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We are Parkinson's UK. Powered by people. Funded by you. Improving life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Together we'll find a cure.

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Genetic #Parkinsons has hit headlines recently - meet Donna who received her diagnosis and is the third woman in th… @archermonkeys We're rooting for you! 💪Delighted that The Captains Table will support @ParkinsonsUK going forward Don’t forget to download…
Retweeted by Parkinson's UK @PsychoTraveller @alzheimerssoc @DogsTrust Thanks for including us! We're rooting for you! 💙The #parkinsons community isn't one you choose to be part of, but it certainly knows how to show the #care and the…
Retweeted by Parkinson's UKAfter Ozzy Osbourne opened up about his #Parkinsons diagnosis @SteveGFord from @ParkinsonsUK talks on #BBCBreakfast
Retweeted by Parkinson's UKWe’re on a mission to get Parkinson’s noticed. 💪🏼 Next up on this morning’s media trail, @SteveGFord is LIVE on…
Retweeted by Parkinson's UKAs Carole said, If you're affected by #Parkinsons and would like better support you can join one of Parkinson's UK… great opportunity to get Parkinson's understood. 👏💙 Tune in NOW to @BBCBreakfast to hear from Parkinson's UK's… @georgielwinter What an amazing effort! Please pass on our thanks to your nan! 😊
It started with major fatigue, multiple trips to the GP later Jo was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Click to read Jo'…’d like to thank @TNLComFund for a generous donation of £480K to help people with #Parkinsons. The grant will h…"I'm a Parkinson's nurse - with Parkinson's" 🗨️ 41-year-old Clare works as a #Parkinsons nurse - a condition she h… star Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he was diagnosed with #Parkinsons last year. Click to read more 👉… is not just a tremor. Would you recognise these Parkinson's symptoms? 👉 @MaxNewton19 This is amazing, thank you so much for your support Max! 💙A 1/4 of people with #Parkinsons have been told they were "too young" to have it.🔬 We are Parkinson's UK. Powered by people. Funded by you. 💙 Improving life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s.… @BenjaminWareing We can't thank you for all of your donations Benjamin. 💙“@OzzyOsbourne is now part of a community of 145,000 people in the UK who live with #Parkinsons and urgently need a…“With more than 40 symptoms, #Parkinsons s is unpredictable and undoubtedly throws up new challenges, but with the…“Ozzy Osbourne bravely speaking about his #Parkinsons diagnosis and his journey to ‘owning it’ will do so much to r… @TheDeeRussell Have a great time Dee, we want to hear all about your experience! 💙 @TheMrLoophole We're very sorry to hear about your brother Nick - always here to offer support should you need it.… @BSillitoe @Marathon_Mcr We'll be rooting for you! 💪
Thanks @theJeremyVine for highlighting the condition and calling for ppl to support and help beat this illness as s…
Retweeted by Parkinson's UKA huge thank you to Donna, Thomas & Helena for sharing their stories with the UK and to @theJeremyVine for presenti… watch this important appeal from @theJeremyVine and share @ParkinsonsUK
Retweeted by Parkinson's UKThank you for the support, Rory! #TeamParkinsons💙 all the families I support who have Parkinson’s and dementia. Parkinson’s effects people in so many ways. Treat…
Retweeted by Parkinson's UK @KarriemacK @theJeremyVine Thank you so much for the support, Karen! #TeamParkinsons💙Tune in today📺 Our BBC Lifeline Appeal presented by broadcaster @theJeremyVine airs on @BBCOne at 1:50pm (1:30pm f…
@Kew1 Hi Kirsty, there have been some discussions about this on the Daily Life section of our online forum. You may… Sunday January 19th at 13.50 p.m. @theJeremyVine (👏) presents the BBC Lifeline Appeal for @ParkinsonsUK. Please…
Retweeted by Parkinson's UKAre your #Parkinsons symptoms more complex? We’ve got some top tips to help those living with complex symptoms to…
From comedy nights to cycling challenges and from runs to skydives, we have a fantastic range of events that you ca… @JM_Wentworth We're sorry to hear this Jonathan. We're here for support! 💙 @AHPSuffolk Thank you so much for such a generous donation! 💙Since #walkforparkinsons began in 2015, you’ve helped to raise over £1.9 million for @ParkinsonsUK but we can't sto…
Retweeted by Parkinson's UK @LucyBeresford @theJeremyVine Thanks for sharing Lucy! 💙 @claire_mccollum @BBCOne Thank you for sharing this Claire! 💙 @MrsAnneTwist Big thanks for sharing this Anne! 💙 @chrisCmh Thanks for sharing Chris! 💙 @deb_mommad @MusgrovePark Very glad to hear this Debbie! 😃
📣Broadcaster, @theJeremyVine will be presenting a BBC Lifeline Appeal on behalf of Parkinson’s UK, this Sunday📣 L… @Nicolawinter4 @SunriseFrognal @SunriseSrUK Looking good everyone! 💙 @bardy66 Big big thank you for the support! 💙 @MrsAnneTwist @JustGiving You've got this Anne! 💪
Was your Parkinson’s misdiagnosed? We want to improve the way Parkinson’s is diagnosed to ensure earlier access to… @AlistairBarrie You got this! 💪
@TheBDCB Thanks so much for thinking of us! We really appreciate all your hard work 😊 @Michelleowwba Amazing Michelle! Thanks so much for all your hard work 😊 @FOLIOsutcol We love this, thanks for sharing! 💙 @PUK_RFSouth We'll miss you Ruth - thank you for everything! 💙
@julieredred Thanks for thinking of us, it really means a lot! 😊 @scribbler1888 Thanks so much for all your hard work! We really do appreciate it! 😊Imagine never being able to walk or talk again – just because you didn’t get your medication on time in hospital.… @DawesKatie This is amazing Katie! Thank you so so much for your support - we're rooting for you! 💙 @Scotty_brown85 @MartynKerr @andykerr8 💙💙💙 @d_ran86 @MindCharity You've got this Darren! Thank you very much for the support! 💙
The INSIGHT Into PD Summit is the largest global online conference for the Parkinson’s community and its back for 2…
@Mittly5 Hi Mittly, we are delighted that he is not giving up and that we can be of help. Don't forget that we are… @Te_Witt_Te_Woo We hope you are all coping well with his diagnosis and that you find plenty of support local to him…🔎 Full results of repurposed cancer drug trial highlight potential benefits for people with #Parkinsons. Click to… @Alisonbattisby Hi Alison, thanks for your interest in supporting us. We still have places and they're bookable her…
💙 Check out Donna’s story to find out how she runs her own business with #Parkinsons. @KatyRR Good luck Katy! 💙 @Scotty_brown85 Thank you so much for your support Scott 💙💙💙 @EdwinPo10198306 We have a section on our site for people who have been recently diagnosed which you both might fin… @EdwinPo10198306 Hi Edwin, sorry to hear about your mum. It's important to remember that we're here for you and you…
We're just 200 signatures away from our target of 15,000 on our #GetItOnTime petition. People with Parkinson's nee…
@Ridgeway @DistinctionUK @Shelter Thank you so much for helping us find a cure for Parkinson's!Over the past 5 years, we’ve made a real impact. But we won’t rest until we’ve found a cure and improved life for e…
Last year we partnered with 14 other charities to deliver the We Are Undefeatable campaign. 💪 We’re encouraging &… @DDU_Dundee @Dundee_Foodbank Thank you for your support! 💙
@OlderStylesFans These look amazing, thank you so much for the support! 💙 @PaulBaxterG We're really sorry, Paul, but this might not be possible. We'll pass your message over to the team, wh…
@nicholasturrock Thank you so much for your fantastic efforts and donation, Nic! 😀
@NadiaFlint2 @NHSuk We're very sorry to hear this Nadia! We are here for support should you need it. Give us a call on 0808 800 0303.Together in 2020-24. We're focused on: ✅Accelerating breakthroughs in research. ✅Better support, every day. ✅Getti…
@BlackfriarsRIBI @RotaryNorwich A big thank you for this! 💙
We'd like to wish everyone a #HappyNewYear from everyone at Parkinson's UK! 🎆 Thank you for standing with us and f…
@jonahjaywill Thank you for supporting us, Jonah! We really appreciate it 😊 @jon_rumley Thanks so much for your amazing support, Jon. We really appreciate it 😊
@duffffin @DisRightsUK Hi Christopher, we are sorry to hear about this and will flag your message to our team. You…
@RichardABoyle Thank you for supporting us, Richard! Best of luck on your English Channel journey, we look forward to seeing how it goes 😊
Eat 🍽️ Drink (Responsibly) 🥂 and be merry! 😃 Have a very #MerryChristmas from everyone at Parkinson's UK! 🎄 @flowerpetal86 Hi Laura. So sorry to hear about your nan's passing. We hope you and your family have a lovely Chris…
@gorgeous_knot Hi. You can search for local services, support and activities in your area on our website:… @LindleyClare @CureParkinsonsT We can do this together! 💙 @LouiseHodgesKN @cwells25br We're rooting for you Louise! 💪
@tomwhiting17 We'll be rooting for you Tom! 💙🎄 Our helpline will be running a reduced service during the holiday period. You can still find support: ✅On our w… @andymr73 We're very sorry to hear this Andy. We won't stop till we reach that breakthrough - we are however here i… @OT_Graham Looks beautiful, thank you so much for putting this together! 💙 @bethbewsher Thank you for sharing this with us. 💙 @annieconmonkey @ParkinsonsUKNW 💙🎄
@AprilKayeYoung We're so sorry to hear your sad news April. If you need any support please don't hesitate to let us know! 💙 @PandCYFC Thank you so much for the support! 💙🚜
@LevicksAccount An amazing achievement! Thank you 💙