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ProPublica senior reporter + NY Times Magazine staff writer. Texas Monthly alum. Criminal justice reporter, storyteller, curious person.

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@johnpgarrett You are doing amazing work! So sorry my list was incomplete—
@AKMcGlinchy Oh crap!! I’m sorry! @rsboynton I can’t wait to discuss!!Authorities in Wisconsin did not want you to read this story. First a prosecutor sought a gag order after I reached…
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffNonprofit news orgs now based in Austin: ⁦@TexasTribune⁩, ⁦@TexasObserver⁩, ⁦the ⁦@propublica⁩-Trib partnership, ⁦… amazing news! Go @eramshaw @andreamvaldez!! I can’t wait to see what you do!! @elongreen This is one reason why I adore you, Elon ❤️ @maggiepjones Exactly!
My son watching me scroll down to my birth year while booking a plane ticket: “Wow, you have to go REALLY far down.… @lawrence_wright You are one of the people I miss! @OliviaMesser Or we'll do something in the evening! @alexheard THAT WAS SO FUN--and also after writing hours were over! @DearSplenda Me too. I schedule calls during my time in the car.More and more, I think the key to getting your writing done is to say no to more things, and to zealously protect y… @bykenarmstrong I love this! If only every jury could hear a rundown of your work before they heard any evidence...Slow clap for @NewYorker for this legit use of double quotes inside single quotes inside double quotes, all ending…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @skirkwalsh @elizmccracken @chadliowtel It was very trying for those of us who don’t excel at baking. Kirk, next year you have to help us!
@elizmccracken I just realized that our kids go to the same school! My husband, @chadliowtel, told me. Sorry we did… @_marlonpeterson Thank you for writing such a thought-provoking piece!I’ve been praising @frumpenberg’s THE THIRD RAINBOW GIRL for months now but get into why I think this is such an im…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @keribla @neenareports I’ve been doing that and it helps a lot! @jduffyrice I wish we lived in the same place. We could help each other.
Something to be mindful of when interviewing people who are “living in a perpetual narrative of pain”: “It can be e… for him and his bosses. There needs to be more discussion and openness around PTSD, including around journalis…
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@chadliowtel !!! What kind of case was it?Powerful interview with Florida death row inmate James Dailey. "People are just now discovering my case and what ha… @kurtsoller @jdelreal 😂 @jduffyrice @jdesmondharris That is indeed always my INTERNAL monologue during jury selection! But I try to play it cool 😎 @jswatz This is fascinating! @GretchenMarg Like her, I never make the cut but so desperately want to be picked!My husband has jury duty today, which reminded me of woman I saw, years ago, who exclaimed during jury selection, “… @rabiasquared I deeply relate to this!Wonderful, unexpected tale by the wonderful @mikehalltexas: The Secret Oil Patch Roots of ‘Summer Breeze’
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffExciting news: my 2016 story "The Reckoning" will be included in this @sarahw collection! being locked up 21 years for something you didn’t do, then released with nothing, no place to go. Pennsyl…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @tx_pros Well played!
The lewd and lascivious charge refers to Skalnik's abuse of 12-year-old Karen Parker, who I interviewed. Skalnik wa…"The State never corrected Skalnik’s false testimony or otherwise disclosed that its own office had charged Skalnik… for FL death row inmate James Dailey allege that newly discovered evidence shows a prosecutor "perpetrate… @CaitlinKellyNYC Thank you for this 🙏🏼 @JessPish @bshelburne Love that!TX leads the nation in imposing a severe form of solitary, holding more people in long-term isolation than every ot…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @TSpoonFeed So well-done, as always. Thanks for the mention.More of this, please 👇🏼 @JSHornoff @EnswellJones Beautiful!!Every day I get to write for a living, I feel like I'm getting away with something. What a ridiculous job. I love it so much.
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @JInterlandi This is good to know!! I will try this. cc: @lizzieohreallyYes! For anyone who is Getting It Done—and also sleeping enough, exercising regularly, occasionally reading books,…
@lizzieohreally Amen!! @OliviaMesser @MelissaLaLinea She’s the greatest and the kindestTHE THIRD RAINBOW GIRL "is not just a masterly examination of a brutal unsolved crime" writes @MelissaLaLinea. "It’… Jan 29th, 6-8pm, celebrate women in journalism w/ @pamelacolloff, @janetreitman, and @lizziepresser at "Women &…
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffBook publishing gods, please, please give us a Katherine Boo anthology! @publicroad I’m speechless @ebruenig I love this so much 😂
The massive jailhouse snitch scandal in Orange Co., CA—involving widespread misconduct among prosecutors and law en… @TedGenoways Oh yes. So many feelings about that place 😬 @ColeWord3 Best part of our trip was seeing you!! Truly! @wtc465 My kids were astounded by that.
@OliviaMesser Just drove past your old workplace!Waco, TX. story by the great @TimesDan on James Dailey's case and the ever-shifting accounts of his co-defendant, J…
@sarah_mcv @rachelswarns @RitaRadostitz @ChristinaSwarns @ByMikeBaker My personal favorite: @seywarddarby @ev_rat Oooo I can’t wait to read— @jduffyrice @Justice_Podcast @DyjuanTatro YESSSS @wtc465 So well-deserved!!! Congrats! @ouegner Thank you so much!The TX Court of Criminal Appeals' refusal to consider Joe Bryan's innocence claims is "shameful," says… @elongreen @MarkObbie Thank you Mark!!Lovers of longform! True crime aficionados! I have a newsletter! My latest: Florida death row inmate James Dailey’s… professor Barbara O’Brien “said that Mr. Bryan’s case illustrated just how difficult it can be to persuade judg… the TX Court of Criminal Appeals’ refusal to consider Joe Bryan’s innocence, his case “had a significant ro… @MichaelonPorter @propublica @NYTmag Thank you so much for reading and caring, Michael. @MichaelonPorter @propublica @NYTmag Thanks so much-- @lindseydlinder Thank you for saying this, Lindsey-- @jduffyrice Thank you for caring. Joe will turn 80 this September.
For @NYTmag, I wrote about people who were exonerated, after convictions by non-unanimous juries, & the jurors who…
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffA 17-year-old in the tiny town of Baraboo, Wisconsin, alleges that her former school district routinely ignored com…
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffMany of you have asked why the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals refused to examine evidence of Joe Bryan's innocence… @MichaelonPorter @propublica @NYTmag Thank you so much for taking the time to read the stories. There are many para… @jduffyrice @Taniel Only if you two merge brains and then give it to ME @jduffyrice @emilybazelon Ohhhh I can’t wait to read!! @bentaub91 Can’t wait to read.BIG NEWS: Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner @manny_garcia1 will lead the joint @TexasTribune @propublica investigative…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @Taniel It's such a great resource--thank you for your work!To the many people asking what they can do, in the wake of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals' devastating decisio… @ShelSSingh @propublica @NYTmag Thanks so much, Shel.Devastating and shameful. Bryan was at a conference 120 miles from home the night his wife was killed. The forensic…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @mtkaustin Thank you! @mikehalltexas @TexasElsa 🔥🔥🔥 @rabiasquared Thank you for caring 🙏 @texasleftyRP @Olivianuzzi @propublica @NYTmag Thank you for asking and caring! Honestly the best thing you can do… @lyzl @propublica @NYTmag You are wonderful Lyz! Thank you 🙏 @MelissaDSegura ❤️❤️❤️ @Adriana_Lacy Thank you so much Adriana 🙏 @maryjlamotte Yes!!I keep thinking back to the case of Todd Willingham, convicted and sent to death on later-debunked methods. And I r…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @maggiepjones @propublica @NYTmag Thank you Maggie-- @bykenarmstrong Thank you for remembering that detail. It's stomach-turning.