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Comic strip maker. F1 fanatic. Movie buff. Music addict. Adore tech-toys. Read tweets in The Lego Batman Voice. IG: @panku_ & @poetrybypanku

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@sheroarstoo Yes pls! @sheroarstoo Now I am intruiged too. @sheroarstoo Whats the theory? @whoismilly #iWant @captain_speakin No way to know a Scorpio for sure, ever! @tanyachopra08 @NayaahBedi #iWant
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @tanyachopra08 @NayaahBedi What are we detox’ing from? Cakes? @nikhilchinapa @ValtteriBottas @ScuderiaFerrari @HulkHulkenberg @danielricciardo @Max33Verstappen All in all, a pop… @nikhilchinapa @ValtteriBottas @ScuderiaFerrari @HulkHulkenberg @danielricciardo @Max33Verstappen And also - Will the tyres survive? @HaramiParindey Sending you strength and hugs brother!Time for the 70th Anniversary GP at Silverstone circuit. Expect a lot of tyre drama and a couple of safety cars at… is sooooo me! 🙋🏻‍♂️ @Antique_Piece Yeah. Makes sense to not do anything. @NayaahBedi Hahahahaha. That should be for the rest of 365 days. Birthday should be something hatt ke na. @Antique_Piece What plans? @NayaahBedi Wohoooooo! What plans for it? Almost here.Sooooo many birthdays in August. @DushtaStree Now #onLoop! @DushtaStree I knowwwww. So old hence wasn’t able to recall it. Just knew the tune and that Kareena was in it @DushtaStree @DushtaStree And yet was so soothing! @DushtaStree Such a legend. So tough to replace and fill in for. @anvitanath Hahahaahah! You should write scripts for this season!BREAKING: New Zealand has now gone 100 days with no detected community spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health j…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @anvitanath People would be so much safer inside the house away from the city! I envy then already! @ABnormalConnect I am sure thats going to happen! @b50 @b50 About time!!Let the games, begin! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
An artist gets more interesting when you get to know the tradegy behind their art.The pleasure of being able to recall the song which you couldnt and just the tune of it was stuck in your mind hits… for Cary and Kalinda to end up together! #TheGoodWife week’s @Spotify made for you playlist is so damn on point! 🙌🏼Abhi na jao chhod kar, ke dil abhi bhara nahi.. 🎶 @prerna_j Go for it!Seems even Alfa Romeo were over tuning their ferrari engine with extra oil & stopped it this year after Ferrari wer… @nikster007 Both malls here in Andheri west are all empty. Nobody coming. I thought they would fully packed.Qualifying day! Another Merc 1-2 and VES on 3rd? #F1 #F170 @basilyourpasta Always!#Burn 🔥 @nikster007 Not in Maharashtra. @DushtaStree *waits* @rowdybabyno1 Looks so beautiful!Happy birthday @rogerfederer! 🎉 #Youngerer 👦🏼 #Federerthday 🎈
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaWhen two balloons fall in love! 💗🎈 will increase from 11 August. Heaviest rains from 12 to 15 August. Total rainfall next week should exceed 400mm.
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @HBukhari Happy birthday! Have a super amazing one :)A woman whose photos were stolen to create the fake persona of 'Dr. Aisha' - a catfish Twitter account posing as a…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahujawell... this looks familiar 🤔😉
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaOn August 22 #TheSuicideSquad cast & I will be a part of this amazing 24-hour worldwide fan event. It’s free & ever…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja
@whoismilly @whoismilly Where the pretty pics of it? @YoBlackPepper Thats amazing! Congratulations! @rumneeek Do itttt! @shroomsalad SOOOOO TRUE! @whoismilly Where have you disappeared?O god. This looks pretty bad! I still receive ‘aur batao’! 🤷🏻‍♂️ @PreetiPhalke ALL THE TIME!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ @That_Desi_Girl Its the same story even here! So Annoying! @ancitasatija I knowwww! Such stupidity! 🙈 @vartika Hahahahah! This sounds fun. Will try it myself for sure. @HBukhari Perfect. Thank you! @HBukhari Pls let me know the review. @tanyachopra08 Still won’t work on such people!
@priyadamini24 Infact they would be praised and liked for it. Its a twisted world! @prerna_j Indeed! @priyadamini24 Kaha se aa jaate hai yeh log!?Oh good lord! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ 'wine windows' are reopening, reviving Italian plague tradition
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaTwitter users on iOS can now limit who replies to their tweets:
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaThis is too good. YouTuber walks around Shibuya like it’s a video game.
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaMe: this meeting could’ve been an email. Also me: (gets an email) Goddammit.
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaWe have received multiple requests from those who wish to help. We're attaching his daughter's bank account details…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @rowdybabyno1 I am running out of ideas now. 🙈🙈The film crew. This is amazing.
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @SwagataDam @MumbaiMirror This is so amazing Swagata! 💯 @rowdybabyno1 Trying to keep myself busy this lockdown. So so bored indoors!!Finally found someone who is more disappointed than even me in how my voice sounds. #SmallJoyswhat would u do if this happened rn?
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaLego Force. ⚔️ @EvilToothfairy Need link for one more? @mudramehta It better not last. Coz unless you watch shows, we wont get new newsletter. 😏 @navdhad Here - @Anchaviyo @kaychandani Already suffered enough! @kaychandani Yeah. Not worth it indeed. Good decision! @ishafire Lucky are people around you then who get to hear you speak it all out.5 people in Egypt were jailed for 'indecent' TikToks
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @ishafire If only it was that easy! Hopefully someday, hopefully someway. @UnsocialShadow Been that long!! Wow!Damn right they are! @MisfitKudi All the best! @MisfitKudi My mom and bhabhi just got zoom links from mandir they goto. Hope you are well prepared coz it doesn’t… part of “hiiii” do u not get??? i am in Iove with u
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaTeej Kathas happening on zoom meetings tonight. Who would have thought!? @mudramehta I would so want to know which book made you give up on tv series. That’s something! @Ughx3000 Covid just spoilt flute sharing love stories in the future. Sigh! @youknowbhoo Oh yeah. Covid scene makes staying over so tricky as well. They have issued another warning of high ra… @youknowbhoo Sister all sorted and safe?