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Punk, folk, fiddles and boats.

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This thread is well worth a few minutes @kelsosimon @judithfinch @officialbarnesy As do you Kelso, and me, we could all spend more time doing good in the c… @ZeroAlphaMonkey @ChrisMasonViews @TipcornK @kateferguson4 Oi Zams, he's mine, get your own mark. @ChrisMasonViews @kuriozorinj @kateferguson4 Hiya mate, I'm in charge of scrapping Tower Bridge, would you like to… @greg_herriett @rafaelbehr @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn Next up "Lib Dems caused me to have heart attack". Actually… @kuriozorinj @kateferguson4 The parallels are uncannyJust been reminded when non Jewish Euan Phillips from "Labour Against Antisemitism " @LabourAgainstAS posted thi…
@PatthePainter2 @joemartin66 She here or in Ireland? @joemartin66 Yep, my parents (and nearly all their friends who are also in their 80s). First dose onlyWtf is he talking about @DailyMirror How the fuck is this news???
@eldavoo @Normanjam671 @JewSoc @renemjclarke And now he's a Collier reply guy???? @TheAmbiguousPFP @Normanjam671 @JewSoc @renemjclarke Tbf, when I first heard his dodgy antisemitism he claimed that… @Normanjam671 @JewSoc @renemjclarke And quite an antisemitic one at that. His old account was the first antisemitic… know we should be able to separate artist and art, but I keep having to climb up a ladder out of the dock where I… people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @JewSoc @renemjclarke I don't think their is any nefarious strategy, he is just a very odd guy @JewSoc @renemjclarke @JewSoc @renemjclarke For a while he occupied the same ground as me, calling out some of the genuinely antisemitic… @JewSoc Very odd account. His old account @renemjclarke was pretty antisemitic, complaining about Jews killing Jesu…
@FromSteveHowell @stevekp63 Maybe a Keith StoneRiver Lea at Enfield the highest Ivw seen it in 10 years. We had to fix extra planks to the dock gate this morning so it didn't flood.
Hi @TwitterSupport @jack. Please review the suspension of @ChloeSchlosberg surprise
@pennyone I know, I know. Is it that it turns out that people with #AllLivesMatter in their bios don't actually giv… @togormain Don't even reckon it was Austin tbh. Just a load of agro centrists on twitter with nothing better to doHang on, Chloe's been suspended for this? Are you not allowed to call someone a psycho on twitter now, or is it onl… @RebelEmG The Lord, it seems, works in very mysterious waysYesterday at work I met a real life Qanon believer, not online, but IRL. He genuinely believes Trump has a complica… people followed me // automatically checked by
@JonTheEgg I mean you could get all marxists on me and point out that they're working for a wage and not getting th… @JonTheEgg I'm alluding to broadsheet journos who may have come from working class homes like 40 yrs ago and like t… @JonTheEgg Or journalists.
@4Vaudeville @ChampagneDosser Is this satire? @debski2222 Personally I never block anyone, but I had to unfollow her some time ago after her posting a series of blatantly racist videos. @debski2222 @LauraMStuart9 I'm shocked how many of my mutuals put up with Laura's racist bullshit @Wolendov @GUNKLE2 Nope @GuyWestcott @Wolendov @GUNKLE2 He's wrong, he just can't accept how the suggestive the mind can be. It's a six sec… is genuinely mind-blowingly good
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @officialbarnesy Agreed @officialbarnesy In the Victorian era, when the notion of "races" became popular, may "mainstream" race scientists… @Rubberbandits Ennis people have the best hairI've mixed feelings about this. Imagining the personal meltdown from Trump is definitely satisfying, but the displa… hell @TomNwainwright Seems a bit harsh
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@RespectIsVital @SCore2018 Has anyone got screenshots of the offending tweets? taTrump's one saving grace is his incompetence. Let's face it. that was a shit coup.
@jamesdmorris @inthesedeserts God save the Queen is about 1 person out of 70 million. Are you suggesting republican… @unionlib And so ungrateful, it was after all the BBC who kick started his culture war grifter careerI don't really support this kind of censorship, but why is it news? Talk Radio have less than 250k subs on YouTube,…
@Trickyjabs I can't agree with 2 yet, bit hey, give him time @mrmarksteel @simonmaginn Of course Marina Hyde didn't single handedly defeat Corbyn, and I get it, she's your mate… @johnmcternan This must have been the other BBC. @SpeechUnion Those actually interested in freedom of speech principles, rather than (what some would call) a litigi… am happy to consider evidence to the contrary, but the FSU do not seem in any way interested in free speech, the… piece fro @defence_truth is worth a read. Unlike the FSU they discuss the implications of lawfare even when it… interested in organisations who support free speech on the left should check out @defence_truth . Unlike the…, it seems, did they even mention the case below, where someone was being sued (possibly maliciously) for RTing… quick twitter search, for example, shows they have never even discussed the free speech issues around the BDS movement @SpeechUnion Trouble is you utterly fail Chomsky's test. Like Stalin and Goebbels you support free speech for opini…'m curious, are there any examples of the "free speech union" defending the freedom of speech of people o the lef… @SpeechUnion #freespeechisonlyfortherich
I wonder if these "Free Speech Union" guys all use the same legal team to sue the people who say stuff they don't l… @silicon_valets Hypothetical scenario. School bullies push small kid over, threaten him, kick some mud in his face… @Pazza1789 @peterjukes @ClarkeMicah @allisonpearson #freespeechisonlyfortherich @silicon_valets @allisonpearson @ClarkeMicah Thos kind of lawfare is disgusting from any privileged wealthy person,… @silicon_valets @allisonpearson @ClarkeMicah Not even my interpretation, just one people might make seeing the evid… @silicon_valets @allisonpearson @ClarkeMicah Some people could interpret Hitchen's tweet to be trying to encourage… @Blueheathen @karl_trotsky @Bythecoast2 My elderly parents are tested every 2 weeks as part of a longitudinal study… is this Lin Wood asshole and how have we not bullied his crazy ass off twitter yet?
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @thebellyboy @mikelitzinger @commentiquette Just fact checked, and fuck me it actually is. So not only a bonkers Tr‚Ķ @karl_trotsky @Bythecoast2 Was that 25% of a random group, or 25% if people who had applied for tests coz they had symptoms?Well this is awkward... ūüė¨ #IStandWithDave
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @fuctJap Nope @ClarkeMicah is Peter, as a working class man I have no means by which to sue someone. The libel laws heavily favour those… baffling this needs saying, but freedom of speech is not just about you being able to say things other people… @MattiaCuberli @HeatherKatzUK @TomChivers Very few people who talk about freedom of speech and cancel culture pass… @HeatherKatzUK @MattiaCuberli @TomChivers Tbh, I have no idea, but it often feels like deformation law is just a fu… @MattiaCuberli @TomChivers She still claims she's going to sue. Here's his original tweet, Julian Assange will find out if he is to be extradited to the US. “Please don’t underestimate the importanc…
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @debski2222 @allisonpearson And she doxxed himWasn't expecting this. Hey ho odd, @kjgbrks has blocked me. Fair enough, block who you like, but I was mostly agreeing with her. Twitter is a… this guy is calling the police coz someone criticised Pearson. real "cancel culture". @allisonpearson and @ClarkeMicah have always been such strong voices for freedom of spe… people followed me // automatically checked by
@JSkeaping @HawkeyeSoames I suppose she'd assumed they were all marginal characters like me and her lefty husband.… @JSkeaping @HawkeyeSoames Was ur change a change of principles/values, or a change in what u thought was possible.… @JSkeaping @HawkeyeSoames I always felt John was more competent, or certainly gave off that aura. when Corbs got el… @JSkeaping @HawkeyeSoames Turns out there is an American lawyer called McConnell-Corbyn @JSkeaping @HawkeyeSoames I know I should let this go, but this is the third time you've written "McConnell" instea… OP has deleted the thread and reposted with replies off as she was inundated with butt hurt white folks. Here's… @folkypunkcas @tonyglover11 @MichaelRosenYes @KirstieMAllsopp I know what you mean. I cannot figure out why my pare… @MichaelRosenYes @KirstieMAllsopp What's more, the health implications to kids is low, and luckily when they leave… War nonsense. Mail and the Sun both running stories about a couple of twitter accounts with a few hundred f… @GT270913 Interesting point, I gotta ponder that.I'm not talking about "white supremacy" advocated by the BNP or KKK I'm talking about European exceptionalism and…