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Scott Park @parks2214 Kitchener, Ontario

🇨🇦 Soccer and anything else me (he/him). I cast Counter Strike games for @LCABroadcasting. Founder of @pfantasyleague

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@AdamWylde You underestimate how much homework I have 🥲Oh yeah, we did a thing 😎
Retweeted by Scott ParkLFT S39. 80adr last season basically doing bitch work. I'll do any role you want. I just want to win with no drama.…
Retweeted by Scott Park @BignTallMatt @AllinGaming23 @Gatsby__OG Someone didn't see the clip I put in chat @redfacebleugirl Ebook? InterestingThe @ESEA Season 38 regular season is officially over! Congratulations to the LCA Family on making playoffs! We…
Retweeted by Scott Park @saturncsgo NA out hereSince we didn't even make playoffs this season, I'll be LFT Season 39. 85 adr this season rifling, support/lurk p…
Retweeted by Scott Park @WereNotHeros 1 per year, so I'll see you in a bit XD @RBG_Equate @MisteMtv damn he's fixing all the scenes, huge org I guess @WereNotHeros You think so little of me? I got it down small enough with the waterBest way to celebrate a win in Main is to eat a sticky note I guess XD @t4tiana04 Universities are going crazy rn people don't know how to act whatsoever @_BrianCS @JonjiJlc @hastr0 @BnB_pt2 Such hard workers after winning fragadelphia and playing in Pro league, Blast… night's 8/9pm games covered by LCA! 🚨 ⚔️ @CNVEsports vs @CounterNatureCS 🎙️ @parks2214 📺…
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@FlippyBitsGG Hbd my guy!Just @K1_CSGO things🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Scott Park[#ErosCS] (Advanced) We are back on Inferno tonight against Touch Point! #FightForEros🔱 ⏰LIVE NOW! 📺…
Retweeted by Scott ParkMake no mistake NA has a lot to be thankful for from @Nohte @MnmzzzCS and any one else who does journalism work in… with @TeamErosGG black vs @Touch_PointGG :) @Nohte @_Pitu_ Or join the Roach gang, its pretty fun @piethrouer CT win
Introducing: Roach B Media.
Retweeted by Scott Park @syphyt I mean I'm down
Retweeted by Scott Park @MnmzzzCS Hard times 🤣Lmfao hearing my brother complain about his laptop screen not turning on and saying "he's done everything" Like no…"Parks you are such a zoomer sometimes it hurts" -@TheUltraLex June 5th 2021
Retweeted by Scott Park @Sissycortina @Mauisnake @TheUltraLex I blame HLTV for leading me astray, and also being biased towards Lex succeeding @Sissycortina @TheUltraLex If the game is recorded on HLTV, and he is in a 1v2, he has won it (if we are to trust h… @Sissycortina @TheUltraLex If you check the 1v1 section you can see losing status, it doesn't factor the match win/… @Sissycortina @TheUltraLex its only HLTV recorded stats.... I know its missing a huge chunk... @TheUltraLex I thought it was everytime you won a 1v3 your team would go on to win the mapI thought I found the coolest stat about @TheUltraLex only to be reading the table wrong, regardless I still think… @BignTallMatt LCA is great and makes it super easy man, I just need to actually do school work as wellI've been casting a lot more this week then usual and I have to say I'm having a good time I do need to start doing homework though... @koi_csgo I'm casting @Touch_PointGG tonight at 9 EST, and of course ChocoCheck vs Mythic
Tonight's matches covered by LCA! 🚨 ⚔️ @ggDetonate vs @GODSENT 🎙️ @BignTallMatt ⚔️ @UGKEsports vs @PeekersAdv
Retweeted by Scott Park🚨LIVE NOW🚨 🕹️Counter Strike ⚔️DTO EU vs Enhanced esports 🗺️de_mirage 🎙️@parks2214 @LCABroadcasting 📺…
Retweeted by Scott Park🚨LIVE SOON🚨 ⏰1pm EST 🕹️Counter Strike ⚔️DTO EU vs Enhanced esports 🗺️de_mirage 🎙️@parks2214 @LCABroadcasting 📺…
Retweeted by Scott Park @JosiahCSGO If I'm anything like lex my prime will be 10+ years so I got nothing to worry about @piethrouer Na premier vs ESL @Slugycs @TeamErosGG if you steal the tweet at least carry the emotes over... smh @fl0mtv @TeamErosGG *loserTechnical Difficulties from the GOTV IP for the #Feetloaf match... trying my best but have yet to get in's matches covered by LCA! 🚨 ⚔️ #Feetloaf vs @Plasma1337x 🎙️ @parks2214 📺 ⚔️…
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@Nohte At least Ryan has his toupe on @Nohte the last person I expected to leak anything 😂 @AdamWylde looking specifically I got a wired pair of the Pro X (forgot how many things have Pro in the name when it comes to logitech) @AdamWylde Logitech G Pro Mic was really good to me before I got a seperate one and super compfy to wear all day (a… @EphieX3 If you don't love a good spreadsheet then you are missing something truely wonderfulI saw tweets about the liquid game but map 1 had just finished no problem I'll go do school work and catch map 2...… Territory idle is going to save me through doing all these online classes @Lazzi___ @Slugycs "The one with the green, pointy boots" @poses_are_posie @tatmcs @ggDetonate @GODSENT Don't worry I made sure to bring it upTonight's 9pm matches covered by LCA! 🚨 ⚔️ @InnerFireGG vs #StandingDudeside 🎙️ @AllinGaming23 ⚔️ @CNVEsports vs…
Retweeted by Scott ParkWe have a match tonight at 9PM Eastern 7PM Mountain with @CNVEsports. Watch on
Retweeted by Scott Park @Deprivee_ @LCABroadcasting @AllinGaming23 @ynoTFPS @BignTallMatt @Thatwearwolf1 @AngelOfBattle07 @pocke7watch I'm… the games begin… @LCABroadcasting 🤝💪
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I wasn't kidding lol I joined a cult where the cult is entirely based around flight of the concordsFinally can access my online banking again, and also was able to significantly invest in my future today has been a good dayI love the articles from Dust2 and HLTV I need to make my font bigger though holy is very small @CSunfortunate EU can't hang NA teams stay together for months orgless 😤Swahn: "Players need to drop the fucking egos and take what they can get"
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Why is Aerosol deodorant a thing I hate it @DarfMike @Vanityxz @launders like... a salary? @Ju_Bouchard Happy birthday!#Letterkenny #LetterkennyMeme
Retweeted by Scott Park @JonjiJlc @BnB_pt2 @BLASTPremier @Partynauts_GG @ExtraSaltGG So whens the b07?Anyone elses twitch occasionally skipping? It'll redo a few seconds then skip forward after like 5 to be "Live" again @t4tiana04 they can't hang @sadbitchcatie they aren't enlightened @TaylorHaysCS I need sleep and for the planet to get with the programMy tweet ideas are unappreciated how Based they can beAdditional Match; ⚔️ @CounterNatureCS vs @LuxxuryGG 🎙️ @parks2214 ⏰ 9pm EST Streams;
Retweeted by Scott ParkAnyway, going against @LuxxuryGG tonight in Advanced. Looking to improve to 7-4 record 👀 /// 🌐 playing at 9 PM EST…
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@TheUltraLex @Phyyy_Y So I was 3 when you started? cool @Phyyy_Y @TheUltraLex @TheUltraLex Boomer takeI'm glad I went to the advanced poll when I did it's already busy and it's the middle of the day @NoahFrench_ @tatmcs @Thatwearwolf1 @heyitsFlorence @JTMythic "I KNEW WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO DO BEFORE YOU DID"Just waiting for everyone to get in and we are a go for @RatedGamingHQ @NoVa__FPS @fragadelphia North Brunswick mate @NoVa__FPS @fragadelphia Wait.... A Canada Frag? I don't believe youFree guy is amazing. Next up is shan chiTonight's matches covered by LCA! 🚨 ⚔️ @RatedGamingHQ vs #LilPoggers 🎙️ @parks2214 📺 ⚔️…
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Just beat that run... Now it's a 9 minute pb XDI FINALLY COMPLETED A SURF MAP @aceCourtBot @piethrouer @_BrianCS @1calebcs @RyanAtRBM @Nohte @SirScoots @tolkienfanatic omg @monsyera @bahkjehu can barely use my IRL one anyways so you did me a favour @monsyera @bahkjehu can confirm my nose no longer exists @DWolfkid @monsyera (thats why its the new tier 1 :) )Super awesome emotes and super awesome to work with The next goal is to actually stream and get enough subs to have…
@ThisisBreona @Partynauts_GG High praiseI think the philly hotel marked my card as stolen... guess I have that to look forward to tomorrowTruly came so close
Starting to see why no one likes Online classes. If I was in zooms most of the time I'd be fine but having to do it…