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@chrisberryss @leppypypyyp @YxngSoup I can smell it now @leppypypyyp @YxngSoup @chrisberryss 😂yeezus shirt came @leppypypyyp @YxngSoup @chrisberryss look like a leppy shirt @silvasalavisa those dope @xdbumbie Fr @silvasalavisa What colorway there’s a lot @Ludaz_ Not lame @xanful ty @ELPWSwastaken I want the quantum’s so bad @xanful idk I just be wearin stuff usually bright color like I got a pink golf hoodie @ltsshay @chinesefoodb yeah man the mags r cool @ltsshay @chinesefoodb well they got a few shoes that do that bro for only like $400 @xanful idk anything not lame @ltsshay lol @dxukkaj yeezy slides 🤔 @mouthsssss j’s overrated and I have ultraboosts @ltsshay If they are cool enough anyWhat r some cool shoes to buy @Mlord70001 Wat @YxngSoup get one @YxngSoup drive around and listen to it, it’s so good for drivingDat discord listening party was pog @YxngSoup ur so cool @YxngSoup I been wondering too @xanful considering @xanful HmmmBuying a 2tb nvme ssd 👍🏻 @ltsshay got thatI got money what is sum cool stuff to buy @Mlord70001 @ThatOneMercii Yeah okay u got 2 wins😭 @ThatOneMercii @Mlord70001 Probably not cause he sucks 😂 @mouthsssss @chrisberryss @leppypypyyp Fr @leppypypyyp U would die cause u suck @chrisberryss @leppypypyyp good one @leppypypyyp just play a new game man that game ain’t meant for tdm @chrisberryss @leppypypyyp no @leppypypyyp Why would tdm be in siege @Mako omw to the mob house to listen to it early @Mako Hey may ko @Nadeshot Happy Birthday goat 🐐
Retweeted by ً @WavyJarenSZN @Mako @WhosBreezyUK bootlegs are everywhere brodonkey don’t like cherry 🍒 but a kind chimp always offers first ☺️
Retweeted by ً @druzine Ong🤔 @silvasalavisa Wat gameMadvillany @silvasalavisa Gaming
Retweeted by ً @silvasalavisa Hey Silva @fandomhuub yeah I like the production a lot moreNighties @chinesefoodb @lophrachk Thank god I knew my cacc wouldn’t say such things @chinesefoodb @lophrachk Is that real.@Mlord70001 @Mlord7000 @leppypypyyp Yeah @SHREKRAP of course @Mlord70001 higher is better but the rows don’t matter @Mlord70001topster @Mlord70001
Retweeted by ًshould I make a topster @Mlord70001 U when I call 4 a 4 @Mlord70001 @xanful @blindmanwalkinn @xanful the highs are high and the lows are his lowest @blindmanwalkinn @xanful I don’t hate it but it just doesn’t do anything and is full of filler @Mlord70001 @xanful I just refer to it as 4 cause that’s what it is 😭 @xanful these my thots @xanful sum good or decent and sum lame @xanful what do you want Connor . @Mlord70001 Ok moron @leppypypyyp prayers @berry3d6 ❤️"woah you watch Anthony fantano" yeah howd you know
Retweeted by ً @BakeHatesItHere bro he said “thugga” @BakeHatesItHere me @chrisberryss @Finesse_Aziz 😐 @Finesse_Aziz smol🥺
@SamjaySJ trav uzi @xdbumbie PaintClown @Boy1drr @shivisdumb LMAOOOO @pravdeepcoolr Pog @silvasalavisa @oFabz Yo @oFabz @silvasalavisa ignore that last emoji @oFabz @silvasalavisa big ass nostril 😫 @TaxFugitive @Mlord7000 I’ve never heard of them @Mlord7000 Not animated so it’s a 7 @oFabz @oFabz I do mind re*ard starve. @Mlord70001 I mean yeah if we gon talk about a genre then obviously you’d compare her to others in that genre @YxngSoup @Mlord70001 Ariana is so much better than Taylor. @Mlord70001 except people like charli make infinitely better pop music @Mlord70001 is the case with most artists in her lane @Mlord70001 I mean it ain’t bad but it’s so uninspired and boring like bro @Mlord7000 @leppypypyyp A @leppypypyyp @Mlord7000 Good video @Mlord7000 @Finesse_Aziz no