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the mayor of garbage town. entry level satanist. they/them. bad jokes. I sell records in mpls.

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@ColdWrecks If you ever get really desperate you can write something about me. I haven’t been having a good time if… @phoebe_bridgers I love that nine inch nails songThank you.
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Kinda fucked up all I’m sayinHey if Goku accidentally killed his adopted father Gohan why didn’t they ever wish him back with the dragon balls?… @RepClayHiggins Can you imagine saying this and not realized that it’s absolutely fucking stupid @pikemeat The only thing I want in life is the most serious Batman movie ever made but with tommy as the jokerMy favorite scene from the joker is when he goes “hey baby I’m the joker and it’s joker time!!” @KitCatEliza @KitCatEliza Hmmmm. You make a good point but at the same have you considered this pe e
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Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃I won 3 games in a row as imposter last night and I would like to thank all the people I killed and betrayed who allowed that to happen @pikemeat Oooo I love that last one. I’ll dm you when I get some kind of idea of what I want! @RudeMcClanafran If the mood strikes @KitCatEliza I am so excited/terrified to play this
Obama seriously not right now @TeriizaTylenol shove him @rachealjustin1 Oooo thank you! I’ll keep you in mind if I decide what I want!I need to commission someone to make a big back patch for it now @KitCatEliza We had an okay fall but there’s snow now. I don’t envy the fire tho 😰 @pikemeat that it’s cold out I think I’m about to get real into soupThis Jean jacket looks too good for how cheap it was @KitCatEliza What can I say I’m just old fashion like that @mikalkhill This is exactly how I was in game. You always get me.I killed a couple people too but I still feel betrayedPlayed among us for the first time with friends and can’t believe I was killed by people I thought I trusted.
I’m only on Twitter still to see the latest Phoebe Bridgers tweets @KitCatEliza speed your way to panicBattle droids.
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃I’m glad I had a bunch of coffee this morning so at least my brain is screaming while I dissociatefuck
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃 @dweebika issa birbWish we could go back to that year that Thrift Shop got really popular. Not because I like that song that’s just on…
Customer: what’s the best grinder you have Shows them the best grinder Customer: Woah that’s way too expensive what… "If you make over 400k a year your taxes will be higher." Guys from my high school that make 35K a year-
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I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday and I will now choose to abandon my failing body for a robot body
@whatdaFisupkyle After these last couple of tweets it’s really up in the air Kyle @whatdaFisupkyle They get it you lil wiener @whatdaFisupkyle Until the car is in your front yard and you wake up with your clothes on then maybe go to therapy @whatdaFisupkyle Alright Lit calm down @whatdaFisupkyle Having a hard time being your Twitter enemy Kyle you seem to be in it yourself damn
I’m not gonna post the picture because the tweet about it got reported and taken down but I’ll DM it to you if you wanna see lolI got that Kermit tattoo @chrisfarren
I think people be forgetting that we only one generation removed from segregation
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Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃 @desertlesbian truid like to Thank the shitty people i've encountered in my life for the everlasting trauma that has inspired me to write punk hits <3
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃Today would have been George Floyd’s 47th birthday.
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃 @whatdaFisupkyle Kyle live until I can fight you in the street you lil fuck @Twice62995 You can show yourself out is what you can do. @Twice62995 If you don’t come prepared I don’t know what you want me to do for you @Twice62995 I’ve never had fun in my life so jot that downDon’t watch the Trump Town Hall tomorrow on NBC. Catch the highlights later. Don’t give Trump a ratings win. Pass it on.
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃Accept there are things you’ll never understand and that’s okay. There are things you can’t fix and that’s okay. You’ll be okay.
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Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃 @whatdaFisupkyle not if I was there Kyle check yourselfwow this is fucking tightI started watching Demon Slayer finally because I absolutely HAD to meet the himbo pig man
Birds have had it too good for too long
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃 @DraperGeoph Who doesn’t like it Fuck them
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃She doesn't answer their questions because she feels no accountability to them or the process. Just towards Trump a…
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Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃ah yes, the three genders
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃One of my best friends had a baby last year and I am NOT used to babies liking me. My own niece smiles and claps wh…
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃not now Obama I’m busy @ModernNotoriety If you are lying to me about this I will come for you I swear on my god damn life. Don’t you dare… @LetsHearItForMe No those are things I know because I’m a doctorCounting crows fuckin slap and I’m tired of pretending they don’tGet away! Get out of here! Get down!
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃I’m 29 so I’m almost done with my 20s and after some reflection I can safely say that decade was some bullshit @ranthewastes 😬 @ranthewastes Oh god I don’t even think I wanna know what happened now
fun fact: I don’t owe you a response
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃 @KitCatEliza If I wasn’t at work that would be exactly what I’d be doing @aDapperDanMan Oh I’m absolutely gonna post it here don’t you worryI’m getting this on Thursdaybeen awake for about an hour and have been bouncing back and forth between “I’m gonna die alone” and “I never want… music? there hasnt been live music here for.... 30 years
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It’s important to never process anything that you’re feeling. You shouldn’t even consider it.
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@sloanersloane I audibly laughedDead Kennedy’s are just the evil B-52’s
Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃 @heyitsstarf I thought you were a rocker @jeremysmiles Maybe he can turn it on and off like he can shower normal but if he’s about to get hit with a water b… @whatdaFisupkyle seems sus @heyitsstarf You missed your window bucko. Instead I’m getting it with one of my exes because that’s a stable and reasonable thing to do @kylonopin The guitar player from Mayday Parade once liked a tweet I made that said “legalize magic”Dead by Daylight DLC Adds Iconic ‘80s Monster Ronald Reagan
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Retweeted by spooky dyl 🎃he better go for this idea u watch him while i go smoke
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