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@jotarostxrs Good night @Broman_Oz @treehugger935 Wish I had those numbers 😔 @treehugger935 Damn. Y’all get bangers?? @firefistsara Gn @wannabejolyne My DMs are always open for anyone if they need it @DaTruthDT Lord forbid people have to actually play the game now @silversoulweb 😎 @CEOofTsurumi @_soulhashira_ PREACH @hulkgamerxx @Asta_5leaf @CEOofTsurumi @_soulhashira_ Idk who he is either but he spittin @TomanYuki
@chxrlzie @Thevissionaryyy GET ON IT!!! @Abykvn Facts it’s so good @notwagwag 🙋‍♂️Yare Yare Da Wa... Alt version @KunoZQ . . . #jolynekujo #jojosbizarreadventure #jojo #jjba #jojopart #jotarokujo
Retweeted by 🌟Papa JoJo🌟A redraw of jolyne from one of Araki's doodles #anime #fanart #art #drawing #JolyneCujoh #jolyne #stoneocean
Retweeted by 🌟Papa JoJo🌟 @Abykvn Good luck bro. You got this @VintageManga Idk maybe? @Strip_for_LEVI Green @lokeshbc100 BANGER!!! @OtakuLachie Wasn’t for me I guess @AnitwtLs At this point who cares man. Let them be hype, it’s literally not hurting a single person. And they’ve ha… @protagdontmiss FINALLY @CEOofLowQuality Hi @Ali66289721 @AnishParajuli6 @imas_ne What L did I take? @Ali66289721 @AnishParajuli6 @imas_ne I don’t block people sorry @Grid_Glxy So fucking beautiful @Abykvn Bleach, knb, HxH, Vinland, dr stone, and pretty much all my top favorites @hulkgamerxx YOOO CONGRATS KING!!! help me get there next lol @VintageManga happy father's day bro. now go feed yo kids @Abykvn gm goat @enbootle cause hulk stole my tweet and if i hadn't tweeted it then no one would be on your ass lol @enbootle bro i am so sorry i did not think the tweet would do that good @caminhiding Random @AyoSloppy Are you Stone ocean? Cause you’re a 10/10 @caminhiding He don’t miss @Bobthegod565 @SxneMun That doesn’t mean I have clout @SxneMun Yessir @SxneMun mfs with clout are so annoying fr @GumGumPistoI Condolences @eolsenarchive I would end my entire family and bloodline just to be able to lick her shoulder @zackattackuu Taking a big W tonight sir @AyoSloppy Nothing even comes close to this for me @TheHeroOfSeinen mfs who shit on shonen series @wannabejolyne Good lord @AnimeSelim @MitsuiMVP YES TALK!!!! @silversoulweb I had to watch it for an assignment in design class in 8th grade @silversoulweb Csm fans who don’t bark??? @DiamondRainx Cookies and cream disgustingly clear @enbootle Too many people been calling it peak. May need to give it another chance @tomokoseph 19? @DATBOI_DBL Doing some house cleaning but other than that we’re good lol @enbootle When does it get good? @enbootle Try again lol @enbootle How?? You said peak fiction and showed re:zero??? Maybe you clicked on the wrong screenshots?? @enbootle I don’t see it. I only see some re:zero screenshots @enbootle Where’s the peak fiction?? @pupb0icarti 👅👅👅👅👅 I’ll take it all 🤤🤤 yummy 😋😋😋 @hulkgamerxx You know your tweet good when hulk gotta steal it @enbootle @SSJayKai @enbootle We all know who wins lol @enbootle 🤷‍♂️ @NightmareOfNO Fr @OPP_2K21 LMAOOOO @BryanNNTE Fr no need to complain. My hero got a good adaptation @imas_ne Honestly they probably wouldn’t even complain cause of how much they think the “manga is so much better than the anime” @thecatsaysmooo Sad to see so much disrespect @Blank_Gaming_ Bruh ong they so ungratefulWhen will my hero fans learn to be grateful for their anime adaptation @enbootle The anime has consistent animation with really good peak animated moments. The manga may be better but th… @VintageManga Yo Angelo @JoseJoestarr Yeah you’re right this list is doodoo @lollyKage YESSIR SPITTIN @ChainsawVespa @yosoyIuna @AnimeContexts Yeah I don’t think I did @ShinobuMyGoat @ShinobuMyGoat @GumGumPistoI @AnimeContexts Leave me alone bro @Jdadummy1 Hate y’all @thatguysurfer LMFAOOOO @enbootle Stole it so technically not my tweet @knockoff_zuko @Josukeshair_ 😐 @dgdre3 Lol @TendoHimself You @JohnnySpittin @lollyKage Easy*** lol @lollyKage Noelle east @AnimeContexts I’ll tip you for some belly button pics 👀 @ChainsawVespa YES GOAT @notwagwag @AnimeContexts STUNNING FR YOURE SO PRETTY mfs watch jojos, bro you worried about the wrong golden experience 😭 @JayDlegend YES HXH GOAT
Retweeted by 🌟Papa JoJo🌟 @elotraV5 YES TALK!!!! @elviejopato THIS THE ONE @elviejopato THIS IS IT @elviejopato WWWWWW @elviejopato SPITTIN