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20 | Cubs and Cudi | I want to help people :) But first I must find myself

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@MATTHEIS96 i’d be fucking pissed @_MOCHACHINO_ tim again??he won’t even eat california mac n cheese from noodles so opinion = invalid @DadGuii_ MAC N CHEESE IS FIRE THO SO FUCK UAHHHsoulja boy snapped with souljapods fr @ryanhatesbagels i’m stupid @ryanhatesbagels ??? ryanfuckspiesi’m about to be shit faced ohhh brkther @KidCudi happy thanksgiving i’m thankful for your music @SmurFysLife feel that but mostly christmas heavyhis effective career was over after MN and the good teams knew that so he just went where he could get the ball lmao @Nitrocitys looks like rice a roni lmfaoillinois being back in college basketball picture is a lovely thing to see :) @realJBA mmm college basketball i’m so happywell whatd you fucking expect @BuyMeAScuf think it’ll be my next gun @SuspendedTommy my god that’s gotta be a war crime of some typethis KSP is op on nuketown @hollow412 oh brother lmfao. Yeah Percy Jackson and Grover both signed the declaration @NoshinOcean nah lmfao. I don’t have either of my ex’s on any social media. I wouldn’t say i’m against it but it ne… @MATTHEIS96 i had the same reaction man @Mako GGfroste: “Turkey is on the table guys!” @22lexi_ obesity @fucksherwin alysa or aliuh?? you bout to walk out here calling her armadillo next attempt @torweee chihuahua plant @yung_juice_box5 hamster fettuccini 🔥 @FaZeBloo It’s an optional i’ll definitely take it over armada and most of the maps in regular rotation lmao @shikixo_ meditation of some kind! @_MOCHACHINO_ i will make you my husband bro be careful @_MOCHACHINO_ i hope tomorrow is better :)hello friends, how are we feeling today?
fans >> @fucksherwin nahh that’s not how i been interpreting it at all lol @KidCudi fr bro we ALL waiting
i think they should make a parody documentary on MJ’s career as GM lmfao @Revex for sureCW already in a more competitive form than MW was all year long lmaoo @GoldenJoysticks @InfinityWard @Activision who the fuck chose this lmaoo?? @KidCudi @RealChalamet LETS GOOOO @Boy1drr woke up ready to terrorize @Spwiggl3 persistence pays off congratulations :) @notedub unfortunately it is the language of the universe and i may be the scam
i don’t think i ever got a higher grade than a B on a highschool math test lmao @prlnceessjoshh it was actually pretty solid, way better than my previous 2 experienceswow my therapist turned tf up compared to the old geezer i tried to see last timebout to go to my 3rd different therapist of the year in 15 mins, 3rd times gotta be the charm right ladies and gentleman? 🔥🔥 @imGiIl LWwhat an instigating little bitch
@Swagg telling his pastor @NoshinOcean yes was a big fan, loved the ending :) even tho i didn’t see every little piece @NoshinOcean LLMAOO!! But my parents were watching it so i just happened to catch those and missed the others probs was playing cold war @NoshinOcean i watched episodes 1,3,4,7 lol @MATTHEIS96 like 3 per team minimum it feels like🥴🥴 girl been watering her fake plant on her story since august n she think it’s real still 😭💀 @Kuavo drop (cl)ass @CFC_Ant nah nah it is fuckin hilarious for sure lmaoo @CFC_Ant i’m confused she ain’t even violate ?? dude shot a full courter with confidence as far as i’m concerned @FindingEth deadass we can’t compete w krig or AK now lmaoo..instagram so ass that the only reason the guys even use it is to click the vsco links in various girl’s biostaco bell CONSUMED @em_parrker do u cook ur pool noodles ?? @em_parrker favorite type of noodlesso boston is getting giannis lmaotypical locker room activity to me personally 🤷🏽‍♂️ @JuniorReyes17 that shit is disgustingly good but it doesn’t feel quite as good as BO2 vtol to use @MATTHEIS96 YESSIR @KidCudi You know that i’m unfuckwittable
@PaulTweetz2Much I was going to use him but wasn’t 100% sure on his situatuon. Went w the type B white big @PaulTweetz2Much personally shocked he didn’t go out and get plumlee before he was scooped up elsewhere @TlMMY_ armada strike is worse @MATTHEIS96 @NoshinOcean btc and all. @MATTHEIS96 I mean yeah i feel like that every day. I am mostly confused as to why other ppl aren’t awake yet @MATTHEIS96 how so must have some vendetta against charlotte that were painfully unaware of when the 2 month break hit @OctaneSam @Tony_Flame it needs to be changed tony, PLEASE! @Mxdieee @hudsonwisler my favs :)woke up wanting to grind cod🤔 @Justininoo then move it lower on min. Like 5 or so @Justininoo i’d say put right stick at like 10 and leave left at 1. Left dosnt really matter it’s just running. Try… @Justininoo depends on your controller stick drift. If you think both your sticks are perfectly responsive then kee… @Icy_Rapture i thought he was talking about the key chain named karen lmaoo @dogboneberries @Josh_Tries keep running into that thing everywhere too but everytime i pick it up it feels like an LMG in my hand lol
Retweeted by nick @Goonjar easily..the worst part of checkmate is how open it is, besides that it’s at least functional!
Harambe secured 2016 play of the game when he grabbed that kid @silvasalavisa need you x darien cuddling in jeans onlyfans collab.. didn’t come from me tho @shmegmoid FaZe Danks @oFabz oh my god LMFAOO got that shit so quick i’m crying @DarienBMG hope you feel better my guy 🤝maybe i need to go to bedhow much would ariana bath water go for real talk 🤔?? @NoshinOcean goodbye rick and morty + simpsons
@Spwiggl3 yes to answer the question. thoman I was so excited to see HIM play again just because of how fierce a competitor he is. @prlnceessjoshh :)