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Time to buy, y'all @LancomeUSA PLAY FOREVER. @SlavePlayBway @jeremyoharris"This blatant form of retaliation in corporate America is all too common, even post #MeToo." part. @Directordaddyyy am ready to FEEL. @VINCINT_
Hillary... #HillaryClinton #BernieSanders! MITSKI! #MITSKI!'t know why but I'm obsessed with this. @jamesblake @VanessaHudgens HAVE MY ATTENTION. @kevinabstract #shialabeouf"The idea of putting your hair in a bun very Mulan-esque. We're always busy. From when I wake up, I'm working."… of them.! @evianwater Girls! Assemble. @EmpressOf @Kito can't wait for @PostMalone to become an oscar winner. love being constantly inspired by my man. Happy #AquariusSeason y'all. miss #TaylorSwift and her mama strength and recovery. #SAGAwards... IS COMING!!! #Balenciaga know who's an Aquarius? Harry Styles.Good morning Aquariuses.I'm very tuned in, hate to say. on the Ground With @greysonchance
Retweeted by PAPER MagazineJude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley send tweet.
Retweeted by PAPER MagazineNaomi Campbell Interviews Trailblazing Model @aaronphilipxo
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They performed "Together We Can." were spotted at Yams Day over the weekend. also has plans to "hire...former inmates." hero. @lilearthangellk came on to say I took this picture. I’m in a throuple with @halsey and Evan Peters. We’re very happy. glorious day. @the1975 @Truman_Black #MLK day. Thankful for this man’s work, his mission, and his drip tbh. you Prince in the Raspberry Beret video. @LouisVuitton_US⛓⛓⛓ @Dior Is Doing It All Wrong Campbell Interviews Trailblazing Model @aaronphilipxo on the Ground With @greysonchance I am single.They said 🚪🚶🏼🚶🏽‍♀️!I mean just LOOK at the material. check! you Disney villain!
"It can be exhausting, frustrating, but I know that we can make a difference, and so all the criticism in the world… your fighter: @MariahCarey @JessicaSimpson #SaoirseRonan with this @jacquemus collection I’ll say it. yourself I’m fake Kate Moss. shit. #MichelleObama #CardiB to be @noahcyrus dressed as Sailor Mars. birthday Mac Miller I really fucking miss you❤️❤️ @SEVDALIZA is this real. #billieeilish
JOEY HIVE ASSEMBLE. @CircleNetflix ON BOPS ON BOPS feel for him.
Retweeted by PAPER MagazinePut it in the album queen. #rihanna WEEK ON #INTERNETTY icon and living legend @Brittany_broski joined to accept her #BreakTheInternet award and m… MUSIC VIDEO FOR AFTERPARTY just dropped!! 😭🔥
Retweeted by PAPER MagazineGod to be a super cool kid in an NYC based indie film...
Retweeted by PAPER MagazineOn this week's Internetty queen @Brittany_broski accepts her #BreakTheInternet award. We have decided to stan forev…
Retweeted by PAPER MagazineKombucha Queen @Brittany_broski called into #Internetty, and officially put me and @DixPeyton on the map
Retweeted by PAPER Magazine"Their chicken nuggets are out of this world." about Paul Rudd ripping that apple open again... lord cleanse meChurch of Electra now's your chance !!! @DORIANELECTRA😔 these are crazy I'll take a size 7. earthquake relief organizations.
Stanning. that bitch all 2020. @rinasawayama to be a super cool kid in an NYC based indie film... #BillieEilish't afford a birkin bag but I can afford this... maybe... jk @Hermes_Paris my head I too am a Jonas wife. @jonasbrothers even to dinner with the Kushners -Rupi Kaur retire at this point. #eminem #arianagrandeéeháw. @givenchy to the afterparty, don't text. @babygothxx'M HERE FOR IT!!! @TELFARGLOBAL @GAP"I wanted to look in the mirror and immediately see that something about me was tangibly different." @rosedommu I absolutely LOVE to see. @MartiGCummings know it probably wasn't but like... what if it was Beyoncé? @JW_ANDERSON"I feel responsible to share my story in solidarity with all that demand equality, peace and truth." #sevdaliza is so CUTE. Happy birthday @MichelleObama this week's Internetty queen @Brittany_broski accepts her #BreakTheInternet award. We have decided to stan forev… ideal form.'m not watching the circle I'm watching Joey Sasso.can you believe i got an interview in paper magazine it still sends me !!! did you guys ever read it did you like i…
Retweeted by PAPER MagazineEnd of an era. #KatVonD
Retweeted by PAPER Magazine"I don't want to be well-adjusted in a world that's crazy." @ezrafurman
Retweeted by PAPER Magazine"I didn't have the luxury of mourning what felt like the loss of a limb.""And yet, they can play 18 dudes who sound exactly the same back to back.""She's been wearing the same boots/ long shirt combo for years."
King. @AlecBenjamin of an era. #KatVonD"While it's important that aspirational trans narratives exist, it's also important that ones dealing with trans pa…!!! A bop for you crazy lovers. #sonikku @chesterlockhart boyfriends put out more music y'all! #The1975'S HOPE. #VanessaHudgens #AustinButler"I don't want to be well-adjusted in a world that's crazy." @ezrafurman