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Call me Coyote. They/them. #BlackNDN #Blackfeet. #TwoSpirit. #Kemetic. #ActuallyAutistic. Schizo-spec. Professional Halloween Scientist. Useless Gay Vampire

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@quiet_spheres Sometimes they got smart and you had to rest the plug in right enough where it looked like it was in… @ImJustMe1979 @ScyneWaive @The_GothDaddy😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Unfriendly Black²foot Otahkoapi’siakii @quiet_spheres It has to be done! @ScyneWaive Imagine telling on yourself so loudly just to show off your racist tattoo that looks like the line work… @UzamakiJ Lowkey surprised there’s no Capricorns on here?Gender is conceptual,;there’s no such thing as “opposite gender” because not everyone operates on a binary. What’s… @ScyneWaive @The_GothDaddy You owe me six dollars now too 😤 😭 😤 RUDE! 😭 @ChelseyMooner @NerdIAm @rezdreams I didn’t know about the protections either and I lived in the UP/Great Lakes Are… @ScyneWaive @The_GothDaddy *Mugatu Voice* The gun girl could shit in an eco-friendly reusable small storage bag and… is a call out post for @The_GothDaddy who either recently changed their banner or I never fuckin paid attentio… @The_GothDaddy Ecofascism is hot rn @UzamakiJ I’m so glad Bob Dobalina always comes in clutch in every discussion about slur reclamation to give their… @UzamakiJ There’s LITERALLY no reason for non Black ppl to say the N word no matter how hard they wanna Green Eggs… @rezdreams It’s gross and so disrespectful. People don’t stop being people because it’s been a hundred years or a t… @rezdreams Exactly. And there are things museums have for sure that shouldn’t be on display at ALL @rezdreams When Mike Brown was murdered, I *repeatedly* had to put out on various social media’s pleas for white fo… @rezdreams have nobody buried in there but We’re having to plead w the same kinda people who would get up at 4AM t… @rezdreams and let the relatives go home. Every time I go by Arlington cemetery during some holiday where they got… @rezdreams That shit hurts. Like. It’s weird bc I think it’s important for Indigenous People who aren’t near their… @rezdreams Yeah. I been up to the NMAI when it hadn’t been opened very long bc I live close by n like I just KNOW t… @Pandabbadon So many Native bodies are still held in storage by museums and universities. The sad fact is if we fo…
Retweeted by Unfriendly Black²foot Otahkoapi’siakiiI wrote this old thread and I was right @pandamoonxo NasTY. And yeah just further shows it’s probably way more than just the cooking @madelpillar My mom said no @ScyneWaive No cousin, we was askin after deviled eggs, not bedeviled eggs 😂Oh no baby what is you doin? You’re worried about hurting HIS feelings when it’s CLEAR AS DAY he don’t give a SHIT… @AdamantxYves Don’t nobody be mad at me, but she really just look like Alyssa Milano with seasoning in these shots 😬They owe me fifteen dollars for having an okay selection of Black kinda hair but the inability to have a wide nose… @quiet_spheres They owed me money this is ridiculous lmao @quiet_spheres Nvm I found it @quiet_spheres Which is this one or I gotta go thru the QT thread to find it lmao
I saw three big ol low flying hawks on my way to lunch. And I was having a Bad Time at one point during lunch just… numbers means I get to promo: -Love, respect, protect, and LISTEN to Black and Indigenous women.Especially tr… @ScyneWaive I’ve never used a fork at my favourite restaurant but I do often think about what percentage of my drin…
Hello, I am being crushed under the tenebrous weight of my own existence and circumstance and also mine own skeleto… @The_GothDaddy WE WANT TO SEE OUR LEETL BOYYY @janiecfrank @carlymbutton @hannahpaasch Yeah my therapist calls me out every time I’m smiling/laughing she’s all s… @quiet_spheres So many white people with beach waves lakdhsjxhjanshsegg: scrambled steak: Blue. Rare at a restaurant, bc they usually won’t do blue milk: doesn’t matter since I don’t… need you for my apartments...what you say???
Retweeted by Unfriendly Black²foot Otahkoapi’siakiiTbh if I was you, I’d be more concerned w the bastardization and appropriation of Kabbalah (c’mon the guy is 27)tha…
@DanDanTransient What cheekbones? 🌝You know that therapy appointment be hittin when you’re collecting your shit and your therapist says “you’re not su… @_warm_fox_woman 😂 I’m like the jolly green giant @DanDanTransient Yuuuup. At least she didn’t ask me why I don’t “look Indian” lzbsjshxnx small mercies 😂 @RadioSubversive They really be like that lmao @webslag Yeah honestly. Like. That’s the biggest red flag I ever saw. A whole parade of them and they all got that guys face on em @auntiecolonial @zzzsartorialist Will make it different than the next person so it depends on where you’re getting… @auntiecolonial @zzzsartorialist Oooooh I gotcha: it came off to me like you wanted receipts still. I don’t always… I make a joke about my trauma to people who don’t have trauma so it doesn’t hit like I thought it would“Still Indians so close” like??? Ma’am???In Montana so I repeated and added right against Glacier National Park and she nodded fascinated and asked if we we… she excitedly tells me about how her and her husband (gestures outside) had just got back from Alaska and there… of my Nation and she asks what Nation is that and I say it’s Blackfeet and she looks at me a min and goes like… buttons” on my jacket and wondering if they all meant something. And I said most of them do like inside jokes or… last night while I was out and about in the world, while I was at the beauty store this old Napiaakii was eyebal… @Drustan27 Oh you right!!! Yeah he definitely can get ateWhen a non-native person comes into your community and receives more traditional teachings than you ever have in yo…
Retweeted by Unfriendly Black²foot Otahkoapi’siakii @auntiecolonial @zzzsartorialist They are Black Native. Like, I don’t have anything to “offer” on their behalf spec…
Schnmgxvgvkhs Im getting street harassed so @jwboyes @LammaticHama @unsuperjay It looks kinda dramatique phone/tablet/device background left like this tbh @jwboyes @LammaticHama 😂 @LidsRodney I try to do three hundred words a day. It’s a fairly low bar but it feels Big when I just Can’t but it’… idk if they’re rebranding or what but it is super weird that a peanut with a Monopoly Guy vibe is selling yo… Mr. Peanut is dead but, he deserves it! He’s a bourgeoisie class traitor! An opportunistic capitalist who gleefu… @LammaticHama Like 20% of my personality is holding a grudge against Bitterroot Salish for some shit they did 100 y… @necromantiic Extremely Big McLargeHuge The Misfits from the IDW run Jen and the Holograms as drawn by Sophie Campb… @LidsRodney Regular me is like “I desperately wanna write but ummm” lmao I got like a thing I been supposed to work… @LidsRodney God yeah. Like I hate being manic but also one time I put in an eight and a half hour shift at the fanf… sweet, there’s no issue here to fix.Y’all are incompatible. If he’s wiggin out over this ONE harmless thing, thi… @UzamakiJ PLEATHE 😂 @BeadSpiller Eventually it’s always gonna be Pretendian o’clock when you piss someone off (usually white passing Na… @BeadSpiller And it made me mad as fuck so I don’t do that shit no more because Napikwan are fuckin WILDT and I hat… @BeadSpiller Personally, I legit stopped showing the few pics I have of my relatives and talking bout my family in… @BeadSpiller The only ppl who called me Pretendian was white people tbh. I’ve had other Natives be skeptical abt me… @unsuperjay Love it!couldn't let another day pass without putting up a werk in progress. can't let january slip by without putting in s…
Retweeted by Unfriendly Black²foot Otahkoapi’siakii @Ruggs_Gotcha Right! I’m imagining they are up the rest after taking the picture cause my stomach hurts thinking ab… @skilledjackal Oh! This seems so cool! I’m gonna send this to Girlfriend too, she would get into this as wellMy Black ass getting dunked on if I do anything less than 5; but tbh, I’ll clean up to 6. I ain’t afraid to crack t… @UzamakiJ This looks like a thumbnail for a video where you bout to go in about something that just happened at the… @madamehistory I feel like focusing on who should make the kid another dinner is losing sight of the fact the OP ju… @ambrrr Lots of things have blood for free!
@gingerdodgers 🩸 🩸S̫̫̩̞̖͍̤͚ͤ̿̓̂̉̃̓͐͋͢H̻̺̱͓̠͔͇̜̙ͬͦE̜̠̅ͫ̄ ̸̜̽̒H̜̺̞͈͉ͣ͛̐̕U̮̘̭̳̼͚ͮ͆̽͜͞͞ͅN̵͉̳̤̹̒̅̑͒̅ͧG̷̣̱̫͓͈̉ͥ͒̾͊̾ͪ͂… There are a lot of things that you can post in response to a dead Native teenager and the crippling fear t…
Retweeted by Unfriendly Black²foot Otahkoapi’siakii @stalkofyarrow You should remind him that smashing the (pro)State is the most subversive act of all. Every prostate… for the Blood God Blood for the Blood God Blood for the Blood God Blood for the Blood God Blood for the Blood… he realized she was going to need her food back at some point. Like. You guys both suck. Stick up for your dau… make up letting down your twelve year old the most; NEITHER OF YOU THOUGHT ABOUT HER until after the fact an… CONFRONT PEOPLE like this is noticeable and habitual enough that OP made it details in the telling of the ta… her own dinner or at least fixing something quick before going to bed so she’s not hungry. But the fact th…’m actually amazed at how much I’m NOT seeing that they’re both the asshole here. Like OP is right, OBVIOUSLY the… @MzLittleBear 🥰 love your face
@innocent_abroad @The_GothDaddy @iproposethis @Aella_Girl That makes it worse imo. She’s repeatedly used “humans” a… @innocent_abroad @The_GothDaddy @iproposethis @Aella_Girl There’s nothing wrong with being curious about the origin… @innocent_abroad @The_GothDaddy @iproposethis @Aella_Girl Ever be objective. There’s a HIGE problem in all scientif… @innocent_abroad @The_GothDaddy @iproposethis @Aella_Girl It’s one thing to be green around the gills and misstep b…