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Former demoscener, now indie gamedev, radical workflow reformer & all around yak barber at @duangle. Building Scopes & going NOWHERE.

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Another suggestive discovery on Mars: thiophenes, organic molecules common on Earth in fossil fuels.
Retweeted by L. 🧩. Ritter @ybarzov @yurimilner we understand fossil fuels very well.
@EndoOleg i also have a mastodon account... planning to migrate in the next ... uh... few years ;) @EndoOleg oLEGENDo welcome on twitter :) @neoneye \n @probablyzuerich @huxi aber das hier schon @oezgeschmoezge guter mann. @oezgeschmoezge und dann die staatsanwaltschaft ein jahr später: "mist nix gefunden" @oezgeschmoezge özdemir und die hanfpflanze, ich lese das gerade nach, wie geil ist das denn @voigaas die titelkomposition zu "l'aile ou la cuisse" ist so viele klassen über dem film dazu; ich wünschte mehr l… track is also a killer. probably the first cosma track i ever heard overdue piece on police dogs. They "are trained to bite hard, use all their teeth and bite multiple time…
Retweeted by L. 🧩. Ritterfound the composer, it's vladimir cosma. getting real mario galaxy vibes from this track here: @magic_bane parp teehee @rygorous only Vince Offer knows @rygorous you know how human language works. keep this up and you will eventually be correct @rygorous "there i fixed it. now no one is happy."programmer A: use tabs! programmer B: use space! acidhead: use tabs to go to space! @fux0r @TylerGlaiel and who cares about definition. all we care about is effect. @fux0r @TylerGlaiel all value is faux @rygorous @f1ac5 THIS SHIP HAS BEEN BEYOND THE KNOWN UNIVERSE @TylerGlaiel but yes, scarceness creates value. write an AI, publish 10 pieces, delete the AI @TylerGlaiel speak for yourself tyleroh my god this track slaps smacks and caresses my brain @huxi @probablyzuerich was ist gleich nochmal das legislative pendant zu technical debt? ;) @huxi @probablyzuerich jo. sicher. systeme vergammeln mit der zeit. wenn man das nicht frühzeitig erkennt und immer… @EmanueleRodola @doppioslash thank you :) papers looks interesting, i wish i understood the application of hamiltonian maps. @CosmoFaenyx spending time with people that you're on the same level with is a healing experience @BLOOMlNGSOUL @mouldyCat alex grey knows’m actually pissing myself @ these
Retweeted by L. 🧩. Ritter @Ethylendiamin @Speckbrummsel vielleicht hat der sogar so nen ferngesteuerten cyber-arm im rektum @CosmoFaenyx and we only met once a year. the rest of the year we spent on IRC @CosmoFaenyx i really didn't fit in as a kid. then in 97 I discovered IRC, the music tracking scene and the demosce… @CosmoFaenyx in some societies it is easier to be on the spectrum. the more extroverted everyone is, the more of a hell it's turning into @sssmcgrath ah, plastic. who could have known ;)i keep saying there is too much psychology as warfare. i've got a book from 1967 named "I'm OK - You're OK". the c… @sssmcgrath and let me guess, all moisture evaporated and the paper slowly darkened @sssmcgrath oh's time for Inverse Asperger's Syndrome, which is marked by absence of autist characteristics and a tendency to m… @probablyzuerich @huxi held sein heisst bei der polizei anzufangen um die polizei vor der polizei zu retten @probablyzuerich @huxi die ordentlichen kündigen bis nur noch die bastarde übrig bleiben @EmanueleRodola @doppioslash i only know hamiltonian paths @Speckbrummsel musste übrigens erstmal wieder googlen wie der heisst @Speckbrummsel der Amthor sieht auch aus wie so ne fleischgewordene Bauchrednerpuppe @HeavyD_307 @FireinFreetown you: 🙈🙉🐵Holy shit
Retweeted by L. 🧩. Ritter @mashable i'd hate to clean these @samuelpepys love the snappy comebacks 353 years too latea broken clock is right every virus outbreak @ISDBund @CaptRaven hab heute morgen gelesen justizministerin möchte aber schon dass das stattfindet. hmmmm.2020 is when Twitter jumped the shark that sink in. They ended. homelessness. They saw a problem that needed solving and just. Poof. Ended it.
Retweeted by L. 🧩. Ritter @wrl it worked once... @EricLengyel @agoose77 @JonOlick for fantasy authors it's a treasure trove though @wrl i'm saying kanye has to ruin our lives so our grandchildren can live @Alleycatsphinx we're banning mod from the language IT'S AWFUL @JonOlick @EricLengyel Quantum YOLO @wrl take it from a german: once the law has been entirely driven into the ground and bears no semblance of humanit… @EricLengyel @JonOlick well, if QM immortality were real then i would feel amazingly bold about life, and live ever… for Schmucks on Netflix, great one. @wrl after he's done we need to re-do the whole thing, make it a fairer, more open, more social law... what else will he mess up for us?English is difficult to pronounce. For example I often pronounce "crump" as "curd". Anything ending in "-rump" really. Literally *anything*.#TerryCrews2020 cc @terrycrews @Alleycatsphinx so, better keep it 3.5/5 rather than 11/5 @Alleycatsphinx we're talking about whatever the code equivalent of a face melting metal solo is, FORGED from the c… @Alleycatsphinx because if people knew what a killer this thing really is they would shit. their. pants. @Alleycatsphinx its shittiness is what makes it adorable rather than scary @theomn as i said @theomn workplace of our dreams @wrl oh my god i can hear it @DustinHLand @cwmossholder kanye believe it?Comfortable like Python *long wooly scarf with Scopes rainbow stripes* Fast like C *vintage formula one car with…
@cwmossholder @DustinHLand anyone but biden really @cwmossholder @DustinHLand you seem like you have it all figured out can we vote for you chadold me: tell my d-daughter ... i ... i always l-loved.. h-her -- old me: *dies* *** L. 🧩. Ritter has logged off sha… @plastichymn yeah mmmh reversing... i think it's more like a children's carousel that's losing momentum, and daddy… @DustinHLand @JonOlick seans arrow of time talk rocks @plastichymn i also think god is a future concept god is fiction science fiction @amirhoshangi i try not to haha @VaeterchenFrost @plastichymn but who says it can be done twice @amirhoshangi one "keinen gute" should be "keine gute", if you mean the spaghetti ("die Spaghetti", female pronoun… @baeuchle i get up very very early. @farty it sure saves a lot of useless thinking @dotstdy i can't i believe you too much @amirhoshangi we are still working out the kinksGeschäftsidee: Spaghetti, das wie Spaghetti-Eis aussieht @dougbinks (me about an hour later) the universe is an egg @baeuchle what does it matter how long it takes? you don't experience the iterations that it takes to find a soluti… @baeuchle in this case our timeline would be the one that moves along the final lightning strike, i.e. in this mode… @baeuchle but... but i thought measuring is the problem %) @baeuchle it definitely inspires me to think about new kinds of computer simulations, namely cellular automata that… @baeuchle i don't understand it well enough myself but i'm picturing it like a lightning strike. i assume you have… @vengarioth this would sort of fit to this one, yes. @baeuchle what do you think of this one? @JonOlick yeah but we're discussing metaphysics, that's not feynman's domain. it only has to be consistent. @baeuchle okay, even simpler. can you imagine a superpositional universe? that is, for example, from the big bang o… @datenwolf i like this. it sort of fits the idea that evolutionary pressure also acts across superpositions @baeuchle forget humans for a second, imagine we don't exist. what if every particle in the universe had quantum im…