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Tracy Sanderson @Pantrocious North Carolina, USA

Gluten-intolerant, occasional insomniac, tamer of feral kitties. Rockin' the bowl cut since 1461.

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@fass_c @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Sorry mate, my Twitter settings are off & didnt see these comments. It was rude… @James44690017 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports That's cool, I have-- not Trump tho, I do have SOME some standards. But… @NakedFace5 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Prosecute Trump & look at whatever docs he's released? 🤔 Good point.Wouldn't it be great if Trump spent the remaining years of his life behind bars @DoughCephus @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports I'm not sure which is more alarming-- the fact that you took a photo of you… @Maxwildphoto @BBCSpringwatch @Natures_Voice Completely in love with your starling #murmuration @OneFreshPillow *buys all your pillows* @RexChapman I wonder if you uses the jet's airplane pillow or if he brings his ownAshli Babbitt is the tragedy of the Trump voter personified - pissed off at all the greed and corruption that has s…
Retweeted by Tracy SandersonMERYL FUCKING STREEP @kalidevi @newsobserver Nothing you said is accurate. For starters--- you can't even spell Democrats right- LOL @ten_jess @newsobserver Hello Karen, lovely to meet youGin is vodka that has become possessed by the spirit of a little victorian ghost
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @davenewworld_2 It's cause she's attractive dude-- would you really want to be watching her or McConnell/Cruz be interviewed?Jenna would like to see the manager. About a pardon.
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @petersagal President Trump: Mood-killer sounds like a heavy metal bandI’m thinking of changing the name of my Wifi to ‘FBI surveillance’ to mess w my Trumper neighbors
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @Allegedly_G out bc its safe to? So he very well might not be mad at you-- it may be the very opposite. I know this… @Allegedly_G I am so so sorry something like this is happening to you when all you want to do is to be there for yo… @ThatEricAlper Sailor Moon-- pretty sure it made me gay I knew those 'cousins' weren't ACTUALLY cousins 🤨One of them will have the balls to argue not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. I guarantee it. This g… BITCHES @RexChapman Give the kid credit. He got back up. @JenniferJJacobs I'm surprised they haven't stolen the light fixtures & crown molding @paulapoundstone The Land Before Time @jsguitargeek Thanks for letting me know, how odd-- maybe he took the tweet down @amsmith285 @mkalend14 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports To you as well, we didn't swear at each other once-- 😲Hey remember that time when THREE MILLION women marched after Hillary lost and there wasn't a single arrest?
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @Rodericka @cmclymer Well punned love the music
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @leiasfisher Aww, she only knows you as her mom her whooole life! Shes like, your face is my moms face I rescued F… @leiasfisher Isn't it something that just makes us feel so close to our pets that we just notice all the little qui… @leiasfisher Aww I had to scroll down to be sure but then I saw them & you just can't unsee them Yes I would be te… @leiasfisher Oh she's beautiful! She seems to adore youa Just look at that fuzzy little face @leiasfisher My pup is mine. I know its silly but, I can tell her anything & she doesn't judge, at the end of the d… @leiasfisher Yeah.. best friends, right?how it started…. how its going...
Retweeted by Tracy SandersonIf you don't follow @bunsenbernerbmd here's a snippet from a younger dog texting a slightly older dog. 😂
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @theCdB @bunsenbernerbmd LOL-- Thanks, immediately followedAfter receiving legal letter, conservative outlet American Thinker has issued an incredible statement admitting it…
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @leiasfisher You're gonna make me cry-- its so sweet @amsmith285 @mkalend14 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Okay. Her tweet encouraging donations to MFF was to bail out prot…
I have reheated my dinner TWICE so far Thanks #adhd! @cmclymer A punning pundit? Yeah its Friday.*gasp* Lee!! Another punster! @LeeDaly19 @YNB @emilyslist Well deserved!Why is it wrong to report white supremacist seditious terrorists, @bumble? I’m confused by this move. Very confused.
Retweeted by Tracy SandersonThese are anything BUT genius I know! Let's get a face tattoo! @robertburke @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports That photo is not from the Capitol Riots. She's actually at a protest in K… @Metro_Earth @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Here's a screenshot of the last part of that article @Metro_Earth @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Here, this is from CBS news but there's more. CBS isn't too bad is it? At l… @Metro_Earth @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports The dems WANTED the 2000, Trump saying he supported that amount put his par… @LeeDaly19 Oh but thank you for drawing my attention towards this soprano, I'll take a gander at her performances 🤠 @LeeDaly19 Hmm.. I see why you like her, she does have a beautiful voice. But I see what we're differing on. Yours… dog upstairs barks constantly, has been barking for the past *checks watch* 37 mins straight. This situation h… @NataniaBarron You seem to be on a "Let's burn shit down" kinda mood. Which, fun. @NataniaBarron @damonayoung Oooh kinky @Metro_Earth @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports The only Republican that wanted the 2000 is Trump to stick it to the House… @ThatEricAlper “Before commenting, ask yourself: is it true, is it kind, is it necessary.“ “We did the best we cou…
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @ThatEricAlper "Do the best that you can with the time you have available." -- school adviser She was talking abou… @FredWeston8 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Trump is the most corrupt president of all time. How many people in his IN… @nomeeli @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Not sure what you want me to do with that. Do you believe every photoshopped p… @James44690017 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports You're assuming A LOT. You're also just parroting what you've been told… @amsmith285 @mkalend14 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports The Democratic leaders were not doing what you described, whether… @Kangalowner @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Whut. You mean EXACTLY what Trump is doing by conveniently releasing inform… @JBelzeski @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Ugh, just, try & link to an actual credible news source-- any. Fox News, ONN,… @MOONLOGO @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports That's not possible? He isn't even president but, uh, cool gif.The screaming followed by the officer's "stop resisting" @Metro_Earth @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Nah, the $600 was the limit the Republicans set up-- everybody knows Republ… @LeeDaly19 @NataniaBarron In this case it may be a rhinestone covered baseball bat @NataniaBarron *smiles & nods head* Baseball! @NataniaBarron Yay!! @NataniaBarron *gasp* @JillyyyLampton @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Whoa. Lady. Calm the fuck down. @LeeDaly19 @angelagheorghiu @AnnaNetrebko *gasp* We can't be friends anymore @greencounterktd @Kaceesthoughts And she's pretty, guys will always be swayed in favor of the pretty girlI've had several glasses of wine, and I've decided I'm going to become an Olympic figure skater. So, that's what's new with me.
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @RikerGoogling Saying them, yes. Writing them down, that’s not aloud.
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson.@AngelaGheorghiu is the finest soprano that has ever soprano'ed. There is no denying it. If you have a chance to…🎵 #Onthisday in 1900 Puccini's Tosca premiered in Rome! It is one of the world’s most loved operas, containing som…
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @scootsmcgooch3 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports Yeah-- god ain't that the truth I'm just glad he'll be out of office so… Year, New Places to Explore! 🌟 We're sharing ideas for fun in 2021! What do you want to do this year? 🌳 Find a…
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @scootsmcgooch3 @LouDobbs @jsolomonReports That photo? Those guys were the villains in the movie, have you seen the… @RexChapman Oh I miss New York @kylegriffin1 I can't be the only one that reads "Pew Poll" & immediately thinks "Pew Pew Pew Poll" @NataniaBarron You complete me.Excuse me while I write 150,000 words on these two images
Retweeted by Tracy SandersonStephen Colbert: after all these FBI arrests, moms will finally be able to redecorate the basement.
Retweeted by Tracy Sanderson @RexChapman Ugh, rolled up white socks-- THAT is where I draw the lineHahaha!!, her cuteness sickens me @NataniaBarron You make me sad 😔 Imma put you in a bubble, keep you safe, make sure you don't die. Ban everything… adhd! I didn't want to remember that really important thing that needed doing today anyway! @NataniaBarron @JessAbrams2 OMG Return to Oz-- those fucking Wheelers I was just listing sad, emotionally scarring… @NataniaBarron Yes! Take the time, do the tests, it's worth it Like for me, I live on the edge, I'm a bit of a dar… @NataniaBarron @JessAbrams2 Im pretty sure 80s childrens movies messed up A BUNCH of kids Look at this traumatizing… @NataniaBarron Noooo!! My sensitive skin fellow, why is life so cruel? Why!?! Ugh. Just-- UGH. One time I changed…