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N A Burton @Paliakythro_ann Glasgow/Leicester/Nicosia

Musings of an Anglo-Cypriot adopted Glaswegian entrepreneur. Part-time sports sociologist. Lover of cricket & footy. Cyprus peace & refugee rights campaigner.

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@bushontheradio The Trashcan Sinatra's should have been huge. Now I live in Scotland, more people have heard of the… @bs_pearson Huge respect to you. I have PTSD, anxiety and depression and being as open about them as my physical ai… more private profit from asylum seeker housing - support our campaign to bring services under local control.
Retweeted by N A BurtonIt's 21 years ago today since Man United pulled out of the FA Cup and the Daily Mirror quickly gathered the thought…
Retweeted by N A BurtonGood news for all those who may have lost jobs bc of #COVID19 A judge has ruled that blanket bans on renting proper…
Retweeted by N A BurtonThis is monumental A judge has ruled that blanket bans on renting properties to people on housing benefit are unl…
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KOTV Classics is a must-watch. @FreeSports_TV Can you get the rights to show some of the contemporary Latin America… you, Southampton!Turkey’s test of civilization Excellent piece by academic Dr Taner Akçam in @ahval_en #HagiaSophia
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Retweeted by N A Burton#BoycottTurkey If you are a Christian Orthodox and you feel insulted by converting Hagia Sophia to mosque…
Retweeted by N A BurtonFollowing the news that Dave Clark is stepping down from his role as presenter of Sky Sports' darts coverage, the P…
Retweeted by N A Burton @PadraigBelton I’m 16, in the public gallery of Court No 1 at The Old Bailey, & the charge is attempted murder. The…
Retweeted by N A BurtonThe mental health issues related to lockdown and the pandemic are especially hard for people with depression. The w…
Retweeted by N A BurtonSheffield United condemn racist abuse of striker David McGoldrick
Retweeted by N A BurtonReading the @BCredibility tweets and loving them. Now I'm concerned that I sit in front of a load of comic books an… how much more of this are we going to take £70.00 for a bottle of booze and chocolates. The average perso…
Retweeted by N A BurtonTwo thousand five hundred children admitted to hospital this year for malnutrition. 2500 children with malnutriti…
Retweeted by N A BurtonWith 540 health/care deaths, the UK has the 2nd highest frontline Covid death rate of 79 countries, reports…
Retweeted by N A BurtonPower devolved by Westminster is power retained at Westminster. There is no clear legal barrier to the House of Com…
Retweeted by N A BurtonThought of the day 💭 Have a positive and productive Monday everyone! 🕺🏼
Retweeted by N A BurtonSue Townsend and Joe Orton. They sounded like us, they wrote about us. They were us. Hamilton has applauded his Mercedes team for joining him in taking the knee ahead of the #AustrianGP, but say…
Retweeted by N A BurtonAnother glorious three word slogan. #ThoseFuckingIdiots
Retweeted by N A Burton3wks ago today at 5.30pm a 14yr old left his south Belfast home on his bike. Less than 45 mins later he was never s…
Retweeted by N A BurtonWOW safe, NSW friends're spending £93m to explain that all the things we used to refer to as Project Fear are now about to happen.
Retweeted by N A BurtonSoon we will March for Independence #AUOB at Glasgow. 4 weeks after Phase 4 is announced there will be #AUOBGlasgow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Retweeted by N A Burton"The dystopian feel is exacerbated by the lack of spectators. No chants, beer snakes, silly costumes or, most impor…
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Retweeted by N A BurtonIf we don't go to Europe then it's because Ma B is going to move north. The late Pa B and Grandad know I can't deal… Leicester's fans have been saying... #LCFC #MCFC #ManCity
Retweeted by N A BurtonThat new government Brexit ad campaign in full: A trip to the past, at extraordinary cost, for no reason at all, at…
Retweeted by N A BurtonFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said this would be 'a full-scale assault on devolution'
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Sorry phone has been dead. Have I missed anything?
Retweeted by N A Burton @JonathanLCFC Dare I say it was David Brent at his finest. This could be the beginning of the end for him. Bad tact…
Retweeted by N A BurtonOmphalion, the coronation spot for Byzantine emperors in Hagia Sophia, Constantinople.
Retweeted by N A BurtonThe US Navy ship burning in San Diego could burn for days, "down to the waterline," the San Diego fire chief says.…
Retweeted by N A BurtonAs Scotland emerges from a lockdown, it is moving more cautiously than neighboring England, reflecting the convict…
Retweeted by N A BurtonIf only we had powerful writers today like Oscar to stand up for the poor!
Retweeted by N A Burton @mojos55 @dianne151052 Jeseus wept 🙄
Retweeted by N A BurtonAs I indicate in this @ScotGov will not co-operate with, not implement, any proposals that limit the powers of…
Retweeted by N A BurtonEngland admittedly has 10 times the population of Scotland, but had 150 times the number of #coronavirus deaths yes…
Retweeted by N A BurtonThat's a shame cause all the Tory's and conservatives will just vote him back in despite him being the worst thing…
Retweeted by N A BurtonIt does terrify me. #BorisJohnsonMustGo
Retweeted by N A BurtonThis gift set costs £70. £70 x 365= £25550 There are people in the UK who don’t even have jobs to go to. The mon…
Retweeted by N A Burton#BorisJohnsonMustGo
Retweeted by N A BurtonWhen the #UKGovernment is a leading cause of death for the British people then perhaps #BorisJohnsonMustGo
Retweeted by N A Burton#BorisJohnsonMustGo thats it, that’s the tweet. Fuck you if you disagree
Retweeted by N A BurtonGaslighting all of us constantly. This uk government IS a hate crime itself.. They are laughing at your future mise…
Retweeted by N A BurtonWe must be able to talk about female biology. We must be able to talk about cervical cancer, and uterine cancer,…
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I shall bid you all goodnight because I really do need to sleep. Have an excellent time and stay safe :) #TOTP @philipkelly29 Me too :) @jamesk74497814 Not surprising! I don't know what happened to him. He was OK when he was Granada's commentator @garek80 Now that would be something! 'Fraid it's a sofa dance-off!Feargal Sharkey as his cousin Kevin #TOTP
Retweeted by N A BurtonFeargal and his nice hair #TOTPBilly Duffy no longer the most annoying one out of The Nosebleeds #TOTP
Retweeted by N A BurtonOnly #TOTP could go from Phyllis Nelson to The Cult
Retweeted by N A BurtonThe Cult and The Cure on the same show. This is a #totp orgasm.
Retweeted by N A BurtonWoo! The Cult! I have hat envy! #TOTP#TOTP Moooooooovvvveee Closer. NO! TWO METERS YA BASTARD!
Retweeted by N A BurtonLast number one without a promo video klaxon! #TOTP#TOTP Roland Gift came second in the 1985 Widows Peak of the year awards just behind Ray Reardon.
Retweeted by N A BurtonBendy-legged dancing klaxon! #TOTPThree sisters going shopping, one off the s&m club #TOTP
Retweeted by N A Burton#TOTP
Retweeted by N A Burton @smooshie24775 Me neither. Does Kevin sell phones whilst dancing or something? @jamesk74497814 He'd be the relative you wouldn't speak of!#TOTP I can just imagine Bonnie Tyler and Jennifer Rush having a cat fight in wine bar over the same man.
Retweeted by N A BurtonSeeing as Big Hits 1985 is being repeated on the BBC now, here's what was on #totp on this day in 1985 #totp85
Retweeted by N A BurtonHold up, Bonnie Tyler’s on. She couldn’t be more 80s if she was driving KITT and drinking a can of Quattro. #TOTP.
Retweeted by N A Burton @smooshie24775 Hello! *waves*Father Abraham Smurf song via @YouTube #totp
Retweeted by N A BurtonNow here's how you do 80s power soft rock, quasi-epic type songs! #TOTP#TOTP
Retweeted by N A Burton"Despite his name & uniform Colonel Abrams was not an actual colonel..." #totp will be telling us that Captain Sen…
Retweeted by N A BurtonWhen you turn up to sing dressed like the dictator of a small country. #TOTP #TOTP85
Retweeted by N A BurtonOooh! Bob and the boys! Love 'Inbetween Days' #TOTPA bit different from his hit with the Smurfs. *abraham Abrams confusion* #TOTP
Retweeted by N A BurtonHere's the funky (not chicken) Colonel #TOTP#TOTP Ian rush was better than Jennifer rush
Retweeted by N A Burton#TOTP #ILove1985 My mate asked for this for her Xmas present - the friendship died right there
Retweeted by N A BurtonJennifer Rush on #TOTP looks like the literal embodiment of the 1980s.
Retweeted by N A Burton#TOTP Frankie goes to Hollywood did the power of love better 🤔
Retweeted by N A BurtonObligatory *World of Leather Tweet* #TOTPGlad they cut the beginning off this pile #TOTP#TOTP
Retweeted by N A Burton @AnthonyTheNSG Nighty-night! Stay safe :)Now it's Doug E. Fresh and Inspector Gadget! What more do we need on a Saturday night? #TOTPKate! (And Paddy, and Del, and the rest) #TOTPYou shut your mouth, how can you say, I go about things the wrong way. I am human and I need to be loved, just like…
Retweeted by N A BurtonAndrew rushed to the #TOTP studio from a picnic and forgot his stage clothes apparently #totp85
Retweeted by N A BurtonKalinichta, Yog :( #TOTPI am human, and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does #totp
Retweeted by N A Burton"I am human and I need to be loved Just like everybody else does" #TOTPYay! The Smiths! Yes, Moz is a bellend now, but The Smiths meant/mean so much to me #TOTP