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@serendipities He says and does things go Hannah that are objectively bad but then I put myself in that situation a… @_taco_belle lofl I hate myself. He is so rude to everyone but the fact he is so rude to Libby’s awful family makes him even more attractive @lindsey_green Good idea. Nothing online is truly private. @SalPal908 yikes yikes yikes. this is awful and literally HOW DARE THEYSurprise surprise the amount of tone policing and nitpicking of women leading online museum programs is out of control!! @sandyguttman @ckridley I am also into Kylo Ren, another life ruiner.Andrei fro 90 Day Fiance (hangs head in shame lol) @ckridley Chelsea, just give in. Adam Driver is so hot. My most divisive opinion. @sandyguttman @ckridley I almost added Michael B. Jordan's character to my list but I like him better bulked up like in Black Panther @ckridley @sandyguttman THIS IS AN EXCELLENT RESPONSE. Tim Riggins was the hottest around the time he had that affa… @museum_matters @museum_matters Who’s this???? @ecantr3ll My god. It’s making me think some members of the public are treating zoom like Facebook. Just unfiltered… Atwood from The O.C. Sackler from Girls tv characters would you have allowed to ruin your life? A thread. Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls @sandyguttman How hot is Jess. I’d let him ruin my first love relationship FOR SURE. @porchrates I may have to because the more I think about the comment the more egregious it is. I usually find PMs h… @sandyguttman I hate myself for thinking Adam Brody is hot throughout his Chrismukkah nonsense. What a show. @sandyguttman The GG only really did one Christmas episode and that was in season 1 when Richard had a heart attack… @sandyguttman So which are your favorites? I need a sappy holidays tv list going. I recently revealed my favorite h… @LeahGolubchick That’s true. I let her message go by unanswered. In person I would have had to accommodate somehow… @MsDanielleDart I think it was especially loaded because she interrupted *ME* and not the whole program. Whereas IR… @MsDanielleDart Attendee.Has anyone doing public programs or events been admonished by a participant by private message on Zoom? Had one rec…
@jessicabrode Let’s plan a car caravan! I love eating in that parking lot. @jessicabrode Twinsies 👯‍♀️ @geriatricgretch Plus haven’t they also said transmission is climbing because of household visits and family get to… is a 10 p.m. curfew going to accomplish??? @jessicabrode Yikes! I would not be in a rush to see anyone if people were testing positive. I hope everyone gets the care they need. @jessicabrode I totally get that. I have one lonely parent in California and my husband has a terminally ill parent… is nothing like the moment when an online affinity group implodes
Retweeted by Paula SantosThe pandemic risk assessment we’re all doing to see family we haven’t seen in a year. @goldfnch Some months ago I recorded this episode on personal and collective grief definite… miss New England and having new experiences, so I wrote about the @dunkindonuts Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut for…
Retweeted by Paula SantosReality tv show reunion style. @ItsTheBrandi Definitely did a double take when I put together Morty was now at northwestern @SaraPhalen Wow for a second I thought I missed something in Chicago. Guessing you’re out in DuPage county?? @cindylu ahaha we don’t! Trying to think of an equivalent and I just keep thinking they become cops. @cindylu why at the accuracy especially to Mexicans in the Midwest
I never dress up for Halloween but perhaps showing museum worker solidarity will entice me this year. Sign up to fi… are acting like a group of people broke into Toobin’s computer, hacked his camera, turned it on and caught h… @berincole our online programs are well people who have never visited us and maybe might never. defin…$1225 for a studio in Flatbush, Brooklyn (and I miss it dearly). @emmmdott the biblical passages for me. so well-researched.Shea Serrano’s latest book deserves to be on the best sellers list. Read it last night and couldn’t put it down. Th… #InternationalPronounsDay! Celebrate the power of inclusive language by downloading the Family Inclusive Lang…
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Just can’t do it all.
Retweeted by Paula Santos @SarahCole813 This is exactly why I almost never have breakfast @SaraPhalen I went down an electric blanket rabbit hole earlier. Too many options!!Been thinking about this all evening: a Culver’s Ulta. @peacheslechat Election epoch 😩Election Day more like election week.if you need me I’ll be in the kfc sephora
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@lindsey_green @artlust @interactivate I feel this deeply. Gonna attempt this shift now after pandemic growth mindset.I wish there was no period between election day and inauguration, and every sitting president had to have their ba…
Retweeted by Paula Santos @Cynsharpe @artlust @interactivate Plus little accountability because institutions accountable to this model, not to public or workers. @Cynsharpe @artlust @interactivate Funding model absolutely and all of that is tied up with who holds leadership po… @annifred_k Aw I love them. @winged_things I’ve never had a heated blanket before! Since I’m WFH it seems like a wiser investment than cranking… @gilbertlisak Overland. These are the ones I bought. They have many more styles @edgerington I have to be honest and say that since I’ve been driving all around the city, I’m almost always underd… @blitzen13 I am curious about those. Just not sure where I’d put it. Next to my work computer???Here’s what I don’t look forward to in winter: getting the snow off my car and defrosting my windows. 🥶 Literally m… @edgerington I have to dry clean mine. We went into lockdown when we were still wearing winter coats so I never got… @jessicabrode Every audience we work with is on the same boat. With teachers “if we are still remote teaching,” wit… sure I have all the cozy things I want and need for this reclusive winter. First, warm house booties. Anyt… @melissadominic It seems to be fine and my husband ate it just fine...I really couldn’t stand it from the moment th…
Has anyone ever cooked ground turkey and the smell was so overpowering and the flavor super strong? This is not how I remember it tasting. 🤨I was about to say, this is Greek life social theory lol. It happens in every org culture. If you aren’t brave when…
Retweeted by Paula SantosCovid news this AM finally cemented for me that in person public programs (at least in cities like Chicago) won’t r…’s contributing to my fatigue is that I’m almost always on react mode. I can only plan 2 or 3 weeks ahead becau… @CarleenTibbetts It’s one of my favorite restaurants and I don’t care who knows it!!!well i mean i can’t be on here talking about “fuck minimum wage” and then not pay the people working for me a decen…
Retweeted by Paula Santos @arreola I’ve become more of a recluse now than in the summer because now I know how many ppl are just out and abou…
@artlust @historyadjunct Pumpkin tasting menu? Baking contest judge?I’d never describe brownies as “gooey” in the center. Is this what British people think of us???? Utterly baffling. #GBBOThe contestants on #GBBO bake all sorts of unusual, obscure things...and utterly fail at brownies.
@sierra_vrd For me, fine. HR has always been threatening and harmful to me. We have contractors who do payroll/book… @sierra_vrd No hr. Team of 5 FT. @emmmdott @MuseumWorkers Thank you! I so appreciate it. I only know bits and pieces of your challenging journey and… @porchrates @magmidd Particularly in a place that has made a concerted effort for years to talk about community eng… @porchrates Yeah this is bad and I can only hope there’s an internal revolt by staff. it’s so frustrating when inst… skateboarding scenes in this movie are so cool. They were all filmed in a studio backlot and yet they feel expa… cousins really wore out this dumb joke. “Why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here?” #BackToTheFuture @nananavy He annoyed Zemeckis so much he wasn’t cast in the sequelDoc Brown’s wfh loungewear is on point. Look at this snakeskin, silk house robe. #BackToTheFuture Glover makes the weirdest choices in this movie. This is not how a person acts, like ever. #BackToTheFuture this detail about time travel. The Delorean gets frozen in transit! #BackToTheFuture grew up in a Mexican household in the 80s and tbh had no idea what peanut brittle tasted like. I’m not sure I kno… @jessicabrode Woowwwwww I hadn’t noticed it. You know what, let’s bring back this manicure, too. 💅🏾
Super into Jennifer’s outfit. Pink denim should make a come back! How did Marty land such a cute girlfriend? 🤔…’re watching Back To The Future instead of the town halls. Why do you think Doc and Marty are friends in the fir… milestone! We've officially received 1,000 contributions to the #MuseumWorkersFund. @MuseumWorkers group is amazing. A bit stunned I snuck in. Thanks all. And wow do I wish I could celebrate in real life wit…
Retweeted by Paula SantosCheck out @ZVorndran’s blog post about #AASLH2020 focusing on #diversity and #equity. Learn more about the work of…
Retweeted by Paula Santos @artlust There Is a Light That Never Goes Out will forever be one of my favorite songs. Even Morrissey can’t change that. @heyshaelyn When I was working with a career coach a couple of years ago I did a strengths finder test and it was e… three hour working zoom meetings end in celebration. @gwenlfern @greenbergalyssa @museum_matters @kate_swisher