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@_living_well also, glasses model 🤩 @_living_well space ice cream and investmentswarm leatherette @MikeDSykes it's dark-sided but good @marshallist *small space @marshallist ooooh fair enough. i have such a small imma do a lil research @marshallist you have one? if so, do you cook on it? @Dalai_Mama_ yaaay i was feeling #grown today lolBe in everybody business
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽 @ItsTheBrandi honestly.... that's diplomacy @destroytokyo @pamelacouncil
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽 @ItsTheBrandi forgot how awkward this shit was @ItsTheBrandi this is why trump is president lmaoooooo @ItsTheBrandi 🗣Crispy chicken 🗣fresh lettuceThis is me headed to work. Whats my job? lol do you think i do for a living? 🚬 What does it look like i do for a living? u think i do for a living? i do for a living? @Dalai_Mama_ oooh i like dat!i need one of these i think? for my patio? hey Rickyyy! @RickyMixon @DKayeCartwright @MikeDSykes well doggone it! @MikeDSykes LOL ~~~ @DKayeCartwright am i a life coach?! @_aly_tho_ true!! @nettieb oooh thank you!So soon! Drops at 12:45pm!
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽someone tell me @TheQueenSpeaks_ obviously you make jewelry @TheBeigeGod I knooow lol this is a funny editOk ill bite What does it look like i do for a living! @yallthefeds @DwayneDavidPaul 🗣️this is antiblack!!! @nettieb legendary ethnomath king!!! can't wait for your book-- if ya know ya know!Where's T. Lax? put this video in the MoMA! @LincolnLook FOREVER @VeronicaJArt illustrator or graphic design or another primarily digital art form @rafiaswrld 's influence @jrdynjy i can feel the "above the fray"ness through the photo lol @vcunningham this some nasty shit, jack @jrdynjy whatever you do it looks like you really dont get stressed about emails too much, in a boss wayAtlanta COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program - pass it along
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽By playing credits between each act, instead of commercials, Quibi claimed a 10 episode season was actually 40 “low…
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽Me reminding the timeline of their criminally horny tweets once outside is fully back open.
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽What does it look like I do for a living?
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽PLEASE stop curving us while we’re ovulating its violence @rafiaswrld I see music coming out of this @rafiaswrld Oh please do @WrittenByHanna We eat duck @lifecreep i am today felt early but chrimmas is only 8 weeks away
Im so thirsty for whimsy @Chloe_Hilliard Disrespect me? Oh, did someone who profits me ask for a little P-E-T-T-Y?SHONDA RHIMES IS A CAPRICORN
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽Shopping for christmas trees FUCKIT @tatianaberg 🤣 i have to use this meme, i just spent 30 minutes summoning every resource i have not to hurt your fuckin feelings
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽Thrilled to share that FWM has received a generous grant from @PewCenterArts in support of "His History of Art," an…
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Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽i'm a fountain right now @WrittenByHanna screenshot before getting block love to see it! @timmhotep 's wrong with him. this is an iconic look from an iconic era in streetwear @msmarypryor this living room has a tiger sculpture on layaway @msmarypryor this living room said "whatchu know about dat" as it oversprayed coolwater @msmarypryor why did this living room just offer me chicken fettuccine alfredo @Desdamona1 i love this ,,, keeping the momentum going on every day self care @pamelacouncil I’ve already voted and plan to stay in on voting day. I’ve been working out at home everyday and med…
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽shonda rhimes disneyland pass story enjoy your metaphorschills @Thundercat swear to god if you don’t put my name on this too....
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽monogamy & scarcity'Kevin Beasley: Reunion' is on view through October 24 at Casey Kaplan Gallery featuring new works that 'consider h…
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽Gonna take a comedy writing class bc i decided i was hating on amber ruffin bc im jealous and shes actually very ta… @KathleenMassara Every day baby! @pamelacouncil Dress for success and pack a few snacks!
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽Take me back @CashApp Pls bless me $pammypammy @bespokecurator Mmmm lentil soup is a great comfort food @pamelacouncil Making lentil soup and voting early but perhaps October 25th or 26th once the crowds have (maybe?) died down?
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽 @jilnotjill @man im on the one day at a time program for that stretch @man @jilnotjill @pamelacouncil Same! I’m hoping we’ll be so exhausted we’ll be able to sleep that night?! 🤞🏻
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽Herbal preparations: @pamelacouncil I've already voted, so I suppose I'll just nervously check the internet all day?
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽 @KevinBuist Kevin...... plan better!Yall talkin bout the planetary transits and election and its the one day i do not care cuz im ovulating!!!!! Everything is beautifoOk who will i annoy today #praxis$750 / uptown minneapolis , 2007 offering teeth im gully look at his galoshesNot all kinfolk is kinfolkwatching y’all argue against tax increases for the WEALTHY like you weren’t also waiting for a stimulus check like…
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽 @pamelacouncil I’m gonna try and find a voting issues hotline of sorts or a last-minute get out the vote thing, I t…
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽 @pamelacouncil I’m being a poll worker so that I will be busy and distracted all day!
Retweeted by ⛲️ ᑭᗩᘻᘿᒪᗩ ᑕOᑌᑎᑕIᒪ 🧠💅🏽Class is asynchronous and/or optional that week since one school has not already designated it a day off. My class…
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