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Only slightly obsessed with musicals 🏳️‍🌈 she/her

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN OF BROADWAY @dinastbv @TheKatrinaLenk I love it!!A Y chromosome the unicorn 4 (and proceeds to get Rick rolled)
@dinastbv @dinastbv 👀👀
@LanaKlaineSWEN Welcome to the dark side @svrryy Worn+Gabs=WabsNew photo because I love Yennefer too much and how tf am I going to go today-Sunday without being able to playHow in the world am I seeing spoilers for The Witcher I hate this @spookyykt Go ahead
@spookyykt @lesbiabby Sounds sus to meDoing the MOST so I don’t have to go to an Apple Store. The poor lady on the phone said I can get my watch fixed on… @sapphiclenk IM NOT FAR WANT ME TO COME RESCUE YOH
@guacahomo Frederick, Steve, Miss Keisha (they can twin with my own Miss Keisha), Bilbo, and Franklin
@sagekozub Belle would absolutely have a long cardigan and comfy pantsI love this dog 😂
Everyone in the office: Minding their own business Me in my head: A little vampin. OO OO OOO no one OPENS THE DOO… @arichan3435 💕💕 @spookyykt I’m right here? @RachaelRath @spookyykt Context: she wants to feed and pet stray raccoons but also refuses to see a doctor so if on… @brochupanties 👀👀 @spookyykt @spookyykt STOP @spookyykt Good. Stop buying it
I like having the CrossFit gym below my office because I get to jam to their music without doing any of the work. C… is so disgusting it’s not even funny anymore
Retweeted by Paige @blondelyds It truly was a fever dream of a filmThe lack of people who have seen Hoodwinked is astounding @svrryy As you should be @kctrinalenk Yellow! @RachaelRath Not* @RachaelRath 8:30-7 babyyyy (bc half hour lunch is now paid 👌🏻) @RachaelRath I MESSED UP @guacahomo Pink 💕i got green comment for a color and tweet with 4 pics of that color !! @_autumn__moon_ Stfu that’s my favorite color! @_autumn__moon_ I am intriguedNot Twitter adding stories tooDecided to work 10 hours Monday-Thursday so I can have Friday off which sounds good in theory but my LORD it’s rough
google your name + dark academia + outfit, books, and place Yes please @enbybae Streep in Me in my her 60s 20s
Retweeted by Paige @spookyykt I like to think I had a hand in this and I am happy
Correction: I talk to KT and she doesn’t answer me so it looks like I’m talking to myself ride or die
@spookyykt I literally said you looked like Tatiana Maslany the other daytell me there's a garden
Retweeted by Paige @RachaelRath @spookyykt @slimerxt No no no we’re not doing this againSigning up for classes
@LibbyBerkson @kctrinalenk Thank you!! @kctrinalenk Thank you 👀 @kctrinalenk Always happy to oblige’s only 2:50 it should not be this darkThe topic of abuse has been a repetitive one this year. Literally crops up every 1 or 2 months. For anyone affected…
Retweeted by Paige
Retweeted by PaigeWelp now that YouTube is down guess I’ll have to binge 24 Hours to Hell and Back
@torchedchapel The whole day is 11/11 👀 @sapphiclenk Brb on my way to NY to fight her @spookyykt But what if I don’t 😢I’m supposed to get my decision letter for grad school a month from today @OfficielAsh Oh girl you’re telling me. I work in the mental health field and one of the main things I have to do i… @bellatrxlstrnge Wtf yes that’s what I name all of them @bellatrxlstrnge It’s supposed to be a dinosaur but my phone is small and The undo button didn’t work 😂 @torchedchapel
I wish more people realized this HELP! PLS DON'T IGNORE!!!🙏🏼‼️ We are asking help for any amount of donations for my husband Patrick. He was…
Retweeted by Paigelet’s spread JOY this season! 🎄 I am looking for ladies interested in a mask mandate. doesn’t matter where you liv…
Retweeted by PaigeReady for KT and I to live together so the amount of clothing I have doubles in size. What’s yours is mine babyyyy @torchedchapel 😳😳😳 @torchedchapel I mean... at least they’re not usedY’all everyone in my office had to do a teamwork game and there was a question asking who your hero is and everyon… passing away bc my love for Katrina Lenk was too much for my heart to handle and it exploded
I got it 💁🏼‍♀️ @spookyykt He’s literally just sitting has an actual cat bed as well as multiple pieces of furniture he can sit on yet he chooses to sit in the sink
@blondelyds Sorry, you’re my family now. Idk who those other imposters are but you’re with meOkay 63% of you are incorrect @spookyykt BUT IT WONT BE MINEVote to let me get my own. I can’t wait 7 months to live my Old Town Road dreams
Retweeted by PaigeY’all 4 years of weight just lifted off my shoulders @ConnorsTheresa I certainly hope so! 🤞🏻The election and the last 4 years in general have really been bringing out the best (and worst) in people and it ma… @kctrinalenk IMAGINE the chaos that will ensue when we meetOkay friends I need to settle a score with KT. Based on demeanor and values, who am I most like?
I did a thing
Retweeted by PaigeA glimpse into my family group chat is updating The Guardian’s live updates has had enough lol
Retweeted by PaigeWhat my head looks like looking for motivation to lose weight brain day ✌🏻
@AnElfInTheatre If you look at eyebuydirect they have an option for you to upload a photo of yourself and “try on”… finger that retweets this will receive good news tomorrow😇
Retweeted by PaigeThe math is mathing actually
Retweeted by Paige @blondelydsangst Thought I looked good this morning and wanted to take photos and immediately decided I was wrong a… @sapphiclenk They would love it 😂Y’all once this is released expect to never see me again number are we all waiting for?
Retweeted by Paige @sapphiclenk Come live in my apartment and be with my cats while I’m gone for the holiday and at work after 😂