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Max with the summary: @behindyourback Same.The pizza is coming from inside the gate!Hey, does this mean he has to give himself a million dollars?*Records YouTube explainer on how to use books to find out information* @Brandon_Bird I’ve had to re-explain some of the most basic concepts, over and over again, because people are getti… thing has been happening in the last 10 years where people make “explanatory“ videos about film history on YouTub…
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoElon musk as one of the richest people alive getting bullied so hard for posting uncredited art that he goes Black…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @WuzzinM I think something like this makes sense, given the senate bills shown in the series. Why the sudden need f…’s cancelled. Counterpoint: quit shaming eating disorders. @StevenWayneArt @MattVader74 @gilbertramirez Titans are cancelled. @jere7my @StevenWayneArt @MattVader74 @gilbertramirez Goya’s cancelled. @StevenWayneArt @MattVader74 @gilbertramirez Not a fan of Goya? @DoubleOughtSven Not really. I do find myself wondering about show budgets and schedules more than I did before. Wa… @WuzzinM @IT_Saac_Studios @DigitalOxen @Sethjohny 24ish. But yeah. @troublegum @edgewalker81 @SecretSchnitzel @100pctAkronite Better Call Saul is one of my exceptions. I love that sh… @WuzzinM @IT_Saac_Studios @DigitalOxen @Sethjohny (Since I’m tagged in this anyway, he’s been gone 5 years or so) @Arr That fucking comma. @troublegum @edgewalker81 @SecretSchnitzel @100pctAkronite I think it can still be "serious" or in-depth or whateve… @jmgauthier @ObsKenobs @eleventhirtyate @quigonsmith No argument here. @jasoncfry This rules.Executioner: “any last words?” YouTuber getting the death penalty for clicks - “hey guys don’t forget to sound off in the comments”
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @RubenCuevas7 Is that a real subreddit? @SecretSchnitzel @100pctAkronite If at all helpful, being a fan and being part of fandom need not be the same thing… 2019. Sireen. Medic and strategist. The sixth of six Team Turbo Autobots. He looks remarkably well armed… 2017. Crosshairs. Autobot Targetmaster weapons supervisor. Turns into an offroad buggy kind of thing. His… @pablohidalgo Pablo: Twitter:
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @Sir_Jango_Fett Nah. I only have a few people blocked. I don't see them unless I open up a thread as anyone who doe… @BlueMilkDrinker Hoojibs or bust.Sofa Sunday
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @TAscendedSaiyan @Oda_CM Yeah, I dig ‘em. Ken 4everThe dudes who get mad at me for how they imagine movies are made are mad at me at what they imagine I tweeted. @TweeterTrash @NedRaggett Let’s popularize this as the new “By Jove!” @PTFilm I don’t think it’s been shown, so Asajj doing it is just as good as any reason. George once joked that Anak… @azulgris27 I don’t talk about work at all, and my friends who are Star Wars fans know not to bring it up. @noahjnelson I play Andy Serkis. @jere7my I like that somehow @DaftLimmy and I are connected by this. @noahjnelson I mocap everyone.I humbly apologize for writing, directing and starring in that movie. @Mikemicthewolf That’s Daniel Plainview. Played by Daniel Day Lewis. But you are right in that he is not canon. @AfterLastJedi @TexSR_Chase @StarWarsDH hatters, clearly. @rwb76 I was very fortunate to be part of that team, and it was absolutely a highlight of the past few years.
Polish Illustrator Piotr Jabłoński (
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @geldoon @MattVader74 Then it’s a good thing I didn’t post that. @gilbertramirez @MattVader74 (I think he knows) @steven_zawicki @TCrescen @Bernard52869427 @Diamond51304 @JTFandomMenace You can tell it’s fake because there aren’t any hog balls.Feels like someone’s views are down and they’re trying to find a way to get em started. @davidroberts192 @Ritchie8991 @JTFandomMenace Lol @MattVader74 Is that Jaws? @ShellaciousYT @JTFandomMenace @RuinTheManbaby (I kinda wish I thought of it) @tvaziri (Me too. I wish I had thought of it) @100pctAkronite When we all know they left of their own accord. @Mikemicthewolf @JTFandomMenace @RuinTheManbaby You can tell by the pixels.Didja know @ gullible is not a valid user name on Twitter? @JTFandomMenace What's that from? :) @MattVader74 What's that from?George Lucas’ foreword to THE STAR WARS ARCHIVES is one of the most essential, life affirming things I’ve read.
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @thestarkiller1 @MonkeyBoy1138 @I__Jedi @Toonimator @SWForce4EU @rebelrealcanon @JosephMOsborne @AdamLanceGarcia two. @thestarkiller1 @MonkeyBoy1138 @I__Jedi @Toonimator @SWForce4EU @rebelrealcanon @JosephMOsborne @AdamLanceGarcia @thestarkiller1 @MonkeyBoy1138 @I__Jedi @Toonimator @SWForce4EU @rebelrealcanon @JosephMOsborne @AdamLanceGarcia @thestarkiller1 @MonkeyBoy1138 @I__Jedi @Toonimator @SWForce4EU @rebelrealcanon @JosephMOsborne @AdamLanceGarcia @thestarkiller1 @MonkeyBoy1138 @I__Jedi @Toonimator @SWForce4EU @rebelrealcanon @JosephMOsborne @AdamLanceGarcia @AGuyWhoTweet5 The ones marked 2019 are new.Working around it.’s #dailybot drawing possibly delayed. @JediGeekGirl @swankmotron @missingwords On January 13, 1990, at a press event for the opening of Star Tours in Orl…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @DavidAspmo @SWForce4EU @patty_sawicki @JosephMOsborne @thestarkiller1 @rebelrealcanon @I__Jedi @AdamLanceGarcia 2019. Road Police. The fifth of six members of Team Turbo. Turns into a cop car. And yes, his little Micr… 2017. Pointblank. Autobot Targetmaster enforcer. Turns into some sort of futuristic Cybertronian sports c… Father’s Day, all Public Works Department
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @JediBrian I love those goofy books.Huh. You like rallies when it's about pep. Interesting. And yet...(Wait'll these guys hear what I think about Twitter) @Wanderlustin @eleventhirtyate Sure enough, the past day or two had a very long SWEU thread that ended up being quite civil and delightful.
@flyingbadger Someone took offense to me using YouTube, a site I don't particularly like. @flyingbadger Nope. Not at all. to aspiring filmmakers: Watch each of Roger Ebert’s “Great Movies” followed by reading each film’s review —…
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoIt had been quiet for a while. And then I... uh... posted a YouTube link to a vfx breakdown of Bumblebee. Really sh… @The2ndMouse77 @CyberfrogJumpin @edgewalker81 “Good grief it’s a running gag.”Gerard Butler in Target Has Fallen @CyberfrogJumpin And yet here we are delighting in each other's company. @tom_on_here Me, obviously: @CyberfrogJumpin Oh wow, a longtime fan! @edgewalker81 @Scott_Bromley @conner_omalley I know. I'm worried this might cause a relapse. @edgewalker81 I thought he was really into his jeans. @CyberfrogJumpin These gibbets aren't cheap.The ComicGaters know my take-home, apparently. And why I freelance to supplement that massive pay.
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgowhen ur bagel betrays the realm
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @CyberfrogJumpin @adambomber_ I'll put him in my comic if he donates at the right level. @adambomber_ @CyberfrogJumpin deadlines are a SJW construct, Adam. @conner_omalley you okay man? @ComradeStarving No, it's still bad then.