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@john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene 3 people shot in the UK, 1024 in the USA. You tried to explain that by there… @john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene 401 people without a gun were shot and killed. You were explaining the differ… @john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene Ok, found some stats, according to the Post, out of 999 fatal police shooting… @john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene You brought up gun control, not me @john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene So, gun control is part of the answer? I totally agree @john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene TBH, IDK, but for sure America needs less guns. I repeat, 1024 compared to 3… @john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene 3 people in the UK, 1024 in the USA, that doesn't worry you? @john94mlbale @BassettHudson @marlene Weirdly not addressing my point. In 2019 the cops in the UK shot and killed 3… @Pady_oFurniture Will do, ta @Pady_oFurniture No, what's onIf left wing regimes are as bound to fail economically as conservatives and liberals claim, why the need for sanctions? @Ohreeeally3 @caitoz Which facts are you alluding too? @xpressanny @ms_czapla @edwardpoole1975 @0Calamity @delia72_delia @skynewsniall She was joking @skynewsniall Yep
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@fivefilters @Keir_Starmer Hiya, nice vid. Have you got a source for the Julian Assange leaked email stuff. TaSpot the difference.
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @JonTheEgg So now you gotta paint half your flag black, sorry thems the rules (oh hang on, we just abolished rules). @JonTheEgg Not as old as Bakunin, checkmate Marxists @ToffeeCrumble_1 @KellawaySue @DavidLammy @amazon There's loads of independent book sellers on EbayJust been watching some @_michaelbrooks clips on YouTube. The world is poorer place without him. RIP Michael
@ullman_stuart @RedactedTonight Former president, current president and most probably the next president @spikedonline mean, I'm unsure how I feel about social media censorship, but your statement is simply untrue. Wile… @spikedonline @talkRADIO These days sxy your a woman, you get arrested and thrown in jail these days. @ginibrd @AnotherFineTwit @Upyourjunker1 @gnrsmiffies We don't miss you septic3 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by remember when I was a kid in London, it was always being invaded by wierd racists coming to "see the sites". Glad… @Upyourjunker1 I remember when I was a kid in London, it was always being invaded by wierd racists coming to "see t… @52Anastasia @Upyourjunker1 Yeah, coz there was no terrorism in London till the late 80s. The IRA just did peaceful protestsQuite apart from the wrongness of painting over a #BLM mural with white paint, why on earth couldn't he get a long… @etominusipi @Independent Replace "old" with "rich"If they want knighthoods they should be forced to f**king joust
Retweeted by Paddy RoxburghToday, 2 August, marks commemoration of the Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day. OTD all Roma in the GypsyFamily camp at…
Retweeted by Paddy RoxburghSo just how independent is the @Independent? I can find no article or tweet discussing the cronyism in the 2020 ho… @zei_squirrel @ggreenwald @4noura Hang on does Glen support Citizens United?Today we remember the Roma victims of the holocaust. Many of the attitudes and racist tropes we still see today, le…
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @RealJamesWoods Not Britian pal. We drive on the left, and rear number plates are yellow
Seems there's a lot of wankers in the US. Who knew? @new_number_2 @rte Do far @new_number_2 @rte It'll be interesting (although harrowing) to see what kind of death toll they have (if u can bel… @Curious_Chak It reminds me of when Cameron couldn't remember if he was supposed to support West Ham or Aston Villa @MichaelRosenYes @Oh_Geez_ In your favour or to your detriment? @AndyWoodturner Annoyingly, if it isn't a flat battery or run out of fuel there is v little you can do without plug… @ThatPavaldo Sane reason i don't believe in the Easter bunny or father xmas @FrancesW05 @CSockpuppet @FoB_blog @Carriedenne1 Yes, cut all ties with your brother, he is clearly the devil.I can't believe it either, it's totally unbelievable. But relax Ian, you and I are correct not to believe it, becau… @stillgray I can't believe it either, mostly because it's not true.
@marie_kate2 What have I missed, is someone dissing Leonard Cohen for being Jewish?Well, I wasn't expecting that. Ammon Bundy "if you thing BLM or antifa are the ones who are going to take your free… this long list of far right/EDL child sex offenders. They have the nerve to claim they are campaigning to prot… @2015Jmr According to Neil, because of common sense public health measures, like distancing and masks. According to… sensible thing you've said in months. Shame you're motivated by some common sense public health measures rath… @spikedonline pitch. Of course @Fox_Claire should accept her seat in the HoL working class people love to pull t… @IDFguttersniper @nigib1 @Daddy__c0o1 @jewdas @DerbyChrisW @EHRC I mean, Jewdas were founded in 2006 @IDFguttersniper @nigib1 @Daddy__c0o1 @jewdas @DerbyChrisW @EHRC Oh mate, the post you've screenshot is a "shit pos… @Daddy__c0o1 @JonTheEgg @jewdas @DerbyChrisW Whoops, miss spelling. It's Lee Stranahan. Look him up. Alt right ex Breitbart guyOMFG, ex Revolutionary Communist Party turned right wing "libertarian" with the backing of Koch foundation money, t… @Michael81793787 @punkgirldiaries So just a bizarre coincidence that it was put out by Rough Trade. Gotta say it's… @Beclock @punkgirldiaries Could be, but wouldn't the hook go "betrayed by Chrysalis lies" rather than "Rough trade lies"? @Michael81793787 @punkgirldiaries How so "we were betrayed betrayed betrayed betrayed betrayed by Rough Trade lies… @GynecologistIm @MichaelRosenYes @new_number_2 For sure, although if you look up the thread we were specifically di… @new_number_2 Also a suspicious lack of interest in antisemitism outside of the Labour Party. Micheal Rosen put it… hear Gnasher has retired. They got a lot of stick from the left, but at least they were honest enough to admit th… @biscuitporpoise @catheineamanda @MattHancock Oh yeah, typical elephant apologist @buddy_hell It's just such BS. One of the really notable things about the protests in America has been the number o…'m baffled by who Covid conspiracists think "they" actually are. Corporate bosses from Elon Musk to Tim Martin lin… @punkgirldiaries Was always baffled (still am), by the song "Rough Trade Lies" on an album released by Rough Trade
Just straight up saying that he'd enact racist policy, immediately on gaining power.
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @skeleton_hare @eleanorkpenny Since responding to Eleanor I've just been listening to this. I don't always agree wi… @skeleton_hare @eleanorkpenny He's already assembling paramilitary forces across the country attacking protestors,… @JonTheEgg @jewdas He has a similar propensity to cosy up to far right figures as Galloway (see the pair of them be… @eleanorkpenny As with all failed states, it depends who the military back @JonTheEgg @jewdas I'm kinda agnostic on Williamson, I really dont think he's Goebbels or Mandela and you know, ev… @Politicsgeek2 @michaeljswalker Use whatever words you like, no one is going to sue you (especially with your onlin… @JonTheEgg @jewdas Cheers Jon @Politicsgeek2 @michaeljswalker Alleged libel @crystalchappell @realDonaldTrump You say that, but I did a mail in vote and got a nasty paper cut on my finger from the envelopeHe's clearly laying the groundwork for a coup. TBH I doubt he will get the backing needed to actually make it work'm curious, do holocaust deniers think that Gypsies weren't genocided by the Nazis either. Their BS narrative conc… @POSH_JOCK @OHATyoutube @jewdas Eh? @OHATyoutube @jewdas Screenshot? @hdotjones Genius @jewdas Can someone screenshot Chris' tweet. He blocked me long ago for suggesting he might be wrong about something
5 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @John_Kavanagh Well done. What kinda lock was on that bike that he could just pull it off like that? I'm not victim… slogan for 2024? @queenruva @Nadine_Writes I'm happy not to use that word, but I'm curious if ur no context includes dramas. Can we… @debski2222 @Scepticdust $190 for me. Had to look up TP'd someones property. I would have done it if I new it was a thing @JonTheEgg @tancanman1 @psychotrip2 @ClassiqueBratz Not going to weigh in on this apart frombto ask you have you he… @happyjack1981 Fuck yeah. It6about the only thing I wouldn't changeGood Morning 🥱 This is too good of a visual not to share: #CutScotlandLoose #SaorAlba 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Retweeted by Paddy RoxburghWhat's going on, a plastic stand for your computer £949. Do people actually buy this shite, Apple wheels for a pro mac, £700. It's some f ing wheels, £700. SEVEN HUNDRED QUID to legal costs crowd funders is the new "joining the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn" @Teresa_Peckham @DJonesestiny @OutriderTed @JVoiceLabour Particularly worrying thing about this case was she was be… @DJonesestiny @OutriderTed @Teresa_Peckham @JVoiceLabour Slightly different, but R@chel Ril y and Tr@cey Anne Oberm… to the end @Curious_Chak @NeilClark66 If not compulsory, at the very least allowed. They are banned at my daughters secondary… @0Calamity Great news. @Politicsgeek2 @michaeljswalker Here is a case of someone's life being turned upside down by a libel case that many…