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@Mlord70001 I don’t wanna say that but I’m definitely more cautious. There’s a fuck ton other talented people that… @lewnair 😏 @lewnair and appointments suck cause I gotta plan around them if I could just go whenever it’d be betterNice @lewnair Bc they touch my mouf and I don’t want that @LazasBautista Funniest moment of all time @IanLynxz I’m extremely cautious but still interested now. @sloxch Jeff has been so good I hope his replacement is even half as good as himWHAT @dannylp0305 Thanks @silvapriv_ Song names were like Foreverdrakeftkanyewestftlilwaynefteminemfromfreemusicdownloads.mp3 @motorizedmidget Yeah @silvapriv_ I could barely even tell the difference I was young and dumb as fuck @privful Goodnight @silvapriv_ Shit sound like it was recorded on a flip phone @silvapriv_ Damn @silvapriv_ Listening to shitty quality drake tracks playing cod 🔥 @silvapriv_ ONG HAD THE SAME APP @silvapriv_ HOLY @savyeet He’s pretty close tho depends on what u like in a character tho @savyeet Kurt 🐐 @savyeet EWWWW @savyeet Idk what that is @savyeet I said I understand @savyeet I understand @savyeet What it smell likeMore:
Retweeted by Bobby🚶🏻‍♂️ @allie02322335 yeah nic definitely the hardest to quit outta all them @allie02322335 I quit easy @allie02322335 Ahhh wishing well for u @allie02322335 Then get more @allie02322335 My bad @Mlord70001 So real @allie02322335 STFU ALLIE @Mlord70001 of course but he the type to say it just because other people say it @Mlord70001 He gonna say dark fantasy is the best album of all timeFeel like me and watching the throne would be great friends @Mlord70001 Professional trap head -name is Jackson -16 -lives in a middle class home in the suburbs -Rodeo avi @JERMAlNE dub @JERMAlNE Soon jermaine soon @privful Nahwhereeee have all the riots goneeeeThose dudes who only retweet porn and reply to girls on here are so funny to mess with @_NotTeryn 0 problems @tapwoah RT @WtfTeryn I won’tmetamorphosis @WtfTeryn No yeezus is @Mlord7001 No @Mlord7001 @Mlord70001 If ur not buying from the official seller then yeah @Mlord7001 @Mlord70001 I’ve never been scammed on Amazon @Mlord7001 @Mlord70001 Nvm they ain’t in stock rn @Mlord7001 @Mlord70001 Same with Ye @Mlord7001 @Mlord70001 It’s very cheap on Amazon I got mine for like $13 @wittlekittin Hmmmm @wittlekittin 🧐🧐🧐 @Mlord7001 @Mlord70001 @wittlekittin How much @privful It’s a great list @garfshots Pain @supperbutter Dope @supperbutter I should find out now I guess @supperbutter Not sureye wearing a mask can only mean greatness @Mlord7001 its also so smart the way he used it and how its unfinished in parts @pogjah nah not really even close @pogjah hip hop twitter @pogjah and because hht pretends its a masterpiece @pogjah all of them have the worst opinions only ride hype on twitter only listen to charting stuff and pretend its… @pogjah no every travis scott fan that has a rodeo avi is the worst to interact with by far @pogjah @lemslatt rodeo is a good album but no one has ever had a rodeo avi and had good input on any topicif ur gonna make fun of white women pick a bad list lol nvm rodeo avi it checks out! @wittlekittin so real @Mlord70001 SO PACKED MIGHT RIDE AROUND ON MY BODYGUARD'S BACK LIKE PRINCE IN THE CLUB @_NotTeryn @Mlord70001 the album version @Mlord70001 as you should, thats what i would write mine on @Mlord70001 and its also the sistine chapel of music @Mlord70001 @daveisabum the ONLY rapper compared to michael @Mlord70001 @daveisabum well yeah everything on this album is perfect because it is perfect @daveisabum i got game pass i just kno the pc ports r kinda wack so im waitin @daveisabum waitin for the remasters so I can play em for the first time @Lumizat Only legal text about samples @Lumizat @Mlord70001 that’s dopeBased on the quiet #siamang moment captured here, you might not guess that these black-furred #gibbons are among th…
Retweeted by Bobby🚶🏻‍♂️ @pogjah Thx @Mlord70001 Vinyl selection kinda not good but sometimes I find a album I wouldn’t usually buy but they got it so I do @Mlord70001 Yeah the bargain bin cheap asf I got 808s for like $5 @Mlord70001 Bargain bin at Best Buy my friend @mithrxs found it and showed me so I bought @_NotTeryn No deluxe I like the cover more and the bonuses are jus ok @privful Oh yeah rain pog @privful Rain who @privful that power supply dying for air @privful Maybe :3 @PaintClown_
Retweeted by Bobby🚶🏻‍♂️ @leppypypyyp What the fuck dude @leppypypyyp Yeah Jersey mikes > @privful Gonna wait on a sale tho