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@propublica senior reporter + @NYTMag staff writer. Texas-based criminal justice reporter, storyteller, curious person. At work on a new book for @randomhouse.

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@smudgenancy That is very kind! 🙏🏼 Don’t feel like I belong on this list, but Katherine Boo certainly does. @FO_Woolverton Did not know that. Thank you. @maggykrell Thank you!Attorney friends: is there precedent for this? What case law does the judge refer to? @TexasElsa That is such a substantive day! I love it—I have your tomorrow 9/29 all lined up. All day, watch virtual @TexasTribune #TribFest20, esp the death penalty con…
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@tplohetski ❤️🙏🏼This past spring, I realized quickly how disastrous remote learning would be for many kids, through the vantage of…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @tplohetski Incredible reporting, as always, Tony.What makes this sentence so electrifying is its understatedness. @karenkho ❤️❤️❤️What a day I picked for a news and social media blackout. I’m now months behind. @Kenwardjr 🔥🔥🔥 @chick_in_kiev Love this 😍 @shoeshine I love this so much!
@marissaaevans @karenkho @keribla Also I think this is relevant to our conversation: @marissaaevans @karenkho @keribla I’m proud to know you all, and proud of the work we are doing. And proud to know… @karenkho I’ve been talked to this way so many times in my career—always by a successful white man, usually a prose… thinking a lot about the heaviness of grief among Black folks in 2020. I wrote for @TheAtlantic about the Bla…
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffIf you want to learn how to speak truth to power, watch this video of Bob Woodward. Except the person to learn from…
I don't know who needs to hear this but it is perfectly fine to have an opinion and not express it
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffToday I had the privilege of asking a progressive DA (@gonzales4da), visionary ex-judge (@TexasElsa) & brilliant re… @sophsutherland @Laureado Thanks for all your help!! @elongreen @sarahw WANTI'm so curious whether this prolonged, cloistered time together will make children closer to their parents than pre… @taffyakner @sarahw If you can share details, I’m all ears!The bot that says “no” for you. The Nobot. I want one so badly. @ryangabrielson 🔥🔥🔥
@chasekaracostas Thank you for remembering! @lizweil @ev_rat Yessss!! @elongreen @sarahw 🤣🤣🤣 @dwaynebetts 🤣🤣🤣 @cmclymer ❤️🙏🏼 @lucasmembrane @cmclymer This is amazing! @duffinkaren 😂 @thismaya my thoughts exactly @wtc465 @Olivianuzzi Rethinking my stance on this. @molly_oneill Yes!! @martinimade I love sticker charts! @alexheard He can take his graphing calculator with him. @Nate_Blakeslee Right?!
@franklinleonard YES. @cmclymer Right?? I was owned. @AClaudeCase You’ve got this!My son was assigned a math problem today that involved graphing when a writer would finish writing her book if she… @sarahw !!!!!!!!!! Wow Sarah, congrats!!!!Current self-care strategy: looking at nature instead of election coverage. @ACShilton 😂 Yes!! @ursus_arctos59 Thank you for explaining! @ursus_arctos59 Oh I did not know this! @CAC_III Ah, there are so many! This was very good: @leoncrawl That is very smart and rings true to me. @DaLyahJ Yes! @chick_in_kiev Yesssss!! Or the one I just listened to, which touched upon the Holocaust, and then segued to vibrators... @DaLyahJ Right?!To clarify: I have no problem with ads! Good work costs money to produce. But even the slightest modulation in voic… @leoncrawl Definitely not talking about your work! And sigh—that’s frustrating about sub fees.Why are so many otherwise well-executed podcasts interrupted every few minutes with the most jarring, tone-deaf ad copy? @JuliaAngwin @suryamattu Amazing work!!Journalism is supposed to afflict the comfortable. So we built an app for that. Introducing Blacklight – a priva…
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@BraceyHarris Made my day! @mayakauf Ha, yes! @Olivianuzzi Serious question: who buys a book like this? @ThompsonJamieL ❤️🙏🏼 @David_Williams 😂Office visitor. today: @ThompsonJamieL's stupendous new book, STANDOFF. Narrative nonfiction writers, you should check out the… @praddenkeefe @PGourevitch Proud to say that as a college student, I got to witness Buddy’s early 90s comeback camp… @nixonron @frontlinepbs @mendozamartha @garanceburke Congratulations!! @nixonron @ryangabrielson It would be so good! Entertaining on the surface, while slyly educational.
@robxlii Thanks Rob! I’ll pass that along! @Lkatzenberg @brandonlgarrett @DukeLaw @WilsonCSJ_ ❤️🙏🏼 @Charleygirl_TX Charley!!!! @brandonlgarrett Ha! Not at all. You are going to inspire me to rearrange my bookcase. @JaredParker @dansinker Yes, but not in state. The thread explains this. @AClaudeCase 😳 @danahull 😂 @ryanpaige Every episode could be called Muddying the Waters @brandonlgarrett Thank you for taking this photo! I just filched it for a tweet...Glad I got to spend today—Joe Bryan’s 80th birthday & his first birthday out of prison in more than 3 decades—with… latest idea for a TV show: an anti-CSI, where cases and convictions based on junk forensics are blown open by a… First. Woman. Let that sink in. @brandonlgarrett @Deberry4DA @DeanKerryAbrams @WilsonCSJ_ Thank you for the wonderful event!Not long ago, when I wasn't sure if/when I'd find my next job in journalism, I asked myself what I'd write if I had…
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@nbj914 @_jessebarron Agree.The indiscriminate cruelty of 2020 continues. Last night we lost Jan Reid, one of the greatest writers ever to be p…
Retweeted by Pamela Colloff @geneweingarten So well done—an incredible story.
@meghanor I can’t wait to read it. Congratulations!!A wonderful friend & Texas writer, Jan Reid, just died of a heart attack at the age of 75. A lovely, singular voice…
Retweeted by Pamela ColloffA not uncommon experience: googling the name of a town I'm writing about and then discovering, from the very first… @mariekelaauwen I love this story, Marieke! @mariekelaauwen Awwww! @Purpleshoes07 This would be fun if I could do it with you!! Also, I’m going to send you a crazy story... @MattNorlander Exactly!I can’t take any more existential dread. @MauriceChammah @PublishersWkly Yesssss!
@VLeheny @bymattkeyser @alyssakeiko ❤️🙏 @DaLyahJ ❤️❤️❤️ @tracyweber @bykenarmstrong @geneweingarten @bykenarmstrong @geneweingarten Exactly!!