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adrian. ? @PaindrianVal mystic falls

|| immortal valorant player @adrianonshit ||

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EL DIABLO DIFF @hannahcult good job keep it up :) @astrient nah you spittin @mstroon <3 @andiswrId come back 😔 @Gigicollins_ shut up @whosmichela lance gonna hurt me @SoLaR_Panel17 yes @UndercoverTara never u @tuxxse lookin suckableall my followers uglywhat is “edating” @okazyey looking for her @Flwerpot @h2nnyu valorant @camilleettv BING BONG @nut1fer it’s because i delete replies lol @lexybeachh i show someone my light up keyboard⁉️💯‼️ @stwberrymlkie @mstroon good mornin peeps @piscesluvvr @1kotaaa 💀 @yslnai same fr @nutsnboltz on the tree n not mutuals gg @Inocennts proof @vootmoot actually so clean bro @1kotaaa nah bruh who said this 💀 @lacedthigh how do u find this out @h2nnyu fact @ignovercook cuz dEprEssEd @AProBro69 ?? @haehuie 💀 @an1megf same @1aidn the lil tree @rikaryublades touching em on grass tho @Gigicollins_ have fun at work :)) @lexybeachh be like that sometimesblocked all the cute people. @tuxxse @xefiyy @rikaryublades 11 @nut1fer @Suprathot me too @nut1fer @Suprathot we still close lol @nut1fer @Suprathot can’t wait for damian to hurt you @keanuwuuuu get better @kingbleonard yea? @andiswrId what is it @keaIani you too :) @pinkumitsu sadge @tuxxse yuh @tuxxse gotchu @yslophelia no uwaffles are better than pancakes and that’s a fact. @keaIani got u @ignovercook gotchu @azelhazell bettt @h2nnyu ion know how ppl don’t like water @sundownalt bet @Deliriouscyx bet @keanuwuuuu you right my bad @psykieXO is this letting me know or ur laughin @h2nnyu yessirif you want ur notis on lmk @andiswrId her @keanuwuuuu lucky you @COLBEEval let’s edate bro @keanuwuuuu flying to aus rq @sablewrldd we don’t even interact whattttt @keanuwuuuu oh hush @keanuwuuuu waiting @h6roin how many did you get this year i only remember ur sleeve when we met @sundownalt real @yslophelia gang @h2nnyu ong ong“who hurt you” bro who didn’t
Retweeted by adrian. ? @Daboipit do it bro or you’ll never know @curryysaucee 😈 @Inocennts let’s fuckin gooo @egirldungeon *ignores you* @sablewrldd deepest tweet i’ve ever done @xCluGirl no u @yotrizerr that’s a caseeeee 📸 @yslarii just like the knife they put in my back 😩 @zacisnot ima find you a singapore girl dw bro @lexybeachh is that a no @yadii_x yes yes :) @n0rmaIize @camilleettv @lylacVAL paincan we honestly e date? you’re so beautiful. You always make me laugh, you always make me smile. You literally make… @sablewrldd ayo?? @sablewrldd 👀 @Vannpys @NORMALVAL_ go to appearance and turn off show seasonal themethanks man @Gigicollins_ @xxclaiire1 this one
@Saulsrevenge lmaooooi like dress shirts :]
Retweeted by adrian. ? @1kotaaa @ahhhh096 @Nicktenndo @1OZNY @aft6r @1wiiree LETS GOOOO @selvvr @keaIani ^ what i usegg man what a shitty fucking day @piscesluvvr ?it’s over gg senSENTINELS IS FUCKING SHIT @an1megf @animefan182 i’m jealous of you , gimme matt back @dillbuni dill pickles go hard @774saturn YUHHH