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Panji Anoff @panjianoff Feeling is Believing

C.E.O. of Pidgen Music, Nkrumahist, African Futurist. Sophisticated Savage.

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chale wer wana moni dey ?@MensaOtabil #stillkwakwe #otabilisateef #julorkwakwe
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Retweeted by Panji AnoffI love it, my favourite Osofo Maame 😁😁😁 please does this explain the reason why the seemingly amazing Kantaka inventions have no hype out there? Sake…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffHome 😁✊🏽
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Retweeted by Panji Anoffmy work here is done
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI am convinced that butter is still one of the healthiest oils... Drown it well well!!! everybody is blinded by religion... I still remember when one of Kantanka's disciples took me to Taifa to see t… so he should. Until we are all free, nobody is free... But what you must also understand is that all feminism s… @king_ideabright @jaasetse The Boafo was designed in Ghana, chassis made in Ghana to deal with our roads, & proudly… Move 💪🏾
Retweeted by Panji AnoffMore vim 😎😎😎 @panjianoff Is this one damaged person calling the other damaged? What a superiority complex!
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI beg take dash am 🤗🤗🤗. A superiority complex does not facilitate any kind of learning... lunch I had at #Jamrock this afternoon... Jerk chicken on point, and at 25GHC for all lunch specials, ya cyan… in the name of twitter curses I send you generational curses that overwhelm and suffocate you xx
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI sincerely, truly, desperately hate patriarchal culture.
Retweeted by Panji AnoffBecause women don’t like “compliments”, this followed by a sound bite from a doctor in one of your universities. He…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI just heard on the radio that #sexforgrades is making it easy for everyone to report everyone for “simple things”…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI will never forget how Adwoa (Obaa boni) was treated horribly on this for being an ugly bitter feminist by both me…
Retweeted by Panji Anoff‘Twitter feminists’ do so much free education on here. Anyone who claims our online advocacy is useless is being di…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffVim If sea dry we go by land... @ForeverYoungNip @panjianoff 😂
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @uppeggah @STardigrade @panjianoff The truth and the whole truth is that it was just for show. How people fall fo…
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff Adey your back... full support
Retweeted by Panji Anoff2 man army... Who else go join??? !
Retweeted by Panji AnoffNo matter how rich you are in Nigeria, you will never truly get value. You will drive your Rolls Royce inside flood…
Retweeted by Panji Anoff"il Dolce far niente"
Retweeted by Panji AnoffGreat news. Soon we will see the first “Made in Ghana” Volkswagen here in Ghana.
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI be "Barracks boy"... I make ready."The entire manufacturing process, from the motherboard all the way to the packaging of the phone is done in our ne…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI mostly respond to hateful and abusive comments via DM .. because I don’t want to give them the day light they des…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffThese softies are our here reporting my tweets? 😂 Religious folk are as soft as the deities they worship. Can’t take what they dish out.
Retweeted by Panji AnoffLast lesson: all your heroes are trash. Every last person you admire. Don't fight this truth. Understand it and y…
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff Who told you he "texturized" his hair. It is too much anointing oil. He did not plan doing that. The mo…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffSo why do they use Toyota or Chinese engines if they can make their own??? I wish they could @panjianoff You Mean Kantanka No B Halfco?
Retweeted by Panji AnoffLololol @panjianoff @wanlov So what you are trying to let us know is that he isn’t manufacturing the engines as it is claimed ?
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff @jaasetse I read an old write up which unearthed an alleged fact that the legendary local car maker imp…
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Retweeted by Panji AnoffWofa 😁😁😁😁 Jesus Totobi Kwakye track by my Dad @wanlov has a deeper message than the story of Jesus. #SayNoToRape #DontTakeAdvantage
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI have to start this artform again seriously.
Retweeted by Panji AnoffI just want make you guys die make the next generation go thrive. #PPP #Politicians #Police #Preachers Cc: @wanlov @FOKNBOIS
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @wanlov dem no dey care about wanna lives, dem get demma bodyguards. #Drop_Tune. Jah bless you
Retweeted by Panji Anoff#XLNC | & @ato_kasa – Bedi Anko 👇👇💿💿🔥👍🇬🇭 LINK | Prod. by @XlncFamily #XLNCFAMILY
Retweeted by Panji AnoffFacts...
Retweeted by Panji AnoffKweschan!!! @panjianoff All facts.
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @Kotokuom @panjianoff Healing doesn’t happen in a just. It is everyday,I hope we all heal even when we want to get…
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @BeANiceHumane @panjianoff I appreciate your come back
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @Kotokuom @panjianoff Namaste 🙏🏿
Retweeted by Panji AnoffLolol 😁 @panjianoff Interesting facts... Thanks..
Retweeted by Panji AnoffGo to the Kantanka "factory" and see if they can cast an aluminum alternator casing let alone the cast iron block o… @Stringyboi @kaysomuah @panjianoff He has been doing us 419 all this year's hm asem b3ba dabi #Africastar indeed
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff Perm & Bleached!
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff Agree..they should do that with all taxes actually, so we know how much of our money goes to the men with the V8s 😁
Retweeted by Panji AnoffProtect them from what???? Sick human beings are not unfavorable weather conditions. Many people in Africa have thr… @TonyBurkson @FontonfromC @panjianoff S3 the interest be bola from 6% paaa to 9% aba the aban be thief
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff @panjianoff through this system they say everything African is demonized not knowing if there's a white…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffTherapy:expensive Contemplating my life at the crack of dawn: free
Retweeted by Panji AnoffMBOKA MBOKA: The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it 18
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff My brother @panjianoff that's the results you will gain when you think you're wiser than your ancestors
Retweeted by Panji AnoffMBOKA MBOKA: The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it 12
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @Kotokuom @panjianoff Your name is Okomfu and you’re asking god to save Afrika super ? Smh
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @awapoayiawakey @adde_asiwaju @panjianoff Then you must be sure to not know Christianity wasn’t peaceful and harass free eh.
Retweeted by Panji AnoffThank you. If that damage has enabled me to lose some of the prejudices education taught me and helped me to see be…, we have been questioning this since since! Now we are closer.
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @asemota I am impressed. I wish we can cultivate this in Nigeria. Our pride as a nation would not allow it, some p…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffSingapore abolishes school exam rankings, says learning is not competition. In my children's school, it is already…
Retweeted by Panji Anoff#Nigerians even finessed the Kray twins! 😁 Love my Ogas and Ogets 🇳🇬👑🇳🇬
Retweeted by Panji AnoffAs Hillary Clinton cries crocodile tears for the #Kurds, remember that she fanatically pushed for the overthrow of…
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff I don't know why people can't see through his scam, almost everything is imported by kantanka
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @Kesnel_rules @adde_asiwaju @panjianoff @M_Awadud I wonder if those who spend their lives obsessed with looking bea…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffBREAKING: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Turkish President Erdogan in a phone call to bring an immediate…
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Retweeted by Panji AnoffActivists in #Ghana lead fight against China-backed bauxite mine in pristine rainforest
Retweeted by Panji Anoff“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Retweeted by Panji AnoffOur small tribute to 20yrs of PAE MU KA !!!
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff the money getting which has become someway no will still have them/us make deductions "required" whethe…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffFair point, but the 50% increase nko?? Time to let people know it's not the telcos chopping your money, but our "Ab… visited Kantanka factory as part of a documentary. I also worked for Bosch manufacturing alternators. I know what… @panjianoff think i met him once; apparently hes an Asante but didn't look typical , long wavy hair
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff Ha! bebree o!
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff Medaase agya! 🙏💪❤
Retweeted by Panji AnoffHe is trying to look like the Jesus Michaelangelo painted 🤔😳😜😁😁😁😁... Too damn lazy to think for himself what the av… chest
Retweeted by Panji Anoff @panjianoff @wanlov Deep
Retweeted by Panji AnoffWhen you feed people the truth......
Retweeted by Panji AnoffUncalled for how?? If you claim to be a man of God, but you believe God is soooo stupid that she got your hair text… @Stringyboi @kaysomuah @panjianoff The sad part is for a country that just got out of civil war being compared to u…
Retweeted by Panji AnoffMy ancestors. I hail. Life before the slave master and Christianity.
Retweeted by Panji AnoffAdey shy Paa. Dem be scam
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