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Who gone check me boo...?#GpsBehindClosedDoors regular and winner of #Pointless @channel5_tv

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#Virgos are genuinely nice people, we just get annoyed easily.
Retweeted by Paaa train ticket to Leeds is £125 but the fine for not having a ticket is £80. call me money saving expert
Retweeted by PaaThis nigga is funny ash. Someone please get him. 😳😂
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I will be able to in 12 years lol bitches see me and they panic 👀Me watching the male gymnastics
@robertmdaws @IanMcCallum1963 @BlackpoolFC I thought a film was about to startI thought a film was about to start Perry said his studio was built on top of a CONFEDERATE ARMY BASED THAT WANTED TO KEEP 3.9 million negros ens…
Retweeted by Paa @vernonkay 😍 funny.. 🤣👏
Retweeted by PaaMe after taking a million selfies and not one looks good
Retweeted by Paai can’t stop thinking about the serve that those fish are about to experience
Retweeted by PaaWho did this? Well thank you for this. Finally a creative with cahoonas showing the spirit. This is what the dem'…
Retweeted by PaaThat new IOS13 feature go dummy 👀
Retweeted by Paarebekah vardy trying to prove she didn't sell the stories to the sun
Retweeted by PaaAT THIS PERFORMANCE, the role of Toto will be played by:
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Dont know why christians are so against gay marriage? Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine...
Can’t say I do looked stunning in a glittering gold gown
Retweeted by PaaOkay this has to be one of the best tiktok videos I’ve seen yet 😭 #avengers
Retweeted by PaaNice of Breda to give tony a clean shave every morning...... #HollyoaksWhen you wanna be nosey and look through someone from #Towie Instagram and they’ve blocked you and you’ve never eve…😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jo Frost’s inability to correctly pronounce the word “unacceptable” appreciation post x
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Greta Thunberg:
Retweeted by PaaMe thinking I got my life together
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#Virgos prefer to have a few strong connections rather than many partners.
Retweeted by Paa @Amynicole0116 @ButterflyMxr @KylieJenner Kylie's nanny now that she don't have to clean up roses from the floor an…
Retweeted by Paa🤣🤣🤣
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Sorry but that scene reminded me of Miss Keesha 😭 #EastEnders
Retweeted by PaaOk a Virgo that explains it 😢
me calling my best friends to let them know i did the exact opposite of the advice they gave me
Retweeted by Paa @SlenderSherbet @joeprogrammer @Chloemeadows @courtneyMgreen @AmberTurner_x 😂He needs to mind his business
Retweeted by Paa @DeliverooHelp 20 pounds was taken from my account yesterday with no delivery made?! I will need a refund?
My mum wants the charger back off me when she’s on 80% 🙄 said she swallowed a PS4 controller. God will have words when hes ready 😂😂
Retweeted by Paa @manlykmatty @JustEatUK @kfc 🤮#Virgo hate texting first, it makes them feel unwanted, awkward, and annoying.
Retweeted by PaaThe iPhone 11 Pro Max camera is so clear you can just take a picture of a man & see all the fucking lies😩
Retweeted by PaaHowling 😂 this would actually be my dad’s reaction
Retweeted by PaaOlivia is trash
@manlykmatty @SpartaGad Omg im crying 😂😂The Real Hypocrite of OC #rhoc from realityguy on Instagram
Retweeted by PaaNot a day goes by where I don’t get asked this question!?! Let’s see what you think! Who do I prefer?
Retweeted by PaaFriend:if you get the taxi I’ll get your first drink Me:
Retweeted by PaaDelete the contact. Delete the chat. Delete the pictures. Move on. It never happened.
Retweeted by Paawhen you hear your voice on one of your mates snapchat stories
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@f4rrahrocks @GOAB767 a day goes by where I don’t get asked this question!?! Let’s see what you think! Who do I prefer?How can time be the best healer if it's the one thing that will kill you..
I remember when my old Nokia phone said I had low battery it meant that I had 2 days to find a charger. Now my pho… true is this, be nice to yourself ✌🏻
Retweeted by PaaWow 😍😍 phoning my mate to tell them I went with my own advice again instead of theirs
Retweeted by PaaBrilliant! I’ve missed you beautiful presence on my tv screen! ❤️
And I’m a fan of the kardashians but really!!!!When girls used to ask me why I’m in their mans dm... Cook is pissing everyone off today #thomascook #baldnonce #holiday #ruined
Retweeted by Paa @Mark______85 @vernonkay my tv hubby is a lucky man ey 😂😍 @manlykmatty me when I see myself on @DonStrapzy_ YouTube init 😂 he says he’s out with the boys on Friday but will come and see you on Saturday...
Wouldn’t they see Gary’s bleeding knuckles #coronationstreetHave you ever been locked out of your vehicle? Check out this clever trick 😏
Retweeted by Paa @manlykmatty’m dead @manlykmatty has to be the biggest Buffon ever to my sleepover guests after my mom just finished cussing me out in front of them
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I was just at Wendy’s tryna get some food and this happened 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ welcome to Virginia 💯
Retweeted by Paame when someone doesn’t reply to my text within 5 minutes:
Retweeted by PaaMe watching the @sedonsfc video and seeing myself @DonStrapzy_ hasn’t spoken about @AmberTurner_x this week #towie @oliviajade_att you don’t like @courtneyMgreen and @Chloemeadows so why do you follow them on insta? #towieMariah you are the G.O.A.T @ITVBe and @OnlyWayIsEssex on your next campaign getting the ladies to go make up free to raise awareness please do… @banner_harriet @oliviajade_att @Chloemeadows And they have seen Chloe struggle on the show and can be this vile th… irony of Plastic Olivia and prepubescent joey calling the natural @Chloemeadows ugly #towie  stars bang on about we viewers shouldnt slate their looks or appearance because of mental health yet every… @oliviajade_att you had loads to say about mental health and trolling but 3 weeks in a row you have put… of my best days out ever man! Loved every second and you deserved to you’re the best friend anyone could ask fo… @ITVBe I hope you’re reading the tweets about @OnlyWayIsEssex and those vile two joey and Ella! If a straight man s… of the day 😂😂’s cracking up. And It’s going to happen on LIVE TV.
Retweeted by PaaHow sad is this little prick. Trying to get a story line with his rehearsed dry one liners! Yuk yuk yuk #towieMinding my own business at the arsenal match and people keep messaging asking why I’m in SE dons video and I’m sayi… @_TobyAlexander What a hunk you are 😍Happy #WorldRhinoDay. Fuck poachers, and fuck the people who pay them. If you think a rhino horn is medicine you are a stupid cunt.
Retweeted by PaaWhy does every z list reality star automatically have anxiety 😍Off to watch @Arsenal face @AVFCOfficial at the emirates stadium! Taking my boy @manlykmatty for a late birthday pr… deserve it 💙 to when impressionist, Jason Sensation did Owen Hart, @BretHart, @Undertaker, @ShawnMichaels and…
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@90sWWE @manlykmattyOr arsenal tickets init @manlykmatty 😂 @manlykmatty @ChantsFc YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!Mate funeral yesterday has taught me few things •Stop moaning about bollocks •Sort out any problems now •Message f…
Retweeted by PaaAccidently clicking on one of them sex noise videos and trying to close it quickly
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