainsbury’s and I got gassed @manlykmatty paa is cooking again 😍Howling human body is roughly 60% water so I'm not fat I'm flooded! @cuntneykardash Someone said Brooklyn’s first word will be security 😂😂Classic Kenya 😂
Me when my drunk friend starts crying over her ex for 100th time
Retweeted by Paa @JCFCD70 Will do mate 😔Anxiety is killing me todayme: hey let me change the song what’s your phone password? my friend: my birthday
Retweeted by Paame overthinking the smallest change in someone’s behaviour towards me
Retweeted by PaaMe this morning 😂 hangover I’ve ever hadMariah Carey forgetting she’s an human for 25 secs straight :
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This is crazy 😳😳
Retweeted by PaaBalotelli rolling up to training tomorrow morning:
Retweeted by PaaOk this is sick. And satisfying.
Retweeted by PaaI stay a bit over weight because it wouldn't be fair to all the skinny people if I were this attractive, funny, int…
In honour of Steve McFadden being on the show for 30 years, there can only be one video worth marking the occasion.…
Retweeted by PaaDeliciously satisfying video. [There are two kinds of people: those who leave their plastic litter all over the pla…
Retweeted by PaaAwww this made me so sad would love to give him a hug 💙 all the time depends on your age lol
How would these guys behave at a wedding if they scream and shout over becoming exclusive #loveisland seriously don’t remember being in school and anyone acting like this when they get a girlfriend or boyfriend!… goodbye to my family before going to Afghanistan aged 18, not knowing if I’d see them again was a ‘struggle’…
Retweeted by PaaMikes feet look like he’s been squashing pumpkins or stepping in palm oil #loveislandThere are some truly boring people in this world
Retweeted by Paa @itsjoerack Real housewives of Melbourne lolPlease don’t yell at me
Retweeted by PaaMe trying to book 4 holidays and 250 nights out on 1.50
Retweeted by PaaDave: "Boris Johnson is racist". Also Dave: "I'd like to dedicate this album to my brother who is currently servin…
Retweeted by Paa @JayPUreta @RoyalFamily 😂😂😂 @RoyalFamily Me reading the comments @JuliaHB1 Dawn butler is an idiot @mozzacc @MarkDice 😂😂😂 @Paul83Bottomley I totally agree but I watched the whole video now it’s on YouTube and their behaviour was disgusti… @LoveIsland @JCFCD70 You coming to see me 👀This guy will not let anyone get in the way of achieving his dream of being a bad b
Retweeted by PaaNightmare on elm street! Still petrified of that bastard to this day @loudandfearless Nightmare on elm street and still does to this dayWhy are “woke” people called “woke” when they’re the most ignorant, asleep at the wheel ass bitches out here???
Retweeted by PaaYou need a psychiatrist, not a barber.
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Gays stop dating ur twins challenge 🥰
Retweeted by PaaSitting here wishing they would bring Desperate Housewives and True Blood are you back I don’t watch when you’re not on 😳 bru @bbcthesocial Shave it off and bring back national service @bbcthesocial When life is too easy so you need to fabricate some form of struggle. 💔
Retweeted by PaaThere are children starving in the world ffs struggles of finding something new to moan about as an attention-seeking narcissistic prick.
Retweeted by Paa @BBCTheOneShow @karen_hauer Good for him! I’ve been refused in salons loads of times when I wanted my eyebrows done… for him! I’ve been refused in salons loads of times when I wanted my eyebrows done did I make a documentary ab… @Brenda_Hobbs Totally agree @Couturesworld @TheOnlyPersian I know right what a moron @JCFCD70 Absolutely disgusting @GhostKumi Not tape worm “We fight for black people & women” But what if said woman & black man are CONSERVATIVES? REALITY: fl…
Retweeted by Paa @MarkDice @KaitMarieox @ohiou All because she has a different opinion to them! I don’t really agree with some of th… because she has a different opinion to them! I don’t really agree with some of the things she says or does but… threw projectiles and poured hot coffee on us, and there's video of your officers witnessing @Joelpatrick1776'…
Retweeted by PaaCashier: Have a nice day. Me: Don't tell me what to doIt seems Dawn needs some SRE lessons. I was born with a penis. That makes me male. My sisters were born with a va…
Retweeted by Paa @makidaraemusic @DukeOfShade 😂
My interest in #LoveIsland now.
Retweeted by PaaThis is terrible. Why did I love this song so much lol
Retweeted by Paa @connoisseurhw @Teresa_Giudice @JacLaurita @CarolineManzo @dinamanzo @daniellestaub @melissagorga @DoloresCatania online clothes stores for men (obviously) lol ??So glad she is back 😍 are very loyal . But, when they are single. Best believe, they're going to do them.
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