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Husband, Father, Software Engineer. Opinions are my own, and are recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists.

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Who wants 14 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? First come first serve G9HCT-Q2WMM-Q7XYH-P7FRG-W3C9Z
@JamyDev @brennadactyl I’d watch this show @ConnorPeet Interested to hear what you learned in 5Internet anonymity has made us forget what it means to be kind to strangers
Retweeted by Rob Davis #BlackLivesMatter
@laurelrothamel ❤️Happy birthday @Panduhkay! @BluSunrize I actually think it's a more nuanced take than many first perceive. It showcases the trivialness of we… @jabrils_ @jabrils_ Your dedication to immutability is impressive :)People, you have all the incentive you need now You know, other than; 1) An actual economy, 2) People not dying, 3…'ve felt for a long time we've lost how people would call/message randomly just to check in and say hi. Maybe in… @brennadactyl I'm also starting to really like mask fashion, I'm about to start shopping for some more againThings are looking good, hoping for Stage 3 of re-opening in Ontario in the near future.
Just got a vertical laptop stand, and I freakin' love how much space I have on my desk now Yes, I am old @MongoTheElder @Cojomax99 @jaredlll08 @Tavinnea
Happy birthday @Cojomax99 !!!
@Sacheverell @brennadactyl @ConcealedBones @Sacheverell @brennadactyl @ConcealedBones Ok then, we’ll Hello Jarrito @brennadactyl @Sacheverell Thanks to @ConcealedBones I will always call Sach Socks now @brennadactyl Listen here I KNOW you laughed Or at least smirked @Sacheverell @brennadactyl @Vazkii I’d feel personally attacked here if I wasn’t already vaporware @Sacheverell @brennadactyl BERRIES SOCKS THEY HAVE BERRIES @Vazkii Treefiddy @brennadactyl Oh my god Now I understand why they were called BlueBERRIES @HelenAngel Lol thanks Helen :) @JamyDev Thank you Jamy ❤️ @aureylian Thank you!!! 💜💜💜 @Technostar98 Thank you! @iJevin Thank you! @Panduhkay Thank you Amanda ❤️ @MrFlamegoat Thanks Goat :) @NikkiExDee Lol thanks Nikki ❤️ @MercuriusXeno Thanks bud ❤️
@voxcpw So close this time! Better luck next year I guess :)Today I humbly ask that you all reach out with love to the people around you This world would be a much better pla… you all for the lovely happy birthday messages today. To help me celebrate it, I'd love for you to please ta… @CultOfAlan Thank you Alan! @Wolfofthenyght Thank you! @Kleetho Thanks Klee! <3 @Wyld Thank you Wyld! @Muted79 Thanks Muted! @DinnerBeef @Direwolf20 lol thanks (I guess) @Direwolf20 @RWTema Thanks Tema!Love you too Kev lol @seaotta Happy birthday :)Yup
Retweeted by Rob Davis #BlackLivesMatter @LordFren @GhostfromTexas @WatchMixer @HRH_Pb_Magnet @AustinP_at_Beam I love you Fren ❤️ @GhostfromTexas @WatchMixer @HRH_Pb_Magnet @AustinP_at_Beam Every. Guardian. And. Support. Agent. goddamn heroes, all of them
Retweeted by Rob Davis #BlackLivesMatter @PrestonalityC @weswilson @marykateives @DrnkonShdws @OhNoPorkchop @21wolv @LuclinFTW @MrsLuclin @MilanKLee
@tamashenning @FireBall1725 Trialing itMy nephew is getting into YouTube (with his parents permission) and would love for you to check him out <3 Love see… on surviving another orbit @ConnorPeet!
@sarah_edo "We detected that you may be in a bathroom - are you really sure you want to do that?" "Holy...that's c… feel like threading support would make this a lot easier to consume as a user @discord take Discord is best used for PMs and voice calls. Chat in servers is exceptionally hard to follow, and… @ProbablePrime @NickGasm_ @brennadactyl F IM OLD @workshopcraft @voxcpw @Vazkii The Sharing EconomyI'm not afraid to pay for art/services for this project!!! @MercuriusXeno My biggest flaw, in all aspects of life, is I am a perfectionist and if my skills don't match my exp… @MercuriusXeno What's exceptionally hard, for me, is to take these core ideas and make a functional and fun game lo… people realize more was planned out for EE3 than they were aware @Wolfofthenyght The Minium Stone and the Philosophers Stone were meant to be EMC "batteries" for this purpose exactly @NickGasm_ @brennadactyl @ProbablePrime 22 centuries @Sacheverell @MrFlamegoat @MercuriusXeno I finish jokes not projects @MrFlamegoat @MercuriusXeno @Sacheverell SPOILER ALERT THERE ARENT ANY lulz @MrFlamegoat @MercuriusXeno @Sacheverell Find me a good PMBig teaser - @MercuriusXeno and I had planned to introduce "rebounds" into the mod The riskier the transmutation (… @brennadactyl I mean, yesBoth Fullmetal Alchemist series capture this idea as well, and its something I really want in the mod. It gives you… @MercuriusXeno @Sacheverell @MrFlamegoat ._. @ProbablePrime @Sacheverell That would be about tree fiddyFRICKING THIS X to Y requires SOMETHING to do the change It takes WORK to do something @ProbablePrime @Sacheverell 1) You monster 2) If you want unlimited poutine, it costs infinite EMC @ProbablePrime @Sacheverell 1) Poutine is served in a bowl 2) How much poutine do you want? @Sacheverell @ProbablePrime sorry not sorry @ProbablePrime Canadian Exchange @ProbablePrime Gotta factor in currency conversionThe FUNDAMENTAL goal for EE3 was to BREAK the infinite resources game loop. Players stopped exploring the world.… @Kleetho But with a cost!When you reframe you’re expectations of the mod to this, then the perceived possibilities are endless This is why…, Equivalent Exchange isn’t about convenience It’s about economy @MercuriusXeno No this is totally serious, they were just really challenging to do at the time so were prioritized… was discussed and some planning done around it We also did some exploration on personalized transmutation rat… @MercuriusXeno @BluSunrize @ShadwDrgn The theory is that it is impossible to come to a "balance" that everyone woul… @MercuriusXeno @BluSunrize @ShadwDrgn This is why the new EMC system had the idea of configuring the bi-directional… reminder to keep fighting Black Lives Matter Believe and support abuse victims Be excellent to each other @CelticNight1122 @Sacheverell @NickGasm_ @LucaRager @bhinkk @ChickfilA No u ❤️ @weswilson @NickGasm_ for developers
Retweeted by Rob Davis #BlackLivesMatter @HRH_Pb_Magnet Whenever got a chance to work together Jason but I’ve heard nothing but great things about you from…
@NickGasm_ Do I have to follow you @Wolfofthenyght Lol no worries! The “Pahimar does t finish stuff” meme mainly exists as @Direwolf20’S main form of… be 100% clear, this tweet is in jest. I’ve been roasted for years and always found it funny. I’m proud of what I… @Wolfofthenyght Lol I’m fine - this was meant to be a funny tweet :) @ConnorPeet @NikkiExDee @Direwolf20 @MrFlamegoat That's your jobI exist as a foil for other people's projects And by that, I mean that inevitably someone brings up "Sure, it didn…