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CNN cutting off a black man calling out a former elected official for covering up the death of a black child that w…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Corporate media coverage of Cuba:
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Bad Bunny confirmed a new album with 16 songs and changed his Twitter biography to "EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO". 👀🐰
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Why I Am Deleting Tinder: A Thread 🧵
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Restart.Another shitty day in the pocket. At least it’s a day out of the list.
🤯🤯🤯á Biden no salga deportador como Obama. Obama tenía un discurso y una sonrisa agradable pero en el fondo, tambi…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Fabio Francisco Saravia Maradiaga, amigo y compañero de lucha de reconocidos méritos, ha fallecido. Le extiendo en…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹i’m in a toxic relationship with my education
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Just a quick story and life update💛
Retweeted by D A P 🌹When I walk into a southern grocery store with my mask on
Retweeted by D A P 🌹 @mmacycaballero Dang fam @haleychatman that cfa was not today 😂💀A WHITE CUBAN LEADING HOMELAND SECURITY LMFAOOOOOOOO the jokes type themselves.
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Una baleada se arruina cada vez que un hondureño dice peda en vez de pijín
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Rule #1 : if they didn’t invite you... Dont ask to go
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Arrested at 17 for capital murder, I shot no one, triggerman was identified, I was at the scene but didn't have a g…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Prisons have become like banks, financial institutions that are too large to fail even when they are already failing.
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Retweeted by D A P 🌹why is everyone’s main goal to get married and have kids like dont u guys wanna do drugs in foreign countries
Retweeted by D A P 🌹 @AyyMistaCarter Yes you right, that was my starting point lol @AyyMistaCarter True and I agree. I just consider it has two faces. It can be used by powerful interest groups as wellLobbying should be ilegal.
google knows me better than my own momEvery Guatemalan needs become familiar with this document. This is the vision being pushed forward by the most radi…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Latin America is showing the world how things are done. People in Guatemala just set fire to parliament after congr…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹BIPOC countries keep exemplifying what needs to happen in amerikkka and y’all continue to water down radical thinki…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Crecemos.
Retweeted by D A P 🌹We pay more for healthcare than they do.
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Huracán #Eta #Iota 📍Chamelecón y Pimienta, Honduras. Fotografía: Sean T. Hawkey 💔
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Never forget: in 1954, the CIA, at the behest of the United Fruit Company, orchestrated a coup against Guatemala's…
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Desde Honduras hasta Aggieland. El anillo, me lo llevo a casa.
Este es el único tuit que voy a RT sobre el día del hombre y me representa. 😎
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Retweeted by D A P 🌹¿Están de acuerdo que no hay nada más sexy que la inteligencia? 😍
Retweeted by D A P 🌹i guess nobody wanna be smart nowadays😂😂💀 @KarymePalma Pues no para mi pero ya lo confesas, @Residente está casado a los grammys. Otro más a la colección!Guinness World Records! A la mayor cantidad de nominaciones al Grammy Latino en un solo año ⚡️
Retweeted by D A P 🌹 @KarymePalma “WE” dang fam. Ahorita te bajo del pedestal donde te tenía. Balvin - Dorado for McDonalds 🍟
Retweeted by D A P 🌹 @SoyLydian Jajajaja te están probando. Así te agarran la medida 😂💀Bad Bunny performing Bichiyal at the Latin Grammys
Retweeted by D A P 🌹i wish i had this amount of free time empresarios no "generan" empleos. Los empresarios NECESITAN empleados para poder acumular riqueza. No es ningú…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹bad bunny ahorita mismo @mariorob Balvin se merece el premio a mejor álbum. Empezó desde abajo, inmigrante que pintaba casas en la USA. Y rompió co… is here mi gente. Only on the @mcdonalds App.👇🏼 #ad
Retweeted by D A P 🌹White washed Latinxs are the worst. @laradbal Jajaja cabal 😂💀The destiny wants me outta csta ASAP 😂💀My 2 finals are on December 7th and now tamu announced my graduation is the 9th.
Happy #Garifuna Settlement Day ⚫️⚪️🟡✊🏿
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Comparte tu emoción por Disney+, tu workout, tu starbucks, tu cena, el negocio de tu amigo, lo que quieras... a alg…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Que si lo merecen que si no lo merecen. Que joden con su día del hombre. Ya kync todxs. conociste Twitter/ Como yo lo conocí :3 #Fleets
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Ninguna cantidad de dinero equivale el valor de tu salud mental si en tu trabajo te hacen la vida imposible y te tratan con las patas.
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Dating a latina is top tier !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐞
Retweeted by D A P 🌹So you telling me that a dead president from a developing country is interfering with the strong democracy of the p…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹También existimos.
Retweeted by D A P 🌹¿Qué no? Si nos amenazan, meten presos, desaparecen y asesinan. Desde la guerra fría en Honduras se vienen cortando…🌀#IOTA Aeropuerto Int. Ramón Villeda Morales, así luce la parte frontal y área de estacionamiento de la terminal
Retweeted by D A P 🌹 @tessmaradiaga Amén 🙏🏽No desperdicien sus palabras en personas que merecen su silencio...
Retweeted by D A P 🌹 @Sersaintspr En general el mejor que ha sacado Balvin para mi!Republicans vs. Democrats 💀
Alianza para el progreso?, Plan Marshall?? Bien locxs se estaría con el solo hecho de pensar en una reconstrucción…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹albums I can liste without skipping any song. lost a Master of the @MasterChefJrFOX kitchen today. Ben you were an incredibly talented home cook and even stro…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Yeah you tell me... @ariannaajimenez IOTA: El río Choluteca alcanza ya el legendario campo Motagua en Comayagüela.
Retweeted by D A P 🌹⛔ ¡INSÓLITO! ⛔ Así se encuentran los damnificados por #ETA recibiendo toda la furia inclemente de #IOTA, tirados en…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Y’all been using twitter for nonsense? I though it was to share thoughtful stuff @KarymePalma @Lexsizzle99 LMAOOOOOO dang fam! What a nice move!I got a screenshot just to make sure they see it. me just RT just I case they don’t see it...’m a month away from leaving my job and my coworkers better start collecting sum dollas for my ps5goodbyegift. I…
Sabias que tus RT tienen el poder de alcanzar más gente? Sabias que por cada RT estás aportando 9, 77 € para est…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Y ahora un tutorial para la johlota para que lleve comida de verdad y no pelotas con palomitas, con menos de 20 pes…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Instagram included a shopping section. Twitter with stories. What’s next 2020? LinkedIn with a dating section?All my friends getting married or having kids, and here I am... tweeting.You see! twitter agrees with us.iPhone is better than android.this shit is too easy LMFAOOO
Retweeted by D A P 🌹 @junipergreentea 🔥🔥🔥 @AdoCarranza Gracia mi hermano!!!We don’t need another app with stories @TwitterEl buen sexo es el amarre más fuerte, tengo pruebas y cero dudas
Retweeted by D A P 🌹"Friends" who expose your insecurities as joke infront of others are not your real friends.
Retweeted by D A P 🌹lol the twitter message at the bottom💀 many reports of major flooding in San Pedro Sula in Valle Azul, Pedregal sectors & around City Mall. It’s gett…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹The Tocoa river has spilled over & will likely destroy the bridge soon. There are two neighbourhoods in the city/mu…
Retweeted by D A P 🌹Flooding in Tocoa & Sonaguera in the northern department of Colon caused by overflowing rivers. Flooding is destroy…
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