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Mike @Parax Nottingham UK

iNerd, Tinkerer of Tech, Made of Lego, Droid keeper, Tesla Pilot, Sky Watcher, Crafty Miner & Kerbal Killer, BMFA MultiRotor, Covfefe purveyor. SQL Server Jedi.

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@iskall85 My first time catching your live stream and my first comment.. 100% High IQ play.. I'll never chat again.. @Staplefordtrain @jennyonrails Here's my Kettle at Hogsmeade. @katherineschof8 Have you heard of OC43 ? @erixtar1992 @hornby Without zooming in, is the man in seat 21, the England Cricket Coach? #WrongAnswersOnly @bobbyllew @FullyChargedShw @AndyTorbet Audi released an e-tron electric board to go with the ev.. but theirs is a…
@RealSexyCyborg Still want these boards.. suspect @JoeBiden could do well tonight. Don't be fooled by his gaffes. He is a seasoned and feisty debater.
Retweeted by Mike @MouldS I dm'd you a video and a correction cos I got it's workings wrong.. 2 latches and floats I've had about th… @MouldS Should I make you a video? @MouldS Adding a picture almost obfuscates the link I wanted to send, as a response to the request, to the Drop Val… @MouldS @RobynVinter dual flush toilet was supposed to save water but @tomheapmedia discovers it is making things worse. Billions of…
Retweeted by Mike @semachthemonkey Let me know if you want someone else to try and buy it for you..
@nebulousmenace @gnievchenko @KevinSharpe59 @LiebreichAssoc @nebulousmenace @gnievchenko @KevinSharpe59 @LiebreichAssoc But Batteries are 100% recyclable. And don't forget Pl… @nebulousmenace @gnievchenko @KevinSharpe59 @LiebreichAssoc Hydrogen has to be made. It uses 3 times more energy th… @GarethDennis @lone_free No! stop. It's Painful. Please make an axe! Please stop punching the trees. You can compl… @GarethDennis @WestMids_CA @BhamCityCouncil It's really come on a long way from the initial concept.. @SteveOliver76 862 @rachelparris @Kathbum @TomChivers @kieronjbryan Have you seen how twitter crops the image?
@ProfBrianCox Just more proof that the moon landings were all CGI.. This Lunar Lander Photo is impossible, because… @TheSpaceGal So who would want to discredit science and scientist.. value is there in discrediting science and scientists? Hmm... here it is.. @TheSpaceGal The Sinister question is why would people want to do this? Who would want to create a generation that… @imagewichman The right funicular is the centre alignment anchor in the left image with great vanishing point aspec… @imagewichman Left is best. Sea is better on the right, ok on left. Funicular is better in the left, and bad in rig… @AdamRutherford Consideration for others and yourself at this time.. ^this^ will be how a dead fish can swim upstream. @nosuchthing Latest Podcast From 17:10 Some dynamic differenc… @harrismonkey is this it? @tveskov
@CrownStreetTMD @heavyhaul66 Horrible Glazing, Horrible D Coupling, Horrible Paint job.. Did @hornby just chuck Rai…
@GarethDennis @networkrail @nrairops @ECMLupgrade I doubt they'd get many trains through that tunnel.. unless they… 👇
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1995 + 25 = 2020. Also schaut nicht so ĂĽberrascht, dass der Lebensraum fĂĽr den Menschen gerade zum Teufel geht.
Retweeted by Mike @googlemaps Updating Chrome Browser seems to have resolved it..In case you were wondering how much excess capacity Germany has... this pop-up at Nuremberg station offers FREE tes…
Retweeted by Mike @googlemaps Are you broken? or is this an issue on my computer? @OrdnanceSurvey Ok so could be multiple types of mark then.. On your map above it looks like one set of cairns is…
@stephen_hinton @PeterHeadCBE @AndrewSimms_uk You could ban any promotional use, absolutely no freebies, loans etc.… @OrdnanceSurvey I see Cairn written on the map all the time, but I don't see what symbol you are using on the legen… an Effort to maintain UK's sovereignty and keep Northern Ireland with England, the previously agreed Irish Sea B… @garybrannan And.. Brexit will cost UK more than Covid, report finds. Well, that's just super great, isn't it?
Retweeted by MikeRussian author & whistleblower @ZarinaZabrisky explains how Russia is meddling in your social media feed right now,…
Retweeted by Mike @oxfordteddy Much harder to use the manual release tabs in the back of the model S accidentally.. (too easy in the… @version3point1 @BBOWT @GettinTwitta Matt, it's worth reading up on that spurious claim. It's enhanced for sympathetic effect. Old… @oxfordteddy 3 or S? Have they use the manual door release rather than the electric release? has it dropped the win… @oxfordteddy nope only when they are open.. perhaps they are 99.9% closed.. but not hard up against the cut off se… @fletchdale @harrismonkey @sniffpetrol @Tim_Oldland Then: *Could* not *are* doing.. Now: *are* doing.. @AndrewSimms_uk @PeterHeadCBE @badvertising11 just banning SUV's? that's really not far enough.. need to re-open th… @AndrewSimms_uk @bbcideas There were papers about tire particulates in air, But the University responsible withdrew… @AndrewSimms_uk @bbcideas Tire Particulates are much larger than brake and exhaust dust, rubber clumps. They don't… @AndrewSimms_uk @bbcideas It is true that tires produce particles that end up in rain wash-off.. but do you want to… @PeterHeadCBE @AndrewSimms_uk This is a serious problem.. @PeterHeadCBE @AndrewSimms_uk FIRST we should ban tv, internet and magazine advertising like we did with cigarettes…
Please don’t back down.
Retweeted by Mike @TomStantonYT Hey Tom how about adding a legalities section to your videos like this bit @ 2:45… @JamesAn60830189 @messagetweet @akmaciver @Airbus @EVA_Scotland Check out the Otto Celera 500L a plane built using… @JamesAn60830189 @messagetweet @akmaciver @Airbus @EVA_Scotland In order to run a plane on less power you might nee… @LJP_RL4 @philipwhiuk @NewcastleFlyer @Peston @BorisJohnson @carriesymonds So Tony Blair turns up a guy tells a mat… in the Daily Mirror in March 1919 by W.K. Haselden @dpeilow The one at Nottingham University is on a private gated site too.. (though I'm not 100% sure if it is supp… this place demonstrates is the opportunity cost of hydrogen and why proper filling stations can never be power…
Retweeted by Mike @DavidMuttering @GladysSteptoe Oh yeah..
@swlines a Google Maps plugin would make it a million times better.. MS Flight sim view of the Three Forth Bridge… @LJP_RL4 @philipwhiuk @NewcastleFlyer @Peston @BorisJohnson @carriesymonds @Peston @25kV You could try the Tesla Destination charger at Beechfield House just a couple of miles north, You should get… @25kV Fortunately you have a Tesla.. so life isn't going to suck as much as if you had bought an Audi or Jaguar EV.… @25kV The newer units are better.. sadly still very rare to find 150-350kw ultra chargers.. more often than not is… @25kV Oh should pay more attention to the video it's CCS but slower than 3 phase mains.. almost pointless! @25kV Is it CCS or are you sipping on the three phase type 2? @25kV Some Public charging is sadly not great.. Try a modern unit like an ionity unit (see zap map) @25kV That can happen if there is high demand on the grid and a not very well provisioned charger...(SC clusters ha… @25kV Only 50kW on those less than half the speed of a supercharger... @mwt2008 Have you seen the Otto Celera 500L? looks like a prime candidate for electric propulsion.. and could equal performance of a jet.. @mgoetzke @ChickTesla @Tesla The door was open when they were videoing the replay from the dashcam. (the left & ri…
2020 @Ascii211 So that frame in the target cam footage showing the bullet dropping into the target before impact would t… @Ascii211 11.7 Seconds, that's what? 350mph avg. But the parabolic free fall height over 11.7 seconds is 671m (and… lockdown rules from tomorrow
Retweeted by MikeBoat comes unhitched on expressway. Somehow my amazing car gets out of the way and I’m not rear ended. @Tesla
Retweeted by Mike @Baddiel @arobertwebb Fantastic piece on QAnon here it's a very long video but worth the watch.. @CarlDonnelly @Crashingtv @BW400CN Same make and model of truck?The issue is that it "seems" racist.. because we are not given any context as to why it has made these decisions. W… this is what happens when you let poorly evolved AI loose.. Seems @Twitter's AI is Racist..
@ElectricBowman @INEOSTEAMUK I like the link back to the E-tron EV but Audi haven't sold their e-foil yet.. guess t… @F1Ruaraidh @WillFealey @Tesla We were able listen to Radio4 when driving to Denmark, again when we went down to Sw… @INEOSTEAMUK @ElectricBowman Something for spot of afternoon fun.. @INEOSTEAMUK @ElectricBowman Something for the beginner..
@concreted0g I saw that confusion earlier too.. I'm surprised It's blown up like this.. @ESWadsworth1 @dpeilow Self charging.. Ah yes that must be using those new "Diamond Batteries" I was reading about.… @dpeilow 80% in 50 minutes.. Is that on a Home Charger? a BP™ Chargemaster™ Ultra™ Charger™? or a proper Ultra char… @F1Ruaraidh @WillFealey @Tesla What lack of radio? You mentioned BBC Radio 4 . You can get it on Tune-In [AND] DA…