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@theoncominghope Whoa. It’s basically And Then There Were None with a monster. @CdnShieldCarla The Dark Knight Saves People But Also Gives Them COVID-19
The Dark Knight Smizes @krausesuzy The mind boggles. They have given themselves over to a fantasy world.Halifax restaurant says goodbye to tips, raises wages for staff
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @adampknave That Supernatural fan con episode would have been very different. @JL_Braden @tammyrobert It took me a few seconds to realize that was Jane Lynch. @cathesaurus Pretty much. @awkwardlysocial @carlettaisgreat noMy only criticism of Sarah Cooper's Netflix special is that it's exactly the sort of thing I'd put together if someone let me near a studio. @helenbholmes It sucks there. A knight-at-arms told me the sedge is withered from the lake, and no birds sing.
@FarrenSquare Lucky for them that the coronavirus is so attuned to philosophical arguments. @AITA_reddit Hear me out: YTA because it's hollow and you haven't retrofitted a Roomba inside it. @TheBloggess We have a huge flock of ravens that used to nest in our football stadium. When it was torn down the ra…*Mike Pence runs through crowd with an assault rifle, shooting randomly* GIDLEY: It's okay, the gun is pointed awa… @PetCobra Those episodes are peak Dark Wesley.
@BBW_BFF That was the first thing I thought of when I saw Uncut Gems. @TammieWillis45 I know, right? @TammieWillis45 The best possible outcome for a Saved by the Bell reboot.Great, get out the vote for a fandom that loves Darth Vader. @JustDrawnRadio Probably with money. @patrennie @adampknave @GoFrankGo I'd be more comfortable with this scenario if you weren't ambulatory.This looks... good? I hate you 2020. 4x5 #film shooters. Anyone interested in some 2008 Neopan 100 quickload film and holder? Let me know!
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @thursdayschild @wigu An altercation that contributed to the collapse may have been spurred by outrage on the part… @schmutzie You are DOCTOR SINISTER. @adampknave @GoFrankGo Whereas I am CAPTAIN TARANTULA, entrusted with all tarantula ship administration. @CriRi_K This is in direct contravention of the Healthy CriRi Act of 1996. @cenobyte Hot.You know what, Donovan, i don’t have to pick up every damn stitch. @traikman @emmetmatheson Peter Falkabout @traikman @emmetmatheson Peter FalkoncrestACB's confirmation process demonstrates that the Republican Senate can move incredibly fast when they think somethi…
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I’m hearing that this morning you could fire a cannon through walk-in polling stations in urban centres and not hit…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @skeskali @cdemwell Why did Quibi have to go @lolaaugustine It's super easy! All you need is words and those things are everywhere. Go down to the supermarket,… @emmetmatheson I always wanted to go as Fassbinder's character for Halloween because you just have to look tremendo… parties need to show the 'guts' to deal with racism in Saskatchewan: We are reaching a point where racism…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @PuffChrissy I saw that late one night in the ‘80s and I never even knew the name of the movie. @PuffChrissy OH MY GOD @ten_bandits I’d definitely watch a version of the Matrix with you as Neo Potato Head.I'm a person not a towel? smh @arthurwhiteLP Oh sure! There was the, uh... never mind.
Fine advice.
Get lunch or coffee from @PerksCity this weekend. Show them you support a local, family business. Mike and Coralee'…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @Drofmab @Twitter That’s exactly what they’re doing, and it’s obviously a quick and half-baked fix.The new retweet is an ergonomic nightmare on the Twitter app if you’re using your phone one-handed (eg. making supp… @erinscafe German: where somehow everything is a pig.
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganA library in Constantinople is made of Leonardo DiCaprio.
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @phoebe_bridgers Except vegetables, presumably, or every meal would be an adventure in fear.There's something amazing about The Queen's Gambit putting Anya Taylor-Joy in scenes with Harry Melling and watchin…, the mascot of Tokai TV, is neither a bear nor a dog, but is “a fairy that came from a flower garden.”
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @rozzybox I have no idea what that means but i support this endeavour.The Queen’s Gambit is one of my favourite novels. I feared the adaptation would flatten it out, but it brings out a… @palinode
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @LairdRyanStates Shit dude Trent is a supervillain. No way you're getting that 60 back.Dear Marvel, I have come up with a villain to replace the world-destroying Thanos. His name is Trent and he hangs a…
This is kinda huge: Strange Labour by Robert Penner, published by Regina's own @radiant_press made Publishers Freak…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @thejennui @schmutzie @billsquirrell @radiant_press Well thanks! It was nice to be involved in such a great book. S… @tammyrobert @PaulDechene @sandra4mayorYQR @JimElli61953551 @CJTR_Radio Thanks! We also took a few in Paul's backya… of Oct22 Queen City Improvement Bureau: Our interviews with mayoral candidates Sandra Masters & Jim Elliott. (…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganPt1 of Oct22 Queen City Improvement Bureau: Swampfest's Toxic Algal Bloom updates @palinode on how its campaign for…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganToday’s greatest Native American and Indigenous creators take on Marvel’s most popular Native heroes in “Marvel’s V…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganDamn, somebody return him to a bed of soil from his ancestral manor. funniest thing about this tweet is that the answer is obviously no. @BittrScrptReadr LEGALLY FIRM or FIRMLY BLONDE. @blahblahellis @MKupperman "You'll have to excuse him, he's from Toronto". @MKupperman Exactly.Oh my heart 😭😭😭❤️
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganHere’s what happens when you hurt Trader Joe’s feelings. wasn't going to publish it, but I did, and anyway, now it exists and you can send it to your mum.
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@metalia They have a strong briney and smoky flavour on their own, but they work like anchovies in a dish - deepeni… being such a bad person that you voluntarily join a group that says gay people are an "abomination," and th…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganHey all! This week on @CJTR_Radio, it's Radiothon!!! Please join @JustDrawnRadio, @palinode, and myself as we discu…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganYeah, those aren't tears.
This scene drifts across my timeline every so often and I never get tired of watching it. @ten_bandits @RoStein404 are media figures defending Toobin? He exposed himself during a work meeting. What employer would give that a pass?WHAAAT @JayGilmore @SLangeneggerCBC Lately I'm considering moving back there. @MrsLoulou @SLangeneggerCBC And of course, we're never the only person in the store. @SLangeneggerCBC Yes! @stoicheff @scottjbaker I saw his name in the Trending sidebar and I was terrified that we had lost our greatest global source of moustache. @PetCobra They just got a PF Chang's.
@PremierScottMoe @CowtownRegina Don’t forget about your mask - if not for you, then for the employees of Cowtown an… Park. It's actually just the world. I pocket the $1 billion and impersonate a thought leader. All my TED T… @Glenn__Kenny 1) "A minute is actually an immense space of time," HOUR OF THE WOLF 2) Harry Lime's fingers coming u… @pulsewidth Most of my freshly coined terms were related to either computers or finance. 1971 was a hell of a year for the future.You always knew when a show in the 80s or 90s had reached its point of maximum desperation: when the cast went to… @germanrlopez No.Octothorpe @kristenhowerton Yikes. @saintsoftness Mostly we're coping with a combination of drugs and Zoom Dick Incident jokes. I'm supplementing it b… know what, person on facebook, I did need to hear this
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' Morgan @JustDrawnRadio Yup.
@skeskali Or maybe shoulders. @skeskali I'm down for any show where women's heads grow out of men's biceps. @thejennui I just googled the title.Did you know that Mako Sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) can swim faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo? The Porsche's poor sw…
Retweeted by Aidan 'autonomous partial object' MorganI’ve seen Twitter really change peoples life, so I’m gonna give it a try. My husband opened up this restaurant call…
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