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Doing daily Transformers drawings tagged #dailybot.

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@SFDanJ A form of their energon fuel. @SFDanJ I'm going in a specific order, but the good news is I've already drawn him. 2019. Rabbicrater. An Autobot Micromaster released in 1990, packed with a VHS release of Transformers Zon… 2017. Arise, Rodimus Prime. The Chosen One who will rise from the ranks and use the power of the Matrix o… @paymentmike It's a dunk tank. Someone needs to hit the target with a baseball. @nickusen Is this that Peterson / Zizek thing everyone's going on about?I think the funniest part of this is that beef contains more bioavailable and potent estrogens than soy does. By, l…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgoa public service announcement
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @pixelatedboat boat, thank youClassic episode. Martin Scorsese brought his mom on, and she cooked pizza. @edgewalker81 Perfect.Cool brain I’m workin with here
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @tvaziri Exactly what I was thinking.
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo(These are kids’ movies. And that’s not a bad thing) @UweBollocks Same amount of energy expended.* hoots and hollers at studio logo * I say: I’m fine What I mean: my life’s sole purpose is seeking justice for Alan Silvestri’s 1984 score to Rom…
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoSide note: someone asked at Celebration what the different marketing categories of Star Wars books are for, and it'…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @ek_johnston Accurate.#dailybot 2019. The second half of the Battle Patrol Team: Powerbomb (left) and Sunrunner. These were released in J… 2017. Swerve. Autobot metallurgist. Turned into a lovable loudmouth bartender in the IDW comics run. His… @CapnStormcloud I'll let these other folks have first crack at an answer. @Mugsysam Hah. Amazing.He's been tweeting for 27 hours.
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @EckhartsLadder @HolocronKeeper I think he did a wonderful job with Catalyst and Tarkin. Authors are typically sele… @EckhartsLadder @HolocronKeeper Jim is very well versed. If you've read any of his historical fiction, he's all abo… @EckhartsLadder @HolocronKeeper Depends on the author. Everyone has their own approach. @funranium Really has made the whole thing worthwhile.WOOOHOO! Blaze em if you got em! man oh man oh man, six more tweets.... @pablohidalgo Lol maybe the most useful "In case you missed it"
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @Chelsolo downright rude game. @mfreemanwriter @Tdouglas125 I’d assume it was daily caloric intake for most humanoids. @keeler1973 I’m sure you had a good time regardless. Maybe sometime in the future. @marlowned They’re not Oakleys. ;) @ARTofCOOP I have it for emergency purposes. @RickyAngela87 @Chooka1989 (Hides widely published concept art from Ep7 that had this image/idea) that’s some good concluding. @ARTofCOOP the Seth Abramson tweet thread count go up is like the Deepcore crew in The Abyss counting off Bud’s depth gauge. @Brandon_Bird My title once had the word “content” in it, and I felt bad about it. It’s like filler or undifferenti… @manraysky @AshCrossan @Tcann13 @DanielKennedyDK @thedorkydiva Shit. I don’t know three girls. Unless mom counts.
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This is dumb. If anything, I have spent more money on Getty Images because of this account.* Small-minded move here… @IskraDavidPhoto @manraysky I can believe someone with that criteria only acknowledging six movies. @HenryWHall @Protoman Not one bit. These are gold! @pixelatedboat you were totally ahead of the curve on this. @manraysky Alphabetical by gaffer.Our office earlier today. @journo_dale @manraysky It is not. @TheFuturition Seems like a story that hasn't been told yet. @tehnakki Attn: @tvaziriEarlier today. @manraysky: It's Friday! Me: It's Thursday. Manraysky: Oh. Me: Thursday is Wednesday's Friday. @robnmccormack *Especially* coming from a guy from Lucasfilm on his personal twitter account. @SarahSahim I'm not gonna chime in on any EP9 stuff until well after the movie is out. @robnmccormack I'm not gonna chime in on any EP9 stuff until well after the movie is out. @ashleyfeinberg Tweet what we tell you to tweet, Ashley.July 12, moved back from June 25. A move that will have little to no impact on anyone who isn't directly involved i…
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoFour days to help save the grave of Georges Méliès, the cinema and #vfx pioneer on @Kickstarter!
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoToday a customer mentioned that she could get a new hardcover book online for $15. Our mission is not to shame anyo…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @guyinthereply "quietly," he posts. 2019. Gunlift (left) and Sidetrack, half of the Autobot Micromaster Battle Patrol team released in 1990 J… 2017. Pipes. Autobot warrior. A clever retool of 1984's Huffer toy, basically turning him backwards and a…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @KrangTNelson Completion means once you stop crying, right?So many car interiors. and prayers, maybe start a GoFundMe
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @MrSmartyMan Okay, all caught up. It was the guy I assumed has been winning for the past 10 days. Amazing stuff.… @michelledeidre @manraysky @Eric__Smith Go Jets! @UweBollocks Noted. I think there’s a screening tomorrow that I’m gonna try to get into @UweBollocks Where are you seeing it? @pixelatedboat I quote the “do you want to know where I got these big shoes?” line all the time.Chilling.
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoGreat read (or listen, if you’re on Audm like me) #DeleteFacebook @CraigDrakeArt That’s huge on my bucket list.Hoping some folks like @HamillHimself, @neilhimself, and @scottmccloud can help give this a boost. Legendary comics…
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoI think every time I don't have interest in a thing that, oh, upwards of 10% of my timeline shows interest in, I'm…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @benmekler Bazooka Joe comics here. @pixelatedboat @timescanner How did I miss this?donthurtem.bmf cannot share this photo enough. The photobomb is amazing. Thank you, dog day care, for this gem.
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@pixelatedboat But his name is Mueller. That's why it's on the report.Every few months I need to seek out this glorious tweet. this is one hell of a pivot
Retweeted by Pablo HidalgoAs a father of five daughters, I can tell you the line has to be drawn somewhere. And I’m drawing it right now at “…
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @jere7my Unless it's a Starwars-com mention, I'll pass. @jere7my What's the source on this summit?Are You There God? It's Me, Your Cousin, Marvin God
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @jere7my @mdmost Where’s she been since Sunday, huh?! Very telling.What a time to be somewhat alive. @Cryptoterra Lol, two hours and one minute later.When people with locked accounts interact with you for some reason.’s a wrap!
Retweeted by Pablo Hidalgo @mdmost Tough year for them. :( @T1mo98 He did not leave the map. The Visual Dictionary doesn't say that (A caption in the Ultimate SW book did, i…'t anyone tell the tubers that a certain actress made the Time100)As a rule, people who think this site is awful and is never getting any better are the best follows. @HenryWHall @GabbyG41 Feels like Gabriel would be the better person to ask. @HokusBloke You can call it whatever you want though! I think if they were going for "someone who kills", they wou…