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Natsec/IR nerd | @SAISstrat & @IEUniversity | A happy TCK looking forward to traveling the world again soon 🇪🇸🇺🇸

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@aawadall @RPG_volley We appreciate it. We’ll make T-shirt’s for our fans. @aawadall Also, if you bribe me correctly, I have pictures. @aawadall If anyone’s worried about her I also brought chicken nuggets and supplies for margaritas. We’re all good…
@RPG_volley I’d definitely just mention the idea first, she’ll appreciate the gesture even if she says no. @AlxWrghtTwtr @politico @USMCMuseum I do concede that that is a very good museumUpdate: I’m now texting my grandma about this and she’s recommending MORE BOOKS. Also, I absolutely love the fact that my grandma texts me. @AaronDresslar @politico But especially on Monday. @ZaknafeinDC @mikenelson586 Is it all nonsense or are the news just nonsense nowadays? @mikenelson586 I feel like if I don’t read every single headline ever I can’t understand any of your tweets.I appreciate ⁦⁦@politico⁩ for starting my day off with inter-service rivalries. This is exactly what we need on a M… about 25 books to my to read list today (which is currently like 300 books) and now I’m having anxiety that I… @1930sMemoir Thank you! Currently reading another one of Javier Cercas’ books, I really like him. Will def add these to my list.
@joetheduffy That’s harsh. I was just sassy and sarcastic because I didn’t want to go there so I had to change churches at one point lolol @joetheduffy You got grades at Sunday school? @aawadall It’s like they took a photo of our lives. @EvansRyan202 Why? Europe has so much at stake depending on how the US election goes and there are clear sentiments… @CarolineCBaxter Oh noooo this is so tragic. I’m sorry! I almost didn’t get a haircut for the whole year because I… @scottjstephens @timmathews I don’t struggle with this exactly but I have also found that pushing my bedtime slight… @JustinMagula Yeah. I read parts of it for my campaign analysis but I should probably revisit it. @JustinMagula Haven’t seen it! Don’t think so tho @Ms_Riley_Guprz Do it!! What better time to start. And I would love to see the results ☺️ @Ms_Riley_Guprz Ok then my rec is to start small. I love my eyes so I always focus on that (although I barely wear… @Ms_Riley_Guprz Also: know your colors!! @Ms_Riley_Guprz No better way than to practice. But you can also go down the rabbit hole of YouTube or instagram.“We were civilized people, after all. But I felt like the culture we boasted so much about is only a very thin lacq… @Ms_Riley_Guprz I’m to the point where I might just walk around my house in a gown. @Diana_Prince_ Thank you!! It’s a super vintage dress from the 80s that my grandma lent me! It’s also super heavy b… @scottjstephens Thank you! Will definitely check it out, I’ve been sleeping terribly lately. @RPG_volley Haha thank you! @scottjstephens What app is that?? I’m reading the book “Why we sleep” and it’s absolutely fascinating. @pptsapper @RPG_volley I feel like this year has validated that even further? We shouldn’t have to hang out with pe…
@gunsandroches Aww thank you Priyanka!! @RPG_volley Maybe we could just make friend galas a thing. Dress up and it’s just six people.My new profile picture is a reminder that I miss dressing up and going to events. There’s so many dresses hanging s… you ever hang out with @aawadall ask her to make you cocktails. Any cocktail. She’s an expert. Fall weather call… @tjmttn Thanks! @JackMurphyRGR And I asked for novels, because I learn better about customs and the people at the time that way. So… @JackMurphyRGR The one he was talking about was The Spanish Civil War by Hugh Thomas - I’ve read parts of it and it… yes, my dad is way old. I called him elderly the other day, which he did not seem to appreciate. my dad for recs on books about the Spanish Civil War and he told me a story about books he read in the 1950s… @aawadall That’s why I force you.Go outside, it’s an absolutely gorgeous day. I love fall 🍂 @aawadall I want this at some point plz
@aawadall This is so specific, I love it. @JayMcvann Always happy to help! Still learning it started: how it’s going:
Retweeted by Paula A-C @DuplessisBrad This seems like a really healthy approach. My usual go to is “it would be easier if I just put this… forgot there were political things happening tonight and oh boy if ignorance is not bliss. I’m living so happily…
@DuplessisBrad @DWBarno76 @norabensahel That’s great! I know they would love to hear that (and Nora does check her… @JimLaPorta @NBCThisisUs This was such a rough fight. I felt it in my bones. @RPG_volley Well now you have to show us the first. @RPG_volley @aawadall I’m begging her not to forget me when she’s famous.
@LethalityJane Depressed pita chip. @jimgolby This looks like when you’re trying to feed an infant and it all just comes back to you. constantly feel like we have to learn to explain the world and what is happening, but so many times history has… @AlxWrghtTwtr She is one of my favorite philosophers!How it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by Paula A-C @ZaknafeinDC True. It’s where all the interesting people are.I feel like if Twitter was a giant high school cafeteria I’d constantly be watching a food fight that somehow only… @aawadall India, because I’m pissed that my March trip got cancelled (but also France because I have a wedding) @ShayKhatiri @gunsandroches Aww Priyanka! I’m so sorry. I was in this same boat in August. Fingers crossed.
My favorite quarantine activity is changing into my comfiest hoodie .2 seconds after pretending to look like an adu… @ahfdc @tyfys_podcast Yes! Please make all episodes longer. I’m always left wanting more.So beautiful. I miss dancing. Maybe I’ll have a dance party as a way to start off the week 💃🏽 is so amazing. @ZaknafeinDC We’re they foreign? Because this is one of the English words that you def don’t learn to pronounce on your own.
@JessWongDC Aww thanks Jess! I’m glad you liked it!Read this. Then read it again. And if you have to, read it a 3rd time.
Retweeted by Paula A-CThe ultimate point here is that there's a lot more history to the discovery of the Americas, and choosing to celebr… Paula, a ton of people died and weren't treated correctly? Yes, many of those who arrived in the new continent… protection of indigenous rights by the Catholic Monarchs is well regarded as one of the first instances of the… addition, Bartolomé de las Casas, one of the first priests in the Americas, became an avid protector of Indigeno… 20 June 1500, the Queen issued a royal decree that officially prohibited slavery and ensured that everyone livin… himself ignored the Queen's order to treat indigenous peoples as members of the Spanish Crown, and not sla… Queen (Isabel the Catholic) was extremely clear that he should "treat said Indians very well and with affection… Columbus arrived, he first encountered friendly locals but after some time he encountered violence and other… agreement between the Catholic Kings (Isabel and Ferdinand) and Columbus is called the Capitulaciones de Santa… 1492 the Catholic Kings agreed to to fund Christopher Columbus' desire to travel around the world - after the Po…'s a lot of negativity around Columbus Day - but what's the history around the discovery of the America's and…’s not the first Monday of May, but I needed this today 👸🏼
@ErrantStrategry Print side in so that when you fold the top you can see the print haha twitter to the rescue @ElliotCarter10 @jessica__mariah @LeighGiangreco @chbooksdc Omg absolutely. Let’s do it! @aawadall Did you hit your head?
@DuplessisBrad I could stare at that gif for hours. @dtf1947 Ohh interesting! I’ll have to give it a try for sure.Felt like experimenting tonight and we put basil in our Hendricks G&T and it was surprisingly good. quick shoutout to @pacouceiro because she ‘likes’ good content, which then appears on my timeline. K, that’s all.
Retweeted by Paula A-C @TheHousseiny Ahhh thank you Rita!! Happy to know my mindless scrolling is good for something.
@HauptmannHansa @dodreads @first_pull @JayMcvann Thanks! For most of the day I wished I didn’t have to work and cou… @RPG_volley This makes me miss France and all its buttery delights.
@ZaknafeinDC Exactly! Haven’t you learned anything since March? @ZaknafeinDC If you don’t ask the question it’s not real, therefore, you don’t have to worry about that part of pla… timeline cleanse 🌲 @ClausCarretero
Retweeted by Paula A-C @first_pull @JayMcvann @dodreads Happy to report that it’s here and I will start reading later today. @subustiun Gracias Sebita! Sería porque se complica encontrar visado, y aunque todavía no es ley, no dudo que llegue a serlo. Veremos.And just like that, we’re one day closer to the election. Please vote, if not for yourself and your fellow American…