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@jwordfish What blades you get I was looking at these shit i thought whoever said this to me was joking
Retweeted by chris person @ADACTIVITY The only thing I know with certainty is that predicting things now is fucking fakeSpeaker said “I’m guna throw out some numbers. 40%. What’s that mean to y’all” and people responded “cops who abuse…
Retweeted by chris person @zlingray What I really wanna know is how old are these motherfuckers like they all have to be 40 @PREMIUMPONCHO That’s right @crulge This guys so coolThe arc of every viral post that becomes iconic is that it’s some shit you don’t even put much effort into, then it… @GarlicCorgi Gotta close one eye too, to complete the bit @EnemyOfBoth I’d blade with you homie @crulge Dude let’s fucking bladeMight become a roller blade guy, that’d be sick. @fart I used to know guys that could tell you the legality of gravity knives in New York of the top of their head a… @333333333433333 I’ve felt an overwhelming adbusters/freegan energy over the last few weeks that is giving me somet…’ve seen so many people share tutorials on how to break handcuffs and pick locks and it’s cool we’re all turning i… to figure out the legality of pocket sand as a deterrent at protests.
@intellegint eBay? @leslieleeiii It’s metal as hell and it comes with weaponry. Frankly win-win. @swolecialism @AliceAvizandum yeah that one's on me @ryanlcooper a trans national network of baloneysah wait, Joey Baloney was in Philly my mistakeThe most NYPD shit isn't that there's a guy named Joey Baloney that did some horrible shit to protestors, it's that… baloney @nkulw It's fucking derangedBill de Blasio should resign on general principal/because it’s cool but when you realize the first in line to succe… BILL. Welcome back to Project M.A.Y.O.R. The NYPD has kidnapped your daughter. What would you like to do?…
Retweeted by chris person @crulge @caylenb Ridiculous fishing is great @itskindred Every part is perfect. Watching him try to pull the “if my friend wasn’t here” bit and then trip over a… @NYCMayor @NYPDShea It’s your dumb ass curfew you fucking worm, shut the fuck up and resign.sam and max were the only good cops @crulge use ——> 👄 ——> 👮‍♀️ Guybrush: “sorry, I’m keeping kosher”smdh I wish people would stop sharing videos of cops taking a knee!! it’s not cute! cops only do that when they’re… @julesprom Exposing anyone to that video is a kind of cruelty but if someone is really delusional it might be a kindnessIf you’re going to share that Buffalo video with anyone share it with ang older person that still think cops are a good fucking mad and sick to my stomach again.It’s been a banner week for starting sentences with “did you see that video where....” @richiebranson It’s like a warm cup of tea.
keep it up folks!
Retweeted by chris person @antumbral @jonbeilin @mikerugnetta I want a vinyl release of this so bad @mikerugnetta Also Haruomi Hosono did the soundtrack for a Tale of Genji anime in the 80s and it sounds kinda tight… @mikerugnetta @jonbeilin @mikerugnetta yeah absolutely the best, no question @isaiah_kb Conan the Barbarian kicks ass and is a perfect movie and it begins a monologue about might making right.… @carolineavenue It's true I'm just frankly impressed by the levels of depravity here1). good and 2.) why the fuck does he think this is a good idea at this point Orta, who has been tormented by police during and leading up to his incarceration for filming the murder of…
Retweeted by chris person @jonbeilin this is apparently where the footage is from originally @alexqarbuckle his avatar looks like if dexter's lab was primarily into eugenics @adashtra this dude not over the fact that we got a 7 foot tall master chief protester and a psycho queens racist wielding a Ren… down I repeat egg down last few months have been a constantly accelerating battle between “nothing ever changes” and “something HAS to… @BooDooPerson It’s cool how much of tech is driven by the desire to watch porno and anime @SmilingObject Motherfucker out here eatin candy @boring_as_heck He’s so fucking cool @MrCoolFacts @vrunt @PissCastle I mean Ellison was a cruel gremlin and it really shows in his work and characters b… @pizzabeerhotdog @PissCastle That ones more about babies than cum but I’ll allow it @viperwave Yes although I would love to figure out if there are more entries in the genrehell comes to frogtown is cool because it's one of at least two post apocalyptic movies I can think of where cum is… @UncleFahey Yeaseems like the editorial board has always sucked…
Retweeted by chris person @BAKKOOONN I‘ve never expected to dislike a movie more and then leave totally satisfied @theschwasound It’s a good post @Yelix He simply loves cinemaGod this is so powerful. @EoinHiggins_ Ok good was worried there for a second @Sturgeons_Law @IllyBocean @cragget Maybe they lost the license in subsequent rereleases? Old anime was weird like… @IllyBocean @cragget @Sturgeons_Law Fuck I regret all my life choices @IllyBocean @Sturgeons_Law Fuck I forgot about this @Sturgeons_Law Japanese although I do have some conditional love of dubs. @alexnpress oh yeah agreeddecompressing with a cinema classic @alexnpress Cops being huge babies with almost unlimited power really does explain it all @theCJS Sorry for your loss she seems like a wonderful person @JBennet This isn’t a god damn debate people are dying @0KF0X He’s one of the coolest people alive
@caylenb lmaoFuck off forever man @Nightlands THANK YOU JESUSUsing my Tetris powers for good, baby! Join us as we raise money THIS SATURDAY for National Bail Fund and mutual ai…
Retweeted by chris personEvery shot of Sakamoto working in Coda shows someone that's thought about every tool he uses very deeply. I've been… sakamoto is so cool dude @ConnorSouthard This was also the pinnacle of art. If you could make a statue of fat Ronald McDonald you were set.pushing highlight reel back to next week, feels weird to do it this week, will still be answering emails and looking at submissionsKotaku reached out to a bunch of gaming companies who jumped on the Black Lives Matter hashtag to offer support for…
Retweeted by chris person @yungchomsky Hell yea @hunktears @vogon I’m the cool sedan highlights. has been a great tool. absolutely mf love to see it.
Retweeted by chris person @davereaboi So what you’re saying is that the cops are tired, clueless and that protests are working. Also your source sounds like a baby.the person just murdered in crown heights...don't let anybody try to tell you that what he did was worth the absolu…
Retweeted by chris person @EnemyOfBoth Just some Rupert Pupkin motherfucker in queens that has a De Blasio cutout @netzwerkdurchse Disagree @strongbadegirl Do what ya gotta friend 👍How many people still like Bill De Blasio at this point I think it’s like one guy maybe? @patbits He’s more of a dinosaur guy but yea @noescapevg Yeah this and BNA