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.@dkm14’s high school highlights are 🤯🤯🤯
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @greta I imagine it takes A LOT of planning for the float builders.Yuck. Verified twatter is back.🚨 ATTENTION STUDENTS 🚨 Right field cleanout is tomorrow at Swayze! Call 662-915-1599 or email olemissevents@gmail.…
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Search continues for King Hill, a missing 2-year-old boy from Philadelphia. Last week, police said that someone is…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasWilliam Carey. TWITTER: This website will never survive without us. REGULAR TWITTER:
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucaswait a second how did u tweet this twitter support
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasCmon Elon. You can create an imported golf glorified golf cart that runs on oxygen but you can’t turn on two-factor identification?
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasThe common people’s Twitter is live! LFGGGGG!
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @RobynTannehill prayers for a quick and full recovery!Could be a welcome break.... @GoRebels1213 YUCK!!! prayers for all negatives!Wow! Pinebox wins. @FredNetSports @ESPN_Jac Hi. Spaghetti is an entree. Not a side.
On Monday, 7/13/2020, the Lauderdale County S.O. and federal law enforcement made an arrest in the case involving t…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas.@Nike Confirms @GratefulDead Sneaker Collaboration, Sets Release Date Read more:
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasERRORS FOUND: Florida's positivity rate is skewed. #FOX35 went through #COVID19 test reports & found many clinics r…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @BunkiePerkins Redfish. On a kayak. @GhostOfFiggins @NolanHarrison74 @TutanReyes Yep! Education is the gateway. @NolanHarrison74 @TutanReyes Always advocate for that!! @ScottyeLeeDMD I love choice! My mental well being requires the 2 separate spaces! @JaySaysWords They are both idiots.😷 please.I’m grateful my job allowed me to work from home and then gave us the choice to go back or continue off site ....wi…
@MarineRebb Curious if it was the provider that was the spreader. So much is unknown. UM is going to have some fac… @GhostOfFiggins @MarineRebb My nieces and nephew agree. @TomMorrisJr1 Yum!!A big thank you to Tyler! Got the leak fixed ! Headed to the next kid that completed the 50 Yard Challenge in Oreg…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @onemantobeat True!My daughter just reached her first goal of raising $300 for the @OleMissFoodBank through the sales of masks that sh…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @BarrettSallee @Kennethlong_ Fingers crossed!! Hope springs eternal.My dad has been in Med field for a long time. He’s saying young kids are not vectors and should go BTS bc of the ef… got 6 weeks to bring Fans and Sports back TOGETHER!
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @RebelSandman 😂😂Prayers for Naya Rivera's family. Man....can we have a "Do Over " of 2020. The loss is too much 💔💔🙏🏿
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasGet in your basements rn and stay there.
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasthis morning looking north over Lake Superior as the comet skimmed the horizon a little over 1°, the aurora made a…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasThanks bro
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasLegendary guitarist @rrtfb performs our national anthem. 🇺🇸🏁
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @crazy4dmb 😢 @eddierester @timbump67 My kiddo has applied for one as she goes through alt route. @ochocinco Weepy infected genetalia? @glenarnold13 @AlexMcDaniel in college? student loans and $125 per month allowance. 😂😂room and board
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@QuietStormxMS @NFLonCBS SO fun to watch!!Curious if divorce rates will skyrocket..... This entire experience MAY be the most effective pre-marital counseling. 🙂Friday, Dobbs & Byers warned MDs to prescribe isolation due to tracing lags & assume viral illness is COVID. “Our…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasFeel better.. the prayers and good vibes have meant a lot.. so for those of you that took the time? You are awesome.
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@kelly_english Dave Matthews Band at what is now the Library in oxford. @TinPanAlley ((((Hugs)))) I am so sorry. @MemphoNewsLady @NBCNews 😳If Twitter was an actual place, WTFFFFFFF
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @DeplorableReb So sorryThis is just so sad. @Deborah21628039 Thank you! @me_the_person We have not provided funding to any campaign to “defund the police.” Ford Foundation is completely s…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @marc_mcfadden @greta Hi! I appreciate your comment and I am NOT a lash out kinda person. Money transfers for her p… beat him.....again. 🙂 Ta’amu wins again. #ThrowinSamoan 🤙🏻
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @rdjohnson05 IF it is, it will be in an empty stadium. @greta YES!!! @OleMissFB @BUFootball game officially canceled 😔.
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @greta FTR - all of her friends are negative so it appears that she caught it working at her job as waitstaff.....w… don’t agree w/ you. Masks protect others from those who have the virus,knowingly or unknowingly
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @greta THIS!! My kid has it and is quarantined. How this became political is just beyond me!
@CathyCox5 @DeplorableReb that means so much....seriously. @DeplorableReb please do!! they are coveted.cannot WAIT until I can hug her for an uncomfortably awkward amount of time! @Smoke3x Amen and amen.60 hours and NO FEVER!!! thanks for all the prayers, well wishes and check ins. I am eternally grateful and somewhat optimistic. @rdjohnson05 @CopiahDawg @chisolm_john he is one of those pampered ass, never got a switch to his butt kids. It is… @chisolm_john @rdjohnson05 @CopiahDawg 😂😂😂 @CopiahDawg @rdjohnson05 @chisolm_john I always had hope he would be great but then after he got here....all glitte… @rdjohnson05 😂😂😂Sean would like to have a word.....My heart goes out to all the Mississippi healthcare workers who have been fighting COVID-19 for months and are gett…
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucasNOT me. "Everything on the internet is true."-Abraham Lincoln
Retweeted by #LiveLikeLucas @the_silverfox1 what the bloody hell???? @txomrebel thank you. @UMrebel4Christ thank you. @RebelSandman I would like to talk to their manager..... @StaceyJSpiehler But in all sincerity - thank u. Big love to you @StaceyJSpiehler Stop making me weepy, Stacey!!! @dawgomatic Thank you 💙 @StaceyJSpiehler So much love to you!! @StaceyJSpiehler Thank you!! You kick ass. We’re ok for now. As a right leaning political I just think it’s kinda… would never wish this on anyone. Ever! @mericandawg @hind_leg 😂😂 @mericandawg @hind_leg It’s a thing. 😂 @hind_leg Add in Pepcid and Zyrtec. @hind_leg Sorry that i assumed you were were being an eggbowl ass. My bad. Check out the article in Northside Sun… @3onyourside 😢🙏🏼 @hind_leg Edit to add - you BETTER be asking bc you wanna know if it will help your babies. @hind_leg 21. Why? @RebelNutt18 we will get on that ASAP.Edit to add = I have not been able to hug my kid in 22 effing days. Wear a damn mask you freaking Heathens. @NikaDGreat hahahahahaha!! @NikaDGreat same. Said as I film it laying sideways on a couch pillow. 😂