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18 | bobby. music man. Gamer d2 kanye and leppy fan

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@lemipog @lemipog bought a sound bar for $100 off 😏 @Fabio_Fan gamer score was so cool wish steam or PlayStation had it 😔 @Fabio_Fan Yeah I miss doing that with achievements cause I was mainly an Xbox playerdone @playboicarti hey @flackoyee U can jus take the flaps off and paint it any color u want bro @HarryButAverage @dogboneberries a great time @notchaselyons I think they look nice @Mlord70001 proof @Mlord70001 Cap imo @youwasrright death note @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 @MarcusSmarf u can’t see video settings on console tho @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 @MarcusSmarf you can change video settings and resolution making it look better lol. consol… @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 @MarcusSmarf 3 and 4 still look pog on pc but yeah they definately suck on console lol they did then too @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 @MarcusSmarf Probably why u liked em because they are the same game as 3 and 4 but way worse lol @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub shock girl wit the poles and the raven lookin girl @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf Bf4 was the last good one hardline was fun and different and 1 and V are so fucking boring @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf was decent from 2010-2015 @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf @Mlord70001 maybe now but MW2 looks incredible still @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub I literally responded moron @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub fun with friends but the matchmaking SUCKS @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf if you buy it with all dlc then yes @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf @Mlord70001 ew @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf @Mlord70001 it is though like the lighting system they used literally hates color lol @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf @Mlord70001 @23_LeeRoss goat @MarcusSmarf @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 the latency was insane and hit reg was so bad lol @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub the zombie gameplay is a great foundation but die machine is so painfully basic @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub I guess but depends on how they expand it because it desperately needs more content @MarcusSmarf @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 it’s literally the color brown and that’s it lol @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub scroll thru a list of em they are all mostly great and the dlc ones were awesome too @MarcusSmarf @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 One of the worse multiplayer experiences I’ve ever played but campaign was pre… @MarcusSmarf @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 Infinite LOL! @fandomhuub @MarcusSmarf @Mlord70001 Looks good texture wise but the color palette is fucking horrible @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub Aquarium, combine, evac, hunted, and infection are all pretty well designed and they are ac… @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub Bo3 was literally the last good cod lol @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub nah they were all pretty solid and better than nearly every cod map after it @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 I got master prestige and it’s one of the worst experiences ever @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 and clunky @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 bo4 might be top 3 least favorite games ever it’s so fucking ugly @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub Aw at launch was good @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub ghosts is painfully average trash campaign mid multi with useless innovation and extinction pog @fandomhuub @Mlord70001 bo4 without a fucking doubt lol @Mlord70001 @fandomhuub second worst @privatehuub it’s entirely possible it comes out before the year ends though because we know this happened @privatehuub but some of the songs will @privatehuub Not in name noLOL* * CARTI ALBUM @ 12* +am ok !
Retweeted by ً @BennyBsf goatthis new juicy j ain’t bad @Mlord70001 Because I want you to be miserable @Mlord70001 Shut up man @SageModeTyy @fandomhuub fake turkey or sumn @SageModeTyy @fandomhuub cali thanksgiving meals probably miss thowhere no ceilings 3 at bruh @Mako Nvm den @reaperclothes @supperbutter Nope @supperbutter Cringe tbh @Mlord70001 @yung_juice_box5 @yung_juice_box5 being smart with money L @yung_juice_box5 so your tweet is a lie huh @yung_juice_box5 Hope you get one @Mlord70001 🥺 @Mlord70001 @Mlord70001why is there a trophy to beat miles morales on new game + ugh @mxrcusy @fandomhuub been excited for wlr so I been listenin a lot ! @fandomhuub @fandomhuub dude at the bottom right a random lofi mf I had a playlist running overnight accidentally lol @yung_juice_box5 looks pretty good for the price audio technica is great @yung_juice_box5 @SonKilMoon that shit ain got be in stock anywhere for a while it’s gon keep selling out @yung_juice_box5 @SonKilMoon Lol @yung_juice_box5 steam sale @fandomhuub @youwasrright It was funny tho @fandomhuub @comikasi LOL @MarcusSmarf literally can’t watch action movies on it cause the loud sounds make dialogue unbearable @MarcusSmarf but yeah I’m excited cause my tv sound so ass lol @MarcusSmarf $100 off got a $10 gift card and used cash app card so I got like $8 more off @fandomhuub i bought da sonos beam @youwasrright it’s a rectangle that is like a speaker but goes under ur tv @youwasrright are you retarded @jakkuxd Whatbought a sonos beam @xanful @xanful IM GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU! @leppypypyyp And Pierre ? @leppypypyyp of y’all got a sound bar that is good @jakkuxd @fandomhuub You mean a glizzy @xanful @Mlord7000 you don’t like me @SageModeTyy Ahhh yeah I jus saw it thats fire Fr @SageModeTyy what’s that (obviously it’s Gza but I haven’t heard that) @xanful @Mlord7000 thanks for your offer but I’ve grown a likeness towards the pain. i wish to remain here. @Mlord7000 @SageModeTyy might get sum new vinyls too🧐 @Mlord7000 no I will sit in silence and pain. @MarcusSmarf good idea perhaps I will too @Mlord7000 no one is onthinking about what I want to buy on Black Friday @Mlord7000 sitting alone in my discord