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Punk, folk, fiddles and boats.

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@antondeshon @EmmaNor86796517 @TherealNihal @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow @ING Mate, you mentioned your kids, I didn'… person; sometimes I experience racism Me; true, let's try to make society less racist. Angry twitter guy;… @antondeshon @EmmaNor86796517 @TherealNihal @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow @ING Good grief, I have a daughter, I'm not… @antondeshon @EmmaNor86796517 @TherealNihal @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow @ING Here's my attempt to explain what I un… @antondeshon @EmmaNor86796517 @TherealNihal @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow What are hoping to achieve by @ing me? @EmmaNor86796517 @TherealNihal @antondeshon @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow I don't mean you BTW, I've just had a lot e… @EmmaNor86796517 @TherealNihal @antondeshon @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow I deleted that tweet as even at 49 yrs old,… @TherealNihal @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow Even more so I imagine you recognise your privileges. For me it's not abo… @AoifeSophia @learnincurve11 I follow some right wrong uns @rufaratae I asked a Nandy supporter last night, I'll include his thread. I think she was probably trying to make a… @Problemspartof Do you actually think that is what anybody is saying? @jxshir0 @markspurs71 @WarmongerHodges @BenJolly9 Well, there was that time my grandmother wasn't deported, and the… @PragmatismWins I spend my money raising my family, I'm not claiming to be poor, but let's be clear, £150 per day i… @qw979a Doubt it, but definitely less empathyAfter seeing you on QT I've had a look at your Twitter TL, and finally I find something on which we agree, I too wo… @LozzaFox I too would prefer you to eat a lightbulb than read a book. Great to have found some common ground @WarmongerHodges @BenJolly9 work as a welder in a boat yard and live in a council flat, but I can still recognise my white privilege, how com… @TherealNihal @antondeshon @ForestGravy @DaveMightKnow Well I work as a welder in a boat yard and live in a council… @katedodd3 If we're allowed footballers I would like to see John Barnes, Stan Collymore or Neville Southall All thr…
@Aidanj1999 I only saw the clipped version and it did seem quite shocking, the trials and imprisonment of Catalan l… @Aidanj1999 I'm trying (not always successfully) to spend more time on Twitter trying to understand why people thin… @LozzaFox No, it's you @Aidanj1999 Aidan, can you offer me your take of what she meant when she said "We should look outwards to other co… it a slip of the tongue? Did she miss speak? I would have been shocked if Johnson or Farage had suggested Spai… @Curious_Chak @IanDunt I would have been shocked if Johnson or Rees-mogg had said that, but a Labour candidate, wtaf @AhJayzis @IanDunt I still can't quite believe she said that, it's just, I mean, err, nope, no words @TomLondon6 @Shout4Change Tbh the worst part of the interview was when she said "We should look outwards to other… though I hate to admit it, I had nothing to do with making this up
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @JCSendon70 @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott Fair play least you admit you were mak… @JCSendon70 @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott Bored of you now good night @HardBrexit2020 @JCSendon70 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott Just to repeat myself @HardBrexit2020 @JCSendon70 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott Then he said "most" and compared stats from London to the population make up in the UK. @HardBrexit2020 @JCSendon70 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott He did, but then backtracked when called out on it @JCSendon70 @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott I'm saying you are dishonestly or mistakenly quoting incorrect… @JCSendon70 @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott You keep saying numbers that are either made up (80%) or are n… @HardBrexit2020 @JCSendon70 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott If your interest is in how to reduce violent crime, rather tha… @HardBrexit2020 @JCSendon70 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott I suggested you looked at Glasgow for 3 reasons. 1 the gang cu… @HardBrexit2020 @JCSendon70 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott Fair play. I don't think anyone is claiming that black youth a… @JCSendon70 @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott Hang on your mixing stats. The 3% is for the UK, the crime sta… @JCSendon70 @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @HackneyAbbott Hang on, where have you got the idea that black people are res… was the lowest point of the whole interview, what the hell was she thinking? I can't quite believe she wants t… seems unwise – humans can be very dangerous 🥁
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @JCSendon70 @HackneyAbbott It's a problem when looking at all reports into crime, you can… @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @JCSendon70 @HackneyAbbott This then becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. Target black peo… @HardBrexit2020 @Nick_BLM @JCSendon70 @HackneyAbbott That "could" be true, but there is an inherent problem with es… good thread about the nonsense that far right and far left are equivalent, I'm bookmarking this for every li… @Spoonhead8 @aspden_daniel If I may interject, Jihadis ARE far right. They are just Muslim far right. It's not the… @aspden_daniel @Spoonhead8 Eh? What far left people did that?Being a centerist is "grown up". I imagine Robin thinks getting a mortgage on a nice house and sending your kids t… @new_number_2 @troovus @Andrew_Adonis Allegedly you have to burn 1/2 million Iraqis at the alter to demonstrate your devotion @CooI_Daddy @shaunjlawson Wtf, I think the IHRA examples are flawed, but you can't make it "illegal" for anyone to… @Rachael_Swindon 's tweet about the BoD was a misjudged attempt at satire and played into antisemitic talking p… tell me this is satire, the alternative hirts my head too much Him @ameninaluz @RLong_Bailey Er, she said she will support them, re read her tweet @snigskitchen @TjayJT My name isn't English either, but like you I was born here. Interesting that this never gets… @TjayJT @snigskitchen @shysteee2018 Irish used to sell fried potatoes, Jews from Poland and Russia sold fried fish,…
@MarxistWhovian @final__girl He probably couldn't have managed it on his own, but apparently he had Chomsky's help,… you, he only managed it with Chomsky's help @final__girl @uniqueuserid @TheSocietyDude I love how he founded a nation at 7 years old, though apparently he coul… you think about how the Zionist project has turned out, one has to admire Bernie for founding a nation whe… @uniqueuserid @TheSocietyDude See thread below for a run down of her "interesting" associations. I find it a bit sh… @Wickets_Pickets I hope Starmer is Warren, but I'm worried he will be Biden3 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
Just had a very weird experience in the Post Office. It's not funny or amusing. Just weird. There's no humorous end…
Retweeted by Paddy RoxburghCompare these 20 headline and see how differently royal reporters treated Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle…
Retweeted by Paddy RoxburghIf like Tom you are considering leave the Labour Party, could I encourage you to at least stay long enough to vote… example of why this is a problem: these pledges themselves. I was elected by LJY to represent them on the…
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @RoadsideMum My friend turned up late at a show where her ice cream trailer was trading. An old Roma guy came up an… @Socialist_Doggy @jessphillips Hi, do you have a link to where they say that? Thanks @itsgoodactually @SamPlacido @cringe_fuck @ARmastrangelo @BernieSanders Well that gets my voteI was surprised and pleased when Theresa May didn't pull out of the Iran deal when Trump ordered the world to do so… you're wondering why: it's because these are the alt-centrist's premier ideological weapons, and they prefer a c…
Retweeted by Paddy RoxburghMeghan Markle has been advised to change her name to #RussiaReport to avoid all scrutiny from the British press.
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @JEarleSkembear @alecgrrr @wahhyozza @CulikOf @BorisJohnson_MP Outlaw motorcyclists?This thread is a fairly good response to the BoD 10 pledges @PriyamvadaGopal "Free trade"= we take all the shit we want for freeJust started reading "Eastend Jewish Radicals 1875-1911" by William J Fishman, about anarchists. Definitely "fringe…, whilst I don't follow @Rachael_Swindon on Twitter, I did used to buy the Guardian, and my wife still…, Hanna seems a bit salty that @Rachael_Swindon, despite not being given a media platform by an oligarch, or inde… @BradleyTFord1 Mate, how do you know he didn't give good care to the animal? @Bob_of_Bonsall @SholaMos1 @thismorning Until recently by far the highest murder rate and gang related crime in the… @Bob_of_Bonsall @SholaMos1 @thismorning Do you remember that time you didn't not get that job? Or how about that ti…
CRIMINAL SENTENCING - HOW IT WORKS: 2018: Maximum sentence for assaulting an emergency worker is doubled. 2018-19…
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @AndrewBartletta @Dams_Lefty @GAYLEXITNOW @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare When I was Andy @Dams_Lefty @GAYLEXITNOW @AndrewBartletta @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare I'm always having to expl… @Dams_Lefty @GAYLEXITNOW @AndrewBartletta @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare Unblock each other and ha… @Dams_Lefty @AndrewBartletta @GAYLEXITNOW @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare Hi, it's a different Steve @Dams_Lefty @AndrewBartletta @GAYLEXITNOW @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare Sorry, I'm really not try… @Dams_Lefty @GAYLEXITNOW @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare Message from Steve to Damien @Dams_Lefty @GAYLEXITNOW @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare I don't disagree that what the Labour has… @Dams_Lefty @GAYLEXITNOW @kayes67 @Wickets_Pickets @Dr_Rave @willuminare I'm surprised to hear that Damien, what AS memes did he RT?
6 people followed me // automatically checked by @PaddyTofu Nandy asks for halfers...
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @PaddyTofu Nope, Corbyn and McDonnell would have slipped her the money to pay with.
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @kmflett @sharpeleven Oscar (my cat) just texted me, "I'm out killing stuff, if the dog touches my food I'm cutting…, what’s Meghan’s problem?
Retweeted by Paddy Roxburgh @AliAlbrecht5 Idk if he is, but I am @GeorgeGarside2 @incorbynsname