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@RQueens1 Pretty much xDI haven't played Overwatch in a week 😳
@SeaSaltShrimp I honestly had this happen recently. Someone immediately started off the conversation as if we were… that being friendly =/= being friends. If an artist/anyone answers nicely to you, it doesn't mean they se…
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Retweeted by PandorraHey! Horror game lovers! I'm absolutely feral for Indie Horror Games that are eerie/uncomfortable to play and was h…
Retweeted by Pandorrasorry for my grainy ass phone camera but thought I'd try this out? #toonme
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Social Media High #instagram #discord
Retweeted by PandorraPokemon fusions
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Retweeted by PandorraI really want to work but my arms are acting up again with pain so I really need to take resting seriously at this… u say you dont have a crush on howl yes you do
Retweeted by Pandorra#kipo #kipoandtheageofwonderbeasts #DreamWorksKipo So happy the world finally gets to fall involve with these char…
Retweeted by Pandorrahis best quality: his big smile
Retweeted by Pandorrawe grow up  #BrigitteLindholm #Reinhardt #Overwatch
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Retweeted by Pandorragirls don’t want boys girls want eris, goddess of chaos
Retweeted by Pandorra @emdeearh I draw almost all my thumbnails except some collaborations. So I'm seeing which ones I should adapt for t-shirts
Out of all my videos, what thumbnail would you like to see made into merch? 🤔After searching for quite some time I finally found a Switch for a good deal!! That should be coming in soon and th… blizz artists worked very hard on these skins. instead of bashing on these wonderful korean themed skins rea…
Retweeted by Pandorra @CaraidArt As painful as it is, Life is Strange is that game for me. Somehow it feels so immersive and calming to m… hair~ #PokemonSwordShield #Raihan #Leon
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Retweeted by Pandorra💜Do you care him?💜
Retweeted by Pandorra「EMP発動!」#overwatch #sombra
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To celebrate the Greatest Of All Time 🐐 GOAT Brigitte will be available February 6th to kick-off the start of…
Retweeted by Pandorra @MXNSTRAPPLE @pastelsushi TWICE would be really fun but if you have any favorite anime there’s a good option. I use…'ve finally finished the KDA Akalynn ramen date livestream I envisioned almost a year ago 😭💖 #KDA #Evelynn #Akali
Retweeted by PandorraMy blade is ready! #genji
Retweeted by Pandorrame when people steal @FizzySodaWave
Retweeted by Pandorraits been years but the origin story for this image is finally here
Retweeted by Pandorra @kartilx1 Catch me drawing 2 sets of 25 @s_kayto I’m more gay for Eve since I see myself in Akali 😂KDA Evelynn. Song came up in my playlist and had the urge to draw them. Will probably make all of them. #KDA
Retweeted by Pandorraevery single night
Retweeted by Pandorra @Ouroridae @gatamchun I'm excited to see the full thing ahhh @Ouroridae @gatamchun I think she rocks it ^ ^One of my favorite parts about the New Years event for Overwatch is that each skin has significance and back story.… @Ouroridae Credit to @gatamchun for sharing this information! The inspiration for Moira's skin was the corrupted mo…
Retweeted by Pandorraone final thought for today: for the love of god curate your online space. block, mute, blacklist, whatever you ha…
@ItsPuffy2 Don't tempt me like this because I actually wouldI just realized this friend follows me on twitter ahdkashdksj I wonder if they remember it tooMiddle school science, a friend asked me if they could borrow an eraser. Being a table or two away I tossed it to t… for sharing #thatplasticdeviant ! This sounds like a great idea! Any thoughts @Blizzard_Ent ? @PlayOverwatch
Retweeted by Pandorra @WynterNyght *slams down on the table to draw my 25* Fairy Godmother singing ‘I Need A Hero’ in Shrek 2
Retweeted by Pandorra @twistedwolf125’m scared to see the results, the new Pokemon animated series on YT is making me so hyped!!! So here's a Leon I finished a few days ago💜💜…
Retweeted by Pandorrayou know what? i'll take a shot in the dark. im feelin somethin crazy tomorrow
Retweeted by Pandorra @MXNSTRAPPLE The cats ahhhh this is adorable!!"Ariel" for the comment OC Prompt! Ariel, blue, cool long coat, long fuzzy hair, loves cats, anglelic, soft.
Retweeted by PandorraI'm returning this bs tomorrow, I'll just look online. That's what I get for going out of the houseI went to IKEA to try getting lights to make a light box for taking pictures of merch. And the light I picked appar… commissions for @twitch and @discordapp are open! Follow the link to fill out the form so I can make some cut…
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@MXNSTRAPPLE To those disagreeing, unless you know someone personally it is not your place tell them you know more… @jakademous Go for it, I just can’t promise that I’ll read it aha 😅 I rarely read books since I consume so much med… Akali to celebrate 300M views and also my redemption for being lazy and doing nothing for K/DA last year :3
Retweeted by Pandorra🐺 must... protecc.. stupid cat
Retweeted by Pandorra @Rintitty You’re the widow the people needed 😭Sometimes I struggle sleeping and lay in bed staring at the ceiling because my brain keeps me up. Just going throug… a trans person by threatening to out them is -43,331 points.
Retweeted by Pandorra"Idle hands are the devil's workshop..." #Moira build is complete! Coming to a con near you~ #overwatch #cosplay
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Retweeted by PandorraFirefighter Hog, made in honor of the firefighters and the many animal lives that have been lost in the fires, as w…
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Retweeted by Pandorraオリーヴさん好き~
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@MXNSTRAPPLE I love their relationship 😳💖Sweet💙🧡 #Raihan #Nessa #PokemonSwordShield #Fanart
Retweeted by PandorraI'm almost at 250 followers! So its raffle time!! ✨To Enter: ✨ Simply like this post and make sure you are a fol…
Retweeted by PandorraHow do I even describe this aha haa
Retweeted by PandorraAnimal Crossing New Horizons has a new Poptart pattern. Couldn’t find a high quality image, so I recreated it in ve…
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@w__ngho I swear, that's Ashley Birch voicing her @BajrOverwatch WE LIVE IN MISERYMy computer clock is 2 minutes ahead and it won't let me fix it
Retweeted by Pandorrai am gay for akali u are gay for akali we are all gay for akali and thats on period
Retweeted by PandorraA slowpoke’s great train adventure from the Isle of Armor 🚞☁️☁️
Retweeted by PandorraITS!!!!! HER!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by PandorraI really need Denaseey Commission open!! If you interesting DM me! (No NSFW) Payment only Paypal Slot lef…
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Retweeted by Pandorraカフェで遭遇したい
Retweeted by PandorraARTISTS: STOP CHARGING $30 FOR A COMMISSION THAT TAKES YOU 6 HOURS. I see this all the time and I'm guilty of un…
Retweeted by Pandorra얼굴바꾸기 셀카찍는 금랑과 단델..그리고 리자몽 #PokemonSwordandShield #포켓몬
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Retweeted by Pandorra @tylercolp where'd you get this screenshot of my replays???
Took me all day but Here's the Avery & Klara Charms that I'll have in the shop soon tm~ #PokemonSwordShieldEX
Retweeted by Pandorra @ArtMeggles Might want to be careful doing giveways/raffles because Patreon changed their stance on that a while ba… :)
Retweeted by Pandorra @yanotallowed I constantly feel like I'm taking breaks so that's why I feel pressured (by myself) to work more than I can handle 😅This is a bit sudden, but I want to try and help my Mother get out of this abusive household. I might try to take c…
Retweeted by Pandorra @ChibiSweetzXD I really appreciate your kind words, thank you 💖 @DonaDevastation Thank you ; ; @yanotallowed That's very hard for me ha ha, I just like making ppl happy