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PANTONE @pantone Carlstadt, NJ

Pantone, the global authority on color; inspiring artists, designers and stylists to color the world. #ClassicBlue our #ColorOfTheYear 2020

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The @Pantone color projections are becoming a big street-style trend this fashion week.
Retweeted by PANTONESubmerge yourself in a world of color! #ARTECHOUSE presents #SUBMERGE, a new immersive installation inspired by…
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NOW OPEN: We invite you to #SUBMERGE yourself into the world of PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. Dive into an immersiv…
@Rosco_Labs @TwitterMktg Glad you enjoyed it! It was a real team effort! 🙌 @hsiehelsa @TwitterMktg @Sprinklr @pepsi @Google @Doritos @TUMSOfficial @NFL @OlaySkin @Hyundai 🙌Wish you could have been at the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 reveal event at @artechouse in NYC? Now you can expe… @JSchlossberg 🙌Thanks @TwitterMktg We had great teamwork 🏈 #BigGameColorCommentary a great game! Thanks for joining our #BigGameColorCommentary @LDWShafer @Gatorade @focuscom played PANTONE 186 C! #BigGameColorCommentary Coach! #BigGameColorCommentary PANTONE 186 C and 187 C for an amazing season and an unforgettable Big Game!… 186 C scores again!! #BigGameColorCommentary at that PANTONE 14-0756 TCX flag fly! #BigGameColorCommentary @AshqelynnAyers reminder. 3..2..1 tweet #MakeSpaceForWomen and help raise money for @GirlsWhoCode @OlaySkin.! Reminder, the ball only needs to break the plane or touch the PANTONE 16-1364 TCX pylons.… @Jeep Any day of the week @jeep @ChelseaRoadman @tracysefl @jeep #BigGameColorCommentary @KatieSowers for being number 1! Here’s to many more. #BigGameColorCommentary off to San Francisco for an amazing season. Check out San Francisco’s road to the Big Game.… @mishkin @tiffkhsu ...and you are looking at your very own customized PANTONE 187 C #BigGameColorCommentary Jersey! @AvosFromMexico Looks good! We like ours with a dash of PANTONE 11-1302 TCX. #BigGameColorCommentary a play PANTONE 187 C. #BigGameColorCommentary a season! Check out Kansas City’s road to today's Big Game. #BigGameColorCommentary #KansasCity the third quarter: #BigGameColorCommentary style of the game. PANTONE 11-0601 TCX glasses! 🐝 Do you all agree? #BigGameColorCommentary @kunur @LeeLeeBug1212 PANTONE 14-0756 TCX.Woah, woah, woah @reeses - was it PANTONE 16-1030 TSX, PANTONE 16-1439 TCX, PANTONE 19-0912 TCX, and… what now?… @AntiSocialJamie Thank you! You are making us PANTONE 15-1614 TCX. Making a tough call! #BigGameColorCommentary 3564! PANTONE 3564! @littlecaesars #BigGameColorCommentary @HeinzKetchup_US you’re welcome at our house anytime. And please bring some more PANTONE Heinz 57 Red!… what we just pulled out of the fridge. #BigGameColorCommentary @Hyundai Ya got moxie @Hyundai will give ya that!If you ask us, you can never have too many PANTONE 16-1452 TCX! #BigGameColorCommentary the half, it's 186 C 10 and 187 C 10. #BigGameColorCommentary in a @Pringles commercial? Sounds like heaven to us as long as we have plenty PANTONE 17-1047 TCX chips.… only thing that can make your PANTONE 18-0430 TCX better is our Pantone “chips”. @AvosFromMexico PANTONE 186 C scores again! #BigGameColorCommentary a sack! He's going to be PANTONE Black 6 C and PANTONE 2132 C tomorrow! #BigGameColorCommentary @Hyundai how ah yah?! What’s the PANTONE cahla of the smaht pahk Sonahta in your wicked smaht TV spaht? PANTONE… friendly reminder to not eat the PANTONE 2001 CP snow. #BigGameColorCommentary @itsJuliaMoore @PatrickMahomes @JimmyG_10 According to published reports, both of them have PANTONE 17-1143 TCX eye… PANTONE 186 C! #BigGameColorCommentary @yesjenny #staytunedAhhh! Got to hold on to that PANTONE 1615 CP. #BigGameColorCommentary’s just here for the food?😉 #BigGameColorCommentary @NBC10_Lindsay Perhaps they both wanted to tap into the power of red? #BigGameColorCommentaryLook at that PANTONE 14-0756 TCX flag fly! #BigGameColorCommentary
Get these PANTONE 17-1047 TCX, PANTONE 15-6437 TCX, PANTONE 18-449 TCX stains now. @tide #LaundryLater 187 C scores first! #BigGameColorCommentary @schadjoe We see you are a color fan. We're color fans too! #BigGameColorCommentary @audi We are metallic aficionados too. #BigGameColorCommentary! #BigGameColorCommentary or tails? #BigGameColorCommentary or tails? #BigGameColorCommentary @darrenrovell We got you! @darrenrovell #BigGameColorCommentary you have Cheetle on your fingers, it’s literally a Paw-tone. #CantTouchThis #SBLIV
Retweeted by PANTONE @ChesterCheetah Colorful and Clever! Well-played @ChesterCheetah #BigGameColorCommentaryIt wouldn’t be the Big Game without the commercials. Fun teaser from @ChesterCheetah and his crew. PRO TIP: Just… @jessicawohl @jessicawohl To celebrate the first time both teams share the same primary color, we'll be doing live… @MarkTomkins6 😋Who says your menu for Sunday’s Big Game can’t be healthy? Keep it clean and colorful with a delicious PANTONE 18-0… up Miami! Get ready for a fun day of #BigGameColorCommentary. But first, PANTONE 19-1111 TCX. #Miami @_Spacker Yes! With some PANTONE 11-0608 TCX.PANTONE 17-0119 TCX underfoot Nice clear PANTONE 14-4318 TCX overhead With just a few PANTONE 13-4108 TCXs floatin… @TruColorNet Which color would you pick? @chipsy231 Are you at @PartyCity getting ready for the Big Game? 🏈Good morning creatives! Which Pantone color should get dumped on today's winning coach? #BigGameColorCommentary out to the PANTONE 186 C fans who are on the PANTONE 17-4033 TCX! #BigGameColorCommentary #SanFrancisco the answer is: Los Angeles, Kansas City, Pittsburgh Got that right super fans? #BigGameColorCommentaryOK color nerds. Time for another pop quiz: Guess which teams use PANTONE 1235 C for their yellow?… will you design your hot dog on game day? PANTONE 18-1449 TCX or PANTONE 14-0952 TCX?…
@BrandonIsWhoIAm According to you need PANTONE 185 C PANTONE 2945 C and PANTONE 300 CSince you are out shopping, would you mind picking us up some PANTONE 19-1228 TCX? #BigGameColorCommentary up on snacks for tomorrow’s #BigGame? Don’t forget to pick up a couple of bags of PANTONE 16-4031 TCX chip… out to our friend @joeiurato and all of the other talented artists working to make this year's #BigGame the m…’re only one day away from the #BigGame! Make sure to join us for #BigGameColorCommentary on Sunday as we live t… 186 C or PANTONE 187 C? @abc7newsbayarea with a friendly reminder that if you wear the wrong color for Sun… @DianaAlickaj Same. @DollarCars #BigGameColorCommentary you know the team name for San Francisco comes from the prospectors who rushed to Northern California in 1849 i… here’s the correct answer! PANTONE 5535 C Did you get that right? #BigGameColorCommentary
Hey Green Bay, quiz time! Think you know your team’s green? Take your best shot. A - PANTONE 7484 C B - PANTONE 5…’s our favorite guacamole recipe: Two ripe PANTONE 14-0430 TCXs A handful of PANTONE 17-1563 TCXs Minced PANTO… this talk about the Big Game makes us want to toss the old PANTONE 1615 CP around! Who’s in?!… team are you rooting for? #SuperBowlLIV
Retweeted by PANTONEMaking plans for the Big Game? Make sure to join us for #BigGameColorCommentary on Sunday as we live tweet the matc… @fffjayare 🏈 @RKayBea
There’s power in color. @FastCompany #BigGameColorCommentary @MariaanaInfante We called an audible. Stay tuned.Studies show that red uniforms can improve athletic performance. Kansas City will be wearing PANTONE 186 C home jer…