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@BiproChacha Will take a chance with one episode. @BiproChacha Thanks for saving my time!So near, yet so far!It was January 24th,1984 Steve Jobs changed what a computer was. It was a #VoiceFirst demonstration and Steve Jobs…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahujadon't forget to moisturize
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaThis is incredible. China is building a 1000-bed hospital for coronavirus patients, from scratch. It’ll be ready in…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @shahnazb @shahnazb Get that on video and relish it while they are this cute. @shahnazb Awwww! 😅 @priyadamini24 Oh man! Me too now. It’s so yummmmm! @LadyClonidine I doubt.Have you ever truly felt someone you’ve never actually touched?
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaThousands of unopened condom packets were dumped in a vacant plot near a village in Uttar Pradesh. And no one knows…
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaNeed a new playlist. 🎶This nest has been made by villagers to provide shady place for birds, villages Pirbhu Lal Sonaro is situated in…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @chatpatidiary 😂🤣 @MisfitKudi More like friyay vibes!Bar code musician. Credit: Ei Wada │ @crab_feet
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @genesiaalves stuck between ‘Wait for it’ and ‘Let it go’.Flash-mobs are still a thing? @zedchrmsm @PennBadgley Hahahaha. Ditto here. 🙈 @zedchrmsm So. Damn. True! @thatbongette Following this tweet for recommendations for self too. 🙌🏼 @Cinephile__ @rogerfederer This is sooooo tough to watch! Phew.What a match! WHAT. A. MATCH! Heart in the mouth ending. #Federer just escapes to R4. What a show by #Millman! Wow! #AusOpenFederer 5-setter so early in the tournament. DIDN’T EXPECT THIS AT ALL! #AusOpenBeing single is so boring. Sometimes I throw a pillow at myself and be like "baby stooppp, I'm tired" 😂😂😂😂 😂 🤭
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahujawhen my favorite person leaves me on read me: 💔💔💔 💔 💔 💔 💔 💔 💔 💔…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @BombayBellyrina #iWant @Dentryst Them feels! So true.You don’t even have to know the rules or the goal to know that was incredible 😭😭😭 human beings are so dope man
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @rutujax Superb. Thank you! Needed something new and different to Binge watch. @rutujax That good? @shatakshi_1 SIGH! @sherdiputtar JINXED IT!!After #Serena, now even #Osaka is out of the #AusOpen! Day of upsets!Rumours of #SaifAliKhan hosting #WeekendKaVaar this time. I seriously hope they are wrong! #BiggBoss13 @Cinephile__ Two upsets in a day! WOAH!NZ bowlers being thrashed by Kohli and KL in their prime mood. What a feast to watch! #INDvNZ @anvitanath Hahahaha. I wish it was that easy!Number of internet shutdown by country in 2018: 🇮🇳 India: 134 🇵🇰 Pakistan: 12 🇮🇶 Iraq: 7 🇾🇪 Yemen: 7 🇪🇹 Ethiopia:…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @Cinephile__ Indeed. Seems osaka needs to buckle up this set. She seems out of touch today. @Cinephile__ Saw Serena being knocked out? @TheKnoxbear @Simplylearn100 Sigh. True.Never thought #Serena could be matched and outplayed like she was today! #Wang did an amazing job and I am sure it…
@sindhicrawford Pls tell me when and where so that my friday turns into friyay! 🍰 @sindhicrawford Pls send any leftover cake! 🙋🏻‍♂️ @sindhicrawford Happy birthday ji! Hope it was a super duper amazing day! 🌟 @tansworld Condolences to the family! @kacigrooms My happiness. @10thFloorDiary And rare! @snowflakefroshy *waits* @snowflakefroshy When are the drunk tweets coming? @the__fellow May god be with you. @snowflakefroshy Whatttay combo. @Cest_La_Vee_ Done! Yes ofcourse.It's like being lost in heaven, When i'm lost in your eyes. 👀 @snowflakefroshy 😂🤣 @ChhotaRecharge 💔💔They better not let me get my hands on these
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaGod trying to wipe out Australia specifically. Tf y’all did?
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @ChhotaRecharge Find some 1yr course to do here na! @PeppiWomaniYo Not sure it’s suppose to be done that fast either.Know any professional 1-month intensive #baking courses in #Bombay? I found one with this place called Culinary Cra…
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaFriends in need are friends indeed 🤣
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @apsster Haahahaah. Same feels!Took me 21mins to do it once! generally shed their skin🐍
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaA man sued his employer for racial discrimination, settled the suit, took the settlement check to the bank to cash…
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @Cest_La_Vee_ Hahahh. Perfect for me. Loveeee tea! @meghaonthemove But but but you were suppose to make it as midnight munchie!!not a day goes by where I don’t think about this:
Retweeted by Pankaj AhujaPsychologist: All dreams have meaning My dreams :
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @Tishyuh May the tea gods be with you. a thief stealing your iPhone and getting AirPods free😂
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @alishaag_ And here I thought your diet was only pop culture! @gauravjagwani Happy birthday bro. Have a super duper awesome one :) @ZeniaIrani Happy birthday ji. Hope the day is going amazing as always!That awkward moment when you're being such a bastard Putin has to intervene.
Retweeted by Pankaj Ahuja @alishaag_ Dang! Now I am too!! @sapnabhavnani Bwahahahaha! You killed it! @fitdelhigirl Dayummm! Yaass! @KetanRambhia Touché. @YogicallyBoho @therealrussellp @PrimeVideoIN Going for @Trevornoah ?
@snowflakefroshy Saved! @SnehhK Well I am happy at least one of us is getting at this. Praying the rest of the months really turn around 2020 for you! @snowflakefroshy Go get some! @SnehhK And here we thought worst was over when 2019 ended. :/ @SnehhK You are not alone in this!82 years of marriage! 👫🏻 @Fuljhadii 🙄🙄You don't even have to do too much, You can turn me on with just a touch.. I'm blinded by the lights, I can't sleep… the heart wants what it wants. @kacigrooms Dressed 💯 for it. @Fuljhadii Woaaah! 😱Still the same for me! 🤞🏼 tastes 5x better post midnight. 🍝#Tanhaji was such a good watch! No wonder it is making money at the BO. 💸