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Former demoscener, now indie gamedev, radical workflow reformer & all around yak barber at @duangle. Building Scopes & going NOWHERE.

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@meshula ah. I'm working with 2D air meshes because I believe I have a problem domain that the model is perfect for… @js_guay i used antivir myself up until win 10 when MS was like "we do that job now" @marcosalvi aww @meshula Furthermore, steiner points need to continuously relax to ensure you get the best triangle distribution. @meshula I think I understand what you're saying but am not yet convinced the problems are unfixable. For example,… @js_guay until it doesn't.For reasons I can't entirely explain, I really like Messiah (the Netflix show). The premise was already great, but…, 50g of crack-cocaine got you a mandatory minimum 10 years in prison. Post-2010, that threshold was raise…
Retweeted by L. ☕️. Ritter @niinegames jealous of him, i mean @cybergibbons I love this saying from Marc Merlin, master of LED overkill: "Every circuit has a fuse. If you don't…
Retweeted by L. ☕️. Ritterthat free antivirus everybody's using? turns out, and i can not stress this enough, you're the product. @js_guay free antivirus program spies on its users, i am *shocked* @niinegames extremely jealous of this thing. i keep consoling myself that it probably doesn't scale to big worlds. @thereminator101 @AlinejadMasih not that her death made much of a difference in nazi germany. the only thing that c… @relativetoyou @computerfact @mcclure111 @relativetoyou @computerfact @mcclure111
it's got a breadboard, red and yellow LEDs, a RGB LED, a diode, various resistors, a transistor, a mini servo, a DC… a a sparkfun inventor's kit with 2 arduino boards (uno & leonardo) in my hardware storage. a potentially usef… @mootari yeah, also if two shapes are spaced apart by only one empty cell, then there are no free edges between the… @Alleycatsphinx no lattice will help here though. @Alleycatsphinx yes we can always make it more complicated @yata000 @theintercept © the war on drugs @mootari yes but they make traversion and propagation slower @mootari a free edge is an edge that separates two air cells @thespite @felixturner using an actual blue noise texture might help (there is one on shadertoy). my approximation…"OK" I sighed, "let's give this 'Treadstone' a go. I'm sure it's terrible." I was very wrong.nothing to report yet - they're supposed to take 12 days to sprout @AnnieLWild a few days later: i think you should have gotten more likes for this reply. it's the sanest thing i've… friend is a maths teacher currently marking entrance papers. (presumably the bus took so long as it was looking…
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@sm0k1nggnu ich glaub das haben die mit voller absicht gemacht. @sm0k1nggnu auch für den autor stellt sich die frage: was würde the doctor wählen? @sm0k1nggnu ich hab kein problem. du nimmst die sache reichlich ernst ;) @sm0k1nggnu ich hab dich nur erinnert. @sm0k1nggnu immer they wenn's nicht klar ist. im deutschen "er oder sie" weil ich bis jetzt noch nichts besseres ge… @sm0k1nggnu sicher. aber der punkt ist, pronouns werden nicht durch konsens entschieden, sondern durch den angesprochenen. @theomn the doctor being a woman is even better for this. each episode there'll be some sexist who's like "i write… @theomn surely that's not the case on every planet @theomn instead it was just a random gender change, after generations and generations of male doctors. completely without any significance. @theomn like, what if there was some thanos situation where someone erased all men from existence but - hah - fortu… @sm0k1nggnu gibt's nix zu verstehn. es liegt nicht an uns, das zu entscheiden. @theomn we tried that and it didn't work @theomn plotwise they haven't really shown why the doctor had to be a woman _right now_. like, you'd expect it to b… @sm0k1nggnu it's the doctor's choice @theomn fuck men right @Tomasz_Raburski @medievalgill much more putin-esque @felixturner @thespite "can you crank it up" is always a great question no matter the context @tom_forsyth how does this prevent motion sickness?Mold time lapse
Retweeted by L. ☕️. Ritter @WritNelson you in five years: "FIVE GODFORSAKEN MINUTES, IS THIS HELL" @surasshu @terrycavanagh the office, most sincerest show in historyYour pet thunderstorm bobs around excitedly when you lift the lid of the terrarium. You turn on your hair dryer and…
Retweeted by L. ☕️. Ritter @SyamaMishra they shaking their heads afterwards <3 @hfrs_control @KeefJudge NSFL @krystman quads are nudistsquad doublet removal diagonal collapse vertex rotation @bmcnett @okonomiyonda so i gather you will not fuck with this expression @okonomiyonda the places where i've seen it is US twitter replies and rhythm + flow. it's youth slang from african-american vernacular @okonomiyonda oh you will. it's relatively new.triangle vs quad edge splits edge flips vs quad edge rotations @JKashaar that layout strangely reminds me of the red armor room in quake DM6 @Speckbrummsel (two hours are hard to fill) @Speckbrummsel that's probably a nice plot point but not the entire movie @weskerfoot @Atrix256 you heard truth @farty please. i'm still a hedonist @Ethylendiamin @Atrix256 that's a different story, with people. but yeah, some common ideas. @weskerfoot @Atrix256 ah, reminds me of lindelof's watchmen, though there's no third time. @weskerfoot @Atrix256 how so? @Atrix256 the other idea is a film that loops, taking place in a constrained space, with four main characters whose… @Atrix256 so only on the third viewing do you actually get an accurate picture of the story. see, doing one twist… @Atrix256 the way i want it to work is you watch it the first time, and there's a twist at the end which recontextu… so many new sci-fi movies get rated 6 or lower on imdb makes me feel like i might have a real shot at writing a script @BinAnimals @ladyaeva @WritNelson but where are my manners: this is a good dog. @WritNelson dinosaur high council: what would you bring to the table as a spokesperson? ian malcolm: *licks his lip… @WritNelson he is the dinosaurs spokesperson. as such, he has to have lizardlike qualities. it's what they would re… @WritNelson i see goldblum licking his lips and suddenly there's this whole theory popping up in my head about how… B: propagating across edges rather than faces; here we keep three edge values per face that are first accum… of trying this one then: 1) each face sample sources connected vertex samples divided by weight 2) each fa… across rectangular grids is well understood: cell to cell, moore or von neumann neighborhood. propagat… @Burrito_Tim "stay icy" is something that serial killers saystay chill - good stay cool - oldschool, nice stay frosty - awkward stay frozen - just no @avarisclari at least you're drinking tea. :) (i'm having some right now) @avarisclari edibles only, eh? you dawg @avarisclari no coffee? ah surely because the taste doesn't mix well with your tobacco pipe @nice_byte @Reedbeta yep that was sort of the thing i had in mind. you wouldn't even be able to see it!1-5, C-F are all acceptable B is a joke A is a waste if you served me 6, i would pretend my plate is empty @kosmistern wir alle haben diesen albtraum, herr küken @lunasorcery woke: why women quit gamedev bespoke: why anyone quits gamedev @vamchale @ladyaeva le bon dunque @tylerthebadwolf @Khakionion just don't be naked @tylerthebadwolf @Khakionion when you're holding a tank busting gun on every photo i'm sure there is no problem @Reedbeta no wait, that makes no sense, there is no medium, unless it can simultaneously occupy the same space as another object. @Reedbeta option 3: the sound waves go right through and don't interact with it
@paralax_sd @wrl you bestow upon me a great honor sirdog: this situation could hardly be my fault me: but you're complicit dog: woof? me: your bowl is made from fossil… @paralax_sd excuse me i have to make a few calls