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Pam @PammyJC Metro Detroit

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Carnival Ride Operator #JobsForMiserablePeople
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Retweeted by Pam#JobsForMiserablePeople The Soup Nazi! "No Soup For You."
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Retweeted by PamIt’s all about jobs today! So join our guests @EllePerry7 @TKthekonseptTK & @euflorium and your hosts @RoeGhost &…
Retweeted by Pam#JobsForMiserablePeople Hoarder's housekeeper. #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by PamNew track! #EDM #ElectronicMusic #HipHop #Techno #Beats #Instrumental #Producer #Creator
Retweeted by PamGUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!!! The day after yesterday? Yes! And it’s Hump Day! Do you have a favorite color? A color that…
Retweeted by PamWant a chance to win a Little Caesars Box Seat and free pizza? Tell us why you'd love to have it with the hashtags…
Retweeted by PamYou say you love her, dumbass? Then fucking love her...
Retweeted by Pam#TellAFairyTaleDay Once upon a time there was a mischievous nymph @WKatThomason and she gathered all of her mischie…
Retweeted by PamAre you ready to feather rumble?🥴😜
Retweeted by Pam @gigirules7 @loveGoldenHeart @_lola_bee @JackConnie @kitawny24 @katzz77 @klf113 @kristenRN202 @LISAMW979 @TheRealStanRay 🤦🏼‍♀️ @TheRealStanRay You threw me out of a DM once for eating crackers. 🙄😂😂Sometimes silence hurts more than words ever will.
Retweeted by Pam#TwitterMarriagesFAQs This is a thing? I thought he was just joking. 🤭😂😂#TwitterMarriagesFAQs After you Twitter divorce, you owe half your Twitter points in alimony to their future tweets.
Retweeted by Pamall fun and games until someone buys a plane ticket #TwitterMarriagesFAQs
Retweeted by PamDo NOT twitter marry someone just to get on their healthcare plan... #TwitterMarriagesFAQs
Retweeted by Pam @Colbywinters Yeah... Mine too.. I just gave up solid food for the next 6 weeks. 😂#ICouldNeverPardon people who don't have their Grey Poupon.
Retweeted by Pam#ICouldNeverPardon Anyone who abuses animals.
Retweeted by PamThere's been a lot of talk about people being pardoned lately. We want to know what offense is so egregious, that y…
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#MyDNATestProves that I'm one quarter Nintendo, one quarter pixels, and one half Italian.
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Retweeted by Pam @loret826 Thanks Loret! @PammyJC #MyDNATestProves so that's where my other 50% is!
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Retweeted by Pam @417Smokey Not bad. 🙄🎸 😂😂My ancestors really got around the world #MyDNATestProves
Retweeted by Pam#MyDNATestProves I'm mainly THC
Retweeted by Pam#MyDNATestProves I’m pretty much human
Retweeted by PamThe DNA results are in! #Maury style! Join your hosts @SheilaBx2 @KyraSpears & @AngelaMiroddi with special guests…
Retweeted by Pam#MyDNATestProves That my body is 50% alcohol. @Golden7Eye @ItsWildBoy87 @CeeLaKay @Kageskyfire28 @CrossFitGoddess @ashlynhorne0 @heelmadison @rocketqueenlisa #PancakeDay!!
Retweeted by Pam#IfImMadItsBecause nobody celebrates the upcoming best day of the year with me!
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Retweeted by PamHer: I'm not that drunk... Also Her, 1 hour later: LISTEN TOOO THIS SONG ITS ABOUT US!!!
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Retweeted by PamPretty sure this has to do with a certain @MCRofficial tour. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also... Why did I just realize this video exist… did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet? SUPPLIES!!! (You’re welcome)
Retweeted by Pam @WendyMichele48 @417Smokey @GeorgeHarrison I've tried! 🤷🏼‍♀️ @417Smokey @WendyMichele48 @GeorgeHarrison 🤦🏼‍♀️ @WendyMichele48 @PammyJC @GeorgeHarrison Ohhhh ok. Beetlejuice is my favorite Beatle...
Retweeted by Pam @417Smokey @GeorgeHarrison That's it. *Blocks Smokey* @417Smokey @GeorgeHarrison sure I know where coronavirus started.... It was the cat.
Retweeted by Pam @417Smokey @GeorgeHarrison It's obvious. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @Colbywinters It's also Fat Tuesday. I guess that means you can eat tacos and pancakes with your Paczkis. 🤷🏼‍♀️ let me get this strait... Its taco tuesday and pancake day? Someone isnt planning these things worth a damn....
Retweeted by PamI tried to go to sleep but there's that train that's miles away but you only hear it in the middle of the night. A…🎶's a game Sometimes you're cool, sometimes you're lame Ah yea it's somewhere And if you don't know where yo…'re celebrating what would be @GeorgeHarrison’s 77th birthday with music from his career, guest DJs and more on…
Retweeted by PamTo mark George's birthday today, the Liverpool City Council and the Harrison Estate proudly announce The George Har…
Retweeted by Pam @HashtaggerKevin @wordfeud 😂 @mrl_386 *unfollows* @HashtaggerKevin @wordfeud You're still coming off the high of hosting for me Sunday. You gotta get over it Kev. I…'s up besides people who wanna start Dutch @wordfeud games with me? I'm smart but not Dutch Wordfeud smart.… there's a new way, I'll be the first in line. ~Megadeth @6thsensemoment Hahaha @Colbywinters @butimjustjake @StateFarm I'm thinking that he probably went to sleep and if we bother him, his wife… @417Smokey 😂😂😂 @Barkeromo @417Smokey Or dateline. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @kellbradenallen Welcome!! Thanks for playing! @Barkeromo @SilipigniMario That's serious business right there. @417Smokey We'll talk. What you wanna talk about? Oatmeal? Ok.. here we go... @SpacecatSpliff @Barkeromo Kids, behave! ❤️ @katzz77 😂😂😂 #ReverseATvShowOrMovie
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