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And drat the Hot Pockets Heiress. @thegoatmajestic @TheLonelyPhoton I would genuinely like to see one of those essays.I'm working on my first YouTube media criticism essay. Here's what I've got so far: THIS [FILM/SHOW/VIDEO GAME] IS… Maria Concepción was 28. Her body of work was dedicated to helping marginalized people's stories thrive. You…
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@jenwilsonca Then you DO like them as much as the next person. @MKupperman The best thing to do is simply ask the Russians directly who to vote for. Then go ask Mr. Cambridge Ana… @MKupperman It's lot easier for voters to point at "the Russians" instead of facing up to their own bad decisions.I'm in. Night SERENA wakes up. Something is wrong. A presence in her house. She slips out of bed, trips on something.… Portraits of Ladies on Fire Everywhere @adampknave I went over your so-called "safety instructions" and they turned out to be nothing more than a wild rid… @JennyENicholson *boom falls, Sith throne collapses* PALPATINE: And now, the power of... Gerry the sleep-deprived g… @adampknave Now I'm trying to open it on my Kindle and it keeps slashing at me instead of being a book?I went to Amazon dot ca and searched for "adam p knave". It said "Did you mean damp knife" so I clicked on "damp kn…🥉 Congratulations to @GPTW_US, the global authority on workplace culture, for putting together a speaker lineup at… @astevensward3 @drmarcspooner @haulingas1 @danglestein @GlobalRegina His decisions will be remembered though. Someone should go tell Andy.The Caronavirus will turn everyone it infects into Leslie Caron. mentioned: 1. Buy every seat on the plane. 2. Fill economy section with molten lead. 3. Sit in first class, lau… cost of not being true to yourself is one that not only you pay, but others, too. It’s such a relief just to live true to you.
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' Morgan @FarrenSquare That she is. @FarrenSquare She's 97 and lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake. If you knock on her door she'll invite you in and talk you… @FarrenSquare Morningtown Ride. You can insert people's names into the chorus, so my grandmother would use the names of me and my cousins.I remembered the tiniest scrap of a lyric from a lullaby my grandmother sang to me as a child and the internet hand… have spent the last twenty minutes laughing at Bloomberg's Naked Cowboy joke and will continue to laugh until the cheque clears.I confess that I was Uncle Dick in the deer stand. @FarrenSquare I'm here to say what everyone else is here to say so I'm not even going to say it. @wbrennan2 @rtraister Nah, the people in Cocoon were much younger.I'm opening up a print shop to cover some financial costs while I try to curb stomp a company who decided it was ap…
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A javelina was caught speeding near 22nd and Kolb in Tucson.
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganI know she's Topanga Lawrence-Matthews now, so shut up.In all of literature and media, there has been no name better suited to a character than Topanga Lawrence.This thread does not go where you think it will go. @Bill_Braine @schmutzie I should call them back every fifteen minutes to warn them I have not yet received the emai… @schmutzie They were someone who could have just emailed me. They called to alert me that they were going to send me an email. @tammyrobert I had to say "hello" like some kind of 20th century person.Someone just called me. Right on the telephone. It rang at me and everything. @grace134 Now that phrase is stuck in my head, like so: @starwars You had me at franchise platform. @butwhyRenee They have seen your tweet already and will be in touch. But since Rae is a pretty cool nickname, you're probably good to go. @butwhyRenee Unfortunately, once you become an adult you cannot pick your own nickname. It must be given to you in…
Wash your hands, people. Often. For at least 20 seconds. This is a science fiction author talking to you. I repeat: Wash your hands.
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' Morgan @brennx0r Twenty years ago my seven-year friendship turned into a romantic relationship. We got married the followi… have a novel for you w/ dimensional invasions, WarBoots, death cults, causality folding & lots of diner coffee, t…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' Morgan @BackpackingDad @PadmaLakshmi Why do they call it American cheese in America but not in Canada?
@ericallenhatch That’s him. That’s how he wins. @sadydoyle Holy shit. @warmandpunchy Get used to this kind of thing.My heart is in pieces. The govt of Burundi sentenced three teenage girls to life in prison for abortion. I want t…
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I hate everything about this.
@rozzybox That was... not what I was expecting to hear.I hope the Borderlands movie is just the same scene repeated for three hours until some dumb monster drops a shotgu…, we are reviewing @ComicsJacks White Lily alongside tackling birds of prey with @JustDrawnRadio and…
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Some essential part of human dignity rests on believing that Columbine did not share a magazine cover with Jar Jar,…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganLookit my new book on @io9! Senior Citizens Become Monster Hunters in This Exclusive Look at Ash via @@io9
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganMusic for Facebook and Instagram stories is now available in Canada, with a collection of music and artists availab…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganReally hoping people start talking about this. It's a terrifying illness that sets in very, very fast, and can have…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganSome candy hearts comics I drew, a thread:
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganThere is almost no ink in the pen I grabbed from the supply room. How. Why. Every scenario in my head is equally appalling. @adampknave These are the cultural touchstones we need to keep alive for the 21st century. Were Days really Happy i… the hell is going on @adampknave And in the '80s, so many people said "Cheers" to each other that they eventually renamed the struggling… @adampknave For example, 83% of the Earth's population in the '90s lived in Manhattan apartments and just popped in… are my thoughts: Star Trek Picard=>Star Trek Pie Card=>Star Trek Pie Chart=what kind of pie does Picard like a…
Very few bad takes as bad as "Billionaires make good politicians because they can't be influenced by money" Like th…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' Morgan @sadydoyle He graduated from college *and* read Faulkner? @PetCobra I'm glad you got to have that moment with him. @SLangeneggerCBC @MayorFougere Moore kept his fee and tweeted out insults at the city and the conference. Imagine g…
Say it's been while since I've tweeted. Jets don't gain altitude, they simply push the earth down.Accounts run by men receive roughly double the retweets of those run by women. Even online, we are talked for and t…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganThe Soviet Bounty Bear sequence from Until the End of the World still holds up thirty years later.
@DylanRoth Ugh.Canada 2020: Indigenous people checking their privilege while having to boil their water in order to drink it.
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganVanya on 42nd Street is on @criterionchannl and my evening now has a purpose.
@PuffChrissy Christ. @whipstitch @Dadcation If I printed off my last year of Medium emails, I could call it "Diminishing Returns" and se… is going on with Medium these days? Even with a paid membership, it never ceases to recommend the shoddiest, w…
@GoFrankGo I don't know what to say. All joking aside, that must be terrible to experience. @GoFrankGo I mean, what else was she going to do? Start screaming at you and calling you stupid and a liar? That wo… @GoFrankGo And once you explained the process, she nodded and said "Well that explains it. Thank you for the delicious pie, Frank". @GoFrankGo Weirdly enough, that makes a certain amount of sense. But the pie. What about pie makes you a liar? @GoFrankGo I have several questions.This #ValentinesDay, let me be your cupid 💘 Tell me about your Valentine (or your BFF, your crush...don’t be afraid…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' MorganWhat a stooge. @zchamu I trust any story whose only source is a YouTube video from a person who advocates an all-beef diet. @levendis @cenobyte Strong birds (birds that "lift") vs. weak birds (birds that play whist) Real antelopes (antelop… @arielle_zerr Are you talking about Christie Blatchford in the past tense?Many cultures around the world have a legend of a Bon Jovi-like figure. In Germany he is known as Guten Joven; in B…
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' Morganattn @GenderAvenger’s an easy thing you can do for me today: head on over to @GenderAvenger and give us a follow. I’ve been workin…
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This would be funnier if all women had uteruses. BALL
Retweeted by Aidan 'ol' Sacramento Sam' Morgan @KnivesOut Blanc Page @ninesnowboots I don't have a selfie ready to go, but here's me looking like a moody stock photo. @graceelavery @isaac_fellman Well this is stuck in my head all day now. @cenobyte @habpipes "Their diet of several milkshakes per day renders them unsuitably gassy for combat"."We tried milkshakes, but it only brought boys to the yard," a spokesperson said.
2020 sure do! But they've all agreed never to mention it. If questioned, they will deny any knowledge of it. This t… @LairdRyanStates My one experience with (Western) European subtitling was watching an episode of S4 Buffy in the Ne… me out on this: dubtitles. You get the subtitles, AND you get some obnoxious jerk reading out the subtitles re…