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@ndrew_lawrence Adrenochrome shots, obviouslyIf Tucker Carlson isn’t worried about COVID maybe he should explain why he broadcasts from a home studio
Retweeted by Parker MolloyThe paperback version of my memoir WHISTLEBLOWER is now available for pre-ordering!!
Retweeted by Parker Molloywhat lockdowns? at no point has there ever been a "lockdown"
Retweeted by Parker MolloySo the argument is... that we shouldn’t worry about the virus because hey, we’re all going to die anyway so what’s… @NancyCooperNYC And also, it’s weird that what NW deemed newsworthy about Stone’s conspiracy theory was the theory… @NancyCooperNYC This is filled with some harsh but important truths: @NancyCooperNYC That’s great and all, but come on. You publish ridiculous right wing nonsense constantly. Hammer ha… @Craig_A_Spencer Thank you for the work you do. Truly.As COVID19 surges across the US, it’s hard to describe the situation inside hospitals for healthcare providers & pa…
Retweeted by Parker MolloyLooking forward to someone at Fox having a meltdown because some bakery somewhere thought it would be cute to sell…“If seatbelts work, why do people still die in car accidents?"'s something I wrote last year about the modern history of it... year I sold “The War on Christmas isn’t real” shirts. This year @KaylaPekkala has a new (and improved) design… Festive. 😷
Retweeted by Parker MolloyHere are some of our newest holiday designs. All of these, plus many more are on our site now:…
Retweeted by Parker MolloyIt's @TinyWerewolves first blog write up! ⬇⬇⬇ 😍
Retweeted by Parker MolloyThe War on Christmas starts earlier every year @SarahSpain @ELindebak Amazing @nberlat Bad take factory churns out more bad takes
Gives me a chance to re-up this piece about how “You claim to be a socialist and yet you engage in capitalism... cu… latest article over at @mmfa takes on Fox’s role in promoting and normalizing Trump’s dangerous new attack on de… just... 🤦🏻‍♀️ @captdope Oh man, so bummed to hear this. Superstore has been such a fun show. Congrats on six great seasons, though!Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Michigan MAGAt Melissa Carone, AKA: Drunk Girl.
Retweeted by Parker MolloyI haven’t stopped thinking about these sentences since reading them over three years ago.
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @justinbaragona I stand by this someone refers to Rahm Emanuel as a "progressive."
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @dru_silla3000 Can’t remember why. It’s an old noteme and a random note on my phone @apatterntheory Oh totally. There’s always going to be some goofy conspiracy theorists out thereFrom 2009 during the H1N1 pandemic:, even if you absolutely loathe any/all of those presidents, them getting a vaccine on TV lets you know that th…’t help but feel like this guy is sending mixed messages Trump admin changed the U.S. citizenship test this year. The new test includes questions in which the only vali…
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @TVMoJoe I got them on Amazon. They had a ton of good reviews, so I figured why not not used to walking around looking like I have a beak anytime I have to leave the house, her sweatshirt only costs $3 more than one Trump is selling, and hers is union-made in the US Fox has undermined public health measures in over 1,000 coronavirus segments since September 1…
Retweeted by Parker MolloyBlack-owned small businesses were widely shut out from accessing PPP loans, yet right-wing disinfo org PV took half…
Retweeted by Parker Molloy"Before he became a hero in MAGAworld, Morgan was an amateur ghost-hunter."
Retweeted by Parker MolloyBen seems unaware that campaign merch is usually sold at a pretty high markup as they’re, you know, campaign contri… Milwaukee Bucks used to have jerseys that said “Cream City,” another name I was not aware of people actually call Sacramento “sactown?” am a big fan of past iterations of those Heat jerseys, though @existentialfish They should go back to this full time tbh @steventurous @chicagobulls @spurs @Raptors @OrlandoMagic So good, so goodThe @MiamiHEAT have the aesthetics of... a YouTuber’s lighting setup? a fan of this... super 90s, super chaotic thing @BrooklynNets and @cavs have going on, though, I see they’re back to doing this liking the @chicagobulls @spurs @Raptors and @OrlandoMagic jerseys if after 9/11, someone told you that 20 years later there’d be the equivalent of 1 9/11 all over the countr… conservatives, I beg of you cancel culture has gotten out of hand. Now to scroll back up to the top of the article to see what he did to g… has been going on for weeks and tbh i'm pretty tired of it
Retweeted by Parker Molloy, 'Dems use all the time' doesn't work here because, as I point out in the clip that you maybe didn't wa…
Retweeted by Parker MolloyThe counter to this is easy: no one should be above the law. Biden shouldn’t involve himself in any of this. He sh… complication, which this piece and the "why Biden should pardon Trump" piece don't reckon with, is that Trump w…
Retweeted by Parker Molloy.@EricKleefeld @revrrlewis and @JasonSCampbell have a rundown of people in media trying to help Trump overturn the…;dr Newsweek is awful. Reporting, opinion, it’s all a disaster.But MOST recently, he was one of the first “big” accounts to share a fake story from a “pink slime” conservative pr… also sharing an anonymous account of fraud that was backed up by... no one. bring this up because Hammer has been loudly spreading dubious claims of voter fraud forever, most recently getti… @Gooseberry_Stew No.Like... come on, how are you going to have a guy who said that “the media deserve” to be treated as “public enemy n…’s opinion section is the worst part, and that’s because it’s not run by a journalist at all, but a right-w… recent @newrepublic post really got at the heart of Newsweek’s problems. @NancyCooperNYC seems much more interest… on Newsweek. in this Newsweek article does it say that a.) this is obviously false, b.) that Stone has zero evidence for…, last month: lol, people will probably joke about doing this, but it’d be illegal Republicans last month: [hol… is precisely what Trump's lawyers have accused Democrats of doing to defeat Trump. Only, they don't have the c…
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @MattNegrin @Sulliview @froomkin @vivian YupGood piece by @JHWeissmann on how the McConnell offer is literally worse than nothing
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @Sulliview @froomkin @vivian Yeah, I feel like there’s a sense that since he’ll soon be out of power that they can… convening of the “Beat Martha McSally in a Senate Race” club monster wasn’t supposed to attack MY village!
Retweeted by Parker MolloyThe “economy vs fighting the virus” framing that this has always been put through has never been accurate. Because… has always been what needed to be done in 10 Americans have no emergency savings at all. (July 2019: Just 4 in 10 could pay fo…“There was enough money to give every family in this country $20,000 to go home for two months. They chose to give… clip really hits at the impossible situation so many people are being put in. If businesses are going to be s…
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @paulfeig It’s amazing, right? @PadmaLakshmi It’s amazing to mix in clips of the SNL “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With at a Party” character. It’…🙏 Catherine O'Hara did this on @SchittsCreek I'd be like "don't you think that's a little over-the-top?"
Retweeted by Parker MolloyFox flagship “straight news” program downplays Trump’s lies about the election
Retweeted by Parker Molloy