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Queen of branding shout out to you @CandidlyCarlo you producing those interviews and asking the questions you did got us some gr… was such a gift for the little Knees @chrstnavelli One of the cardi fan sites Posted clips but u can’t find it anywhere else ughNot Jovonnie lmfaooo It got taken down 😭Oh I know Mimi was cackling lemme get in Police really used to start some mess lol @kissmeriver this is you every time you bring up the Bailey agency Jdjdjdjdjd their supreme fluid icon need your good legal action suit and wig Justin and Ponytail nonstop threats since the beginning of the pandemicOmg @RPinHD Like?? 😭 why is she so darkThe scooter model of having his artists release new music every 9 months is unsustainable and a threatWhy hasn’t this been a Lip sync song yet we get a break for the love of god was gaggy design challenge on DR:UK really blew away that terrible ball they did on S13 @bebravelive She’s Filipina so basicallyThe real tragedy that no one is discussing is the lack of next Gen sailor moon games....No but fr why is she so dark?? @ANTWTF I want better for my sisters! letting this mega Corp take their coinsHer purse definitely smelled like a loud pack will work with any wack latinx bitch before he works with an actual black Latina in a Black latinx genre is so embarassing and an affront to the genre of salsa :/ robbing you blind making you pay $60 for a game you’ve already played😭😭Because Nintendo scams ya and ya eat it up every time is that Sheila e on the drums?! @janmichaelxx Right Omg I wanna slam my coochie on the ground now @TyeTyeee Square is in the state it’s in because they can’t let Nomura go lol but Nintendo has always been egregiousThe girls don’t carry like this anymore omg really be scamming ya omgNot this taking me back to 12th grade HAIR YOUR HAIIIIIRRRRRRRR IS A BOI!
Retweeted by Romeo S 🇩🇴This is camp @glossycicix What did I do 😭Not this blowing up Nosemi Malone era> had a vision of love here
Retweeted by Romeo S 🇩🇴 @bebravelive So you agree!? She ate in handmaids taleJust pull the plug on it while it’s ahead @bebravelive Uh she ate in sharp objects and handmaids tale!
@sxylk Im glad you’ve seen the light @Abalisah We won we did.AHHHHHH megan thee fox era
Retweeted by Romeo S 🇩🇴She is a Gila monster Im sorry’s a bird but a talented one dammit! what needed to be done need Summer Walker to do one once she pops her baby out. She really knows how to bring her songs to life acoustic… is what YALL are paying 17.99 a month for??? @beyonseh I wish she didn’t cut the footage out of life is but a dream I wanted to see her in itAhh the foremothers of kpop did what they needed to @theemare It definitely bops the Albanian girls know what they’re doingMariah was a class act and clapped for her after! catalog alone is clearing (except one album) but then the unreleased too....just too much excellence Knee girl wins this round @JenaiSequoi It’s true she stole all of gagas swag 😭Every day the Albanian pop industrial complex grows strongerNot Gagas horcrux usurping her power like this @fkatims Please we need you erased from humanityThese songs they are stories... owes me at least $5k for the tweets that they’ve taken poor dog Walker that is so insane.. thank goodness he’s gonna be alright being mad that she rightfully called you sissies...sissies were so mad about it but was she wrong? No Together needs to be put on STREAMING!! A fucking show @albertoutspoken Yesss he did a lot of the choreo for in the zone so they got close and started fucking before she… @albertoutspoken He was her choreographer in 2003 and it was a big scandal when they were caught kissing because he… why Jamie Spears is going to hell lmfao It’s true it’s true Spears photographed by Juergen Teller is why non-Black sneakerheads can’t and won’t ever be taken seriously bc they’re commodifying a culture that i…
Retweeted by Romeo S 🇩🇴 @jaIenci I mean she never denied it he always did thoBritney’s former makeup artist confirming that Britney cheated on Justin because Of his fling with Nicole Appleton… 😭😭😭😭 @mahoumoreno Galaxia was the girlIf I was her I would’ve retired a long time ago and lived off my HP residuals and Adrienne both mistreated her just for her to have a lucrative acting career and still be a working actres… administration can’t be for real lmfao was definitely taking notes @clayd_yila @heatherheadley @AnikaNoniRose @MsAmberPRiley @jsullivanmusic @adriennelwarren Add Alex Newell and this is perfect perfect @GetNakedChris Can you link me?And that house is back on the market?! Insane is very spooky... Britney sold the house that Brittany Murphy and her husband died in because she felt there w… deserve a happy life with Jonathan Majors @RPinHD It’s crazy because that content is content we all love and would go back and rewatch and they’re just sitti… @theemare Even if they couldn’t just the discourse the episodes of shows like true life and shit like that would sp… @chrstnavelli Oh yes I know that was a big issue but I know for their reality stuff and even shows like MTB they we… @sxylk Personality wise I see a lot of similarities but Doja isn’t naturally as fab. But miss kier was also a club… and True Life raised meAlso the entire TRL archive? Like nostalgia Is in honey, get these shows on streaming and make some coin