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“bit lippy for someone who can fit into a christmas stocking " alt acc: @defspaladin

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@ohheyitsshay come get yo smoll tonin bby <3You, me, games, rn @RadiationGhoul I once stole a girls lipgloss because she said my family was poor, she was right but the bitch coul… @meme_ortiz1 Bet I did, and she came with me everytime lmaooo @RadiationGhoul No no, no flash backs, you say “I was a child” and you let it go 💖💖 @Decaying_Wife Then ✨ therapy ✨depending on how weird lmaooo @meme_ortiz1 You have to, I once wet myself in reception because my best friend refused to come to the toilet with me. I was like 4 lmaooo @AshleyRoboto ✨ let it go ✨I don’t know who needs to hear this but, you gotta forgive yourself for the weird shit you did as a kid. Kids are k…
Why don’t short people climb on top of each other to make normal sized people
Retweeted by PaladinAmbereveryone lets go to horny jail @LadyDevann Give him the keys to the house and move out.
@CreationOfMora @joemag_games 🥺 baby yoda @joemag_games Him name is baby yoda👏🏻BABY 👏🏻YODA @iiKingFrosty44 Lmao this is where I live I can’t chill 2020 out here playing games with my sanityAlright who had “mosquito-borne disease making a come back in 2020” on their bingo sheet???? @kirsty_connelly It’s @ShopPeppermayo 💖💖
@Frank_Supercell @OrangeJuice LMAOOOOOOOorange ya glad I didn’t say banana 😌 @Mae @Kross @AvaGG @AvaGG @Mae We are hardcore 😡😡😡Every person 5’ and under. @RottenPapi @japcon667 @coolshirtz Yes right in the heart please @HD_Heresy airplane mode @v0idrachel The flight was good, broke the smoke detector thoughsadpeepo
hi, if you're not doing anything and wanna hang out ill be here @nsvhend yes @PhantomPupil_ The world can’t handle what I really wanted to say LMAOOOThis is my best tweet. Nothing can top this.This year I’m thankful for 8008135. @DanceofMariah @YouTube @CrankGameplays @RIPmika @markiplier @Girbeagly @Jack_Septic_Eye @CoryxKenshin @SamCWoodhall @chrismelberger @CrankGameplays @laurelrothamel @HarrisHeller @itsLMND Can confirm would love to lie to all of you 💖 @v0idrachel Me when someone cuts me off @Mikasaurous not a single can opener needed 😭 @WolfQveenttv THIS IS THE POWER MOVE US 5’ and under need @v0idrachel Me at the lights @StewLame You ever pulled up next to a 4WD in a Suzuki alto? Because I have and 4WD means EVERYTHING @cosmicsolara Unmatched @ionferrico stop it @ItsMinnChii LMAOOOOOOO @Aqua_Faux every time I use to try and pull out into a different lane and a 4WD was next to me 😭😭😭 @mrbunkofunk I’m going to change them from the inside out 😌 @PattThicc I’m working on it,Day 41 of driving a 4WD. My plan to infiltrate the big cars world is working, today another 4WD gave me the thumbs…
@in2vapor i am cake, everything is cakeCome and get y’all content 🥺 @JessBrohard @thegamehers @AshleyRoboto @Lowco2525 @EiyaWoW @negaoryx Happy birthday 🥳 the world is a better place with you in it negs 💖 @Jack_Septic_Eye A man of good taste I see 😌 @DacuTESO Mind ya business lmaolll @AlliSpeed Simon says needs a group pause button so everyone has to wait until Simon says is done lmaoooo @WhatifJulia IT HAPPENED EVERYTIME JULIA EVERYTIME LMAOOOyo its this weeks youtube upload go and watch it if you missed out on the stream <3😡😡😡 @Jack_Septic_Eye I understand if you have to block me for this one. @Jack_Septic_Eye 🦷👄🦷
@v0idrachel thank you, dont forget to do this yourself <3<3 @HarrisHeller both, you wanna haunt with me?time to fuck around and haunt some ghosts @Jarleer Good morning 💖 @Soaryn117 @littlesiha Licensed to carry 🥺 @littlesiha Does this mean I can’t leave my room either because of my guns 😔 @AlliSpeed 🤖 💖 @RottenPapi How can I miss with these 💪🏻 @icepheonix5 He’s talking to his anime girlfriend @itspeachia The only kind we should be packing LMAOO @AlliSpeed Beep boop beep boop 🥺 @Coachable_ Don’t tell razer but it’s the comfiest chair I’ve ever sat on, no cap my back doesn’t hurt anymore when… @AshleyRoboto Thank you for coming to my gun show Ashley 🥺💖 @BloodyfasterTV Thanks for coming to the gun show @PlayWithJambo Your my hero 🥺Y'all wanna a ticket to the gun show? @v0idrachel SO TRUEEEEEYes this tweets inspired by the ping pong tweet but it brought up this ick feeling too so I had to share it lmaoooChasing after a piece of rubbish that’s flying away from you feels like a different level of public humiliation.
its that time again @Razer THANK YOU 💚💚💚💚Imma be dead and be sus... @AlliSpeed you wanna marinate Jason together? lmaoooooooooo <3 @notjulen @JayMewes @jasonsulli @bearkiTV @AlliSpeed @WhatifJulia @dakotaz @DEARGRANNY @drewisgooden I promise not… @natyxjae @JackHuddo I was literally taking it one day at a time in 2014 lmaoooo thank you for being happy I’m here though 💖💖💖 @ne_actor Thank you dadine 💖 @chrismelSchleeb lmaoooo ty Chris appreciate the acceptance 🥺 @v0idrachel Ty tyListen, if y’all see me click bating my titles on YouTube, mind ya business lmaoooooooooo @witchytwitchytv This gives me really big “where’s my hug” vibes and I honestly just say you’re lucky to get one, a… @MartinCopping Don’t be concerned that’s my therapist job lmaooooo @iseecarlos It’s a pretty common thing for therapies for cognitive behavioural therapy, I have CPTSD, so to stop a… @LadySaga_ I did years of CBT and the thing that worked for me was everytime I spoke about my self worth in a negat… out to my therapist for shooting me with a nerf gun everyday until I realised my worth 💖💖💖💖💖 @CrankGameplays The little inner me is v proud too 🥺🥺🥺 Thank you for your support eff 💖 @AskFareeha i am honestly v emotional I had no idea what I could achieve back then and looking back I’m like “it’s… @calypso_live I am indeed booty happy lmaoooHi 2014 me, we achieved all of our goals and we have the best job, you’ll never believe me when I tell you there’s… DID IT AND HOLY HECK IM SO HAPPY 🥺🥺🥺🥺
I’m about to hit 100,000 on twitch and honestly it’s a big moment for me 🥺🥺🥺Yall wanna hear a story about my old manager who bullied me that got her sweet sweet karma yesterday??? @CrankGameplays