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“A man who is trying to remember isn’t a man you can trust.” —Dag Solstad“I saw ‘Tales from the Golden Age’ some weeks ago at Film Forum. Those who didn’t can stream it, and mid-December,…“I think of literary tradition as a single, large depository.” —Elena Ferrante“If you are looking for story and plot, you have come to the wrong place. If your idea of character involves epipha…“All my writing was born out of anger. In order to contain it, I had to write.” —Elie Wiesel“In general, I like the idea of going right up to the edge of cliché and then stopping.” —Henri Cole“A student asks me if I ever wonder if I should just stop writing. ‘Is it really worth it,’ she asks. ‘All this vul…“I know the uselessness of advocating any given path to other novelists.” —Saul Bellow holiday season, give the gift of ‘The Paris Review’ for just $66, and receive a year-long subscription, a tote…“The dash is the consciousness leaping, it’s like a bridge from one idea to another.” —Hilton Als week’s Redux lowers the paywall on work by repeat contributors to the magazine:“I like the slowness of writing by hand.” —Susan Sontag“I suppose most of the people reading this have already experienced the gut-wrenching despair and confusion that ac…“We rushed in to be the Left side of modern poetry.” —Lawrence Ferlinghetti holiday season, give the gift of sixty-six years of ‘The Paris Review’ and receive a tote bag for just $66.…“I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be a great actor or a great poet.” —Donald Hall“The Snow Queen” by Adrienne Rich -“In German you get to fight the occasional ugliness and aridity and abstractness of the language—as well as its his…“Is there a way to strike a balance? If there is, I can’t find it. I am incapable of separating my life in exile fr…“Certainly in the early stages I had to write the unloved poems.” —J. H. Prynne“Writing nonfiction is more like sculpture, a matter of shaping the research into the finished thing.” —Joan Didion“I would say that writing, in its own way, is a rival to therapy.” —E. B. White“I loathe the trivialization of poetry that happens in creative writing classes.” —Donald Hall“I try never to miss a morning, when I’m working on a novel.” —Jonathan Lethem“When you fail at something you call it an ‘experiment,’ an elite word for flop.” —Robert Penn Warren“I only have one insight about the Little House TV series, so I’m just gonna get it out of the way up front here. I…“Charles Schulz is the only writer I’ve continually been reading since I was a kid.” —Chris Ware“All the best essays are epistemological journeys from ignorance or curiosity to knowledge.” —Geoff Dyer“I felt as though I was watching a scene from my parents’ life, a time before they became the people I knew, who we…“I often think of the space of a page as a stage, with words, letters, syllable characters moving across.” —Susan H…“The book rotted by the rain, the clay that’s slipped, the earth screeches, plates collapse, the walls lose their…“Once written you have to stand by it. You may have said it to see whether you believed it or not.” —Ernest Hemingw…“My childhood had a lot to do with dictatorship, with power, with the effects of power on myself.” —Dany Laferrière“Most Americans will understand the import of Brown v. Board, argued by the great Thurgood Marshall, toppling Pless…“Poetry has been the longest pleasure of my life. It literally and figuratively saved my life.” —Shirley Hazzard“I still have my undergraduate copy of ‘The Second Sex,’ nearly every page dog-eared and underlined enthusiasticall…“I want the language to be as pellucid as possible, but the content psychologically complex.” —Henri Cole
Give the gift of literature this holiday season: From now through December, purchase a year-long subscription to th…“Writing is only one word at a time.” —Jane Smiley“ripped apart like a daisy oracle huddled in the empty arms of your real estate I turn you over in my mind as on a…“The good artist believes that nobody is good enough to give him advice.” —William Faulkner which I spend time with the beguiling company of Hernan Bas’s paintings.
Retweeted by The Paris Review“All literature is a diary. So indeed is all art.” —Ned Rorem"Three Times is about how it feels to say goodbye—about the long, drawn-out feeling of knowing that you are about t…
Retweeted by The Paris Reviewstaff picked Kate Kirkpatrick's excellent biography of Simone de Beauvoir, ‘Becoming Beauvoir,’ this week
Retweeted by The Paris ReviewMy staff pick this week @parisreview, in which I share too much about high school and recommend Oklahoma! Ok?
Retweeted by The Paris ReviewI picked @GarthGreenwell 's incandescent "Cleanness" for @parisreview this week.
Retweeted by The Paris Review“My junior year of high school, I was not asked to the prom … I went, instead, to see ‘Oklahoma!’ ” Our staff picks…“The novelist is a free agent, he can’t be pinned down.” —Irwin Shaw“As the planet gets progressively less innocent, you need a more innocent eye to see it.” —Martin Amis“I had a talent for making ten-page word soufflés that were sort of tasty.” —Richard Price the gift of storytelling this holiday season: From now through December, purchase a year-long subscription to…“You can’t talk to people while you’re writing. You can’t work while the television is on.” —Jan Morris“I’ve always thought that’s what poetry was for, a space for unconventionality, risk, disruption.” —Carl Phillips @adrianhiggins Sorry to hear that! If you email delineating your problem, one of our sta…“Successful satire has to be good the day after tomorrow.” —Dorothy Parker Silence of Witches -“Everything I have written is the result of reading or of interest in people, I’m sure of that. I had no ambition t…“The Bee Dice Game” by Paulé Bártón -“Writing is a concentrated form of thinking.” —Don DeLillo“I think that thoughts are so precious you can talk them away. You can lose them.” —V. S. Naipaul“I was certainly influenced by Hemingway insofar as it was he who taught us a certain simplicity of dialogue and th…“Later, I came to feel hostility toward the media, which doesn’t pay attention to books themselves and values a wor…“In many conversations I realize that the thing that’s being said is really not the point at all.” —Claudia Rankine“I cherish the thought that we supply something that has not been done. Some of these writers were very well transl…“I am not blind to the illusion of race, I am not blind to American history and the history of race. But I’m not bo…“According to the way I was raised, one’s name should appear in the papers only at birth, marriage, and death. Peop…“I don’t know what makes a writer’s voice. It’s dozens of things. There are people who write who don’t have it. The…“Most Americans will understand the import of Brown v. Board, argued by the great Thurgood Marshall, toppling Pless…“I didn’t really like Faulkner that much. I loved Eudora Welty, Flannery O’Connor, Katherine Anne Porter, Carson Mc…“Je fais ce que je peux. Which is to say, midwinter and poems are as difficult as flowers.” From “Darling,” by Syl…“I'm convinced that a high anxiety level is the novelist's normal condition.” —Julian Barnes“What strikes me about African American culture is its variety.” —Toni Morrison“History tells us the stories of the great men—charismatic, brave, and doomed—who gave their lives to the struggle…“If you’re a writer, you can make the death of a canary stand for the whole mystery of death.” —Nadine Gordimer“I felt as though I was watching a scene from my parents’ life, a time before they became the people I knew, who we…“Rhythm was central to me—still is—but not ‘regular’ rhythm.” —Luc Sante
“My idea of writing is of unflinching and continual effort.” —James Salter"Violating social conventions was the essence of her being." Penelope Rosemont writes about Mary MacLane, from her…
Retweeted by The Paris Review“No calendar should include a box for this vacuous lapse, no author preserve its mood.” From “The Feast of the Ep…“You always want the detail that you can’t explain.” —Robert Lowell“Where there are gaps, how much can you invent and imagine what’s going on in the interior life? Can you allow your…“Before you have the assumptions implicit in the first sentence, anything could happen. But once you have that sent…“This is not the story of well-dressed, fast-talking lawyers seated in rich leather chairs. This is a story about l…“Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s ‘Three Times’ is about how it feels to say goodbye—about the long, drawn-out feeling of knowing…"The internet had functioned as the umbilical cord that kept alive the part of our soul still dependent on the moth…
Retweeted by The Paris Review“All the words I need are in there; they’re just in the wrong order.” —Fran Lebowitz“I think the biggest blind spot in the aesthetics of Modernism has to do with narrative.” —Frank Bidart holiday season, give the gift of sixty-six years of ‘The Paris Review’ and receive a tote bag for just $66.…“I fell in love with words when I was a kid and knew somehow that I would spend my life involved with them.” —Augus… Hsiao-Hsien’s THREE TIMES (2005) is “about the long drawn-out feeling of knowing that you are about to separate…
Retweeted by The Paris Review“I cannot really work unless I set a problem for myself to solve.” —William Gaddis latest essay for @parisreview, on Hou Hsiao-Hsien, inhabiting in-between spaces and the bittersweet art of sayin…
Retweeted by The Paris Review“I was staying at Jean’s apartment in LA for two months to escape an especially dire Oregon winter and to test how…“You hear it and you say to yourself, Oh man, that’s the voice! It just clicks in your head.” —Stephen King“There were a few years where it seemed I was saying goodbye to people all the time,” writes @Tash_Aw. “People I lo…“What are those computer letters made of anyway? Light? Too insubstantial. Paper, you can feel it.” —Fran Lebowitz“We Lived in a Hug, Shivering with Cold” by Tomaž Šalamun -“There’s nothing more embarrassing than being a poet, really.” —Elizabeth Bishop“You have to have a certain detachment in order to see beauty for yourself rather than something that has been put…