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David Sodergren @paperbacksnpugs Edinburgh, Scotland

Horror author. Movie watcher. Friend of pugs. He/Him.

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@FPluckn It’s worth it. One of my favourite gialli. @GenreFilmAddict No, but what is? @TheTripp21 It achieves something alright, though I’m not sure what. @esupertrain1 Nope! Only other team up of theirs I’ve seen is Frozen Scream. Love James Bryan though. @FPluckn I got a copy on for about €35. These X Rated Kult discs are a fucking nightmare to find online.Incomprehensible and barely watchable, LADY STREET FIGHTER (1981) feels like Tommy Wiseau directing a James Bond fi…
Can you write to a (tight) deadline? Ever wanted to feature in a Blu-ray booklet? Do you like scary movies? DM me o…
Retweeted by David SodergrenSteve’s best book yet. You *need* this dystopian series in your life. @LJ_Dougherty satisfied customer. 😂 @HomoSatanis Some songs are only available in certain countries. I sometimes buy from Japanese iTunes, but I had to… @JoshWinning It’s a marvellously strange movie!Couple of new giallo Blu-ray arrivals today, The Sweet Body Of Deborah and What Have They Done To Your Daughters, b… @GNutsofHorror Yes, apparently first two seasons were on BBC, then Ch4 picked it up for season three. @GNutsofHorror @PotteryThrow @KBJWhitstable Just wish there was a way to see the first two seasons. I missed them,… @GNutsofHorror @PotteryThrow @KBJWhitstable Such a great show, and Keith’s passion is truly inspiring.
@TheRealJohnBend I honestly couldn’t tell you what’s happening there.Might as well make it a Satanic train double bill, eh? @elevatorcore It’s out on Blu-ray under the title Beyond the Door III, which is a silly title. @RickReadsHorror @Adam_Cesare @MrGaunt @natesouthard @KoyoteKris @HaileyPiperSays Enjoy! @GenreFilmAddict Absolutely! Now, it’s nowhere near as good as The Church (one of my favourite films), but it defin… TRAIN (1989) has more ludicrous supernatural shenanigans than you can handle. Absurd and nonsensical (why don'… @MikeMorrocco Not a bad comparison. If you enjoy Roger Corman’s 70s and 80s New World output, you’ll definitely enjoy this. @MikeMorrocco I prefer it to both, but probably because there’s a lot more goofy horror imagery than either of those. @NielsAnderzen @DeadFormatVideo @jeffoates74 @101_Films @VinegarSyndrome It’s 100% worth it. you’ve never seen RAW FORCE, you’re in for a real treat. It’s absolutely bananas.
@jonnylarkin I’ve been meaning to watch this one for years! I think Jean Sorel may be my favourite giallo leading man. @msmidnightmovie @gjkendall Excellent article as usual. I look forward to many more!If you're keen to experience the third book in the Father of Lies trilogy, send me a DM. I have pre copy-edit digit…
Retweeted by David SodergrenA great five star review for Maggie’s Grave from Yvonne @coycaterpillar{#PastDue} In a brand new feature, Critic G.G. Graham (@msmidnightmovie) discusses lesser-known genre fiction, and…
Retweeted by David SodergrenEveryone knows COMMANDO (1985) is a perfect film, but just how good is James Horner's score? Synth stabs, honking s…
@73Alucarda Sadly, my French is limited to what I learnt in high school, so I can only ask directions to the discotheque. @Dale_Dez81 @back4blood Bring it on. @doomedmoviethon I bet you say that about ALL the movies. @TheTripp21 @writeknuckled Me too. The casting of Tiny Tim was an inspired choice, but the whole film is grimily excellent.BLOOD HARVEST (1987) is most notable for Tiny Tim warbling his way through the film in his distinctive falsetto whi… FOR IT (1976) purports to be a documentary about extreme sports, but it's really just a lot of cool 70s surfing…'S WAR (1988) is perhaps Lloyd Kaufman's most bad taste movie, but also his most ambitious and oddly melanchol…
@AlexWolfgang92 Glad you enjoyed it!After binging every Argento movie on Shudder, I moved on to reading Dead Girl Blues by @paperbacksnpugs. Grimy, gor…
Retweeted by David Sodergren @SignorWardh I just found out Sweet Body of Deborah is out on German Blu with Italian language and English subtitle… this! Thank you, Cassie. rare photo of the majestic Mountain Pug. and sexy, Lucio Fulci's first giallo ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER (1969) is a captivating mystery, and Riz Ortol…
I have an extra $200 Amazon gift card, so I’ll be giving it away to one lucky winner next week. Just Follow and RT…
Retweeted by David Sodergren @coycaterpillar Thanks for reading!My next read is Maggie's Grave by @paperbacksnpugs. One chapter in and I'm freaking hooked! Absolutely loving indie…
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@MikitoRamirez So a delightful musical crossover with this film? (1967) is gorgeous pop-art nonsense. A French musical comedy starring Anna Karina as a proto-Manic Pixie Dream… @GenreFilmAddict Not seen it for a while, but Burton’s Sleepy Hollow might be one? @jonnylarkin Either direct from Le Chat Qui Fume, or from UK based Strange Vice. @ruggerlad @HomoSatanis Yes, English subs. There are a few grammatical errors, but it’s rarely distracting. @HomoSatanis Direct from Le Chat Qui Fume. Shipping was very fast! @jonnylarkin It’s pure, unfiltered gory sleaze, with Florence Guérin and Brigitte Lahaie from Franco’s Faceless! @TheTripp21 @DamianMaffei And Severin have just announced Deep Blood!
@zombivish @rachael_nisbet Quite a few have either English dub or subs, I believe. Their release of Lenzi’s Knife o… @rachael_nisbet A great label that seems to have slipped under many people’s radar.Didn't even realise this was out from Le Chat Qui Fume until @SignorWardh mentioned it on Fragments of Fear. Thanks, Peter!Deliriously trashy giallo-inspired French slasher KNIFE UNDER THE THROAT (1986) is out now on Blu-ray, and I can ha… suggestions for where to start? in 2021... Chosen for Salvation, Lizzie must take a look at just what this means. A decision is looming, bu…
Retweeted by David Sodergren @ctrlaltcassie @sam_kolesnik @MsPippinacious @Adam_Cesare @todd_keisling @sonorawrites @HaileyPiperSays SHOOT is on Cassie’s list, alongside some truly excellent books! mail! @paperbacksnpugs @JoshuaMarsella
Retweeted by David Sodergren @JamesVoller_ @JoshuaMarsella Nice! @alexmendibil Fantastic. I’ll be preordering this set as soon as it’s available. @TheRealJohnBend @TheRealJohnBend It’s a game changer.Never seen this one! @TheRealJohnBend You gonna start cutting pizza with scissors?{Book Review} Steve (@stevestred) Reviews Project Fear - Season One By Dale Robertson (@Dale_Dez81)…
Retweeted by David Sodergren @itsweevildead @SadieHartmann Apologies in advanceMALIBU HIGH (1979) is not the raunchy comedy promised by the poster art. It's a bleak and downbeat drama, with a pl…
@cfmceroz1 Part 1. I love it! Atmospheric as hell. @cfmceroz1 They’re all sitting around eating a big bowl of hearty thanksgiving pasta. @cfmceroz1 Maybe Absurd?70% plodding drama, 30% fun slasher film, SILENT MADNESS (1984) features a maniac who snaps and starts killing when… @born2readbooks Enjoy!Started reading my next @paperbacksnpugs book. The Forgotten Island is really really good. Sodergren is an awesome…
Retweeted by David Sodergren @itsweevildead Love seeing a well read paperback! @carpenterisgod Baffling. @carpenterisgod They still shipping each disc individually? @MultiversalDork Enjoy Night Shoot! @carpenterisgod @TheRealJohnBend He hogs the blanket like you wouldn’t believe.ARMOUR OF GOD!!! @TheRealJohnBend You can stay on my couch, though you’d have to share it with Boris.
@TheTripp21 YESSSSSS, one of the greats. @davbowhow I’ll be first in line.No great surprises with my most watched actors and directors of 2020. @TheTripp21 I don’t really use streaming, so I’m not sure, but if you’re in the US, Shudder has 22 gialli available… OF SCREAMS - BOOK REVIEW @KitGonzo reviews a very interesting book from the genius minds of @MarkMorris10
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@itsweevildead Scotland is a beautiful country! Glad you enjoyed the book.This book was freaking awesome. I just finished it. I’m not one to get squeamish, but holy shit!!! This should be o…
Retweeted by David SodergrenTHE KILLER...IS ON THE TELEPHONE (1972) is a dreamlike gialli full of haunting flashbacks. Stelvio Cipriani supplie… @ArmandAuthor @amazon Thank you!Maggie's Grave: A Horror Novel by David Sodergren via @amazon @paperbacksnpugs #horror
Retweeted by David SodergrenSmile Before Death Body Count (Deodato) Nothing Underneath Black Belly of the Tarantula Mute Witness Naked Massacre… for a FEMALE or female-identifying artist for a t-shirt design commission. It’s horror themed and will be ‘…
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