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↬Dreamer, lover of books, concerts, travels & music. Irremediably disordered, temperamental & reckless⚘ ↬ 1 Timothy [4:4-16]ᶤ

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@SpotifyMexico My strange addiction @contenthoe 😎 @NiallOfficial This is the greatest notification I ever had this year. See you in Mexico baby❤Here we goooooo! #NICETOMEETYATOUR is going international babyyyyyyy! Can’t wait to see you all For all pre-sale a…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ'Daylight' from FORO SOL
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Like if u would like to have Harry Styles as a boyfriend
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I will pushing people if this isnt true. i put the tracklist on my wall do you like it? i love it!
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤit’s okay to cry when things get too much for you.
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤDeep concentration in tour rehearsals. Can’t wait to get on the road and see you all. It’s going to be amazing.…
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@uktommo Our moment 🌹🥺Have to go to hospital in just a hours but I'm here reading all niall horan stuff. 3 am and twitter is my addiction @niallsdimples Very close once or twice. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Up on stage, everyone staring at you…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ @louwiilbefound About 25 degrees, Touch of breeze. Perfect 👌
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤI'm truly wondering if niall still jet lagged because it's 3am and he's answering questions. Wow @NiallOfficial This album and tour will be insane, a truly banger. I don't have proof but there not a doubts @NiallOfficial Uh baby, hope coming soon dates from Latin America (pss mexico) because I can't wait for buy my ticketsTaking it relatively easy today... had fun chatting to the Aussies on the phone last night about the announcement o…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ"ur order is on the way" "Uh ur order have a little delay, just wait a few days" "Uhmm ur order have a delay wait f… holland talking about justin bieber's documentary: seasons is my new favorite thing
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ @soy_montsemtz @rogergzz @rogerenradio @ExaFM Neta? Ya no te respondieron? Si les contestaste rápido? Los de exa v…
Quedamos 🤡🤡🤡 #EsdeHipócritas @rogergzz @rogerenradio @ExaFM #Maroon5 @lovelytheband @5SOS Us, in our favorite place. Playing show’s, to the best fans on earth. living our best lives...Look at us.... ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤHow was that, 🇲🇽? NIGHT 2 tonight! See you at Foro Sol! #M5Tour2020
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤFALLING. COMING FEB 28.
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤunpopular opinion: niall, louis, zayn, liam and harry carried one direction
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This crazy little thing they call love isn’t Black and White after all
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ @jakepaul Lol cause he doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies ..? Home alone wit…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤOne Direction albums be like: 🌃 🏠 🌉 4️⃣ 🌄
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ @harrysenigma Go to therapy, it’s important. I’ll wait for you. #WorldMentalHealth
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤH should bought this to L. He's his sunshine He's his sunflower. Just saying.'m so truly tired. No in the way of physical tiredness but my body hurts sometimes, it's not physical my mind is r…
I was dumb and immature in 2017. Now the girl I was gonna marry wants nothing to do with me.
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ @praisedbieber The thing maybe all have to understand is that Justin didn't do this album for charts, reputation or… Friends cast set to reunite for exclusive HBO Max Special 👏👏👏👏 #FriendsReunion
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Justin Bieber didn’t say anything bad about Cara Delevingne watch here:
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤI really love my idols and the music but this: The way the artists, make public they tracklist of their albums, or… ME // OUT NOW //
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ#OldMeBy5SOS This song is so amazing, and the upcoming album will be an absolute banger!!! So proud of you guys.… . . . My life isn't perfect. But I'm thankful for everything I have. . . . .
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤThe thing is... I'm scrolling Twitter and eating a strawberry jelly. And this is life.
Good day! Saw @TheVampsband this morning, @DeanSherwood brought doughnuts (Vegan!) and their new stuff sounds bangi…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤNew album Heartbreak Weather is out March 13th... but #HeartbreakWeatherWatch begins February 28th so get ready.
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤToo childish and obsessive to have my attention. People see what they want to see. Move on darling @rofkaf @popcreave Deal with the true. S come back with a song about her ex, release an album and a month later his… and money have the worst relationship
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ @popcreave One day after The Weeknd's new single was released. After Justin's album success. *pretend to be surprised* @glossywife She is obsessed with the thing 'no one of my ex will have more attention than me' She is releasing thi… news but why weren't surprised?I’ll be honest ...... not many
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤWe stan a king. Congrats Lewis, you deserve all of this things. 2020 Justin Bieber has sang: - Baby - Never Say Never with Jaden - One Less Lonely Girl - Favourite Girl - Bi…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤOh god. I have it too 🤔😂 @NiallOfficial @JustinRose99 @Blackheart4good @CRUKYoungPeople So proudDelighted that myself and my good friend @JustinRose99 will be back together this September for the 3rd Horan & Ro…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤanxiety makes it hard to enjoy anything you can’t relax your mind is reminding you of all the bad things that c…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤCaroline Flack is proof that no one gives a shit until you’re dead. Wasnt everyone abusing her and now you’re all p…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤthe stigma that comes with a mentally ill person before vs after self-awareness is huge and hurtful. people would s…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤwhen you say you can’t do something because you have anxiety what you mean • you are unable to do that • you do…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤif you have ever suffered from... • depression • anxiety • eating disorder • ocd • bipolar • feelings of guilt and…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . . . . . When you love someone, even though they hurt you and break your heart, you still love them with all th…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤOnly artists in history with three or more songs in the Hot 100's top 10 simultaneously: The Beatles Bee Gees Asha…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤTo the #OldMe: We are almost 22 and didn't overcome anxiety, stress, little depression episodes and our family stil… @charlieputh Just facts @charlieputh Yes you areI’m nice.
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤWe're not crying you're crying 😭 This week on #JustinBieberSeasons, watch the Bieber wedding and prepare yourself…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤThis is my favorite Tik Tok right now. Bless the friends and family who understand how stressful, depressing, and c…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤSo, my oldest brother isn’t coming to my graduation because I’m gay. He told me, “no matter how many things you acc…
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤomg stormzy looks like frozone
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤGemma Harry Styles Styles 🖤💣🗡🌑🕶 💖🌸✨🍬🥳 ✖️🦇 🏴‍☠️💀🧟‍♀️ 👼🏽💫🔮🎀🎈 🔨…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤThere's a storm coming ...
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤI’m sorry but no one has range like Johnny Depp
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤThe upcoming Spotify Awards are a reflection of what fans in Mexico are streaming. Meet the finalists for the 12 ma…
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Appreciate your favorite artists while they’re still here.
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤThe father the son and the Holy Spirit
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤThis guy challenged strangers to ‘finish the lyrics’ and this woman passing by started belting out Shallow like she…
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤThe thing that amazon still giving me 'gift cards' because my item doesn't arrive and i just don't want to buy anot… i hate u.#HarryStyles and #NiallHoran both just graced the #BRITs red carpet. Our hearts ❤️
Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤ @sinceicalledyou #LiamWeLoveYou <3 @justinbieber Sometimes I don't understand who you are, little yummy man, but I'm here streaming all your things. that's it.#countryremix @FLAGALine #yummy just a little fun with the fellas
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤLewis Capaldi’s “speech” not censored #Brits2020 #LewisCapaldi
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I don’t believe this
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤNiall James Horan. @NiallOfficial #Brits2020
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤMassive congratulations to the man @LewisCapaldi!!! Killing the #BRITs so truly proud and honoured 🌹🕺🏻🕺🏻 @NiallOfficial in purple velvet is all we wanted in life #BRITs
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤWe back. #changesTour
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Retweeted by Paola Drewᶤheight : 5’0 shoe size : 5.5 zodiac sign : cancer tattoos : 0 piercings : 0 fave…“You never know what someone is going through. Kindness sounds simple but I think it’s key.”
Retweeted by Paola DrewᶤI was watching TV and Machiavellically my brain put the last name "Davidson" in my mind and I realized that it is m… @defjam #Changes 💜💜 @delicatemailo Listo.
• you are not alone • we are in this together • it’s going to be okay • you are loved 💚
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