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he/19 watch mushishi, scum's wish, sangatsu,fune wo amu, ushio tora,gintama Scum's wish#1 scum's wish non-existent hive's leader mengo brainrot hanabi#1

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@KirinVI Main I jump in once in a while just to see some of the people are still clout farming and having shit takes😭
@patosaurus72 @Sadacado Scum's wish clout @x_viper_ Scum's wishQuitting this app*Not quitting this tho hopefullyBeen really hard to manage time with college and everything I spend way too much time here so I'll take a break for… @Vixaria44 Happy Birthday scarlet
@Izrxy @maaruf90491873 We just having fun @patosaurus72 @partic1e Umineko next @patosaurus72 @partic1e Deserved @ARIHANTDEV13 Yessir @Tenshi_3057 @patosaurus72 Idk anymore man @depressedbana13 Why not @partic1e I've got enough reason to leave already I don't need more @patosaurus72 Whatever you say man I'm not believing anyone here anymore @partic1e If I leave it's because of trust issues here @IgnorantQuack 😭😭😭 @DJoshiiii That's fine but the Ls I took is just immense @depressedbana13 Thank you shrey @depressedbana13 Yessir @patosaurus72 No it won't this is the biggest shock I've gotten here in twitter never believing in anyone @sloozy_414 Bait me with saying scum's wish top 5 nd hanabi one of her top 25 charactersI still haven't recovered from this betrayal @gintoki56322160 Thanks goat @Tenshi_3057 I need to learn jp for that @partic1e Gn parti+read dressrosa again doffy clear of your favs @Secenoism Lfg Glad you loved it Gintama the final 10/10 Perfect conclusion to this journey and top 5 series
Retweeted by piyush3105 @TarantinoBurro1 Memes but shit is peak comedy @Tenshi_3057 It's been like 3 weeks since I got into another one of her space so yeah.... Hope so I get one more re… @Morimotofan222 Gn @Zertixedits42 Gn @CrimsonDevil10 Gn bro @Tenshi_3057 I'm hoping man if I can have one Clip of her calling my name I'd achieve heaven @weeb_ams Thank you @shmucky__ I didn't get her to interact this time🗿 But she was having fun and didn't read much tweets this time and… @Tenshi_3057 Gn bro I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep that mengo aired me this time when I was full prepared 😿 @XeroLagX Hope you enjoy it man night Read dog ningen was still a fun space regardless 😿🚶 Next time @LeBanMn Haven'tShe actually made my day already better with her energy tbh she's such an amazing person man @ANDREAA502 Hope so this time Google didn't hoe me私はクズの本懐が大好きですこの素晴らしい物語を作成してくれてありがとうメンゴ先生 #メンゴのスペースPraying @patosaurus72 Don't talk to me again @shinigamispace @lester_in_4 Mengospace probably lolFuck I'll try again @CrimsonDevil10 I meant to ask who's the easiest and worst character to draw and ending it with I'm a big fan of scum's wish @CrimsonDevil10 This sounds like abyss man😭 @CrimsonDevil10 Check recent @partic1e I failed Google translate cucked me🗿That shit translated like abyss holy fuck 😭#メンゴのスペース おしの子で描くのが一番簡単で一番難しい先生 クズの本懐の大ファンですReal manga I love major and goro without even reaching its peak lmao😭 Gonna be one of those anime I love unconditionally either it lives up or notratio'd by goro in a speedo
Retweeted by piyush3105 @NotDrlppy Hate to see it gonna read it then haven't even started on S1 btw @patosaurus72 @partic1e Plus his walk funny and has a sexy voice @partic1e @patosaurus72 Aight your opinion invalid then let us have fun with our villain @maaruf90491873 @partic1e They don't know how lifeless I'm brains base such a good record with pushing out peak ost and good animation if not great I'm definitely gonna… @maaruf90491873 @KirinVI You love seeing me slander aot don't you😭 @adxmplays2 Thanks man @ebagbtw Thanks man @patosaurus72 @partic1e Bro is a Johan sheep and calling doffy ok😭 Who tf is friend tho @adxmplays2 Yup @KirinVI @NihagojoSatoru Once my burnout ends @rxndxzvoo Fr I can't ask for anything better @adxmplays2 Hakumen no mono @NihagojoSatoru @KirinVI Finished that @partic1e @patosaurus72 Gimme your top antags @NihagojoSatoru @KirinVI 95 chapters @NihagojoSatoru Thanks maka @KirinVI Griffith and valentine is possible once I finish reading but fuck mereum and furuta Also who tf is kojiro first I'm hearing off @ACertainPerson6 Thanks and yessir I don't miss @patosaurus72 @partic1e He gets better fr @partic1e @patosaurus72 Doffy is literally so good tho @TeoSeishuu Scythe master from phantom one of urobuochi early work @AnimefanJ11 Adults need relaxation too @Khadija469 No idea about may @NameIessReaper Thanks purg @partic1e Finish gintama and watch the other 3 bozo+get a better top 1 @NotDrlppy Both beyond @NotDrlppy When I read it hopefully Also I don't think ennies lobby top 3 is hottake @Hmmyes40394977 Thanks man @NotDrlppy Rooster fighter clear of fiction fr @NotDrlppy 8 @25thMyles Thanks bro @kuso22221 Akane minegawa from scum's wish @NotDrlppy I couldn't found it myself when I was searching 💀 @bananakokuji Not brotherhood @hollow_comet Congratulations @kami_manga Fine ig @NameIessReaper Fr @Hamza90163995 Thanks bro @kami_manga Added @infinite_6s They evolving