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@Phroid_ Dead ass might have to slide thrui̙͍̞̼̗͚ͧ͆̍̈́̔ ̷̥̗͕͍̣̪͔̤͎̃̌̇̐̉̈́̊ͬ͡s̨̱̦͇͓͕̬̥̋̓ͯ̍̆̐̐̋͂́t̶͈̗͉̿͒r͎͉̮̋̉͠ͅe̤̞̟̎͗͛̽̿̑ͮ̈͘a͓̭̒̍̊ͨͣ̊ͧ̑͌͘͡ṃ̯͍͔͚̘̭ͧ̂́͘͠… @skittlxxs @skittlxxs Priv last one got mass reported so it got banned someone’s gunnin for me 😂Shit quality cus Snapchat and then twitter compression, but I’ll get high quality videos tomorrow during the day 🤪 think I just woke up my whole block starting my car...I just woke up....
Ratatouille 2 looking good so far FUCK it sounds goodAlso holy hell my car is dirty LMAO @MidnightPeanut_ -mid mufflerChallenger is getting louder as we speak 🤪 @MissGato2 Shouldn’t you be working smh my headThis is what controller players looked like a few months ago gimme a hunting rifle 🤪 you. Yeah you. You look real sexy reading this. @MissGato2 Listen, I don’t stay this beautiful with less than 9 naps @MissGato2 I blame you, I wake up and see you’re streaming and that’s gg for my sleep scheduleHOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA CLICK HERE delayed a little, found a stray dog and was getting it back to their owner. They’re reunited now 😌 Now I eat shower and stream :)I guess you could call that a... Cupcake’m trying to fix my schedule and it’s not happening :((( I’m stuck on this scheduleMorning :)
Trying to fix my schedule and it’s not happening 😅Had fun playing @GunfireReborn, definitely a challenging game and a big grind. Might play more soon, but I wanna… @MissGato2 Cleo is adorable you’re reading this you have a big coc @dakotaz Happy birthday bro!Nah bro fortnite is still dogshit lmaoShockwave launcher in comp is laughableFREE TOE PICS CLICK NOW FOR SINGLES IN YOUR AREA @Helbootyy If I actually eat right and work out at the same pace I am I’m gonna look like that no capper @MissGato2 Douse a little BBQ on them and you got yourself some lil smokies for dinner 😋 everyone dming me an my toes here @MissGato2 Yo I got some fucking ORANGUTAN TOES holy shit my toes are like 6” each @Mendo Welcome to the world of aim assist, enjoy your stay!Guy that are good at games have big dicks
Retweeted by ParallaxBro I got some veiny mf hands @MissGato2 I- At least you didn’t have to pay to see the first one 🤣 As for the second I’m sure the birds will be happy, but rip fries :(Me when I see a dog
@MissGato2 It’ll get better don’t sweat it, don’t think too much on it either. I’m sure you’re doing just fine!This Cthulhu tattoo is kinda crazy ngl set an alarm for an hour to nap and I woke up 8 hours later :(Parallax is now following you!Where my gf at @LilNasX Go to sleep The Lil Nas XCan’t sleep just want FOODHonest to god I wanna become a top fortnite player againThat UFC fight @pfitter_ Sorry bro busy playing Raid: Shadow Legends™ on the iOS App Store @pfitter_ July birthday gangSorry for ending birthday stream early. I’m just not feeling it. There’s a lack of happiness. I’m sorry. ❤️
WE STARTING OFF STRONK SRTEAM @BaddieStreams @Alienware Yo wtf I’m moving inHmmmm what games do we play todayI’m actually gonna get fucked up on stream tonight @d_piggie $1 turned into $170 which is free cashSo my family always plays 711 on my birthday 7/11, and today they hit it and gave me the ticket... actually insane @theLLance I was more of a paint chips kind of kid @NorCalScout 🥺 We can share itSecond birthday steam later tonight! I also found these infinity stones in my sisters room like wtf lol didnt know… morning you sexy gamers ❤️ @NorCalScout Okay bud 🤣 ❤️ Thank youBeing left on delivered is an awful feeling @Enterval1k Tinder is actually a cesspool. I couldn’t tell you the last time I truly used it.99+ matches and still no wife ✋🏻😔🤚🏻 you guys for a good first birthday stream. Second one coming later today ❤️ ESP @MissGato2 with the subs and thiccy donoI hate overthinkin shit tbh @MissGato2 WHO THATBIRTHDAY STREAM 1 OF 2 WE GETTING LIT @MissGato2 Not for longMagin' that for my birthday turn up for a second stream, grabbing food and getting drunk, then streaming AGAIN when I wake up and doing it again.25 🎉I don’t know what to do :(
First ranked game of valorant I play against a kid who's 1000% walling. Fun fun. do be playin fortnite @NorCalScout @iamblackbear Vouch @iamblackbear#QUEENOFBROKENHEARTS I swear in like 10 minsI wonder when camera companies like Nikon or Sony or Canon even will begin leasing higher end cameras so that way v… @ChipotleTweets Well, what’s my order?only simp for people who know your chipotle order, period
Retweeted by ParallaxGonna stream fortnite all day :) Food, shower then stream! 💕🥺 @MissGato2 Prepare my liver for tonight and tomorrowI’m thankful for my community 🥺❤️If youre tweeting about “fake juice fans” you’re a pussy Shut the fuck up and let people enjoy his music stop being a killjoyI'm surprised more people aren't talking about "Can't Die" :( That hit differentdoctor said if i don’t get head in the next 3 days ima die
Retweeted by ParallaxThis album is amazing even if songs were leaked previously. It's just, a vibe.There will be multiple Juice WRLD posthumous albums released in the future, according to his girlfriend Ally.
Retweeted by Parallax the vibes minutes.Going to eat and stream terraria all night, when Juice, Blackbear, and Rich Brian all drop their new tracks we will…
@BaddieStreams @tacobell Watchu gettingNothing worse than wanting to talk to someone so bad and they don’t seem to care at all