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@ImZackAdams @BronzeBomber Mmm😋I usually eat it with my breakfast. I miss it.You know what I haven’t eaten in years? Corn bread.Actually I just thought of an app idea. Idk how the hotel industry does it now but what if there was an app that al… @crshdandicoot I don’t believe that’s always the case because there’s been plenty of times I’ve left hotels and the… in at 3PM and gtfo by 10AM. If rooms gotta be vacant by 10AM then shouldn’t guests be able to check in befo… man could shoot a child in the middle of a crowd and absolutely nothing will happen. @LindseyCreated It better be or she’ll be on her way out. I think this was a joke...I hope it wasIf I find out I only have a couple of months to live, I’d eat like this every day with no regrets. but make it fashion. @WYLIES8 Omg I love the officeWhat’s your ‘noise in the background’ show? Mine is Chopped.War of the classes.Even though we already knew Trump and plenty others never paid taxes, can we riot and refuse to ever pay taxes again?You know you’ve made it when you’re able to afford a whole new set of teeth at once.
I almost died but @Dayhaysoos saved me. Also, Nick paying for my nails would help me heal faster...👀 as the husband retweeting and liking the tweet immediately.
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline Founder @audreyakwenye I love it @SevereWrites Saaammmeeee @AmazingSpeciali I had Barney errthang! @BootniFonzworth They gotta be some GenZ people cuz how the hell don’t you know who Barney is lolWere you obsessed with Barney as a child?Y’all could literally copy and paste the name in your response, cuz it def feels rude... @theashleyfrance Oh thank you🤎It’s the boobs for @Dayhaysoos too😂 @lifeinherlane Thank you🤎I love this cloud filter. Very Euphoria✨☁️ have a product manager interview coming up! #BlackTechTwitter lmk if you have any case study Interview tips!
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline Founder @KillaKamWasHere *cough cough* 48 @KillaKamWasHere Yo😭😂Wow, you’re kinda rapey and fully whack. your qualifications for leadership only include the hard skills, then prepare for horrible retention and building a toxic environment.Exactly. Stop putting Black ppl in roles that are gonna set them back. You know they’re qualified for higher positi…“Obey” lol let’s skip over that, pastor. being put on a shit project with teammates, everyone is miserable. The person who decides to speak up is s… is me, but I don’t consider it toxic. calling Jurnee Smollett a "breakout" when she's literally been acting for my entire life is a great exampl…
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline FounderEven with employers intentionally seeking out Black candidates, there’s bias, regardless if candidates are clearly…"start your free trial" "enter your card info"
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline Founder @0x00string Gingerale for me lol @huegolden 😂Saltines as a midnight snack. @DuckArkady @Dayhaysoos Waste of a prayerIf your white DE&I officer isn’t doing race equity work then it’s time you find someone who is. Y’all are f*ckin up. condone this and more. but I miss wave pools. My ass would be hella dramatic in them🤣“We tried but they didn’t have enough experience.” Mm...then why is your unqualified friend Sarah in a leadership…, when @Dayhaysoos tells me all the automation he’s gonna do for BTP for free😋😍 couple who plays together, stays together🔪 @JtheGameDev It’s such bullshitI’m watching Harriet. Why is it that all these slave movies have Black people turning on each other as the narrati… @NerdNomadMom @Dayhaysoos look familiar? @DGTALEmpress Ain’t he a whole scammer? Lol
I miss Emirates airline.That posture ain’t no damn joke. men try to give me small portions because I’m a woman feel like the most realistic alien movie is Signs. @vkeInfluencer anyones company paying for lunch as a new COVID remote work perk? @tiki_bella @YouSoFancy Pay the delivery fee or something like that @jsh11y @mekkaokereke Uncrustables🙌🏾🔥 @JonathanMHenson Cheap @cathydinas @allturtlesco Oh got it- dope!! @waxinglight You deserve it @ValerieMarch Thank you wtf😭🙌🏾 @ShailviW You could always start charging a speakers fee @cathydinas @allturtlesco You work at All Turtles? Dope! @mekkaokereke I worked somewhere with a healthy kitchen once, after that, it was fruit roll ups and Doritos😭My mouth would be skating through this @BittieBoss Drop the skincare routine @katiascylife Right lol like feed me salad, how about that?😭😂The face. The fragrance. @LindseyCreated This is also my fragrance. Gonna steal the dolce pic lol @eunjae_lee Idk how I’m a better developer when all I wanna do is sleep after😂 @idocrime The kitchens be stocked up to the sky with junk food. It’s not “free free”, I’m sure all of that comes ou… anyone gained weight since transitioning into tech? Like I put on weight specifically because of the kitchens a… can’t wait to show my hairstylist the picture I want her to make me look like lol#BlackTechTwitter I’m talking Design, giving tips, & discussing my process today at 1:00 CT join us!!!…
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline Founder @KiaRichards_ Yep. That’s how it happened for me🤷🏽‍♀️a relationship should be 50/50, she exists and I worship her
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline FounderIdk who you’re following but I’ll tell you mine: networking. It’s been about “who you know” for me. people get divorced for financial reasons than they do for infidelity. So keep thinking money shouldn’t matter…
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline FounderI wish he was as peaceful as he looks. @mooreds For me it’s just a better vibe and honestly, less work. Solo talks are so much to prepare for, a panel is… @sirenayasminxo @KillaKamWasHere 😭🤎🙌🏾the other day i said i hate seeing relationships where it’s a man and two women cause they don’t deserve that. toda…
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline FounderDoing a talk <<<< Doing a panelToday I'm hosting a bunch of Panels at ICON Career Symposium event which you can sign up and attend here:…
Retweeted by Pariss Athena⚡️Black Tech Pipeline Founder @lilredrydnhd Just endure it girl😭it don’t get easier😂 @lilredrydnhd Thank you!! My friend is the most amazing threader🙌🏾This story is some Ozark ish👀👀👀 is still my most favorite picture of me ever. All I had was a dash of mascara on, that’s it. I miss being 23😭🤎 did he work with “white faces only”?’t come to me with a rumor unless you have hard facts. And if you’re the type to believe something without proof…, so we’ve got a Black Little Mermaid and now a Black Tinkerbell, too? Ayyee✨🙌🏾I was nice to you for one reason, and one reason only @Dayhaysoos @tofieldya’m the founder of @somewhere__good, a new Black-owned social platform. We’re a team of Black, Latinx & queer fo…
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